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Best Citrus Juicer – Juice Oranges And Lemons In Seconds

Here’s our guide to buying the best citrus juicer for 2020.

So you want to buy the best citrus juicer? We are here to help with our top 5 picks.

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are literally bursting with juice. Come breakfast time, with the help of our top 5 citrus juicer picks whip up a storm at the dining table.

Whether you want to treat your family to special blend of citrus juices or just feed them their morning dose of vitamins with a glass of healthy orange juice or want a cup of it for your baking needs our top-of-the-line, best citrus juicer picks will make it all a walk in the park.

  • Are you looking for a compact model?
  • Is durability important?
  • Is price a factor in your choice?
  • Do you want something that is sleek?

Your choice of the best citrus juicer will depend on your needs. Let’s check out the top citrus juicers available in the market today.

Finding The Best Citrus Juicer – Our Top Picks

Citrus juicers are simple gadgets that make life easy in the kitchen. They are handy and simple enough to use. You can whip up orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade or squeeze a cup for your baking or cooking needs. Your choice of the best citrus juicer will depend on whether you want to juice a few cups or gallons of orange juice.

Our next pertinent question is:  Do you really need a citrus juicer?

You probably own a centrifugal juicer, food processor and hand blender to help you with various tasks in the kitchen. A citrus juicer will be another addition to the various gadgets on the kitchen counter. In the morning rush you don’t want to spend hours juicing oranges. You can probably spend a maximum of 3 minutes making juice for the entire family.

So our best citrus juicer picks are geared towards these type of needs. A citrus juicer does help in making life easier for a busy mom or working professional. It generates healthy juice in minutes and family can set off energized and full of vitamins and nutrients.

Another reason for citrus juicer is that regular centrifugal juicer is unable to extract all the juice from the citrus fruits and leaves the pulp wet and laden with juice. Even the masticating juicer designed for leafy, stringy vegetables and greens finds oranges challenging. Both type of juicers are unable to do justice to citrus fruits.

There are manual juicers and best electric citrus juicers. The choice of a juicer to buy will depend on your needs in kitchen. You don’t need something very expensive because for all your other kitchen needs you have food processor, hand blenders, masticating juicers and more.

All you need is a dependable and simple juicer that extracts maximum juice from the citrus fruits and does it fast. A best citrus juicer may not be a top necessity but it sure makes life easy and simple especially during the morning rush and once you get hooked to it, you probably won’t go back to juicing oranges any other way!

So how do we test to find the best citrus juicer?

Electric citrus juicers are simple devices that squeeze out orange juice. They have a number of features that make juicing, simple, effective, efficient and fast. No manual effort is needed. All you do is cut the fruit in two and place it on the reamer and press down and the device does the rest. Simple enough but do you know that with literally dozens of models it is a more than a little difficult to pick the best citrus juicer.

To pick the best we went through 56 models both manual ones to electric models. We checked out the specifications, features, tested them physically by subjecting them to real life conditions, used a variety of citrus fruits and compared juice yields. The testing was comprehensive and extensive. We also checked out hundreds of reviews to arrive at the winning model or the best citrus juicer for your needs.

When going through reviews we carefully sorted out user made errors from actual flaws in the machine through actual testing. We have arrived the best citrus juicer after hours of testing, and we present the best of lot with in-depth reviews of features and how they are better or worse than their competitors and which model might be the best for you based on your needs.

What factors enable a citrus juicer to get on our list?

  • Ease of operation – A juicer that can be operated with ease, that has few parts and is super simple to use and extract juice from.
  • Efficiency – Juicing efficiency is important because we want our juicer to extract maximum juice from the fruit.
  • Compact – We want a compact juicer with few parts and occupies very little counter space.
  • Affordable price – A citrus juicer is a very simple gadget. We want something that is affordable and efficient. So no expensive models.
  • Positive reviews from users, food critics, hobbyists and celebrity chefs.

So you may notice that we don’t just randomly pick some models. We pay attention to what is working for our users and what is not and pick only best of the lot to get on our best citrus juicer list.

What Points Are Critical When Picking The Best Citrus Juicer?

  • Locking mechanism – The reamer is usually locked to the juice container or the housing. The locking mechanism needs to be simple to operate and be long-lasting. The locking has to be perfect to allow juice collection with hassle or spilling
  • Juice container size – Is the container size large enough to collect at least a few cups of juice. Else you will be forced to stop and pour out the juice before proceeding to the next batch of oranges. This might be annoying if you have to do it like 5 times to make 5 cups of juice.
  • Pulp control – Depending on whether you want smooth, chunky, slightly pulpy or no pulp juice the best citrus juicer for you should have the required pulp control feature and filter option.
  • Noise levels – Is it too noisy? Will it wake up the neighbours? The less noise the better.

Now for the winners of the best citrus juicer – top 5 list

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

At under $20 the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer wins the best citrus juicer contest for all the right reasons. It’s so simple and straightforward that you won’t have any excuse not to use it every day to make fresh juice for your family. It is easy to clean. It costs less than $16 dollars. The juicer is compact and easy to store. The pulp control attachment lets you control the amount of fruit pulp in your juice. Auto-reverse function of the citrus juicer allows more juice to be extracted from each fruit. The attached juice container lets you juice more oranges per cycle. The juice yield is highest for this fruit and comes with The motor has no problems even when running for long time. Our top pick -the Silex Proctor also contributes one dollar per sale to the foundation for child cancer patients.

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer



A very close second is the BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer . Very similar in every respect to the Silex Citrus juicer and at $14 priced lower than it. It’s design and features are almost identical to its competitor except the motor stalls unexpectedly in the middle of juicing. It is not a big deal once you remove the fruit and start again it works well enough. That is only flaw we found in this otherwise robust gadget. It also has the auto-reverse, pulp control features. It is compact with a very simple design.

Breville Citrus Press


The Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press at $200 is quite expensive compared to our first two picks. It is a luxury citrus press model from Breville. This model is a great buy if you make gallons of juice at a time. You got to be careful not to press fruit down too much as it sometimes over reams causing the juice to turn bitter. The pulp control feature allows you to set the size of pulp in your juice. One of the best industrial grade products that helps juice several pounds of fruits without breaking a sweat and in minutes. For an industrial grade model it makes very little noise. The parts are few and dishwasher safe.

Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press

This is the original pricier version. This luxury Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press is priced at $180 and makes gallons of orange juice with very little effort. Made of metal parts it is very easy to clean and assemble to squeeze juice whenever needed. It is solidly made product and lasts for years without any issues. It is beautiful and adds class to any kitchen but if you are only after functionality rather than looks stick to the less pricier version the Brevill Citrus Press featured above. If you need to process fruits in bulk then this is the best electric citrus juicer in the market.


 Epica Citrus Juicer

The Epica Citrus Juicer is very inexpensive stainless steel model that has a higher juicing efficiency and faster juicing times. It is easy to operate, clean and juice with the Epica. You can make one glass of juice or an entire jug of it with ease. No cleaning of juice containers as it flows directly into glass. With just 3 parts it super easy to clean. It’s sturdy and compact. It is easy on hands and wrists. This Amazon bestseller has two reamers to accommodate different sized fruits.

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer


Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus Juicer is another bestseller on Amazon and in department stores for its affordable pricing and top quality performance. It’s got custom pulp control feature and is highly efficient in extracting juice from the smallest lime to large grapefruit. It’s sleek and compact. It is durable and clean-up is a breeze.

Best Electric Citrus Juicer

It’s time for you to enjoy the taste of freshly squeezed juice everyday with the help of our top rated citrus juicers in the market today.

Want to enjoy a glass of fresh juice every morning and so are looking for the best electric citrus juicer that extracts fruit juice without too much effort? You have come to the right place to find the perfect citrus juicer for your needs.

Like every other gadget or appliance, citrus juicers also have dozens of best electric citrus juicer models with features and prices that start from less than $20 and go all the way $250 plus. It is really hard to pinpoint a particular model with so much choice.

Are you looking for a model that is simple to operate?
Is price a major factor in buying the juicer?
Do you want something that lasts long?
Is the quality and taste of juice an important factor?

Depending on what you want really want, the choice of which citrus juicer to buy will vary. Let’s check out which is the best electric citrus juicer in the market today.

Before proceeding one more question…

Do you really need a electric citrus juicer?

It seems such a superfluous thing to own when you already have a food processor, a hand blender, grinder and a mixer. Each of those appliances do a specific job and can not be repurposed to do something else like squeezing a cup of grapefruit or orange juice.

A citrus juicer is a handy tool to have around the kitchen. It makes your job of providing something nutritious and healthy for your family every morning that much easier.

People lead such busy and hurried lives that the most important factors like healthy eating and nutrition more often than not gets neglected.

How often in a week do you get the 5 helpings of fruits and vegetables that you are supposed to eat everyday?

If your answer is less than 3 then you are better of with a best electric citrus juicer at home that squeezes fresh, tasty citrus juice every day. Packed with vitamins, minerals and much more in a cup you will love the burst of energy that comes with drinking juice every morning. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about those added sugars that supermarket juices are full off.

Also, since the featured top 5 best electric citrus juicers are such nifty gadgets that whipping up a juice from any citrus fruit is as easy as cutting a fruit in two and holding it on top the electric juicer to get a freshly extracted juice in less than 2 minutes. There is absolutely no excuse for not owning one. They are so compact that next time you go on a vacation you can simply take it with you and enjoy your morning dose of vitamins and taste without having to dread about store-bought or commercial juices.

Here’s A Quick Look At How We Test For A Best Electric Citrus Juicer

In our experience the best electric citrus juicer should squeeze out the fruit not the pith, should be gentle on hands, arms and wrists and extract maximum juice. Some juicers we tested were so powerful that they regularly ate into the pith of the fruit imparting a bitter taste to the juice, we also tested some manual presses on the recommendation of some speciality chefs but juice squeezed out didn’t taste any better, and in some cases big chunks of fruit pulp got through to the juice container needing extra filteration. The manual presses we tested were also unwieldy being tall and storage was tricky too.

We tested the electric models using the same number of fruits per juicer to test their juicing efficiency, next we tested different sized citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and blood oranges. We tested the ease of use and ease of cleaning. We also tested the taste and feel of the juice.

Did pulp or seeds get through?
Did the juice taste bitter?
Was the juice smooth or pulpy to drink?
How easy was post juicing clean up?

After all the final test of a best electric citrus juicer is not how it looks or feels but how good a glass of juice it produces, right? So not only do we test how quickly the best electric citrus juicer produces a cup of juice, but also how well it tastes and how fast can the appliance be cleaned up and put away.

So which models got on this best electric citrus juicers list from 73 we tested and why?

1. We eliminated manual presses because we are looking for electric juicers for home use that are fast.
2. Only those models that produced about 4-5 cups of juice were selected because a busy mother or professional does not have time to make gallons of juice in the morning.
3. Those models that were very expensive also didn’t make our list because the juice extracted didn’t taste any better and for that kind of money we could buy more expensive food processor not just a citrus juicer.
4. We went through the user reviews posted on sites like Amazon, Walmart and Egullet to eliminate those that obviously had problems when used in various situations.
5. Our extensive network of friends, family, professionals like chefs and cooks, hobbyists and juice enthusiasts also pitched in with valuable feedback and guidance. This helped make our final list of electric juicers the very best.

What factors should you consider when buying your best electric citrus juicer?

1. A good motor of at least 25-watt power is important so that the motor holds up even if you end juicing more than the usual quota of dozen oranges. Lower power motors might burn out if you juice more or apply more pressure while juicing. A very powerful motor is not necessary for a best electric citrus juicer.

2. Extra features will be an added bonus. Most citrus juicers have the reamer that spins and extracts juice from the fruits. Auto Reverse Spin, Pulp Control, Pulp Spin options will make your juicing more juicier.
Pulp Control – Some people prefer a little pulp, others nothing at all. When using the juice in cooking you need specific consistency so pulp control makes life easier.
Reverse Spin – extracts more juice from the pulp remaining in the rind.
Pulp Spin – also extra more juice from the pulp.

So, with these added features you can get more juice from the same fruit.

3. The best electric citrus juicer is available in the price range of $15-$20.  The models in the price range of $50-$100 have more powerful motors and durable metal parts. Those priced higher than that also have these features but they are not exactly more durable or better juicers so our recommendation is to stick to under $100 models if you are using it for making small quantities of juice.

4. Go for multiple sized reamers if you intend juicing a variety of citrus fruits. This offers better control and better yield per fruit.

5. Check the locking mechanism of the best electric citrus juicer. Is it secure enough? Will it stand the pressure of juicing and not slip off? Are the buttons and juicing convenient and easy to use? Is the juicer compact enough for easy storage? After juicing clean up should be simple.

Champion Juicer – TRUSTED Brand Of The Masses

Champion juicer FAQ – Everything you wanted to and need to know about a Champion juicer in one place.

What is the difference between two variants of Champion juicer model 2000? Which to buy?

There are two variants of Champion juicer model 2000. One is suitable for household use and the other is suitable for commercial setting. The models are available in two colours – black and white.

Both the models are almost exactly the same in terms of features and functionality. The only difference according to the makers is that the commercial unit has extra winding capacity for the motor to help it run for a longer time per juicing session. This adds durability to the motor. In the household model as it is unlikely to run for such extended durations the motor has lesser winding.

Champion juicer commercial model also has higher torque when you hit the ‘on’ button. But during testing this added torque did not in any way impact juicing performance of either juicer model.

The price difference between the two models is also negligible. So, our recommendation is to buy the commercial model of Champion juicer to get the added advantage.

What is difference between Champion juicer 2000 and Champion Juicer 4000?

The Champion juicer model 4000 has a shorter motor encased in a shorter body compared to the Champion juicer 2000. As it is compressed in to a smaller space it occupies less footprint on your counter.

The Champion juicer 2000 body is made of metal. Champion juicer model 4000 is made of plastic.

Champion juicer 4000 is a double auger juicer while the 2000 model is a single auger. Though model 4000 is a double auger both are not installed or used at the same time. It has one auger for ‘greens’ and another for grinding. Depending on the type of produce you need to install suitable auger to juice. Use the grinding auger when juicing hard fruits and vegetables. Use the ‘greens’ auger for processing fresh greens or wheatgrass. In the Champion juicer 2000 the single auger is used to process/juice all types of produce.

Champion juicer 2000 VS Champion juicer 4000, which is better? Which model to buy?

As mentioned earlier the commercial variant of Champion juicer 2000 is recommended when it comes to the two Champion juicer 2000 models. What about Champion juicer 4000 Vs Champion juicer 2000? Well, our recommendation remains the same. It is still Champion juicer 2000 and the reasons are given below:

Champion juicer 4000 does a great job when juicing greens. Using the auger meant for ‘greens’ we juiced wheatgrass and other leafy greens. And every time the Champion juicer 4000 performed really well extracting more juice than the single auger Champion juicer 2000. The greens auger and the screen surrounding it in the 4000 model help in efficient juicing of greens.

So, then why do we recommend Champion juicer 2000?
  1. If you want you can buy the auger for greens and the screen surrounding it for the Champion juicer 2000 model as a separate accessory anytime you want. The price of the Champion juicer 2000 with the green auger attachment comes to almost the same price as Champion juicer 4000. Fitted with the ‘greens’ auger the Champion juicer 2000 processes greens and wheatgrass as well as the Champion juicer 4000
  2. So why do we prefer Champion juicer 2000? The reason is that in making Champion juicer 4000 the makers have taken the traditional grinding route for juicing all other vegetables, fruits and nuts. But the Champion juicer 2000 on the other hand being single auger uses a unique approach to juicing. Its single auger is constructed with the first half resembling the grinding auger of the 4000 but the second half has many sharp metal teeth. With this twist in auger design the Champion juicer 2000 juicer has an edge when juicing hard stuff like carrots, beets, etc. It does a much better job compared to other slow juicers when it comes to the hard stuff. Now this unique design which offers the Champion juicer 2000 a distinct advantage is lost when you buy Champion juicer 4000 which is like any other traditional slow juicer.

So, our recommendation is to buy the Champion juicer 2000 with the green auger attachment if you like juicing greens.

How long do juices last?

Freshly made juices should be consumed as soon as possible. Preferably within 24 hours as they do not contain preservatives. If you cannot drink it all up store it in the refrigerator. However, juices made with masticating juicers/slow juicers can last up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. After that they may not be safe to consume. Also, most of the nutrients and fresh taste of the juice also will be lost the longer you store. So, try to consume within a few hours of juicing with your champion juicer.

Do I have to add water when juicing?

No. There is no need for water. Champion juicers don’t need water to juice fruits or vegetables. They extract the juice from whatever produce or greens you add to them.

If you add water it only dilutes the taste of the juice. To get the fresh and actual taste of the fresh produce try to consume it undiluted.

However, some strong-tasting fruits and vegetables can be diluted with water or other juices to make them more palatable. But all this is more to cater to your tastes. The juicer does not need water to juice.

Is a champion juicer worth the price?

Yes. A champion juicer is worth the money you invest in it as it helps you to consume more fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and greens which you normally won’t eat otherwise. It is easier for younger children and busy folks to just drink up a glass of fresh juice than eat a bowl of salad. Investing in a juicer is like investing in good health. You consume delicious juice every day and also get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals without too much effort. So, yes buying a juicer is like buying good health.

By juicing are you destroying fibre?

Juicing removes most of the fibre from the ingredients it juices. The fruits, vegetables and greens you juice contain fibre which is retained in the pulp and only the juice is extracted. So, yes you are not consuming fibre when you drink only the juice. There are some ways you can get the fibre back into your system. Simply add the pulp to your soups and patties or to thicken your sauces.

What can you do?

Also, it is recommended that you continue to consume whole fruits, vegetables and greens apart from drinking them in juice form. This way you will continue to get the goodness of the whole produce while also getting an extra boost consuming nutrient dense juices full of vitamins and minerals.

Always remember that juice is not a substitute for healthy eating. It is an additional way to get more goodness – vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your system which otherwise may not be available to you.

Blending Vs Juicing which is better?

Both are good in their own ways. While blending uses up almost all the whole produce like whichever produce you are blending comes out in paste form. You might remove the skin while blending or may retain it depending on your preference. You might add water, milk or yoghurt to liquefy it. So, you get the benefit of the fibre along with the juice in blending. Since whole fruit or vegetable are used the quantity of end product is also more.

In juicing all the pulp is removed including skin, seed and the fibre. In juicer the end product is nutrient-dense juice that is devoid of fibre. The end product, juice produced is very little compared to the produce. We are only extracting the juice from the apple or orange. All the skin and pulp are left behind.

Which is better?

It depends on your preference. If you want a clear, nutrient-dense, quick boost of energy, you might prefer juice. On the other hand, if you also want the benefit of fibre and pulp you might like to consume the blended version of the produce. However, as the blended vegetable or juice is rather thick you might have to dilute it with some other liquid.

The best way to do it – is to have a mix of juice, blended smoothie and just plain whole fruit, vegetable or greens as part of your regular diet. Doing so gives you the benefit of dense nutrients when you consume the juice, blended smoothie gives you the fibre too, but a whole fruit or vegetable gives you the satisfaction as you slowly chew and swallow it along with the nutrients and fibre.

Can all vegetables be juiced?

While all vegetables can be juiced some are better consumed whole. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage can cause bloating if consumed in juice form. Some of the more difficult to juice vegetables might harm your Champion juicer. They might cause a build-up of deposit, damage the filtering mesh or bend the blades. It might also be difficult to clean-up after juicing such produce. So, before juicing consult the user manual and avoid the ones that the makers of the juicer ask you not to juice.

Is it OK to juice a day or night ahead?

Yes, you can juice ahead and store it in air tight container inside the fridge. But it is always better to consume it fresh. The reason for this that fresh juices contain the highest amount of nutrients. Over time the vitamins, minerals and enzymes degrade and are lost. To avoid loss of precious goodness, consume juice immediately.

Another problem is loss of taste. Over time the fresh taste of the juice is lost. Sometimes it might lose all taste or develop some strange tastes after reacting with the air or container in which it is stored.

Most folks who don’t have time to juice fresh every day do juice and refrigerate the drinks for up to 72 hours. There is nothing wrong just fresh is better.

Are nutrients lost when blended?

Blending doesn’t cause loss of nutrients. But juicing might strip it of nutrients and fibre as the skin and pulp are discarded. So, consuming fresh juice prevents any further loss of nutrition.

Are Champion juicer parts dishwasher safe?

Champion juicer parts are not dishwasher safe. Some parts of some juicer models may be safe to pop into the dishwasher but not all. So, to be on safer side make sure to consult the user manual of your juicer model and only if it is mentioned place it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, simply wash it under the tap. For the mesh or screen filter use a tooth brush or the brush that is generally provided with most juicers to remove the fibres and other solid particles stuck to it. Also, do it as soon as possible to avoid the particles drying and sticking to the parts which makes it more difficult to remove later. If you can’t get to them immediately at least soak them in water/mild washing powder to keep them moist.

Is Champion juicer made from BPA-free plastic?

Yes, Champion juicers are made from BPA free plastic. BPA is a harmful substance found in plastics. If it leaches into food over a long term it can cause serious health issues like cancer. To avoid this Champion juicers are made from BPA-free plastics. Any way to confirm this you can check the model specs when buying or ask customer support.

Can Champion juicer grind meat?

No. Champion juicer does not grind meat. That is, it does not come with the attachment needed for grinding meat. The older models used to come with meat grinder attachment which could be bought separately. But the newer models don’t have it. You can do many other things with Champion juicer like make nut milk.

Where can I find user manual for Champion juicer?

Champion juicers comes with the user manual at the time of purchase. If you have lost it do not worry. The Internet has the manual for you. Just Google for it by typing the model number and user manual. You should find a copy to download or print. You can even go to the official website to find the user manual.

Can Champion juicer make nut milk?

Yes, you can make nut milk using the Champion juicer. Just soak the nuts overnight. In the morning drain the water and rinse it. Now put the nuts through the juicer with some water and collect the milk at the other end.

How much cleaning does a champion juicer need?

Clean your juicer after every use. Most days you can get away with a quick rinse under the tap and little more time to scrub out the mesh filter or screen that separates pulp from juice. But after you do a quick rinse of most parts except the mesh screen which needs a good scrubbing with a brush to remove fibre. After 4-5 uses make sure you give the Champion juicer a deep clean. Clean out every crevice. The mesh screen and all other components also need a good thorough clean. There can be build-up of fibre, juice, minerals and grit. Cleaning it all out helps keep your juice healthy and contaminant free. To make your own juice cleaner – use two parts of water for one-part bleach.

Do I have to clean the Champion juicer after every use?

Yes, the answer is absolutely you have to clean it after every use. This is for your own safety as you will be consuming raw juice. Any contamination is risky. Also, not cleaning the Champion juicer will cause build-up of particles which over time will harden and make the juicer useless if this happens on the juice screen or other critical components. Use mild cleaning agents like diluted vinegar or mild detergents. Harsh chemicals will rust or damage Champion juicer parts.

How do I choose the right juicer?

Several factors will determine the type of juicer to buy for your family.

  1. Your budget
    2. Will you juice daily?
    3. What features are important for you?
    4. Ease of use
    5. Bulky or sleek

A detailed Review of Champion Juicer 2000

Note: This Champion Juicer 2000 was tested without the greens attachment.

Assembly of a Champion Juicer 2000:

The Champion Juicer – Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer has the following parts which need to be assembled before juicing. Auger, drum and feeding chute, juicing strainer or screen, juicing strainer holder, food pusher, funnel, main body, pulp bin and juice collector.

When juicing or homogenizing the assembly of the juicer is the same except in homogenizing the juicing screen is replaced by a blank plastic screen of same dimensions.

While assembly of the 9 parts takes less than half a minute. Sometimes you might run into difficulties fitting together the parts and this extends assembly time. But the ideal conditions time is much less compared to assembling other brands of juicers like Tribest which in best conditions takes twice as long. Also, this compares well with assembling centrifugal juicers which took nearly the same time and with other vertical and horizontal masticating juicers which took slightly longer times. In less than ideal conditions the assembly of Champion Juicer 2000 takes longer than 30 seconds which is still much better than other masticating juicers.

Is Champion Juicer 2000 A Masticating Juicer?

Though the Champion Juicer 2000 looks like one and has parts similar to a masticating juicer it is not actually one. There is a crucial difference and that’s in how this particular juicer operates. While in a regular masticating juicer the auger rotates slowly (less than 100 rpm) moving the food through the juicer using pulling, pushing and crushing technique. The auger in the Champion Juicer 2000 on the other hand is not auger at all. It is a cutter with teeth which rotates pretty fast at around 1725 rpm. While the auger of a masticating juicer is made of pretty hard plastic and is rather smooth, the cutter of the Champion Juicer 2000 has multitude of sharp teeth. Also, this juicer processes the produce by cutting and slicing through it instead of pulling, pushing and crushing.

Another difference between a horizontal masticating juicer and a Champion Juicer 2000 is the juicer screen placement. In a masticating juicer it is inside the drum and part of the assembly and the auger pushes crushed produce against the screen filtering out the juice and pushing out the pulp through the other end of the tube. The screen is cylindrical. In the Champion Juicer 2000 on the other hand the juicing screen is outside the drum assembly. Actually, the drum assembly has a rectangular hole where the screen is held in place by the holder. The produce after being cut, sliced and chopped is pushed against this screen. The juice gets through into the container

Also, masticating juicers have drum caps which attaches to the drum assembly and nozzle that attaches to the drum cap. Champion Juicer 2000 does not have either of these parts.

Assembly Steps

Apply oil to motor shaft of the Champion Juicer 2000. Next cutter on to the shaft. It has to be in the correct orientation. Any other way it might not go all way to the base of the shaft. Next slide the drum assembly over the cutter. Feeding chute should point downward at a slight angle. Now fit the screen over the hole in the drum assembly and while holding it exactly over the holder slide the screen holder into place. The magnet side of the holder should face the main body of the juicer. Once screen attached to drum assembly, the last step is to fit the drum to main body. Position the drum with feed chute pointing upwards, the screen holder downwards and slowly rotates the drum counter clockwise to lock into place.

What we don’t like:

The fact that the motor shaft needs lubrication every time. No other juicer brand we tested needs lubrication before use. Only Champion juicers. This is a serious drawback according to us. You may or may not have the specified brands of lubricant on hand. If you don’t you can’t juice.

Sliding the screen holder while holding the screen over the hole in the drum is an awkward process and can be tough to do too. There are no indications on which way to slide or how to hold the screen holder to slide it onto the drum assembly.

Juicer Assembly is one area in which Champion Juicer 2000 scores poorly.

We give it a rating of 2/5

Prep Time

The feeding chute size determines how small or big you can cut the produce and the amount of time it takes to prepare the food so it will fit the chute. While most masticating juicers have feed chute that range less than 2 inches in width. The champion juicer chute for model 2000 is 1.75 inches wide. Now according to user manual of the Champion juicer, all you have to do is cut the produce large enough to fit the feed chute. Don’t cut it too small. Also, those items that directly fit in to the tube need not be cut at all. So, carrots and celery can actually be put through the feed tube without any cutting. But to be on safer side we cut the celery into a few smaller pieces to avoid the long strings of the celery stalk fibre from catching in the cutter.

On average the prep time for cutting different types of produce is much lower for Champion juicer 2000 compared to other brands of horizontal masticating juicers like Tribest and Omega. Many types of produce don’t even need chopping.

We give it a rating of 4/5 for prep times.


How does the Champion juicer 2000 perform compared to other masticating juicers?

Hard produce – For hard produce like carrots and celery, the Champion juicer is best in terms of yield. It produced maximum juice even though the juice was pulpy. But the time taken to juice carrots was the longest with the Champion juicer.

Soft produce – Champion juicer produced the least amount of orange juice among the various masticating juicers tested and the time taken was also well above what it took with other slow juicers. Same with grapes. The juice yield is low and pulpy.

Apples – Here though the Champion juicer went through the apples really fast the juice yield was low compared to other masticating slow juicers.

Leafy greens – Champion juicer does not really perform well with leafy greens. Since we were not using the ‘greens’ attachment during our testing we cannot really say if this juicer would do better with the special attachment for processing greens. With the regular auger it did the worst with both greens and wheatgrass. The time taken is also very long.

Combination of fruits and vegetables – Again the juice yield was lower than other masticating juicers.

The Champion juicer is a hybrid part slow juicer part centrifugal juicer. While this gives it a clear advantage in juicing hard produce. For the softer produce and greens, it is not too great. For leafy greens using the greens attachment might be more helpful though we did not test it.

Overall compared to other masticating juicers the juice yield is lower and the time taken to juice is higher. We give it 2.5/5 rating


Clean the champion juicer immediately after use according to the instructions in the user manual. Cold water and dish soap can be used to clean all the parts. Special cleaning is needed for screen, cutter and motor hub.

Use a stiff brush to clean the screen. It is not that difficult to clean it. No brushes are provided by the makers of champion juicer. So, you need to buy it yourself. Same goes for the nylon brush needed to clean the cutter.

The cutter has tiny blades at one end. You have to be careful when scrubbing it with a nylon brush as you might cut your fingers. Make sure you don’t let water enter the shaft hole of the cutter as it can trap inside. Wash with the shaft hole of cutter pointing downwards to avoid water entering.

Use a soft cloth, toothbrush or paper towel to clean the motor hub. It is difficult as it remains attached to the main body and so you need to do while it is affixed to the main body of the juicer. While doing, it you need to avoid touching the motor shaft which is covered in oil. If you remove the lubricant you will have to spend time re-lubricating it.

The rubber ring around the motor hub also needs cleaning after every use.


All most all parts of the juicer stain. But according to the makers soaking the parts in diluted solution of bleach overnight helps remove the stains.

Dishwasher Safe?

The user manual very clearly mentions that the champion juicer parts made of nylon cannot be washed in hot water or in the dishwasher. But most juicers we tested also were not dishwasher safe.

Champion juicer takes about 6 minutes to clean fully.

Since certain parts require specialized cleaning, we give it a score of 2.5/5 for ease of cleaning.

Ease of Use

The first few times juicing with Champion juicer can be frustrating and difficult as it has a steep learning curve. The reason is of course due to its unique design. If you have used centrifugal or slow masticating juicers before it will be of not much help when juicing with Champion juicer as the cutter rotates 20 times faster than the masticating juicer auger.

If you want to use the champion juicer effectively there are plenty of dos and don’ts that need to be followed. Only through experience will you learn these idiosyncrasies that are uniquely Champion. Of course, every brand of juicer has such characteristics which you’ll learn as you go. But with Champion juicer these seem a little more involved. Also, juicing doesn’t get any easier over time. Juicing large quantities of fruits and veggies is not possible as the motor heats up. You have to stop in between to untangle any stringy stuff entangled in the cutter. Sometimes it gets clogged.

Pushing the food through the feed chute. How hard is it?

In masticating juicers pushing food through the feed chute takes effort. It is not easy like in a centrifugal juicer. The Champion juicer is more like a centrifugal juicer in this respect. Just place the food in the chute and place the food pusher over it and let gravity do the rest. The weight of the food pusher gently pushes the apples, oranges, carrots, grapes or whatever you have placed in the chute in to the juicer in the initial phases of juicing. But as you continue juicing almost at the last stages it requires more force.

Wheatgrass needs more force with the food pusher than carrots and beets. The reason why in the latter stages you need more force is because a layer of fibrous pulp blocks the screen and juice can’t get through as easily as in the initial stages. Sometimes the motor might overheat if the screen is fully blocked and you continue to juice. So, you might need to stop and disassemble the juicer, clear out the screen and resume juicing.

We give 3.5/5 for force need to push through the chute. It would have been 4 or more if not for the fact that in the latter stages we need to stop juicing to clean the screen.


At 20 lb it is one of the heaviest juicers. Fully assembled it is about 21 lb. To move the juicer, you have to physically lift the 20 lb body from underneath as there is no handle provided. Better to keep in the place where you are going to juice. Moving it around is not an easy task.

On/OFF Switch

There is just one switch located at the back for switching the juicer on/OFF.

Juicer Movement

The juicer does not move during juicing like the other juicers we tested. Champion juicer being on the heavier side probably prevents movement.

Power Cord Length

It has long power cord and gives you to freedom to locate the juicer in a convenient location. Due to its heavier weight this extra length in cord is a useful feature.

User manual

The user manual is an important document for most juicers. They clearly tell us how to assemble, what produce to juice, how to prep and juice different produce, how to clean, how to store and how to troubleshoot. If any point you get stuck, it is user manual that comes to the rescue. A clear and well-structured user manual will give all the answers we need. The Champion juicer user manual is an excellent document covering everything you need to juice. The recipes section is especially one of the best we have seen as the instructions are detailed regarding every step of juicing, from list of ingredients, to how to prepare, how to cut and feed into the juicer and so on.

Trouble shooting section deals with problems like overloading and how to sort it out.

Juice Container

The champion juicer is provided with a pretty big 34 oz container. This is a good-sized container and you really don’t have to stop juicing to empty the container in between.

Overall score for Ease of Use

The Champion juicer is a little difficult to use. It has certain unique characteristics which means that you the user have to understand these factors and adapt to it before you get comfortable juicing with a Champion. The excellent user manual that is supplied with the Champion juicer has detailed instructions on how to prep and how to juice and also interesting juice recipes. Following the instructions to the T eliminates most problems you might encounter if you try to do it all on your own. So, if you are the type who just follows instructions this is the right juicer.

Taking all the different aspects we give 3 out of 5 score for the Champion juicer in the ease of use category.


The Champion juicer can be used both for juicing and homogenizing. Though it’s homogenizing is not as good as from a masticating juicer due to its hybrid design of being a part centrifugal part masticating juicer. As the rotation speed is low in a masticating juicer it homogenizes thoroughly. But the Champion’s cutter rotates very fast at 1700 rpm about 20 times faster and hence homogenizing is not that perfect.

Score 4/5


The main body of the Champion juicer is constructed of painted stainless steel and has an edge over other juicers that are mostly made of plastic. The other parts like drum, feed chute, screen is made of stainless steel laminated with nylon. Due to this it is heavier than other juicers but also durable.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers rate this product highly. They give the juicer high ratings on consumers feedback forums. The ratings are uniformly 3 or above out of 5. Most users are satisfied with the juicer’s durability and reliability.

Brand and history

It has a long history of over 70 years. The juicer design remains almost the same from the very start with only a few modifications. The old timers swear by their Champion juicers. This is a 100% American company. Every part of the juicer is made in America. American staff handle customer support.

Customer Support

The family owned business Plastaket does just one thing and that is make Champion juicer. They are 100% American company with the entire operations of the making to customer support all handled within the United States. Reach them for support or help with the multiple channels available like facebook, email or through their website.  The company is known to be incredibly helpful. No wonder the customers are so happy with their purchase.


The Champion juicer comes with a warranty of 10 years. Thisshows committment of the company for the product. Most slow juicers come with long warranties. The 10 years warranty covers only certain parts. The cutter is covered for one year and the motor shaft for 3 years. If you need to replace the cutter it is available for about $40 on their website. Most juicers have such exclusions in their warranties.

Making Claims on Warranty

To replace a defective product in the first year of purchase contact the Champion juicer customer support team .Communicate through channels like Facebook, email, Instagram, twitter, phone, mail to contact customer support.  Ship the item to the company. Champion juicer company pays for the shipping and handling charges to replace defective items. No other company pays for shipping and handling. Company strongly recommends that you register the product within 30 days of purchase. It is not that they are going to refuse you the Warranty if you haven’t registered but still it is better to do so.

Durability – Champion juicer is an excellent product. It is made of plastic laminated stainless steel. It is heavy-duty machine. Has long warranty and excellent customer support. Except the issue with overheating while juicing there are no major complaints against the Champion juicer.

So, we give it a 4/5 score on durability.


To homogenize liquids use the blank plastic screen. To filter the juice use the sieve accessory.

Score 4/5


A champion juicer retails for around three hundred dollars which is about same as other slow juicers. The cost isn’t a big deal breaker. Though compared with centrifugal juicers the cost is high. The price is appropirate because Champion juicer is more of a slow juicer than a centrifugal juicer.

Score 4/5


What type of juicer is the Champion juicer?
How does a Champion juicer work?
Is the Champion juicer a cold press juicer?
What is the best juicer


Best Omega Juicer – The ULTIMATE Buyers Guide To Omega Juicers

From the incredible range of Omega Juicers and Nutrition Systems, here are the Best Omega Juicer reviews.

Omega Juicer Reviews

In this comprehensive report you will learn why Omega juicers are the best-selling brand in the market today and how to find your ideal Omega juicer model. This report includes Omega juicer reviews and a detailed guide to buying your perfect Omega juicer.

Omega is a favourite, popular brand among juicing enthusiasts thanks to its versatility and durability. These well-built juicers are easy-to-use and affordable.

Over 30 years, Omega has introduced several models and types of juicers into the market. Your choice of an Omega juicer will depend on your needs and your budget. Based on a thorough analysis of several Omega juicer models, we have compiled the best into this collection to help you find your ideal juice mate.

Quick Guide: Your Top 4 Omega Juicer Picks

If you’re in a hurry, you can’t go wrong by picking one of these four top-rated and hot selling Omega juicers:

Best All-Around Omega Juicer

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Best-Value for Money Omega Juicer

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Best Vertical Omega Juicer

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Best Low Cost Omega Juicer

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Best Omega Juicer Reviews

Since the Omega brand has a wide range of juicing products, we have made it easier for you to pick one according to what your situation demands.

So here are the best Omega juicer reviews of top-rated models. Go through them and make your choice.

To know which are the important factors to guide your decision, see our Omega juicer buying guide that follows the juicer reviews.

Omega Juicer Review

Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Juicer

The Omega NC900HDC is the Omega juicer that retains most vitamins and minerals from the fresh produce. It is the perfect pick for those who are health and nutrition conscious. The slow speed of juicing helps retain almost all nutrition.

In addition, of the slow-speed, this Omega juicer model has 5 speed settings for extracting maximum juice from any type of produce, hard, soft, medium, soft green, tough greens and so on. It gets the most yield from greens too.

Made from durable and quality materials, the Omega NC900HDC will last you for years. The feed chute is extra wide and helps cut prep times. There is no need to cut the vegetables into very tiny pieces to fit the feed chute.

With its sleek looks and great design theOmega NC900HDC is the perfect juicer for every need. You will enjoy juicing and good health that it brings. Except for the price which is slightly on the higher side you will appreciate every bit of this Omega juicer.

While they enjoyed the whole juicing process immensely, some users have reported that the juice screen breaks easily.

  • Durable Quality
  • Extra-wide feeder chute
  • Sleek design
  • High price

Buy the Omega NC900HDC

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega VSJ843RS Vertical Juicing System

The vertical masticating juicer Omega VSJ843RS is a real master stroke of design as the benefits from the vertical design of a smaller counter space.  Gravity helps feed ingredients while retaining all the positives of a horizontal masticating juicer.

The auger with dual edges helps make more juice and the texture of the juice is also smoother. Like most omega juicer models, in the Omega VSJ843RS nutrients and vitamins are retained due to the slow pace of juicing.

With its gentle and but powerful squeezing process entire juice from the ingredients are extracted without the breakdown of enzymes. There is neither oxidation nor foaming during the juicing process.

Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so much easier with the Omega VSJ843RS juicer. One of the biggest pluses of this vertical juicer is the auto-cleaning option. After you finish juicing, simply use the option of auto-clean to clean the juicer.

The highly efficient juicing system ensures optimum juice yield for minimum ingredients and the motor is also very efficient in juicing.

There are a couple of minor problems. One is that, like other juicers, the Omega VSJ843RS too struggles with soft, pulpy fruits. Some users also worry that the juicer is rather heavy.

  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Efficient motor
  • Issues with soft fruits
  • Heavy weight

Buy the Omega VSJ843RS

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega J4000 Juicer


The Omega J4000 juicer is a big machine, offering 250 W power with a continuous pulp ejection feature.

Despite its size, the machine is highly portable. It is sturdy and very durable. The stainless steel blade and powerful 1/3 HP induction motor offer an amazing juicing efficiency.

The powerful Omega J4000 juicer extracts maximum yield from all types of produce. Despite the bulk it is quite compact in design. It is also easy to clean this juicer after use.

Some users have reported that the motor heats up. But still is juicing is excellent.

  • Powerful juicer
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Over-heating problem

Buy the Omega J4000 juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega VERT Slow Juicer VSJ843QR

The Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Masticating Juicer is a masticating juicer. Instead of the usual horizontal design for masticating juicers, this Omega juicer is designed to work vertically.

The motor of this slow omega juicer turns just 43 revolutions per minute. By squeezing ingredients very gently, it extracts smooth juice while keeping all the vitamins and minerals intact. There is no breakdown of enzymes.

This means with the Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Masticating Juicer you get really rich and nutritious drink that doesn’t lose any of the goodness of whole food, even after juicing.

As the enzymes don’t break down, the juice even stays fresh for longer. The vertical design makes the Omega VSJ843QR Vertical  Juicer compact and highly efficient. Feeding produce into the feed chute is easier as it is aided by gravity. You don’t have to physically push stuff through, just gently guide fresh produce through the feed chute.

The Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Masticating Juicer has an auto cleaning option which makes life easier. You don’t have to scrub all the parts. The auto clean feature helps you to automatically clean the different parts of the juicer. Some may need a little cleaning but mostly it is done by the machine itself. This is a great feature appreciated by most users.

Like all juicers the VERT Omega juicer also does not juice soft, pulpy fruits well.

  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Efficient motor
  • Some issues with soft fruits
  • Heavy weight

Buy the Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Masticating Juicer

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Omega Juicer Review

Omega Juicer NC800

Omega Juicer NC800HDS is highly efficient masticating juicer. This slow-turning but powerful juicer machine can handle any kind of produce, from fruits, vegetables to greens. You can juice about anything with this versatile appliance.

The Omega Juicer NC800HDS is a solidly built, durable product that is also user-friendly. It is simple to assemble and use. It is highly efficient in extracting most juice from the produce you put in.

The juicer’s sleek and elegant looks are an added advantage as you can simply leave it on kitchen counter instead of trying to hide it.

Like many juicers this one also doesn’t work great with soft fruits.

  • Juices almost anything
  • Quiet
  • Continuous juicing
  • Expensive
  • Not stainless steel

Buy the Omega Juicer NC800HDS

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Low-Speed Juicer

Omega VRT330 Juicer is a dual-stage low-speed juicer from the Omega brand. The single-auger juicer rotates at 80 rotations per minute. Such slow juicing helps retain all the nutrients of the fresh produce.

As the juicer is very efficient, you need less of the vegetables and fruits in order to make the same amount of juice. The yield is high. The quality of the juice is also high.

Like all vertical Omega juicers, the Omega VRT330 Juicer also offers the auto cleaning feature. This helps clean the machine with less effort. Use the auto clean option after you finish juicing and cleaning after takes very little time.

The Omega VRT330 Juicer is available in two colours. It is a very quiet machine. You can comfortably converse or watch TV while it works.

A niggling problem with the vertical Omega VRT330 Juicer is clogging. You can pause the juicer to remove the pulp or chunks blocking the juicing process. Other than this, there are no major problems reported.

  • Two colors
  • Quiet operation
  • High Juice Yield
  • Expensive
  • Clogging possible

Buy the Omega VRT330 Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega BMJ330 Commercial Pulp-Ejection Juicer


A high performance juicer, the half horse-power Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer is powerful, high performance kitchen appliance. It runs on a commercial-grade induction motor so efficiently that it makes juicing easy and fun.

This 350-W juicer machine pulverizes whole apples and extracts the juice while leaving the pulp dry. You can juice just about anything using the Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer

To make juicing easier, the feed chute of this omega juicer is large and can take bigger chunks of apples and pears. It can even take whole small fruits. Your prep time is less when juicing using this Omega juicer.

The Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer has a very user-friendly design. Assembly, cleaning, and juicing are all easy.

It is rather noisy while running, but that is only to be expected of a centrifugal juicer. Some users have reported that juice leaks out. This is however easily corrected by juicing in the manner recommended by the company, without overloading the juicer.

Also, it’s important not to push too much produce through the food chute.

  • Oversized chute
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile, can juice almost anything
  • Noisy operation
  • Leaking possible

Buy the Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon 

Omega Juicer Review

Omega Juicer J8003

The Omega J8003 juicer comes with several great features. It juices exceptionally well. The pulp left behind by this Omega juicer is super dry. You get superb yield when juicing with an Omega J8003.

This top-rated device is designed to juice continuously as the pulp is automatically ejected. If you own a commercial establishment and need a workhorse of a juicer, the Omega J8003 juicer works great.

Using dual mastication extraction juicer, every last drop of juice is squeezed out of fresh produce. The gentle process of extraction helps retain nutrients and vitamins in the juice.

This is single gear Omega juicer which has the additional advantage of producing almost no foam. Double gear juicers produce more foam due to agitation of the juice. With little foaming, the juice lasts for longer after extraction and stays fresh for 72 hours.

In a commercial establishment you will appreciate the almost quiet operation of the Omega J8003 juicer. Patrons will not be disturbed by loud noise from the juicer.

The juicer also runs with clogging. Dealing with frequent clogging while juicing can be a problem, when it may hold up orders and create backlogs, stressing employees and irritating customers. But with the Omega J8003 juiceryou’ll avoid this situation.

One minor problem which increases prep time is the narrower chute which can take in only smaller chunks of fruits and vegetables.

  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Silent operation
  • Prevents Clogging
  • Narrow chute

Buy the Omega J8003 juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega J8006 NC – The Dual-stage Juice Extractor

A powerful but easy to operate Omega juicer for folks who need a simple appliance to make them healthy juice is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center.

This popular Omega juicer model retains almost every bit of nutrition in the juice due to its low speed of operation. The juicer machine is just right for those who don’t want to tackle complex technology or complicated operational procedures.

The biggest benefit of the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is that it comes with a metal screen. The other Omega juicer models have plastic screens.

This Omega juicer also comes equipped with 6 types of nozzles which help you make a variety of stuff at home including baby food, pasta, breadsticks, nut butter and more. It is backed with a long guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is a versatile machine and lends itself to a variety of uses. It is very easy to clean, wasting no time at all.

The high yield of juice from the fresh produce means you have to use lesser ingredients than with other brand juicers. A small feeding chute tube is only feature that makes it less than perfect since you’ll have to spend a little longer in getting the fruits and vegetables to the right size to feed it into the juicer.

This model is perfect for busy professionals who need healthy food in a short time. The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center promises clog-free operation which helps when you are in a rush. Also, the juice made with this omega juicer is foam-free which greatly improves the taste and shelf life.

Another time-saving factor in this Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is the auto ejection feature. This lets you juice for long without stopping in between to clear out the pulp build-up.

Dual-stage juicing helps extract most of the juice and nutrition from ingredients. So with a lesser amount of fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and fresh greens, you can get a lot of juice, while you enjoy great flavor and nutrition. The juices last longer and taste better.

All the parts are dishwasher safe. Assembly, usage, cleaning and storing are easy with the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. The only drawback is its slightly higher price.

Some customers have complained that plastic parts break after heavy use. You can replace them for free, though, because the juicer comes with a long warranty.

  • Retains the purest taste
  • Nutrients are protected
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Effortlessly stows away
  • Can be assembled quickly
  • 100% juice extraction
  • Bin size not as large
  • Expensive

Buy the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega J8004 – Commercial Masticating Juicer


The Omega J8004 is a commercial grade masticating juicer equipped with a robust and strong motor. The juicing is dual-stage, which means the maximum amount of juice is extracted from the ingredients.

Assembly and disassembly of the Omega J8004 juicer is very easy because the model is specifically designed to be used by even those with no technical skills. Whether you are technologically challenged or an expert with gadgets doesn’t matter. If you know how to turn on the machine, you can juice with this Omega juicer.

A powerful device, the Omega J8004 juicer can rip and shred through the hardest of vegetables and fruits in a matter of minutes.

It is built almost entirely of durable plastic like most appliances today. It is compact and not very expensive considering the powerful motor and features. Like all Omega juicers, the Omega J8004 juicer is easy to assemble, use, take apart and clean.

Some users have reported that the juicer clogs and needs to be cleared out before you can continue juicing. Juicing speed might be a tad slow for some people but as the device extracts copious amounts of juice from all types of ingredients, it’s a fair trade off.

  • Durable plastic shell
  • Compact design
  • Not expensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Slow juicing
  • Clogging possible

Buy the Omega J8004 juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

VRT350 Omega Juicer

The Omega VRT350 Juicer is a slow juicer that runs at 80 rpm. It is a vertical masticating juicer with high juicing efficiency.

This juicer offers a high juice yield. With the juicer machine standing tall rather than wide, you don’t need a lot of counter space. It is compact and sleek, and can sit comfortably on your kitchen counter alongside all your other appliances.

The Omega VRT350 Juicer retains all nutrients and keeps enzymes in the juice intact so that juice remains fresh for longer (up to 72 hours). As the juicing is at slow speed, there is no agitation of the juice and therefore not much oxidation.

The auto-clean feature found in many Omega juicer models helps keep the juicing screen clean. In turn, this permits continuous juicing without frequent pauses to unclog the juicer.

Cleaning up after juicing is simple and quick. The Omega VRT350 Juicer is equipped with an ULTEM juicing screen that is durable and very strong. It can take a lot of heavy duty juicing without being damaged.

The Omega VRT350 Juicer is highly suitable for commercial establishments which need fast and continuous juicers with little downtime. The device comes with a 2-year warranty.

One minor quibble with the vertical Omega juicer is a higher pulp content in the juice. Many users like juice to be pulpy, though, which works out nicely.

  • Compact
  • Healthy result
  • Prevents Clogging
  • High pulp content

Buy the Omega VRT350 Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega Juicer NC900HDSS

If retaining nutrients is a key factor in your juicing, then a juicer like Omega NC900HDC Juicer is the perfect choice. The juice is extracted at very slow speed  juicing, using the same action as when we chew food. This slow masticating process helps retain all the vitamins and nutrients in the juice.

The enzymes are not broken down during juicing and so all the nutrients are retained. It offers 72 hours of shelf-life for juices made using the Omega NC900HDC Juicer.

Clean-up is also easy as the parts are dishwasher safe. Just finish juicing and rinse under water before popping it into the dishwasher. The screen alone needs a little extra brushing and scrubbing to remove fibre.

The Omega NC900HDC Juicer can handle all types of fruits and vegetables. It is very quiet while juicing. There’s no need to stop in the middle of juicing as it can operate continuously for extended periods.

This juicer is slightly more expensive than other models, and most parts are not made of stainless steel.

  • Juices almost anything
  • Quiet
  • Continuous juicing
  • Expensive
  • Not stainless steel

Buy the Omega NC900HDC Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon


Omega Juicer Review

Omega Juicer Model VRT400

The vertical Omega VRT400HDS is a heavy-duty appliance. Gravity helps drive the food down the chute easily with little effort needed from your side.

The Omega VRT400HDS juicer is simple to operate, with just three options ON, OFF and Reverse.

The compact machine can be left on a kitchen counter as it takes up very little space. It is very easy and quick to put together and disassemble for cleaning.

The machine does have some issues with clogging up during operation, forcing a pause to clean and restart again.

Buy the Omega VRT400HDS

Buy Now From Amazon

4 Things To Consider Before Buying An Omega Juicer

Of the many factors that help you decide the best Omega juicer for your needs, these four are the most important:

1. Price

For most buyers, price is one of the biggest factors in deciding the type or model of juicer to buy.

While you may not mind spending 100 dollars on a juicer, higher prices most certainly warrant more detailed scrutiny. As the price point goes up you want to be certain that your choice of Omega juicer is worth the money you are shelling out.

After all, anyone would like to buy an Omega juicer that is best for their needs, but also at a price that’s affordable comfortably.

2. Appearance

Are looks important? Well, maybe not, at first glance.

But if you have a nice and neat kitchen, you certainly wouldn’t want an appliance that’s ugly and sticks out as an eyesore – forcing you to store the appliance out of sight.

Worse, out of sight is out of mind… so if you stow your Omega juicer away, you are less likely to juice. So appearance is indeed an important factor.

A juicer that blends in with your kitchen theme, or one that you are proud of showing-off, will sit on the kitchen counter. That’s the one you should buy.

3. Produce

The produce you are going to juice will determine the type of juicer you’ll buy.

  • To juice apples, pineapples, carrots and beets as well as other hard fruits and vegetables, get a centrifugal Omega juicer model.
  • If you are going to primarily juice greens and wheatgrass, a masticating Omega juicer is a better option as you will get lot more juice from the same amount of produce.
  • When you’re planning to juice all kinds of produce, a masticating or slow Omega juicer should be the right choice.

Want juicing speed? When you’re not particularly bothered about juice yield, a centrifugal juicer will work just fine.

To juice wheatgrass make sure you have a reliable local supplier who sells the wheatgrass  at reasonable rates. Wheatgrass is not easily in stores and an expensive slow Omega juicer that you buy solely for its ability to juice wheatgrass might simply sit idle without it.

4. Durability

Most buyers want their appliances to last a lifetime – or at least for a good many years. A well-built and designed Omega juicer will give you years of service as it is a sturdy and durable juicing machine.

Best Masticating Juicers

What’s different about an Omega juicer?

It isn’t surprising that Omega juicers are extremely popular with serious juicing enthusiasts. Here’s what is so special about an Omega juicer:


There is so much to admire in Omega juicer models that it will be difficult to enumerate them all. But one thing that’s common across the entire product range is the superlative quality of design and construction.

Every Omega juicer is a superbly crafted product that gives years of reliable service. It is made of high quality materials and still remains affordably priced.

Customer Service

As the manufacturer listens to consumer feedback, the Omega brand constantly keeps improving its product without any compromise on performance.

The result is that every iteration of the Omega juicer is better in one way or another.  Omega’s customer service is legendary.

Higher Yield

The yield from any Omega juicer – masticating, centrifugal, or other types –  is much higher other brands.

During testing, it was noted that an Omega juicer extracts up to 30% more juice than other juicer brands and models for the same amount of ingredients. It is one of the best juicers for leafy greens.

Better Warranty

Every Omega juicer comes with a warranty which is longer than other juicers.

A Complete Buyers Guide To Picking The Right Omega Juicer

This Omega juicer buyers guide is an attempt to fill the gap we noticed in giving customers a complete overview about Omega juicers, their pros and cons, the reasons why you should opt for one model over others and so on.

This is the only comprehensive guide that you will need when buying an Omega juicer.

Basics Of A Masticating Omega Juicer

Omega masticating juicers rotate at 80 RPM or less and produce very little heat. Juicing happens at low temperatures and low speeds.

This way the enzymes and minerals in the juicers are not destroyed. They are preserved and protected. Omega juicers are slow juicers that preserve nutrients and give you the best juicing experience.

Types of masticating juicers

Single Auger : These models cost less because of the single auger but have a shorter lifespan than double auger masticating juicers.

Double Auger : These are more expensive but also last longer. They are powerful and can crush just about any kind of produce, due to the presence of two augers. They can handle heavy loads and are sturdy machines that are extremely durable.

Speed and Power

Speed and power are important factors in masticating juicers. Lower speeds are great for efficiently juicing leafy greens while higher speeds are good for hard fruits and vegetables.

Powerful juicers are able to extract more juice from produce and also handle higher volumes of juicing more effectively.

Ease of Use

Before you buy an Omega juicer, you should be aware of how easy it is to operate.

The machine should be easy to open up, clean, and then reassemble to use again. It’s easy to find an excuse not to juice. So it is important that you buy a model which is easy to operate and quick to clean after use.

Juicer Size

Choose a juicer fo the right size that fits your needs.

A bigger machine might look attractive in the store but difficult to handle at home on a daily basis, or occupies too much space on your kitchen counter.

So choose an Omega juicer that fits your needs. Smaller kitchens can only accommodate a compact model. Larger families will require bigger juicers.

Breviller juicer reviews - Prep time

So, Which Omega Juicer To Pick?

The company that makes Omega juicers has a fantastic reputation for developing the most efficient and reliable juicers in the industry.

It has been in business since 1985. Today Omega juicers are the industry standard to which other companies aspire. It is the market leader in manufacture of range of juicers.

Omega stands committed to every piece it manufactures. The manufacturer guarantees performance and promises several years of trouble-free service. With an Omega juicer you will drink well, eat well and live well. That’s their promise.

Analysing a load of performance data about Omega juicers helped  identify a shortlist of great Omega juicer models. Go through them and it will help you make the right choice of Omega juicer.

The Ultimate Omega Juicer FAQ

Are Omega juicer parts dishwasher safe?

Yes, most parts of an Omega juicer are dishwasher safe. In case of doubt do consult the user manual for your particular model of juicer to find out if all components of the particular omega juicer are dishwasher safe.

Except for the screen mesh which needs to cleaned with a brush most other parts only need a quick rinse under water. Make sure you wash immediately as it takes lesser effort.

This also prevents staining of the plastic parts and sometimes if the fibre from the produce dries up, it becomes difficult to dislodge especially in augers and mesh screen.

Does Omega juicer contain plastic parts free from BPA?

BPA is harmful substance that is thought to cause cancer and other diseases.

Most Omega juicer models are made with BPA free plastic. At least all the parts that come in contact with the food/juice.

A few juicer models may contain components with BPA but these are mostly the parts that do not come in contact with food.

Can I use Omega juicer to grind meat?

Yes, you can use the omega juicer to grind meat. Be sure to fit the right accessory to the juicer to grind the meat. If in doubt consult the user manual.

Also, after use clean it well as you will be using your Omega juicer to make juice which you consume raw without cooking.

Where can I find the user manual for my omega juicer?

Most juicer are supplied with the user manual.

However, if you have lost it or misplaced no need to worry. You will find the user manual for your omega juicer online. Just search for “Omega juicer with model number” + user manual. You should find it easily enough

Can I make almond milk with my Omega juicer?

Yes you can make almond milk with your Omega juicer.

Soak the almonds in water overnight. Rinse it in fresh water and put it in the juicer in the morning. Add water about 3 cups for every cup of almonds. You should be getting fresh almond milk through the juicing screen in a few minutes.

How much cleaning does an Omega juicer need?

Clean it after every use. You can do a quick of most parts except the mesh screen which need a good scrubbing with a brush to remove fibre.

After 4-5 uses make sure you give the omega juicer a deep clean. Clean out every crevice. The mesh screen and all other components also need a good thorough clean. There can be build-up of fibre, juice, minerals and grit.

Cleaning it all out helps keep your juice healthy and contaminant free. To make your own juice cleaner, use two parts of water for one part bleach.

Do I have to clean the Omega juicer after every use?

Yes, the answer is absolutely you have to clean it after every use. This is for your own safety as you will consume raw juice.

Any contamination is risky. Also, not cleaning the Omega juicer will cause build-up of particles which over time will harden and make the juicer useless if this happens on the juice screen or other critical components.

Use mild cleaning agents like diluted vinegar or mild washing powder. Harsh chemicals will rust or damage Omega juicer parts.

How do I choose the right Omega juicer?

Several factors will determine the type of Omega juicer to buy for your family.

1. Your budget
2. Will you juice daily?
3. What features are important for you?
4. Ease of use
5. Bulky or sleek

Champion Juicer

Omega Juicer Models – Pros And Cons


Omega J8006 Dual-stage Retains the purest taste Bin size not as large
Nutrients are protected Expensive
Not hard to clean
Stows away easily
Simple to assemble
100% juice extraction
Omega J8004 Commercial Durable plastic shell Slow juicing
Compact design Clogging possible
Not expensive
Cleaning is easy
Omega NC900HDC Durable Quality High price
Extra-wide feeder chute
sleek design
Omega Juicer J8007S Multipurpose Small feeding tube
Maintenance easy
Omega Vertical VSJ843RS Auto-cleaning system Issues with soft fruits
Efficient motor Heavy weight
Omega 4000 Juicer Powerful juicer Heat up issue
Compact design
 Simple to clean
Omega J8005 Juicer Compact size Cost is high
Easy assembling and cleaning
Very silent
Continuous juicing process
Omega Juicer VSJ843QR Auto cleaning Weak magnet
Compact design  Issue with soft fruits
Omega NC800 HDR Juicer Solid built Issue with soft fruits
High yield juice
Sleek design
Omega VRT330 Juicer  Two colors Expensive
 Quiet operation Clogging possible
 High Juice Yield
Omega BMJ330 Juicer Oversized chute  Noisy operation
User-friendly  Leaking possible
Omega Juicer J8003 Automatic pulp ejection Narrow chute
Silent operation
Prevents Clogging
Omega VRT350Rx Heavy Duty Juicer Compact High pulp content
Healthy result
Prevents Clogging
Omega Juicer NC900HDSS Juices almost anything Expensive
Quiet Not stainless steel
Continuous juicing
Omega Juicer VRT350  Not hard to assemble Clogging possible


Top 4 Omega Juicer Picks

Quick summary of the best Omega juicers on the market today…

Best All-Around Omega Juicer

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Best-Value for Money Omega Juicer

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Best Vertical Omega Juicer

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Best Low Cost Omega Juicer

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  • Which Omega juicer is best?
  • Is Omega juicer cold press?
  • Where is the Omega juicer made?
  • What is the best juicer to buy

Your Ultimate Jack Juicer FAQ – All You Wanted To Know About Jack Power Juicer

What describes a Jack juicer the best?

A golden oldie. That’s right. It’s been around for two decades plus and is still going strong in terms of popularity. We are entering a new decade in the 21st century and Jack juicer models are still around.

What was behind the incredible popularity of the Jack Juicer?

America’s original. The one of kind. The fitness enthusiast and the guy who taught millions of American’s a healthy lifestyle. Jack LaLanne. He was the original influencer much before Instagram and Twitter brought in a whole boatload of social media stars marketing everything from lip balms to leotards.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A lot has changed in recent years since we first reviewed Jack Lalanne juicers. Many recent Jack Lalanne juicer reviews are NOT quite as enthusiastic as they used to be a decade earlier.

Today, the best centrifugal juicers are not by Jack Lalanne, but from other brands like Breville, Mueller Austria and Hamilton Beach.

Best Centrifugal Juicers Today


  1. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Centrifugal Juicing Machine

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2. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

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3. Hamilton Beach 67601A Centrifugal Juicer Machine

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What is the secret behind Jack power juicer’s longevity in the crowded juicer market place?

The features, the functionalities and of course the trusted name behind the Jack juicer brand.

What drove Jack LaLanne juicer to top of the heap?

Jack LaLanne’s famous fitness show ran for 3 decades plus and had viewership in the millions. The show and the man’s popularity propelled the product to the top of the heap. He was trusted name in the field of fitness and health. A product endorsed by him was simply lapped up by millions of fans. The enduring popularity of the Jack power juicer is due to its exceptional performance which satisfied millions of users who came back to buy when their old jack juicer broke down after years of use.

When did he start promoting jack juicer?

Jack Lalanne started publicly talking about fitness and health much before celebrities jumped on this bandwagon. He was a living example of how to be fit at any age.

At 42 years of age he broke the world record by doing 1033 push-ups in just 26 minutes. His show the Jack LaLanne show about fitness and exercise ran for 34 years.

It was the longest running TV show on exercise. He started promoting healthy lifestyle books, exercise and gym equipment that could be set up at home to improve fitness, vitamin supplements and products such as the jack juicer which would help improve diet and nutrition of his viewers.

Why did it become America’s favourite juicer?

Apart from the superb features which took every need of the consumer into account what drove Jack juicer sales through the roof was the icon whose name these juicers were branded with Jack LaLanne.

Who is Jack LaLanne and how good is the jack juicer?

Jack LaLanne was an inspiring personality who through his lifestyle choices completely transformed his own life. He was a shining example of how to turn around one’s life through healthy living.

He was junk foodie until he listened to a lecture by Paul Bragg on proper nutrition. Jack decided to take good hard look and change the way he lived, ate and played. So he began his journey to good health. As he became fit and active he saw the immense benefits of healthier lifestyle choices.

He in turn transformed millions through his talks, TV shows and his living example of clean and active lifestyle.

He actively promoted the best product that helped folks to get fit. The Jack power juicer was one of the ways folks could get healthier by including more fresh produce in juice form to their diet.

How good are the jack juicer models named after the icon?

He was the Godfather of fitness and highly respected. The products he promoted were trusted and generally of high quality. Same with the Jack juicer.

Over the years, people who have bought them are highly satisfied. One, the juicers are very simple to use. Second they are highly reliable. Third the juice yield is high. With such great qualities it is no wonder that the Jack Lalanne juicer became one of the highest selling brands with over 2 million jack juicers being sold in 2002.

Best Centrifugal Juicers


  1. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Centrifugal Juicing Machine

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2. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

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3. Hamilton Beach 67601A Centrifugal Juicer Machine

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Why is Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro A Good Buy?

Here Are 7 Good Reasons Why Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro  Is A Good Buy

Light weight:

This Jack juicer is a lightweight appliance that also yields high amounts of juice. It weighs just 6 lbs. So it is easily moved from table-top to kitchen counter to just anywhere convenient inside your home. Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro, due to its light weight makes life easier than you will be using it more often.

Extra Large Feed Chute

Round and extra large feed chute is another reason you will find Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro extremely convenient to use. Prep time for this Jack juicer is just a few seconds as you don’t have to chop the fruits or vegetables into tiny bits. Just chop them into rough chunks and feed into the tube.

Large Pulp Collector

You can make large amounts of juice without stopping to empty the pulp bin in this Jack juicer. The large sized pulp collector is another of the user-friendly features of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro

Non-Drip Spout

The spout does not drip juice on to counter tops or kitchen floor. It directly falls into the glass or container placed under the well-designed spout of the Jack juicer.

Fast Juicing

With a Jack juicer you can make juice pretty fast. This Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro centrifugal juicer makes juice in seconds.

Heavy Duty Construction

Stainless steel heavy-duty construction makes this a durable juicer. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel and so is the mesh filter. The blades make short work of any fruit of vegetable you might feed to this Jack juicer. Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro’s mesh filter prevents any fibre or chunks from getting through. You get a smooth and silky juice that tastes simply delicious.

Powerful Yet Quite Motor

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro operates at 3,600 RPM. Still, the noise levels are quite low. You can watch TV and hold conversations. It is not whisper quiet as claimed particularly when you feed it hard chunks of say carrot or beets.

What are the pros and cons of Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro?
Pros Cons
*Non-drip juice spout *Mesh filter gets easily dented and creased
*Large pulp container *Filter clogs when juicing soft fruits
*Stainless steel mesh filter
*Large feed chute
*Stainless steel blades


How good is the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express?

6 Reasons That Make A  Jack Lalannes JLSS Power Juicer An Irresistible Buy


The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is a compact model jack juicer. It occupies very little counter space.


At 3600 rpm it is not the most powerful motor, but it gets the job done and done well. You will not be disappointed by the juicing capability of this jack power juicer.

Juice yield

It is equipped with a patented extraction technology and if used corrected you will get 30% more juice than any of the other competitor centrifugal juicers. Instead of squeezing the produce this patented technology instead pushes the shredded pieces against the filter thus extracting more juice.

Low Prep Times

The large and round feed tube ensures that very little prep time is needed. You can throw in large chunks of fresh produce and immediately get juice. No slicing or dicing into small pieces needed.

No-drip Spout

Specially designed spout prevents juice leakage from this jack power juicer or dripping on to the table or counter tops. The juice directly drains into the cup or container you place underneath the spout.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning is easy as most parts of the jack juicer are completely dishwasher safe. You can just pop it into the dishwasher once you are done juicing. It will be ready for use the next time you decide to juice.

What are the pros and cons of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express?
Compact. Occupies less kitchen space Produces noise when juicing hard stuff
30% more juice yield. Smaller than described in the ads
Patented juice extraction technology Lid gets in contact with the cutting blade
The pulp is almost dry


Why Buy A Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer?

Feature rich

The NEW Jack Lalannes JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer is a feature rich product that will delight juicing enthusiasts

What is common with other jack juicer models?

It operates at 3600 rpm similar to other jack power juicer models. It is also completely dishwasher safe. This jack juicer also has a large feed tube which minimizes your prep time.

How’s the construction?

It’s sturdy, well-designed and made from heavy duty stainless-steel. Blades, mesh are all made of stainless steel of surgical-steel grade. Juices can be abrasive. So, the high quality steel will make juices completely safe and non-toxic.

What’s special about the Jack LaLanne JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe?

It’s a Jack LaLanne 100th anniversary special edition. Pulp collector is large and so is feed chute. You can make more juice in single sitting without stopping to clean out the pulp collector or juice container. It also comes with a food pusher which makes juicing convenient and easy.

How long is the warranty?

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Do you have a comparison chart of different Jack juicer models?

Power Juicer Classic Power Juicer Express Power Juicer Deluxe Power Juicer Pro
Juicer Type Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal
Fruits / Vegetables YES YES YES YES
Wheatgrass YES YES YES YES
Cleanup Easy Easy Easy Easy
Yield **** *** **** *****
Warranty 60-Day Money Back, Lifetime Motor Warranty 60-Day Money Back, Lifetime Motor Warranty 60-Day Money Back, Lifetime Motor Warranty 60-Day Money Back, Lifetime Motor Warranty
Size 16″ x 12″ x 15.5″ 14″ x 12″ x 16″ 16″ x 12″ x 15.5″ 16″ x 12″ x 15.5″


Best Centrifugal Juicers in 2020


  1. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Centrifugal Juicing Machine

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2. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Hamilton Beach 67601A Centrifugal Juicer Machine

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  • What is the best Jack Lalanne juicer?
  • What is the best juicer machine to buy?
  • Is Jack Lalanne a power juicer?
  • What kind of juicer is the Jack Lalanne







Best Juicer Machine – The Best Juicers Of 2020

Want to know which is the best juicer machine of 2020? You have come to the right place. Make your own super-healthy, super-tasty juice combos with this top rated juicers. Go ahead and choose the best juicer machine that suits your needs.


So you are keen on buying the best juicer machine that you can afford. We are here to help you.

Whether it is pure carrot juice, carrot-orange juice, wheat grass juice, spinach-carrot-orange juice, grapes or apple juice, whatever your heart desires can be made right at home with the aid of a best juicer machine reviewed here. There are dozens of juicers at different price points, with host of features and accessories. This makes choosing the best juicer machine rather difficult.

  • It helps if you know your needs:
  • What do you want to juice – fruits, vegetables or greens and wheat grass?
  • Would you prefer clear juices or those with more pulp?
  • Do looks matter?
  • Or is durability more important?
  • Is price an issue in buying the best juicer machine?

Depending on your needs the choice of which best juicer machine to buy will vary. Let’s check out the best 5 juicers in the market today.

Our Top 5 Best Juicer Machine Picks

Juicers have become a must-have gadget in every home. Since the benefits of juices are so obvious it has become a necessity to own a good quality juicer. Before you pick one you need to know the dietary preferences of your family.

Our selection of top 5 Best Juicers includes both centrifugal and masticating juicers. A centrifugal juicer is great for fruits and firm vegetables. While a masticating juicer is best for extracting juice from wheat grass, leafy green and other soft stuff. Your choice of juicer will naturally depend on what you want to use it for.

So let’s start by asking the right question…

Do you really need a juicer in your kitchen?

You own a whole range of kitchen gadgets – microwave, refrigerator, oven, food processor, hand blender, cake mixer, chopper and more but none of them can produce a glass of fresh juice when you need it.

A freshly made cup of orange or apple juice definitely beats the taste of juice from cartons or bottles. The smell, flavor and the vibrant color of a just squeezed cup of juice can not be compared with those bought from the supermarket shelves or even speciality stores. Fresh juices have that awesome taste that just burst forth on your tongue.

So yes, a juicer adds value to the modern kitchen and more than that it makes your goal to lead a healthy lifestyle much more easy.

Many juicing enthusiasts in fact probably cannot survive without one.

Testing To Find The Best Juicer Machine

Juicing is both a science and an art and so is the selection of a best juicer machine. A powerful juicer might seem like the best thing but do you really want a juicer that crushes seeds or reams into the pith producing bitter juice? Some juicers are so noisy that they might elicit complaints from neighbors.

This is one reason why we test every juicer individually in a variety of settings, using different type of produce, using the accessories provided. We subject the juicers through a variety of potential situations they will face in a kitchen.

  • The juicers are tested for hard or firm produce like carrots and apples, soft stuff like berries and papaya, leafy greens like kale, spinach, wheat grass.
  • We clean after use to see how fast and convenient that is.
  • We assemble and dismantle it to find out how easy it is.

Only after exhaustive testing and putting each juicer through the paces do we pick our list 5 of the best juicer machines.

After nearly 96 hours of testing 82 models using several hundred pounds of fruits, vegetables, greens and more we arrived at the final list of 5 that outperformed and outclassed the competition. It is exhausting but in the end exhilarating to pick the best juicer machine among the lot for you to choose from.

What Factors Got These Juicers On Our List Where Others Failed

  1. Taste of juice. Only those juicers making the best tasting juice got on our list for obvious reasons.
  2. Juicing efficiency was another important criteria. For the same amount of fruits/veggies which juicer extracted the maximum juice.
  3. Super pricey models may look sleek and classy but they did not necessarily produce better tasting juice or more juice. So some of those that didn’t meet the criteria were eliminated.
  4. Feedback from actual users was of critical importance because despite exhaustive testing some actual real life situations can never be recreated. So we relied on the real end-users to give us reviews of the product.
  5. We interviewed juicing hobbyists, juice bars employees and celebrity juicers to gather feedback on the different juicer models.
  6. We reseached top retail websites, juice forums and more for useful tidbits of information on the pros and cons about the various juicers being tested.
  7. Our final list of best juicer reviews went through some gruelling testing to make it to our top 5 and they are best of what is available on the market today.

Important Factors You Should Consider Before Ordering The Best Juicer Machine Include:

  1. Price – Centrifugal juicers are less expensive than masticating juicers. But the juicing efficiency of the latter is is better. Expensive models come with durable parts and require lesser maintenance.
  2. Ease of use – A juicer should be easy to put together, take apart and to use. If there are a number of parts, too complex to put together, difficult to clean you will probably not use it at all. So this is a critical factor is choosing a best juicer machine.
  3. Lesser Prep Time – If you have to spend half-hour preparing ingredients for juicing you will probably be less inclined to do it.
  4. A large feeding chute that allows even whole apples, large chunks of vegetables and whole bunches of greens is big plus factor.
  5. Fast Juicer – A fast juicer that takes less than a minute to extract a cup of fresh juice is dream come true for busy moms and working professionals. A slow juicer on the other hand retains more nutrition as there is less agitation produced.
  6. Noise – Some juicers make too much noise.
  7. Size – A best juicer machine should be compact.
  8. Warranty – Longer warranties give you peace of mind.
  9. Power – Centrifugal juicers with 400 Watt rating are required to extract juice from leafy greens.

With the above factors in mind here’s a look at the list of Top 5 best juicer machines available in the market today

And The Winners Are…

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus wins the best juicer machine award hands down because it combines all the factors we consider important in a juicer to make it the absolute best among centrifugal juicing machines. It is highly efficient in extracting juice from all types of produce. We tried hard, soft, semi-soft and even stringy stuff. This Amazon best seller, gave the perfect juice every time. It’s fast without either compromising on taste or nutrition quality of the juice. It is so easy to clean that we give it extra points just for that. It is quiet, easy to assemble and operate and is priced at less than $150. Prep time is cut down to minimum because you can drop in whole apples, oranges and pears through the chute and juice comes out through the spout in minutes. The covered pitcher keeps the juice from spilling out. It’s compact and fits in nicely on any kitchen counter.

2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

Second on our list is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer . It is the best masticating juicer among the dozens of models tested. It has been one of the best sellers on Amazon for a long time. There is very little heating and foaming due to slow speed of juicing. This ensures that the vitamins and antioxidants are intact making the juice healthier and tastier. The auto-ejection of pulp keeps the juice smooth and color vibrant.

The juice extracted has longer shelf life of up to 3 days due to slow extraction process. Even difficult to juice stuff like kale, spinach and wheat grass are no problem for this best juicer machine. It uses the dual stage crush and press mechanism to extract the juice. Apart from juicing it can grind coffee, extrude pasta, make baby food and churn butter too. It is tough, long lasting and comes with a 15-year warranty. Best part is that it can easily be cleaned and stored. It works silently and priced economically too.

Note: If you wish to save $50 dollars go for the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Juicer(white) which is the same as Omega JC8006(chrome) except the color.

3. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer, Chrome

The Omega NC900 is identical in all respects with the Omega JC8006 except for the chute which is wider and bigger.
If you want a bigger chute to feed the fruits and vegetables quickly the NC800 is the best juicer machine for you. This costs about $30 more than Omega JC8006.

4. Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer


Fourth on our list of best juicer machines is the Power Juicer Deluxe . This juicer yields the highest amount of juice among all the models tested. Jack LaLanne a fitness guru of the 50’s and known as the godfather among fitness geeks is the inspiring force behind this juicer. The juice that comes out of it is smooth and pulp free. Though cleaning the machine is tricky it is dishwasher friendly so you stick it in the washer after removing the big chunks. One more issue we have with this juicer is the time it takes to assemble and dismantle it for juicing.

It is quietest of all the juicers we tested even when crushing the toughest of veggies. It occupies more counter space than other juicers but has been constructed with sturdy materials which makes it durable. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

5. Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000


We love the Cuisinart CJE Juice Extractor for its extra long chute which can accomodate whole apples, oranges and pears too. You don’t have to peel, core or do anything just drop the whole fruits in and get the juice out. It’s great time saver.

It occupies more counter space than other juicers of the same type. It has an extra large pulp catcher which means you can continue juicing for longer without stopping to empty the pulp bin. You can store the juice for a day or two not more so don’t use it to make large amounts of juice.

The adjustable spout allows you to regulate juice flow. The pitcher design minimizes froth formation. Assembly and set up has to be very precise or you might lose juice. Clean up is also a bit more complicated. But the 5 level speeds helps in juicing the toughest of vegetables with ease. Also the juice is pulp free and pretty smooth to drink.

6. Power Juicer Deluxe Centrifugal Juicer

A juicer from the stable of  Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer model surprised us with its high juice yield. The fitness guru of 50’s Jack Lalanne is the brain behind this product and we were surprised by this product’s efficient juicing ability, the taste of the juice, the feel and texture of juice produced, it’s focus on durability, its price and the life-time warranty.

The clean up is slightly cumbersome and so is the assembly. But most parts of the machine are dishwasher friendly. A cleaning brush is providing which can be used to remove the bigger chunks from sieve. Once done just pop into the dishwasher or clean it under the tap.

7. Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

Some folks only want a simple citrus juicer. Our best juicer machine review team found the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer a steal and great produce for the very affordable price  of $16. It can juice any citrus fruit and comes with the auto reverse feature.  The pulp control ensures you enjoy the juice the way you want.

Best Juicer Machine Review

Best Juicers To Buy This Year


Every machine is tested rigorously, put through different juicing scenarios and only those gadgets that give the best results are picked to be on our top 5 list  by our team of testers who have put together this best juicer machine review.

Let no best juice machine review fool you into believing that the perfect juicer which can juice and clean itself exists. You have to be ready to make small compromises. Most fast juicers are also noisy. A quiet juicer like a masticating one is slow. A juicer that extracts wheat grass juice like a charm struggles to juice soft fruits and veggies. A juicer with excellent yield may be too complex to put together. You need to find the right balance.

But there exists a perfect juicer just for you because each user’s needs are different. It is our aim at best juicer machine review to find that perfect mix of juicing ability, ease of cleaning and affordability in juicers so you can choose the right one for your needs.

So, what do you plan to juice?

If you know what you are going to juice most often then it goes a long way in determining the best juicer to buy. This best juicer machine review recommends that buyers should brainstorm regarding the types of juices they are going to use their juicer for. Greens, leafy veggies and wheat grass are best juiced in masticating juicers as both juice quality and juice yield is higher with these machines. If you are planning to juice only fruits go for a centrifugal model. Again you can juice fruits in masticating juicer and greens in centrifugal models. But the juicing experience is not the same.

What factors should you look for in your juicer?

The best juicer machine review recommends that you should choose a juicer that you will really enjoy using. A juicer that is easy to use and makes delicious juice too is likely to be used more often and not end up in some unused corner of the kitchen. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a juicer.

Juicing Speed

Not everyone has half hour or more to juice. Many have less than 15 minutes to devote to juicing especially in the morning. So are you ready to compromise a little on the juice quality and yield for faster results? This is where you decide whether you will go for a fast centrifugal juicer or go for slow masticating one. The centrifugal ones are fast, convenient and efficient too. If you are not in a rush to juice every morning go for a cold, slow press or masticating juicer which offers better quality of juice that has a longer shelf life, is healthier and quieter.

Juice Yield

Masticating juicers generally produce more juice from the same amount of produce when compared to a centrifugal juicer. But the cost of a masticating juicer is high even for the lower end models.

Juice Quality

A masticating juicer uses the slow cold-press technique to extract juice which minimizes foaming and frothing which are the main causes for the oxidation of the juice. This method of juicing preserves nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the juice. Juice quality and consequently shelf life is better for juicer produced using a masticating juicer.

Noise Levels

Centrifugal juicers are fast but they tend to be loud. They make juice in minutes and are very convenient to use but they are noisy compared to masticating juicers.  The best juicer machine review team found that rpm rating of the centrifugal juicers and the different speed settings indicate to some extent the level of noise the juicer will make. They found the noise is comparable to any blender.

During testing for this best juicer machine review it was found that when you feed whole fruits and hard veggies like carrots the noise is higher as the blades cut the fruit/veggie to pieces. If you feed smaller chunks the noise comes down quite a bit. But since the job is done in seconds or minutes you won’t be hearing it for long.

On the other hand the masticating slow juicers do their job silently. No irate family members or wailing babies to deal with. They do take more counter space and are more expensive than centrifugal machines. According to the team of testers who came up with this best juicer machine review if you want a fast, convenient and affordable appliance you have to put up with some noise. If you don’t mind the expense or the time taken then you can opt for a slow press masticating juicer.


A powerful juicer is important to handle the fibrous greens like wheat grass, chard, kale and spinach. A minimum of 400 watts is required to handle tough vegetables. For better juice yield and quality go for a more powerful juicer. While the powerful centrifugal machines rated 800 watt upwards, the masticating juicers come with even more powerful motor but rotate at slower speeds slowly chewing and pressing the produce to extract the last bit of juice.

Ease of cleaning

During testing for this best juicer machine review we found that a machine that is easy to clean is the one most preferred model for juicing compared to a model with complicated clean up process. If you would like to juice on a regular basis choose a easy to clean juicer. All our top juicers picks for this best juicer machine review are easy to clean machines.

Ease of use

Juicers that have fewer parts are easier to assemble or dismantle. Same goes for cleaning. A complex machine with too many parts means you will quickly discard the idea of juicing. But fewer parts means lesser functions. But that should not be an issue because you are only interested in juicing and have a food processor or blender for other purposes.

Look for large feeding chutes which help you feed bigger chunks and reduces your preparation time. A large pulp ejection spout is also good feature as it prevents clogging of machine.


Centrifugal models are more affordable compared to masticating juicers. Most of our best centrifugal juicers for this best juicer machine review are priced in the 100 to 400 dollars range. Masticating juicers are costlier. They are priced 200 dollars upwards. We also noted that you get what you pay for. So if you want a decent machine that handles both fruits and veggies with equal ease pick a model that is $100+. Anything less is not going to give satisfactory results and make you feel disappointed in the long run.

Knowing what factors listed above are important to you will help narrow down the list of juicers to buy. Our best juicer machine review top picks will help guide in your search.


Some juicer are bulky and require more counter space in an already crowded kitchen. Look for compact that can handle the amount of produce you want to juice. Too small models may end up taking up your time while juicing. Pick a juicer that can produce right volume of juice for your everyday needs and fit in your kitchen without sticking out of your shelf. In our best juicer machine review we have eliminated too large or unwieldy models.


Look for juicers that come with warranty. Lack of warranty indicates the manufacture has no belief in their own product. All best juicer machine review picks come with warranties ranging from 1-15 years. Pricier models come with longer warranties. Even if you are a newbie choose a juicer that at least has a 1 year warranty.

The best juicer machine review picks for the best juicers on the market


What is the machine that Joe Cross Uses?
What is a juicer machine?
What is a masticating juicer?
How often do you drink juice in a juice fast?
What is the best juicer to buy?
What is a cold press juicer?

Updated: We still stand by our choices. We revisited this article to see if any of the picks we made last year need to be changed but after hours of research we find that our picks stand the test of time.

Best Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews – Top Wheatgrass Juicers

Are you looking for the best wheatgrass juicer reviews?

In this guide we present the handpicked top 7 wheatgrass juicer reviews in 2020 and list the bestselling wheatgrass juicers that are also the most efficient in juicing performance.

Wheatgrass juicing is a popular trend. Thousands of people drink this healthy juice to improve their health. If you’d like to join this growing crowd and grow healthier and be more mindful of your eating habits, you’re in the right place!

There are many wheatgrass juicer models on the market, each with its own unique features and functions. It is very difficult to make an informed decision about which one is the best wheatgrass juicer.

These wheatgrass juicer reviews will

  • clear your doubts,
  • offer you insights, and
  • share relevant facts

about the different models of wheatgrass juicers so that you can decide the ones that suit your requirements – and reject others that may not be suitable.

Top Rated Wheatgrass Juicer Models

These are the 7 hottest selling and most efficient wheatgrass juicers available in the market today…

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Omega J8006HDS Slow Masticating Juicer

If you can not afford a top of the range wheatgrass juicer because it’s too expensive, then consider the Omega J8006 slow masticating juiceras an alternative that’s almost as good.

Although this wheatgrass juicer is a more basic model compared to the NC900HDC, many users consider it to be great value for money.

The Omega J8006 masticating juicer has most of the advantages of other costlier wheatgrass juicers without being expensive itself.

It is powered by a 150 watt motor and has a horizontal auger running at a slow 80 rotations per minute. The juicer comes with a 15 year warranty, a reflection of how confident the manufacturer is about the quality of this machine.

The Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer is also versatile  and can make nut butters, pasta sauces, baby food, nut-milk, ground coffee and more.

The feed chute in the Omega J8006 juicer is narrow, which means prep times are longer because you’ll have to make smaller chunks of your fruits and vegetables.

There are no adjustable end caps which results in the yield being lower than other premium models.  Still the juice yield from Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicers is higher than other masticating wheat grass juicers.

If you want an electric wheatgrass juicer at an affordable low price, then the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer is a great buy. You can’t really go wrong with the generous 15-year warranty, since you can get it repaired or replaced in case of problems or damage.

Pros of Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicers
  • Economical wheatgrass juicer model
  • Operates at low speed and is very quiet
  • Offers 15-year warranty
  • Versatile –  you can make nut milks, butters and pastas
Cons of Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicers
  • Expensive when compared to a manual wheatgrass juicer

Buy the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Breville BJS700 Masticating Wheatgrass Juicer

The Breville BJS700 masticating wheatgrass juicer is a vertical  wheatgrass juicer model from a popular manufacturing brand.

In this type of juicer, the auger is positioned vertically  This configuration extracts more juice than a horizontal masticating juicer, thanks to the added effect of gravity.

The ingredients or produce doesn’t have to pushed through the feed chute. It will naturally be pulled in due to the vertical design and gravity.

The counter space that a Breville vertical masticating wheatgrass juicer occupies is very little compared to a horizontal masticating wheatgrass juicer. It also juices faster than horizontal machines.

There are many advantages to a Breville BJS700 wheatgrass juicer but only a few drawbacks. The juicer cannot do any other job apart from juicing. You cannot make nut butters and nut milks, pasta or baby food using this wheatgrass juicer. Another is this juicer model is not made from BPA free plastic.

Some best juicer reviews therefore consider the price tag of a Breville wheatgrass juicer to be too steep.

Pros of the Breville vertical wheatgrass juicer
  • Juices faster than horizontal masticating juicera
  • Juice yield is high
  • No pushing or effort needed to feed ingredients
  • Occupies less space on counter
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
Cons of the Breville vertical wheatgrass juicer
  • Single purpose juicer. No other functions available
  • Costly
  • Doesn’t use BPA-free plastic

Buy the Breville BJS700 masticating wheatgrass juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

One of the best slow masticating juicers is the brilliant Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor. It can extract various vegetables and fruits as well as leafy greens, and do it within minutes.

The slow juicing process minimizes frothing and oxidation. In just a minute, you can be drinking a delicious cup of juice with very little pulp and almost no foam at all. And what’s more, your juice retains its pure color, flavor and all the goodness in the form of vitamins and other nutrients.

The slow juicer’s operation is smooth with little splashing and no danger of spilling juice all over the kitchen counter or getting your hands dirty.

Your Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer ensures a high juice yield. Slow mastication is efficient at separating juice from pulp with an auger that spins at barely 80 RPM to minimize heat generation.

Operating the juicer is noiseless. The 150 watt motor emits just 60 decibels of noise, keeping the environment safe and quiet. There are also many safety features like a lock design that prevents spillage. The juicer is easy to disassemble and put back after cleaning.

Buy the Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor


Another great product for juicing wheatgrass is the Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor that’s so durable and sturdy that it comes with a 12-year warranty.

While juicing, the Tribest juicer continuously ejects pulp which allows you to juice for longer periods without stopping to clean. Apart from juicing wheatgrass, it can also work as a food mill.

The Tribest Green Star wheatgrass juicer has a simple design and delivers heavy-duty performance. You can use it to juice almost anything, and with minimal prep time.

The total masticating technology mashes and juices whatever you toss into the juicer with ease, producing fine and smooth juice with gritty bits in it.

Some juicer reviews were unhappy that the after-juicing clean-up of the fine mesh took too long.

A handle built into the body makes it really easy to carry the  Tribest Green Star wheatgrass juicer or to move the machine around.

Buy the Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

The Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer is inexpensive, simple, easy to operate, easy to clean – and overall an excellent wheatgrass juicer.

Made of stainless steel, this manual wheatgrass juicer is exclusively meant for juicing wheatgrass. Being a lightweight and portable model, it can travel with you anywhere.

Just remember to remove the screen installed inside the juicer before you start cranking away. To get the highest juice yield, put the pulp back in the chute and give it another turn. This way you will get a drier pulp.

The Handy Pantry Hurricane juicer is dishwasher safe too.  Being a manual juicer, you’ll have to put in all the effort of juicing. So your arms, hands, wrists all get a workout. If you have health issues that restrict the use of your hands, then you may prefer an electric wheatgrass juicer.

If you want a cost-effective model to juice wheatgrass you’ll love a manual model like the Handy Pantry Hurricane wheatgrass juicer which runs on your pure muscle power.

This juicer is a very tough and robust machine that’s designed to juice anything. Since the juicing is done manually, it takes a longer time. Chances of heat building up and oxidation of the freshly squeezed juice is low.

Enjoy the most nutritious juice with this wheatgrass juicer.

Operating the machine, cleaning and maintenance are simple, fast and easy. Just find a sturdy and stable surface to screw the juicer in place before use.

Feed the wheatgrass through the Handy Pantry Hurricane wheatgrass juicer food chute and start cranking the lever. Collect the juice that comes out of the spout. You will have to run the pulp through the machine several times to get every bit of juice out of the produce.

Making large amounts of juice using a manual wheatgrass juicer  takes too long. It also means you will be putting a tremendous effort to crank that lever.

Pros of Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
  • Very cheap
  • Low speed of operation
  • Does not run on electricity
  • Can be taken anywhere with you.
  • No loss of nutrition to heat.
Cons of Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
  • It needs manual power
  • Juicing is a time-consuming and very laborious process
  • Pulp needs to be passed through the juicer multiple times to get all the juice.

Buy the Handy Pantry Hurricane juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

The Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer is one the most sturdy and durable juicers we tested. It is made entirely of high-grade stainless steel provides great crushing action due to its strong metal augers and perfect maximum rotation speed of 86 rpm.

The  Super Angel Pro wheatgrass juicer juicer is expensive but its durability and versatility makes up for the cost. It will probably the only machine you will ever buy in your lifetime.

This effective wheatgrass juicer can however juice not just wheatgrass, but also  a variety of fresh produce like carrots, apples, spinach, kale, Swiss chard and even nuts.

This premium wheatgrass juicer is designed to extract juice at slow rate of speed with minimal oxidation and foaming. The nutrients are not destroyed which means you get a better quality of juice overall.

The  Super Angel Pro wheatgrass juicer uses twin-gears to slowly draw the produce through the gears to thoroughly cut and crush the leaves to draw out a nutrition packed cup of juice from any produce.

The pulp is automatically ejected allowing the juice to last for longer time, and to continue juicing without stopping. The best part is how easy it is to clean.

Don’t overfeed the chute or jam your veggies down it. For best performance feed in small quantities. Otherwise, you are likely to jam the gears.

Buy the Super Angel Wheatgrass Juicer

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Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Green Power Twin Gear Wheatgrass Juicer


Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer

Another of the top 7 wheatgrass juicers is the Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer.

It does a superb job when it comes to juicing wheatgrass and other greens and veggies. There is even a special attachment for juicing fruits.

Cleaning the Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer is much easier as compared to previous models of the same company. The pulp comes out dry and there is no need to rerun it. It is very easy to assemble and start using.

The gears and other parts don’t stain at all, which used to problem with the older models. The quality of juice is fantastic and there is very little foaming, adding to the quality of juice.

Overall the new model Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer is compact and occupies much less counter space.

Buy the Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

After we reviewed several models of wheatgrass juicers, we shortlisted 7 of the best wheatgrass juicers and have shared detailed, comprehensive wheatgrass juicer reviews to help you make the right decision in picking the right one for your individual needs.

Our helpful hints, tips, factors and considerations and the reasons behind each wheatgrass juicer pick will help you know on what basis these wheat grass juicers are remarkable machines.

  • For instance, people living in crowded residential apartment buildings with neighbours nearby, or those with families who don’t want to be woken up early in the morning will not want a noisy wheatgrass juicer model.
  • For other users it may not be noise but the quality of the juice that is more important.
  • And some others might be concerned about how much juice each pound of wheatgrass will produce to manage the overall cost of juicing in the long term. After all, wheatgrass is expensive!

So each wheatgrass juicer model that we have picked satisfies the concerns of different kinds of discerning users.

Wheatgrass: The Wonder Food

  • Why is wheatgrass so popular as a health food?
  • What do you specifically look for in a wheatgrass juicer?
  • What is it about wheatgrass that you are willing to find a juicer that will help juice it better?

The reason is simple enough. Wheatgrass is a wonder food. It is considered the ultimate health food as it is rich in vitamins and other essential elements your body needs.

Wheatgrass has 98 elements of the 100+ found in soil – which is amazing. Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse. In case you need to take supplements because of various ailments, drinking wheatgrass juice might help meet a major portion of those requirements.

And the only way to consume it is by juicing in a wheatgrass juicer. A major issue is that you simply cannot juice wheatgrass in any old juicer/blender. It needs a specially capable wheatgrass juicer to actually extract the juice effectively because it is tough produce to juice.

As we mentioned before, extracting juice from this tough plant is not easy with ordinary blenders or juicers. In our review we picked the best wheatgrass juicers so you can extract the maximum juice with minimum fuss. With these juicers as your mate in the kitchen, you can kickstart your day with a cup of fresh wheatgrass juice every morning

There is an incredible array of wheat grass juicers to choose from and it gets confusing as you start your research. The problem of course is how to decide which of the best wheatgrass juicer models to buy.

Now let’s look at the reasons and factors to test and how to arrive at a decision about which is the best wheatgrass juicer.

JAck Lalanne juicer

How To Pick The Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Juicing wheatgrass is not easy. To do this effectively requires a good masticating wheat grass juicer.

A regular juicer that slices and dices through produce will simply not work for this particular grass. As it is both tough and light, wheatgrass will simply fly through the centrifugal juicer and land directly in the pulp container.

A wheatgrass juicer on the other hand will squeeze the tough grass between its augers and extract every bit of juice. Since wheatgrass only has a limited amount of juice, getting out every bit of it matters when you are juicing as a health supplement for its nutrients.

A masticating wheatgrass juicer rotates at a low speed, producing very little heat. Heat can damage enzymes and destroy nutrients in the juice significantly. The slow speed of juicing is ideal to keep nutrients in the juice intact.

The downside of masticating wheatgrass juicers is their higher cost. They are much more expensive than ordinary centrifugal juicers.

That’s why it is important to understand which wheatgrass juicer to buy. You will be spending more for a specialized wheat grass juicer and you don’t want to waste it on an unsuitable product and have regrets later on.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a product that you plan to use every day but which is simply ill-suited for your needs. This wheatgrass juicer buying guide will help you avoid making this mistake.

So, let’s get started buying a wheatgrass juicer…

A Quick Guide To Wheatgrass Juicers

  • Decide on whether you want a manual wheatgrass juicer or an electric wheat grass juicer
  • Next, decide whether you want a vertical or horizontal masticating wheatgrass juicer.
  • Go to the top wheatgrass juicer reviews above and choose one from our top picks of wheatgrass juicers.

Once you have decided on the type of wheatgrass juicer you want to buy, check out the following features in your wheatgrass juicer:

  • The augers – horizontal or vertical, single or more
  • Speed of rotation
  • Feed chute size – doesn’t matter when you juice only wheatgrass but if you are going to use it for juicing other fruits and vegetables, your choice of a juicer becomes important
  • Motor power
  • Warranty period

Which Wheatgrass Juicer is better – a Manual or Electric juicer?

Pros of a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
  • A manual wheatgrass juicer is cheaper than an electric wheat grass juicer.
  • As they don’t need electricity you can probably carry it with you even when you go on a hike, picnic or trip as long as the manual juicer isn’t too bulky.
  • These juicers are easy to operate and rely only upon the strength of your arms to crank the lever and juice wheatgrass.
  • Manual wheatgrass juicers are simple to clean and very easy to maintain.
  • As a manual machine runs on your hand power turning the lever, it runs extremely slowly and won’t generate much heat. So your juice will not lose nutrients to heat, oxidation or foam and froth.
Cons of Manual Wheatgrass Juicers
  • It’s a very slow process extracting juice using manual wheatgrass juicers.
  • Since it relies on your hand power it will not be able to extract the entire juice in one pass. You will have to feed the same wheatgrass multiple times to extract enough juice from wheatgrass.
  • The process is messy, tiresome and unlikely to extract all the juice from the grass. So juice yield will be quite low when compared to electric wheatgrass juicers.
  • Manual wheat grass juicers are generally built for only one specific purpose and that is to juice wheatgrass. It is unlikely to be suitable for juicing other produce, unlike electric wheatgrass juicers that can extrude pasta, make sauces, nut butter and  milk from nuts.
Masticating Juicer Reviews
Masticating Juicer Reviews

If you decide on an Electric Wheatgrass Juicer, which is better… a Horizontal or Vertical Masticating Wheat Grass Juicer?

  • A vertical masticating wheatgrass juicer gives more juice than a horizontal masticating wheatgrass juicers when running at same speed.
  • It also juices faster than horizontal wheatgrass juicers.
  • In a horizontal juicer you have to push ingredients through the feed tube which is not required in a vertical juicer as that job is done by gravity. The design of a vertical machine helps in this self-feeding process.
  • A vertical wheatgrass juicer occupies less space on the counter compared to a horizontal one.

With so many plus points you would think that buying a vertical masticating wheat grass juicer is straightforward decision to make. But, it’s not that easy.

The reason is that a vertical wheatgrass juicer is just that – a wheatgrass juicer. It cannot do anything else – unlike horizontal masticating juicers which can do many other things apart from juicing, like making baby food, extruding pasta, make nut butter and nut-milk and so on.

This lack of versatility is what makes this decision tough. When you invest a lot of money into a wheatgrass juicer, you might also want to use it for other purposes.

Not being able to do these other tasks might seem like a serious drawback for some users while others might not mind it at all. So if you are in the latter category, by all means go ahead.

Get yourself a vertical masticating wheat grass juicer, because it juices really well and you will enjoy making a variety of juices using your juicer.

If you think it is a terrible waste of money to buy an appliance that does only one thing when it could easily do others then it is better to opt for a horizontal wheatgrass juicer.

Are Centrifugal Juicers Good for Wheatgrass?

While masticating juicers are slow, centrifugal juicers are extremely fast.

The augers in a masticating wheatgrass juicer rotate slowly to crush wheatgrass between them to squeeze the juice out.

Centrifugal juicers on the other hand rotate at high speeds. The blades spin at such a high RPM that they will slice and chop through the ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

The high speed of rotation separates pulp from the juice due to centrifugal force. Though it is fast, a centrifugal juicer produces lot of heat too. The high speed of agitation means more exposure to air too.

Thus there is more oxidation and, along with heat, this lowers the quality of juice. The nutritional value is also reduced significantly, and shelf life of the juice is shorter.

Centrifugal juicers are suitable for hard fruits and vegetables. They work fast and produce a glass of juice in less than a minute unlike masticating juicers that take long time to do this. But centrifugal juicers fail miserably when juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass.

The high speed makes the leaves fly away from the spinning blades, preventing effective juicing and wasting valuable wheatgrass with lower juice yields. If you are thinking of a juicer to primarily juice wheatgrass, then a centrifugal juicer is not at all suitable.

Important Points To Remember Before You Buy A Wheatgrass Juicer:

If you are going to juice only wheatgrass, find out if your city/town/ have a steady supply source for wheatgrass. Talk to the suppliers before you invest in a wheatgrass juicer.  You don’t want to end up with an expensive wheat grass juicer with no produce to juice!

Find out if you are allergic to wheatgrass. There are few instances of people finding out that they are allergic to it. So before buy a wheatgrass juicer, check to see if you are allergic to it.

Avoid drinking too much of the juice. You will not get much juice from wheatgrass anyway. Still, it is recommended by experts that you restrict your intake to one – or at most two ounces – per day.

Overconsumption of wheatgrass juice is not recommended. It might make you sick. Even the good, healthy things are not good for the body in large quantities.

best vegetable juicers
Best vegetable juicers

A Few More Points To Note

Before shopping for a wheatgrass juicer be sure to brush up on the buyers guide above on wheatgrass juicers and read the reviews of top juicer models.

There are many fake products on the market that claim to be masticating juicers – but actually aren’t. Armed with the information provided here you should be able to spot a fake soon enough.

Wheatgrass juicers are evolving continuously as juicer manufacturers keep innovating and adding new and improved features. Wheatgrass juicers are getting better and better.

So you don’t have to worry about whether the modern wheatgrass juicer is good enough. Many of them are fantastic. But there are many choices and deciding if they match your individual requirements is the hardest part of your decision.

Being fully informed about the pros and cons of different types of wheatgrass juicers makes you an empowered shopper. This wheatgrass juicer review guide helps you consider all the important factors that need to be kept in mind – from speed to noise levels to design and performance – when choosing a wheatgrass juicer.

Let’s answer a few more questions on your wheatgrass juicing…

  • Do you plan to juice daily and how much?
  • Is cost of the juicer a major factor?
  • Are you looking for electric or manual juicer?
  • How much time can you afford to spend on juicing?

The answers to the above will determine the best wheatgrass juicer you buy.

There are some incredible juicers in every category that are affordable and do a variety of tasks in the kitchen. So even if some of them seem slightly expensive they are well worth the price as you will be using them to not just juice wheatgrass but also a variety of stringy, tough vegetables and fruits, make nut-butter, pasta and baby food and much more.

We have intentionally left out some of the ultra-expensive and sophisticated best vegetable juicers because most people find it too complicated to use.

Do you really need the BEST wheatgrass juicer?

Your kitchen is probably equipped with a dozen gadgets like blenders, chopper, mixer, citrus juicer and more. So do you really need one more?

The answer lies in how badly you want to juice wheatgrass.

The usual kitchen gadgets do a bad job when it comes to juicing wheatgrass. They may be excellent tomato juicers but when it comes to wheatgrass, they are not so good.

Wheatgrass is tough, stringy and dry. It has very little juice in it. Trying to extract it with ordinary blenders or mixers or even juicers will end in frustration.

Masticating juicers, manual juicers and a few centrifugal machines are the only equipment that can efficiently juice this expensive grass to get the maximum juice yield.

Owning the best wheatgrass juicer cuts down your juicing time and boosts your family’s nutrition profile by blending wheatgrass juice with other ingredients.

Some of these wheatgrass juicers are also quite versatile and can do many other things. So, owning the best wheatgrass juicer is not a bad idea at all, as you can whip up nut-butter with as much ease as a glass of kale juice.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are inexpensive, compact and easy to clean, but they do very little apart from juicing wheatgrass.

Electric wheatgrass juicers are faster and more adept at handling different types of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. So it can act as the best tomato juicer too.

You don’t need a dozen different vegetable juicers when you can choose one excellent model – the best wheatgrass juicer from our handpicked selection below.

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

1. Omega J8006HDS Slow Masticating Juicer

Buy the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Breville BJS700 Masticating Wheatgrass Juicer

Buy the Breville BJS700 masticating wheatgrass juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Buy the Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor


Buy the Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Buy the Handy Pantry Hurricane juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

Buy the Super Angel Wheatgrass Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Green Power Twin Gear Wheatgrass Juicer


Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer

Buy the Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer
Buy Now From Amazon

How to test the best wheatgrass juicer?

Only after rigorous testing can anybody recommend these top 7 picks in the best wheatgrass juicers. So how to test a wheatgrass juicer for performance?

  • Not just juicing wheatgrass, but also other tough vegetables like Swiss chard, kale, celery.
  • Efficiency in terms of juice extraction
  • Time taken to extract juice
  • Clean up time, operational ease, storage after use.

These picks were the best from a variety of wheatgrass juicer reviews for a number of reasons.

What criteria are used to select the best wheatgrass juicer picks?

  • Focus on wheatgrass and other similar tough greens like chard and kale.
  • Eliminate complex and very high-end juicers that often end up as mere decorative pieces in the kitchen.
  • Look at positive reviews from actual users on Amazon, Walmart and other reliable online retailers.
  • Get feedback from networks of friends and family on the juicers they use.
  • Ask juicing hobbyists, experts and chefs to share more information to make your hunt for the best wheat grass juicer simpler.

Finding the best wheatgrass juicer is a mission, not some random picks from a bunch of models. The models in our best wheatgrass juicer reviews are chosen by following a similar process, to save you time and effort.

Before going on, here are some key differentiators when choosing the best wheatgrass juicer

  1. Feeding Chute – Juicers with a chute wide enough to accommodate the different produce help lower prep time.
  2. Metal Auger – Metal augers lasts longer as there is less wear on it.
  3. Speed – Slower speeds will help squeeze out juice more efficiently.
  4. Separate Pulp Exit– An exit to eject the pulp allows continuous juicing without frequent stops.
  5. Juice Spout – Should be long enough to allow collection of juice without dripping on the counter.
  6. Extra attachments for making pasta, churning butter, making nut-butter are attractive features.
  7. Less heating and foaming – Minimal heat generation preserves nutrients in juice. Lack of foaming avoids oxidation of extracted juice.
  8. Compact size for easy storage.

When measured on all these features, the winner of the best wheatgrass juicer is…

Our Top Wheatgrass Juicer Pick of 2020

Omega J8006HDS Slow Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006 slow masticating juiceris the latest offering from Omega.

If you have been juicing for a while you have most likely heard about the leader in masticating juicers the Omega J800 series. They have been best-sellers in the slow juicer category and offer the best value for money.

The new generation juicer the Omega J8006 slow masticating juicer is a new and improved version of earlier J800 series juicers. In looks, design and performance it’s offers lot more.

This model has a sturdy chrome body, is longer and looks slimmer than older ones. It has a larger footprint but compensates for it by higher efficiency in juicing and performance.

The Omega J8006 slow masticating juicer has 5 different speed settings and works on dual stage mastication. The first stage cuts and chews the greens, and in the second stages crushes it to extract juice.

As pulp is ejected through a different opening you can continue juicing for longer without interruptions.

It is one of the best electric juicers for wheatgrass yielding the highest amount of juice and does a variety of other tasks. It can become your workhorse in the kitchen due to its versatility.

Slow extraction and low RPM juicing prevents heating and preserves nutrients more effectively than other jucers.

The Omega J8006 slow masticating juicer is one of the best juicers on the market today.  There are many reasons for this.

1. The Omega J8006 operates a low speed of 80 rpm. At this speed you have very little oxidation as there is no heat build up or agitation of the juice. This helps retain all the enzymes and nutrients in the juice. That means your juice is as good as whole wheatgrass.

2. The adjustable end cap of the Omega J8006 has 5 settings to  adjust the squeezing force on the ingredients. Wheatgrass is tough. To extract juice from this grass you need tremendous amount of force.

With the 5 different settings available you can select the highest pressure rating of 5 to get more juice using this wheatgrass juicer. For other types of food produce you can use the other settings, reducing pressure to avoid rind or skin getting juiced.

3. This Omega J8006 slow wheatgrass juicer is a horizontal masticating juicer and is very versatile. You can use it to make any nut butter, almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk, and even baby food or pasta.

In addition to wheatgrass, you can use it to juice a wide variety of fresh produce and enjoy freshly, highly nutritious juices. The Omega J8006 is just as effective at juicing the toughest of greens, hard vegetables, soft fruits and vegetables as it is with wheatgrass.

4. The Omega J8006 slow masticating juicer is so well-made that the manufacturer offers a 15 year warranty against material defects, workmanship defects or even wear and tear.

Top Juicers
Top Juicers
In a nutshell the pros of the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer are
  • Quiet and low-speed operation
  • Large feed chute
  • Adjustable end caps for pressure settings
  • Highly versatile
  • 15-year warranty

The one disadvantage of thethe Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer is its high price. It is expensive in keeping with the premium brand and superlative performance, but that may still be the only reason why some folks might opt for another juicer.

Buy the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer

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Update: This article was updated in 2020 to include extra material from new research to help buyers make better choices.


Best Vegetable Juicers Of 2020 – 10 Best Vegetable Juicers For People Who Prefer to Drink Their Veggies

Looking for the best vegetable juicers on the market? Whip out some amazing, nutritious and healthy juices using any of our top 3 picks in vegetable juicers.

Choosing one juicer from whole range of best vegetable juicers available is daunting for any one individual.

While some juicers are good for soft fruits, others are great for vegetables, some are good only for wheat grass. We are here with our recommendations after extensive research and testing. Our top 3 best vegetable juicers are excellent when it comes to juicing vegetables.

Before we proceed it helps if you know

1. Are you going to juice only vegetables?
2. What sort of vegetables are you planning to juice?
3. Is it going to be mainly greens? or hard vegetables?
4. Do you want a juicer that looks good on the counter?
5. Is budget a constraint?

Your answers to the above queries will determine the type of juicer to buy. Let’s take a look at our selection of 10 best vegetable juicers in the market.

1. Best Pick In All Purpose Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus

Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus fits in whole apples and big chunks of vegetables. Not everyone has the time or enjoys the cutting and chopping of a ton of vegetables to make juice especially when rushing off for work. So vegetable juicers that cuts down on prep work is always an advantage.  Special rivets help guide the ingredients through the feed tube into the juicer.

These vegetable juicers juice carrot, kale and apple the fastest. The juice is clear and smooth with hardly any pulp. There are speed settings for different types of produce. For example use the slow setting for soft fruit, high for harder vegetables. The juicer comes with a extra large 70 ounce jug and a heavy duty lid. So you can juice for longer time without stopping and store away the extra juice in the fridge.

2. Best Pick In Value For Money Vegetable Juicers : Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Juicer

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine is great appliance to buy if you are on a limited budget.  You will appreciate the no-frills Big
Mouth Hamilton Beach vegetable juicers. They are simple to put-together, very easy to use, quick in making smooth and clear juice with hardly any pulp. All parts of these super economical juicers are dishwasher safe.

An innovative cleaning tool is provided with these vegetable juicers especially if you prefer to wash them by hand. The thoughtfully designed cleaning tool removes pulp bottom, inside and outside of the cutting blade in one move. It keeps your fingers safe too. It is rather loud and wake up sleeping family members and even neighbors. So be a little wary of using it in the early hours. In terms of price, speed of juicing and juice yield this juicer is right at the top for affordable vegetable juicers category.

3. Best Pick In Ease Of Cleaning Vegetable Juicers – H101 Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is our pick for the ease of cleaning. Vegetable juicers are usually provided with metal mesh strainers that need to be cleaned with special brushes usually provided by the juicer manufacturer. This part is usually the most tedious of whole juicing process. Hurom Easy Clean juicer is a game changer as it comes with heavy duty plastic strainers. These have large vertical grooves that are a breeze to clean. The tiled juicing container strains out more juice. There is very little mess inside too because of innovative new interiors of these vegetable juicers.

Yet another change is the double sided cleaning brush that is able to clean out every nook and cranny of the juicer. Same goes for the pulp spout with it’s opening that allows for easier cleaning. Overall this machine has been designed to make cleaning so simple that you will love using it without thinking twice.

But even better is the juice that comes out tasting fresh and crisp. You can even control the amount of pulp in your juice so you get a little fiber too to balance it out. This juicer gets our vote for ease of cleaning and great tasting juice. For those who want a change there is the smoothie strainer and ice cream strainer as accessories.

4. Best In Looks And Functionality Vegetable Juicers – Hurom Hu Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer  is our pick of vegetable juicers in looks and functionality. If  want a vegetable that juices as well as it looks like then the Hurom Hu Slow juicer wins hands down. It’s beautiful design with smooth curved edges. The soft color options include pink, mint and white. The juicer definitely adds a touch of style to your kitchen. It’s back facing pulp spout is another feature that’s attractive to look at. It’s easy to put together, easy to clean and simple to use. It’s juice yield is also great. The brush provided makes cleaning easy particularly when you are in a rush to get to work in the mornings.

5. Best In Making Juice Fastest Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is the best in making juice in a jiffy. Want to make juice in a hurry? Look no further than the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It simply crushes through every type of fruit or vegetable you feed it with. There are two speeds for softer and tougher produce to get more juicer and faster. It’s quiet despite the power of its motor. It’s sturdy and juice produced is clear, free of pulp, smooth and creamy too. You will simply love the taste of the juice this vegetable juicer makes every morning powering you through the day.

6. Best Pick In Versatile Vegetable Juicers: Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is a thoughtfully designed appliance with a wide mouth feed tube, multiple strainers to help make juice, smoothies or ice cream, fine mesh strainer to make pulpy juice or pulp free juice depending on what we prefer at that time, three cleaning tools which makes cleaning extremely trouble free, a lid opening device – sometimes it might get stuck and the designers have made a simple device to help you open the juicer and a handle that helps you move the juicer around with ease.

Well, the designers have really done a great job anticipating every problem and designing solutions even before we thought about it. The juicing is as fine. As there is no doubt that this is a pick among versatile vegetable juicers and is a clear winner in terms of how functional and well-designed it is.

7. Best In Feed Tube Design Vegetable Juicers: Breville Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer is the vegetable juicer with the best feed tube design allows a differed shaped fruits and vegetables to be fed into the Big Squeeze without getting stuck.

The design also allows for smooth movement of the ingredients without the need to use the pusher. The ingredients slowly feed themselves into the auger without stopping. During testing this was one of vegetable juicers that never had to be stopped for jamming of ingredients.

8. Omega NC900 Electric Juicer

If you are into juicing big time and love to experiment with different flavours and types of juices the Omega NC900 HD Electric Juicer is the best pick. It offers double press method of juicing extracting more juice than any juicer reviewed here.

Apart from juicing the Omega can do other things like extrude pasta, make nut butter, or make baby food. It minces and chops too. Due to the slow cold press method of juice extraction every bit of nutrition is retained in the juice and nothing is lost due to foaming, frothing or oxidation.

There is no heat generated hence the juice remains fresh and nutrient rich for a longer time. You can store juices extracted through this method for up to 3 days. It runs a slow 80 rpm but its powerful motor at 1500 can extract juice from the toughest of wheat grass. But the one disadvantage is slow speed in producing juice.

9. Breville Juice Fountain

Another versatile juicer the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor is the best value for money from a well-known name in the world of juicers. The company has a great reputation for producing superb quality machines at reasonable prices.

The Breville juicer is a well-designed product with great looks and features that make juicing a breeze. Every feature is well-thought-out and helps the juicer to get best results. One thing it lacks is differing speed settings but this is not a big issue at all. It is another best seller on Amazon.

10. Cuisinart Juice Extractor

The number one brand in offline retail stores and departmental stores the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is a sturdy machine built to last. With 5 speeds and extra wide chute of 3″ it can take in any vegetable you drop and make quick work of it.

It has a very powerful 1000 Watt motor which makes juicing a breeze. At 14 pounds (6.35 kg) it can be easily moved around. It needs a more counter space due to its size.

Our Top Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicing has taken on a life of its own ever since busy moms and working professionals discovered that the 5 servings of fruits and veggies need not always end in tears and tantrums when they can be converted to delicious and yummy concoctions which kids and adults enjoy as part of their meals or stand-alone treats.

All its takes to make any vegetable-based drink palatable is an apple, some ginger and a twist of lemon and viola people drink it up without too much fuss. Is it any wonder that people are flocking to buy themselves the best vegetable juicers that money can buy.

We have chosen both best centrifugal and best masticating juicers because even though masticating juicers are great for extracting most amount juice from given ingredients sometimes you need to compromise a little for speed especially when the best vegetable juicers need to work their magic during early morning rush hour.

Coming to a very important and pertinent question:

Do you really need one of the best vegetable juicers in your kitchen?

The kitchen counter space is a crowded piece of real estate housing appliances and gadgets that heat, bake, blend, grind, chop and more. Do you have space for one more? Is it possible that the other gadgets can do the same job as your juicer? Probably but not the way a juicer can. Food processors or blenders can juice but the results will neither be pretty not the juicing efficiency as good. You will end up discarding vegetables along with a good amount of juice in them. If you are serious about juicing you need to buy one of the best vegetable juicers and use it to extract juice from your vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to break the bank doing it. There are many affordable and well-crafted machines that do the job well.

Testing To Find The Top 10 Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicers of every make and kind crowd the market  space and it is almost impossible to know which is the best for your needs. We have been in the business of picking the best juicers for every category for some time now.

We choose a variety of models, makes and brands and go through their specs with a fine tooth comb. Our team of researchers visits several retailers and picks up brochures, pamphlets, and we also visit their websites to get a good idea about the type of products the juicers are good at turning into juice.

For example some masticating juicers simply don’t work well with citrus fruits. Some centrifugal juicers can not extract wheat grass juice. With this in mind we filter out those juicers that we know are simply not suitable for vegetable juicing.

We eliminated about 60% of the models selected in the first round and were left with about 27 models to actually test under every day conditions. The eliminated models were too expensive, too big, too unwieldy or just plain unsuitable for vegetable juicing. We put the juicers through the paces just like you would in your kitchen.

Feeding them different types of stuff – hard vegetables like carrots, semi-hard like vegetables like squash, soft ones like tomatoes and cucumbers, roots like ginger, herbs, greens like spinach, kale, chard and even wheat grass. Now those machines that handled all tests we put them through without choking, stalling or sputtering emerged the undisputed champs. We also tested the vegetable juicers for other criteria to emerge as the best vegetable juicers.

What criteria influenced our top 3 picks of the best vegetable juicers?

  1. Size of the juicer – Is it too big to sit on your counter top?
  2. Power – Is it powerful enough to extract wheat grass juice
  3. Capacity – Can it juice at least 4-5 cups for a decent sized family?
  4. Convenience – Is it convenient to clean, store, assemble, dismantle and juice?
  5. Features – Do the extra features make the juicers more convenient to use?
  6. Price – Is the price in an affordable range or too exorbitant?
  7. Centrifugal or Masticating juicer – While a masticating juicer also known as cold press juicer definitely produces more juice, it is slow and more expensive. A centrifugal juicer on the other hand is fast and more affordable. We weighed the pros and cons of both and picked a centrifugal just for the convenience and speed of juicing.
  8. Warranty – A long warranty is a definite plus point when it comes to buying the best vegetable juicers as owners can have peace of mind.
  9. Strange Factors That Influence Buying Of Best Vegetable Juicers.
  10. Preparation Time – Cutting, dicing, peeling, coring, pitting of fruits and vegetables take valuable time. A juicer that does not need prep time is a great time saver. The best vegetable juicers are able to handle this with ease.
  11. Price – Not all best vegetable juicers need to be pricey, many of the best models are affordable and provide excellent value for money.
  12. Noise – Juicers that don’t wake up the family and the neighbourhood is preferred.
  13. Large feeding chute – The larger the chute lesser is the prep time involved. So look for big feeding chutes. Some accommodate whole apples, oranges, carrots and pears too.
  14. Ease of cleaning – Juicers that take forever to clean are not great buys because who has the time for that. Something that takes minutes to assemble, juice, clean and store away is the most preferred for best vegetable juicers.
  15. Size – Look for compact juicers that can be easily stored on the counter.

So, after hours of testing and researching we arrived at the best of the lot.

It’s so easy to juice when you have the best vegetable juicers right on your kitchen counter.

You can whip up your favorite vegetable juice with vegetables juicers on hand whenever you want and in what ever combination you want. You can make them to your exact requirements with the right taste and garnishes. Once you taste your home made fresh juices it is unlikely that you will have ever want to drink store bought juices again and juicing at home saves money in the long run.

From slow juicers to centrifugal juicers. We have compiled a list of top vegetable juicers for every budget and need.

But buying a juicer is not only quiet an investment but it is also pretty confusing given range and types available. There are dozens of vegetables juicers of various types in the market both popular brands and the special kinds.

So before deciding which model to buy you need to have all the information you can get. You have to be sure that it is worth all the time, money and effort you are going to use up trying to research it, buy it and finally using the gadget. You need to be sure that your choice from scores of vegetable juicers available is the right one for you.  If you buy the right juicer you will use it and it will not sit in the cupboard gathering cobwebs.

Whatever your doubt or question regarding different types of vegetable juicers, the pros and cons of jucing or any other juicing related query. We have the answers right here.

Vegetable juicers are a great way to make juices that add more  nutrients from a variety of greens and vegetables to your diet. But picking up these juices from health food stores or juice bars will rapidly eat into your monthly budget. It can be expensive as health foods are usually higher priced.

You can easily make fresh vegetable juices by creating your own recipes or from recipes available in cookbooks or from juice recipes online. It’s cost-effective solution as you can easily pick vegetables in bulk at cheaper rates from farmer’s markets or at your wholesale grocers. But choosing from the huge number of vegetable juicers being sold is a task that can be mind-numbing.

You dont need to worry though as a team of experts have put together the best vegetable juicers for you to pick from depending on your requirements. Before we go ahead and check out the juicers let’s get some nagging questions out of the way.

Is Juicing Really Beneficial?

Do vegetable and fruit juices really benefit us or their just a fad?

If you think about drinking freshly made juices is nothing new. People having juicing and drinking fruit and vegetable juices for thousands of years. Maybe they did not have fancy vegetable juicers like we have today. But they did have their hands and legs to squeeze or press juice out of all the fresh produce around them.

So, why this sudden concern about whether they are good for us?

The arrival of vegetable juicers which use the power of electricity means you can juice large quantities of fruits, vegetables and leaves to make several liters of juice in a few hours. It is also possible to consume this in large quantities. Excess consumption of fresh produce in juice form is not recommended.

Is juicing healthy?

Of course it is good for us. Juicing offers a way to incorporate a variety of vitamins and minerals from different fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Using a fruit or vegetable juicer you can convert a huge volume of fresh produce into juice form. It may be not be possible for you to eat that much fresh produce in one sitting especially in raw form. But using a vegetable juicer if it is made into a glass or two of juice, then you can easily drink it all up in a few minutes. So essentially you get all the vitamins, minerals and useful enzymes without spending too much time chomping on it.

Why Juices Are Great For The Sick:

You can get nutrients in high concentration and easily digestible form. That is one reason that people recovering from illnesses and those with other digestive problems are recommended juices. As there is very little fibre digestion is faster and so is absorbtion of juice into the blood stream. Vegetable juicers are designed to get every bit of juice out of your veggies and hence the wastage is minimal.

Juice For The Morning Energy Boost:

Drinking a small glass of juice before your morning workout will give you necessary energy without actually making you feel heavy or uncomfortable while exercising. It is also easy to make fresh juice every morning using your vegetable juicer. A few minutes is all it takes.

Juices For Those On Restrictive Diets

Juicing for vegetarians is great way to incorporate more amount and variety of fruits and veggies into daily diet. The thing with vegetarian diet is that to get all the required nutrients you have to eat larger quantities and from a variety of produce like fruits, nuts, roots and seeds. Otherwise you will end up lacking in some of them. But eating that much will take several hours. Vegetable juicers offer a way out. Nutrient dense and delicious juices can keep you feeling full for longer.

Even the meat lovers can benefit by using a vegatable juicer. The problem with meat lovers is that they hate the idea of veggies. They just can’t to stomp and chew their way through myriad veggies when they can tasty meat dishes. How to entice meat lovers to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Use a vegetable juicer to juice all the veggies and they can easily gulp it down in seconds and get all the benefits of fresh produce in their diet. Getting a meat lover to drink up the leafy green and veggie juices without having to eat them is so much easier.

Why Too Much Juice Is Not Good?

But on the other hand you can not over do the juice diet. There are many benefits to eating a whole fruit or vegetable rather than drinking it in juice form. The fibre from the fresh fruits and vegetables keep you feeling satiated for long. The fibres also slow down digestion and release the nutrients slowly so body has a better chance to absorb it fully and over a longer period of time. Fiber also binds the toxins in the body and expels them through the excretory system. Vegetable juices remove all the useful fibrous parts leaving behind only the fresh liquid. While that liquid is healthy and delicious, whole fruits and vegetables also have a role in regulating your digestion and health. So don’t completely eliminate them from your diet.

How To Make Juicing A Better Health Option?

You can do this by adding some of the pulp from vegetable juicer back into your gravies, soups, patties, and other dishes. This helps to at least incorporate some amount of fibre back into your diet.

The problem is that most people prefer fruit juices to vegetable juices so naturally they gravitate towards that. The result too much they end drinking more of sweet juice which releases too much sugar into the blood stream which isn’t good for the body. So restrict the amount of fruit juice and include more vegetable juices. When making juices with your vegetable juicers ensure that you add just one or two fruits and more vegetables in the juices you make at home.

Fruit juices are high in calories and carbohydrates and you may end up putting on weight if you consume more of fruit juices. The sugars also get into the blood stream faster due to lack of fiber spiking blood sugar levels up which isn’t at all good for you.

Leafy greens and other vegetables meanwhile are lot healthier as their sugar content is pretty low. But not everyone likes to drink juices smelling of green stuff like spinach or broccoli. They also require special vegetable juicers like masticating juicers to make smooth juices. Now since not everyone likes the taste of green stuff it’s best to introduce it gradually and slowly increase the proportion. The most acceptable proportion is to have 80% veggies and 20% fruits. It is also good idea to add flavors like lemon juice or tomato for a slightly sour taste, a hint of ginger, some mint or parsley to make your juice interesting and tasty. You could try a dash of pepper or salt to enhance certain flavors in your vegetable juice

You can always avoid making these mistakes by following the two rules. Minimize the sweet stuff in your juice by drinking more vegetable than fruity juices. Second rule is to not makes juices your main diet. They should supplement your regular diet. As you see investing in vegetable juicers is a better idea as vegetables should be make up the main part of your juices.


Juicers For Less – Best Budget Juicers For Affordable Juicing

Are you looking at juicers for less? Not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on juicers when perfectly good models are available at a reasonable price.

Go on, pick juicers for less and whip up delicious juices at home.

In fact we actively discourage you from buying high-priced juicers because many are too complicated and complex for typical home juicers.

Many features that these costly juicers claim will change your life are the ones you’ll hardly ever use. So other than the price of a juicer, make sure you address these points before making your choice:

  • What type of juicer are you looking for?
  • Do you want a portable juicer?
  • Are looks and design an important criteria?

Depending on your unique needs, your choice of a juicer will vary. So let’s take at our top juicers for less picks.

Juicers For Less – And The Winners Are

In each category, these are the best juicers for less cost that are also high on features and benefits…

Best Citrus Juicers For Less

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

Beautifully designed and highly efficient in extracting orange juice, the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is a top pick as juicers for less in the category of citrus juicers.

At the rock-bottom price it retails for, you won’t find a better juicer to make your grapefruit or orange juice every morning.

The Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is also fast, with an auto reverse function for extra juice extraction, pulp control and simple operations. It is the best citrus juicer for making 3-4 cups of juice at home in the shortest time.

Buy the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer

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Best Juicers For Less

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer

Another beauty of a citrus juicer is the compact and powerful  BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer . This is a very good gadget that is the equal of our top choice – the Proctor’s Silex Citrus Juicer.

One of top sellers on Amazon, this citrus juicer consistently tops the best seller list.  It is cheaper than many other juicers with little compromise on the quality of juicing or ease of clean up after use.

In design, looks and performance it is very similar to the Proctor Silex juicer, and is a great alternative to it.

Buy the BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer

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Best Centrifugal Juicers For Less

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Among the dozen models of juicers for less, one of the excellent centrifugal juicer picks is  the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor.

This Breville juicer is a clear winner for several reasons. It is compact, powerful, simple to use and clean, affordable and delivers a great juicing performance.

With the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor you can easily juice entire apples and oranges without even having to slice or chop them first. Prep time is almost zero. This is possible because the juicer has a big feeding chute.

This juicer for less also has a very powerful motor that extracts juice with ease. Juice quality is superb with very little froth or foaming.  The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractormakes it easy to assemble and store juice.

Buy the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor

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Best Juicers For Less

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000

The feature that will most impress you about the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is the long chute that easily takes apples, oranges and pears.

Because of its wider feeding chute, there is little prep time required. You simply pop in the whole fruits or veggies – skin, pits, core and all – into the juicer. Out comes delicious juice – within seconds.

This juicer easily handles all types of vegetables, fruits and greens. 5 level speed controls help juice even the toughest vegetables with ease. Juice is clear and pulp-free.

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is a best-seller in department stores and online marketplaces. This juicer is larger than other models, but an extra large pulp bin compensates for this size because it lets you make large quantities of juice without stopping to empty the pulp catcher.

It is best to consume the juice within a day or two of juicing as this method of extraction doesn’t allow for very long storage times. The juice spout, when tilted upwards, prevents dripping of juice onto the machine.

Assembly, dismantling and clean-up are slightly cumbersome.

Buy the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor

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Best Masticating Juicers For Less

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

Omega NC900HDC Juicer is one of the best juicers we have tested that works well at extracting juice from wheatgrass and kale to regular fruits and vegetables.

It is a best seller on Amazon and is considered a leader in masticating juicers.

The Omega NC900HDC Juicer is sturdy, sleek and offers top-notch performance. It yields the highest amount of wheatgrass juice with no heating or foaming, thus preserving nutrition.

It is versatile and can become a workhorse in the kitchen due to the many tasks that it can do.

Buy the Omega NC900HDC Juicer

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Best Juicers For Less

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer


Another winner from the Omega stable is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, one of the all-time top selling juicers for less.

The juicer’s slow speed ensures minimal foaming and heating that keeps nutrition value intact. The juice extracted has a longer shelf life due to the cold press method.

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer handles even the toughest of leafy greens like kale, wheat grass, spinach and chard with ease producing vibrant juices for your family.

Priced economically to qualify as among the best juicers for less, it can perform a variety of tasks and occupies minimal storage space.

Buy the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Buy Now From Amazon

Choosing the Top 6 Juicers for Less

Juicers are useful gadgets in the kitchen. They make the job of providing a healthy start to your family a reality and with much less fuss too.

Which juicer for less you choose will depend on what type of products you want to juice.

Our top juicers for less choices have specific points that set them apart.

For instance two of our picks are great for juicing citrus fruits. Another is good for tough greens. And a third is ideal for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

One is slow, the others are fast at juicing.

So, let’s start by asking the right questions…

Do you really need a juicer?

At the outset you might think that’s a weird question to ask in a discussion about which affordable juicer to choose.

But it has a purpose.

Your kitchen already has a range of small and big appliances for specific tasks. One keeps your food fresh for long, another is used to heat or cook food fast, a third is used for slow cooking or baking, a fourth is used to blend or grind stuff and so on.

So where do juicers for less enter this mix?

Your picks of juicers for less will help make juices quickly and conveniently from a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

For instance you could quickly juice some spinach, carrots, apples and oranges for your kids at breakfast time. They’ll get an instant boost in their nutrition while you can relax about a job well done.

Champion juicer

Repeat it at lunch and dinner… and bingo, you have ensured that your family is eating a well-balanced meal and getting enough nourishment.

Kids enjoy juice blends and there are fewer tantrums about not wanting to eat their daily 5 helpings of greens, fruits and vegetables. Our top 6 juicers for less picks make the job of juicing a breeze.

The juicers we pick are great at juicing and equally easy to clean.

Many of the top juicers for less that we have chosen are highly portable so you can carry your juicer along with you on vacations and continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle on the move.

Now you might not need a juicer, but it is mighty convenient to have one. Once you are hooked to one, you are likely to use it on a daily basis.

How to select a juicer for less

Juicers come in a variety sizes, shapes and designs. While some use the fast centrifugal method of extracting juice, others use the slow chew and press method (also known as masticating juicing).

If you only need to juice citrus stuff, the specialized citrus juicers are ideal. Every attachment and accessory has to be carefully considered so that you can enjoy a pleasant experience while juicing.

That is the reason why you should examine your choice of juicers for less in a very thorough and detailed manner.

  • Assess them in real life situations.
  • Can absolute novices as well as expert juicers use it.
  • Put these juicers for less through the paces like in normal day-to-day situations.
  • Juice a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Evaluate their ease of assembly and dismantling.
  • Check for juicing efficiency.
  • How easy are they to clean

Only those juicers for less that pass every test with aplomb should make it to your shortlist. Of course the price should be reasonable and affordable too.

The 6 top pick juicers for less that are listed above outshone the others by their sheer performance.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

Criteria To Get On The Juicers For Less List

  1. Keep affordable models suited for home use only, eliminate higher-priced models.
  2. Don’t include those mainly used in commercial ventures.
  3. Restrict the choice to citrus, centrifugal and masticating juicers.
  4. Look at user reviews, feedback and online email surveys to find only the best models to include on the list.
  5. Assess any and every complaint about the products to eliminate mistakes due to users – and then carefully consider those that were due to design flaws or badly made products.
  6. Interview anyone who has used the juicer for their valuable feedback and information about the different juicer models.
  7. Tap your network of family and friends to get more information about juicer models they have used.

After doing all this, you’ll arrive at a handful of models that satisfies your most stringent  requirements. These juicers for less models are absolutely the best of the lot in terms of price and performance.

Pre-requisites to get a juicers for less list

  1. Ease of use – This takes top priority. It is our belief that unless a gadget is drop-dead easy to use, you won’t use it consistently. Juicers with complex set-ups were sure-fire losers in the race to the top.
  2. Noise – Centrifugal juicers do make a lot of noise when you feed whole apples and oranges. Ignore those that make too much noise and extract too little juice.
  3. Power – While powerful motors ensure smooth and fast juice extraction, make sure that they don’t lead to a bitter aftertaste due to crushing of seeds or pits.
  4. Pulp Ejection – Separate exits for pulp help you juice for longer without having to stop and clear out the pulp.
  5. Appearance – Compact juicers that look good on the counter in addition to their excellent performance are like icing on cake.


  • Which juicer is the easiest to clean?
  • What is the best type of juicer to buy?
  • What are the different types of juicers?
  • How does the juicer work?

Which Is The Best Masticating Juicer Of 2020 – Reviews And Rankings Of The Best Models

Here are our top 3 picks for best masticating juicers. Start whipping up delicious vitamin-packed juices to up your healthy diet quotient.

Researching for the best masticating juicer? Of course you should be looking for one if you are serious about giving healthy living a shot. Whether it is wheat grass or kale you want to juice or apples and pears, a masticating juicer also known as slow juicer is the way to go. The top picks in masticating juicers can range from $200-$2000 and it is important that you find the right machine for your needs.

Do you want a machine that is compact and sleek?
Do you want something that yields more juice?
Are you looking for a top-end model?

Depending on your needs the choice of a best masticating juicer will vary. Let’s check out the best masticating juicers in the market today.

How To Pick A Best Masticating Juicer?

Nothing says health more than a shot of wheat grass juice in the morning.

Masticating juicers have become all the rage because they can extract juice from the toughest of items like wheatgrass, kale and stringy root vegetables. They also retain maximum nutrition because of the slow process of jucing using augers to squeeze out even the last drop of juice. A best masticating juicer slowly mashes, grinds and presses the toughest of products to squeeze juice out of them.

Wondering why not centrifugal juicers? The best centrifugal juicers are great for fast juicing like extracting apple juice or pear but when it comes to tough vegetable greens the juice extraction efficiency is very low.

Before proceeding further let’s ask the right question.

Do you really need the best masticating juicer?

Good question. Busy lifestyles leave very little time for doing many things that we want to do. So a slow juicer is important in your kitchen. While most fruits and even some vegetables can be juiced using a normal centrifugal juicer it is not suitable for all types of products that you may want to juice like wheatgrass, kale or even ginger root.

Even the best centrifugal juicers find it tough to extract juice from wheat grass or kale. Also the high heat generated destroys most of the nutrition. So if you are serious about juicing and want to make juice a part of your healthy lifestyle a masticating juicer serves an important role in making it happen. The juice yield from a precious resources like wheat grass is also higher in a slow juicer compared to a centrifugal one.

Added to this they do a variety of other tasks like extruding pasta, make peanut butter or icecream, churn butter and even make baby food. So yes, a best masticating juicer does find a place in the modern kitchen mainly for their great juicing ability and also incidentally for other purposes.

How do we test and find the best masticating juicer?

Masticating juicers are more complex than the centrifugal juicers and have various aspects that need testing. They are expensive and little more complex to use and clean. Whil we understand that we don’t want something that is too complicated to operate we also want a juicer that does the tough jobs with ease.

Hence our attention to detail. We test every aspect to find the best masticating juicer. We feed similar type of stuff to the machines in exactly the same conditions to test juicing abilities. It’s a slow, meticulous and painstaking process. But we think it is well-worth the effort.

Every aspect of each model is tested under various real life conditions. Nothing is left to chance. We test several dozen models to find the best 3 among the lot.

  • test using different fruits, vegetables and greens.
  •  test using wheat grass – the toughest of the lot
  • test for juicing efficiency
  • clean up after juicing to see how convenient it is
  • check for the noise levels

Only then do we come up with our top rated masticating juicers of the year – so you can try them out.

After testing 47 models and spending nearly 90+ hours in the process going through several pounds of produce the top 3 we came up with are the best of the bunch. They are the best masticating juicers that out-juiced their competition.

Criteria To Get On Our Best Masticating Juicer List

  1. Ease of use, cleaning and storage
  2. Affordable and durable
  3. High juicing efficiency
  4. Positive feedback on major retailer sites like Amazon
  5. Postive reviews from hobbyists, chefs, juice bar owners whom we interviewed for this article.

Factors That Influence Buying The Best Masticating Juicer

  • Look for augers with strong teeth. These teeth will tear into tough greens and crush stringy roots to extract maximum juice. Also it’s easier for the auger to go through such tough stuff while juicing.
  • Durable parts for auger, pulp screen and housing. Stainless steel or other tough materials are ideal for these parts as they take a lot of wear and tear during juicing.
  • Versatility. Since we are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars this juicer better do other things like make nut butter or extrude pasta. Yes if you enjoy doing a lot of your own nut butters, pastas, icecreams and more look for additional attachments when buying your choice of best masticating juicer.
  • If you are going for the affordable budget masticating juicers make sure that it juices efficiently with the pulp dry.
  • Buy juicers with long warranty periods.
  • Slow motor that generates a strong torque to push through the tougest vegetables and fruits.

The best masticating juicer category winners are:

 Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is a clear winner in the best masticating juicer category. After rigorous testing and meticulous measurements we found this juicer offered best value for money. The Omega J8006 has been an an Amazon best-seller for some time.  The auger is made of a special compound that lasts eight times longer than plastic. Casing is also made of heavy duty plastic coated with chrome finish that is both durable and pleasing on the eye.

It’s method of slow juicing ensures that no foaming or heating is generated during the juice extraction process. After the juice passes through the auger it goes through a second pressing process to extract last drop of juice. Every bit of nutrition in the fruit is preserved and you get vitamin-rich juice. Pulp is automatically ejected leading to a smoother and tastier juice. Due to slow-press method juice can be stored for longer time. This juicer tackles the tough greens like kale and wheatgrass with equal ease as an apple or pear. It’s quiet even when juicing the tough stuff and very easy to clean. It’s compact and occupies very little counter space. It does other things too like grind spices and coffee beans. It works as food processor. Best thing is it comes with a long warranty period.

Super Angel 5500 Review


Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is one of few juicers that is made entirely from stainless steel. It is powerful juicer that can extract juice from apples, oranges to kale and wheat grass. It is versatile and can be used to make almond milk, carrot juice or even peanut butter. All you need to do put the stuff in to the feeding chute and out comes the juice or butter or whatever you are making. It is slightly expensive but its versatility and durability makes up for the higher initial cost. Construction is simple and uncomplicated to operate. If you overfill it beeps to warn. It’s juice extraction efficiency is high leaving the pulp dry. There are separate bins to collect juice and dry pulp. Everything about this juicer is just great even the clean up is quick and easy. The juice yield and quality is top rate. The powerful motor extracts juice from anything with ease. It comes with a 10 year warranty. The only drawback is the slightly higher price.

Hurom Hu

Hurom HU Masticating Slow Juicer uses a single auger and still manages to maximize juicing efficiency with double action with the first dedicated devoted to crushing and the second to squeezing maximum juice from the pulp. With this double step you get maximum juice from the same amount of ingredients. Compared to centrifugal juicers the yield from this juicer is 50 percent higher. As there is very little frothing or foaming the juice retains its nutritional profile. It has more flavor and tastes fresher than if you used a centrifugal juicer. The self-clean option makes cleaning simple. The product is compact and powerful. It operates at slow speeds and the noise level is very low. The GE-made auger has long life and comes with many accessories that make using the juicer easy and convenient. If you have been using a centrifugal juice and want to move to a masticating juicer this is very good first machine to try out before going for some high-end expensive model. It is priced slightly on higher side but is also fast for masticating juicers. It works great on all fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass but not so good for kale and spinach.

What is a masticating juicer machine?
What is the best slow juicer on the market?
Which juicer is easiest to clean?
What is a masticating juicer?

Top 10 Juicers – The Best Juicers Of 2020

Are you looking for the top 10 juicers of 2020?

Here we present only the best of hundreds of juicers models available in the market today. Go ahead choose one of the top picks from our list and whip up some delicious juice blends in your kitchen.

So you want to know the top 10 juicers of the year. Let’s get started then.

Whether it is wheatgrass juice or plain old orange juice that you wish to drink every morning pick one from the top 10 juicers and have the best possible start for your day.

  • Are you looking to juice a variety of stuff like veggies, greens, fruits and citrus fruits?
  • Is price an important factor?
  • Do looks matter?
  • How much can you afford to spend on juicing?

There are literally hundreds of juicer models out there with prices ranging from less than $20 to thousands of dollars. The juicer you choose will depend on your specific requirements.

Our top 10 juicers cover the best in each category so that you only have to pick the ones that suit your needs.

And the best juicers of 2020 are …

Best Masticating Juicer

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer from Omega is one of the best juicers we have tested that works well both on extracting juice from wheatgrass and kale to regular fruits and vegetables. It is a best seller on Amazon and is considered a leader in masticating juicers. It’s sturdy, sleeker and top-notch performance. It yields highest amount of wheatgrass juice with no heating or foaming thus preserving nutrition. It is versatile and can become a workhorse in the kitchen due to the many tasks that it can do.

Super Angel 5500 Juicer

Sturdy and made entirely of surgical grade stainless steel the Super Angel Stainless Steel Juicer is truly and superior piece of engineering in juicers. The stainless steel augers crush and chew through the toughest of stringy and dry greens to extract maximum juice. It can juice almost anything and is capable of doing other things like churn butter, make nut butter, ice-cream and pasta. The only small drawback is the high price. But this may be the only juicer you will ever buy in you life. Just feed the veggies and fruits at a steady pace to get incredible amount of juice. Overfeeding can jam the gears.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Another winner from the Omega stable the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is top seller. It’s slow speed of juicing ensures minimal foaming and heating keeping the nutrition intact. The juice extracted has a longer shelf life due to the cold press method. This juicer handles toughest of leafy greens like kale, wheat grass, spinach and chard with ease producing vibrant juices for your family. Priced economically it provides variety of tasks and occupies minimal storage space.

Tribest Green Star Elite Juice Extractor

If you are into juicing wheatgrass take a look at Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor that comes with 12-year warranty. The pulp is ejected continuously as the juicing goes on. So you don’t have to stop to clear anything. Apart from juicing it works well as a food mill. It’s a heavy duty machine that juice just about anything. The preparation time is minimal as its powerful teeth can chew and crush just about any stuff. The after-juicing clean-up is little annoying as the fine mesh takes a long time to clean up. On the other hand the handle on the sturdy body makes it easy to move the juicer around.

Best Citrus Juicers

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

If you prefer something simple to begin in the world of juicing then our team recommends the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer. At $16 you can not get a better citrus juicer that produces most juice for the same amount of fruit. It has the auto-reverse and pulp control features. Two set of reamers for differnt sized fruits gets maximum juice. The small yet powerful motors handles juicing like a pro without any trouble under the most trying testing conditions.

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer


The BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer is just as good as the Silex Proctor juicer. This has been a best seller on Amazon in citrus juicers. It is identical to the Silex Proctor juicer is almost every respect except the unexpected stalling of motor in middle of juicing. This happens rarely but that is the only flaw we noticed during our extensive testing. For some reason if you can’t find the Proctor Silex the Black and Decker model is as good and couple of dollars cheaper too.

Breville Citrus Press

If you need a powerful citrus juicer to juice large quantities of citrus fruits the Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Citrus Press is a great buy. With barely any effort using the dual pull lever you can juice several pounds of oranges or grapefruit in one go. It is easy on wrist and arm and very much suitable for people with disabilities or those suffering from joint pains. One point we noted during testing was to not press the fruit too hard as this causes over reaming of the fruit which gives a bitter taste to the extracted juice. At $130 it is much more expensive but is great for those quiet and fast juicer requiring little effort.

Best Centrifugal Juicers

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

The team tested many different centrifugal juicer models and found the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor was handsdown winner on many accounts. It combines the best of every machine, gives unbeatable performance at most affordable price. Very little pre-juicing preparation is required due to its powerful motor and large feeding chute. It’s compact in size and looks great on the kitchen counter. The juice yield is the best among centrifugal models and the quality of is also not affected due to minimal foaming and heating. The easy cleaning makes true winner among the top 10 juicers.

Power Juicer Deluxe SSMT1000

Our team was pleasantly surprised by the Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer model which produced one of the highest amounts of juice among the different models tested.

The brain behind this high yield juicer is Jack LaLanne who was well-known in the field of fitness in the 50’s and is still considered the godfather of fitness. The quality of juice is excellent with a smooth and pulp-free. The clean up after juicing is slightly difficult compared to other juicers due to the design but it is dishwasher friendly. So after removing the big bits just pop it in the dishwasher.

Another small drawback of this juice is the amount of time it takes to assemble for juicing. But on the plus side it is very quiet for a centrifugal juicer. It tackles the toughest of vegetables with ease and is made of sturdy materials and the motor comes with a lifetime warranty. It occupies slightly more counter space than other centrifugal models on this list.

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000

The feature that most impressed our team about Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor was the long chute that easily takes apples, oranges and pears. No prep time required as you just pop in the whole fruits with skin, pits, core and all into the juicer.

Out comes the delicious juice in seconds. This juicer is a best-seller in department stores. It is larger than other juicers but extra large pulp bin compensates for it as you can make large quantities of juice without stopping to empty the pulp catcher. It is best to consume the juice within a day or two of juicing as the method of extraction doesn’t allow for long storage time.

Another great feature is the juice spout which if tilted upwards prevents dripping of juice. The pitcher design and shape reduces frothing and foaming which in turns keeps juice fresh for a longer time. Assembly, dismantling and clean-up are sligthly cumbersome. This juicer easily juices all types of vegetables, fruits and greens. Use the 5 level speed controls to juice toughest vegetables with ease. The juice is clear and pulp-free.


Choosing The Top 10 Juicers

Juicers have become essential part of the kitchen as juicing has taken off in a big way. Using juicers you can craft lip-smacking juice blends that are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants giving your body an instant boost in energy. Juice detox and juice diets are another reason for the increased interest in juicing. Depending on your juicing needs pick one from the best of the best – the top 10 juicers.

Some of our top 10 juicers are great if you want to juice only citrus fruits like oranges, lemons or grapefruits, while a couple of models are suitable for wheatgrass, kale, chard and other tough and stringy greens, while the rest are just great for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. As you see these picks are just right for every kind of juicing need.

But before we proceed it’s time to ask a most important question:

Do You Really Need A Juicer?

Are you surprised we asked you that? The reason behind the question is that our kitchens boast dozens of gadgets from the simple hand blender to the complex food processor, choppers to microwave, ovens to giant fridges. So do you need yet another appliance? While simple blending and smoothies can be managed using blender or food processor, extracting wheatgrass juice or even orange juice is beyong these appliances. A juicer on the other hand can do the job efficiently and with speed. It can add the needed extra punch to your healthy lifestyle.

Some of our top 10 juicer picks are portable and compact enough to be even taken on vacations so you don’t have to miss out on your new super-healthy, super-tasty lifestyle. Take your juicer along with you when you travel or use it right at home to juice just about any fruit, vegetable and even nuts. That’s right some of the masticating juicers can make more than just juice. They can make creamy nut butter, ice cream and even pasta. Once you get hooked to your new juicer there is simply no looking back.

How Do We Test To Arrive At Our Top 10 Juicers?

Juicers with too many parts, complicated to set up and operate and equally difficult to clean were eliminated early on from our testing process. Our team of testers were determined to find the most efficient and simplest gadgets that made life easy for the person juicing.

Noise levels, juice spattering or getting wasted due to design flaws, ingredients preparation times, cleaning and storage after juicing and many other aspects were tested with diligence by our team. Only those juicers that passed all our strigent testing criteria qualified. Only the best of the lot made it to our top 10 juicers list.

What Did Our Testing Involve?

  • The testers put the juicers through the paces just like you would in the kitchen.
  • They used a variety of fruits, vegetables, roots, greens and in some cases even nuts to check their juicing ability.
  • Juice yield from same quantity of same type of fruits/veggies was tested.
  • Clean up time required after juicing was measured and it was also rated for difficulty levels.
  • Was the pulp dry or wet after juicing?

A variety of factors were tested to arrive at the list of top 10 juicers.

We tested over 78 models including manual juicers, centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers, masticating juicers and more. These shortlisted models have made it to the top 10 juicers list because they simply outshone their competition in almost every aspect.

Criteria for making it to top 10 juicers:

  1. Our juicers are meant mostly for home users not commercial juicers. So we looked at juicers from that perspective. Of course those juicers that juiced in bulk also made it if they satisfied our criteria of a home juicer.
  2. The more expensive models that were also unnecessarily complex to use were eliminated during testing.
  3. Our team studied the feedback of users of these models to see if they were serious drawbacks in the product. If they were due to user errors we did not include those in our evaluation. But if the errors are likely to be made by “most” users we eliminated such badly designed models.
  4. The team interviewed dozens of serious juicers on the models they use and why. They also conducted online surveys, email interviews and sought feedback from top chefs, hobbyists and more to arrive at top 10 juicers.
  5. The testing team finally arrived at the following handpicked top 10 juicers with complete confidence that these are the best available juicer models today.

Before proceeding to the top 10 juicers let’s take a look at what important points were considered for picking these models.

Factors that decide if the juicers make it to the top 10 juicers list

1. Juice outlet or spout – Our top 10 juicers have well-designed spouts to prevent spills or drip.
2. Separate Pulp Ejection – Having separate ejection outlet for pulp let’s you juice without stopping frequently.
3. Minimal Prep Times – Most of our handpicked top 10 juicers require very minimal prep time. You can feed whole oranges and apples, pears and berries, veggies and more without peeling, coring, pitting. Some minimal preparation is required in some juicers but that is for more efficient juicing.
4. Larger feeding spouts – One more factor that cuts prep time.
5. Faster juicing – Mornings are usually hectic and not many have time to spend on juicing . So a juicer that is fast is a definite advantage.
6. Maximum juice – Our top 10 juicers extract maximum juice and driest pulp among several models tested.


Top Juicers

Here’s our guide to finding the top juicers of 2020. Every newbie would like to know the best juicer to buy but the answer to that question is not that simple or straightforward.

When you say ‘I want buy the best juicer’ what do you mean by it specifically? Do you simply want the best or the top juicers that are in the market today?

But is this what you need?

The above three according to us are the ultimate top juicers in the world of juicing. It is similar to own luxury brands like a Rolls-Royce car or a Rolex watch. Do you need them? Not really. You don’t need a Rolex to tell you the time when a Timex can do the job well enough or Rolls to get around town. Same with juicers. You just need something that does the job well.

The quality of juice and performance may be top-notch with the above top juicers and well, who doesn’t want to own Rolls but for most people the above juicers are little over-the-top. These top juicers are for those who take their juicing extremely seriously and are into juice therapy for recovery from illness or following a strict juice-based diet.

If you just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle but don’t want to break the bank doing it, you need a workhorse-type top juicers that will yield high amount of good quality juice. The good news is that there are options available and you don’t have to spend thousands on them.

It’s time to start learning a little on the type of juicers you want and ask yourself the same questions, the answers to which will help you find the best juicer for you. Some of these are…

Why Do I Need A Juicer?

There are a dozen gadgets all vying for space on the kitchen counter. Do you really need one more sitting there and gathering dust. A juicer has a specific purpose and no other food processor or blender or chopper can do that job for you. If you answer the following questions right you will not only buy the right juicer but also use it almost every day.

How much time can you spend on juicing?

If you are like most people, you don’t have much time for juicing. So you need to pick one from the top juicers list that is simple to operate, doesn’t need much preparation time, is easy to clean and put away after use.

What type of produce do you plan to juice?

Some top juicers are great for tough greens while others are perfect for soft fruits. Remember there are no perfect juicers that juice everything and clean themselves. So you have to settle on a juicer that is most suitable for your needs.

Is juice quality very important?

If you want to toss in whole fruits and get juice in minutes then you have to make a slight compromise on the quality of juice.  Centrifugal top juicers are fast and convenient, but they introduce froth, foam and oxygen into the process slightly degrading the quality of juice.

Masticating top juicers are slow, but they need a bit of extra preparation where you have cut the produce before feeding it to the juicer. Also, the juicing takes longer as the slow juicer chews the produce and then crushes it slowly extracting juice with no foaming or oxidation.

Do you need juice to stay fresh for long?

With centrifugal top juicers the juicing is fast. But you have to consume it within a few hours in order for it to be still nutritious and fresh. With slow juicers the juice stays fresh up to 72 hours.

How quiet do you need your juicer to be?

Some picks on the top juicers list make enough noise to wake up the whole family, while others are quiet. If you have a baby or light sleeper at home go for masticating juicers that are quiet.


The top juicers are meant to last a life-time while others last from 5-7 years which is also a good time-frame. If you need long-lasting top juicers go for the sturdy, durable ones which last 10-15 years or even more.

Now that you know the answers the above questions, hopefully at least a few, it is a little easier to pick the right one from the top juicers we have arrived after a lot of testing and research.

We have arrived at the following three top juicers based on several positive criteria. Our picks don’t compromise on quality, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, quality of juice or the juice yield.

We also chose only those models which are in affordable price range. We arrived at these after testing over 5 dozen models in different categories. We tested them for every important criteria and chose only those that came out on top on several of the qualities deemed important by users.

Here are some other options you might consider…

Other Top Juicers

Super Angel – Stainless Steel Juicer

Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Juice Extractor is built entirely of surgical steel. Even the inside parts. Both in looks and functionality this is one of the top juicers as it can deal with soft fruits like peaches and oranges or tough greens like wheat grass with equal ease. The cold slow press method ensures juice remains and tastes fresh for long. But the price is pretty high at $1500+. It’s got a long warranty and this juicer maybe the only juicer you will ever own as it is built for durability.

Norwalk Juicer

Another pick for the top juicers list is the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. It is the ultimate in juicing with a hefty price tag of $2500. Those who are serious about juicing and make large quantities of juice will love this slow juicer as it can pretty much juice anything. With this appliance you will get only the freshest juice as there is no froth or foam or even oxidation while juicing. The best quality juice comes with a high price tag though!

Omega NC900

A top-selling brand on Amazon, the Omega NC900HDC Electric Juicer is a top quality juicer with high ratings from thousands of users who are delighted with its performance. Omega has improved on the already exceptional performers the Omega J8006 and Omega NC800 models to come up with the Omega NC900. Priced at less than $350 dollars it is a very affordable model considering it is a masticating juicer. Pre-juicing preparation time needed is minimal due to the large mouth chute in this model.

Cleaning is super-easy if done shortly after juicing to prevent the drying of pulp fibres in the nooks and crannies. The juicer operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm methodically breaking down the produce and pressing the pulp to produce juice. It juices everything from leafy greens to vegetables to soft fruits with equal ease producing top-quality juice.

There is no foaming or oxidation and hence the juice can be stored for up to 3 days with no degradation of quality. It’s not too great for citruses. Soft fruits juices are pulpy. It is extremely quiet and comes with a 15-year warranty. This is a multi-tasking gadget and can make nut-butters, baby food, pasta and more. It’s top choice for a reason. For the price no other juicer comes even close in terms of performance. It’s a no-brainer to pick the Omega NC900 as our top choice.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

Among centrifugal juicers the Breville range of juicers are top choices. They provide excellent value for money. At $100 the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is affordable and one of the easiest to assemble for juicing and dismantling for cleaning. It is fast and efficient in extracting juice. Within a few seconds of feeding whole apples and carrots watch the juice coming out through the spout.

No prep time as you the wide chute can take in whole fruits. Due to the centrifugal method there is frothing, slight heating and oxidation of the juice. This is not the best juicer for soft greens and herbs as juice quality gets degraded. A good work around is to alternate hard fruits and veggies with soft greens to get more juice. It also does a good job on soft fruits like tomatoes, peeled grapefruit and oranges. For $100 you won’t find a find the best juicer on the market.

Hurom Hu – 100

A vertical masticating juicer, the Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer offers several advantages over the horizontal ones. They are very easy to clean just place it under a running tap, compact and easy to store. It does need some prep time as you have feed smaller chunks of fruits and veggies but it can self-feed itself so you can spend that time cutting and preparing the produce.

Despite the slow rotation speed of 80 rpm it produces juices faster than horizontal masticating juicers. It handles all types of produce with ease from leafy greens, soft fruits to hard fruits and veggies. But the pulp is not as dry as with an Omega. It extracts more juice from harder produce than softer ones. The juice from vertical juicers tends to more pulpy. So if you want juice without pulp go for other juicers. It is very quiet juicer and the juice remains fresh for 72 hours after juicing. It comes with a 10-year warranty. At $480 it is more expensive than the above juicers.

What is a masticating juicer?
How often do you drink juice on a juice fast?
What is a cold press juicer?
What is a juicer used for?
Which juicers are the best?
What is a good inexpensive juicer?
What is the best commercial juicer?