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Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro: America’s Favorite Juicer, Is Jack Lalanne Juicer The Answer To Your Prayers?

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is one of most popular juicers in the USA and for a good reason too. It’s sturdy and well-designed and makes impressive amounts of juice when used right.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro:  An Overview

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Juicer is a stainless steel juicer and considered the flagship model from the Jack Lalanne stable. This electric centrifugal juicer produces juice in a jiffy and is absolute delight to work with. It is designed with a large and round chute so big chunks and whole fruits can easily be fed in to juicer without too much preparation of the ingredients to juice.

Quiet Motor

It comes with a powerful motor but Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro juicer hardly makes any noise. The reason is its quiet motor that runs at 3600 RPM. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro offers maximum juice yield with its patented juice extraction technology. Both the blade and the filter mesh are made of good quality stainless steel.

Design Features For Convenient Juicing:

Not only the feed chute even the pulp bin is extra large so you can juice longer without the need to stop and empty the bin. A very thoughtful design feature of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is the non-drip spout. So you don’t waste juice or make ugly messes on the kitchen counter while juicing.

It is extremely easy to clean the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro as all parts are safe to wash in a dishwasher. If you don’t want to run the dishwasher then simply rinse it off under the tap after cleaning out the filter using the brush provided.

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is compliant to North American Electrical Standards.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro : Features and Specifications

Construction – Stainless Steel body
Type Of Juicer – Centrifugal
Blade and Mesh – Stainless steel of high tensile strength
Feed Tube – Extra large
Motor 3,500 rpm
Noise Levels – Very low
Patented Jack Lalanne extraction tech for maximum juice yield
Pulp Collector – Large
Electrical Standards – North American
Ease Of Cleaning – Dishwasher safe parts
Spout – Non-drip spout prevents juice wastage and creating messes.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro In A Nutshell:

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is tough machine that has been designed to tackle any kind of produce and make maximum juice. It is easy to maintain and easy to clean. It juices just about any produce. Jack Lalanne juicer makes very little noise. Juice quality is exceptional. Juice yield is high. It’s a reasonably powerful machine that offers exceptional performance. It is reliable and effective when used according to instructions.  The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is an affordable juicer for most households.

Why Buy Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro?

Classy looks

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro has classy good looks with its sleek chrome finish. You can leave it on the kitchen counter and not feel the need to hide behind cupboard.


Priced less than most high-end centrifugal juicers the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is one of the most affordable name-brand juicers.


This appliance does what it promises to do. The 3600 rpm motor, stainless steel blades and mesh filter make juicing both hard and soft vegetables a breeze. Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is quick and efficient in juicing.

Large Chute And Pulp Bin

The juicer is designed for quick and fast juicing for busy folks. So in keeping with that theme the feed chute is large and round to accommodate whole fruits and large chunks of vegetables. Prep times for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is minimal. The pulp bin is also large. So you can juice for longer and not have to stop in between to empty the bin.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is a breeze too with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro. The pulp extractor port removes all pulp to a bin that is easily separated for emptying. Most importantly all the parts are dishwasher safe.

An Honest Review Of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

About the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

The model Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is from the Jack Lalanne stable, which as a brand is known for its affordable solutions for middle income families. It is a dependable and respected brand. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is considered as the best model from their range of juicers.


The model is rather heavy for its size. So you cannot easily move it in and out of storage.

Juices As Advertised

It juices nearly everything that was thrown into the feed tube. We tried a variety of produce including carrots, apples, beets, celery, mangoes, pineapple and other greens. It juiced everything with ease. Though the reviewer did have to check the filter mesh was not clogged while juicing high fibre produce.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Easy to clean and maintain. Clean it as soon as you are done using it and it lasts a long time. Folks have been using their Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro for 3 years plus without many issues. Some components like the filter mesh might need replacement, but they are readily available and at low cost.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro: A Few Points To Remember

It’s very easy to use. But there are some minor points that stop Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro from being perfect. You have to read the user manual and follow the juicing instructions to get maximum yield. If you rush the juicer or put too big chunks or too small chunks the results are less than perfect and find the pulp is  too wet.

Cleaning Filter :

Need to clean the mesh filter and see it is not clogged-up during juicing and after juicing also the filter needs to be cleaned with a light touch. Dents, creases or folds in the filter completely mess up juicing process as everything is in a delicate balance while juicing.

Steady Feeding:

Feed chute needs to be regularly fed at a steady pace without rushing the juicer while juicing for a long-periods.

Clean up:

Clean up is easy as all parts of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro are dishwasher safe.

Juice Quality with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

The juice made by Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is thick with hardly any froth or foaming at top. The speed of the motor is only 3600 rpm. So this slightly lower speed of juicing may be the reason for less agitation and less froth at top. The quality of juice may not be same as masticating juicer but it is certainly close to it. The natural and fresh taste of ingredients is retained when juicing with this juicer.

Juice Yield with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

Go at a steady and even pace when juicing with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro and you will get generous amounts of juice. Rushing is not a good idea as very little juice is extracted. Juice each type of produce like pulp vegetables, leafy vegetables, dry vegetables separately to get maximum yield. Mixing them up while juicing reduces the yield considerably.


The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is mid-power juicer and this seems to be entirely intentional. At a lower speed the juicer doesn’t agitate the juice as much. This maintains the quality of juice. While at the same time the 3500 rpm is enough to rip, grind and juice just about any type of produce leaving behind a very dry pulp and giving large amounts of juice.


This flagship model of Jack Lalanne looks bulky and is heavy too. It is powerful too. But surprisingly the noise levels while juicing with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro are low. If you are juicing really hard stuff the noise is quite high. But with regular stuff the noise isn’t that high and you can even talk and be heard while juicing which is nearly impossible with other centrifugal juicers.


This appliance is rather tall. The backend is wider where the pulp storage area is placed.

Advantages of a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro:

Juice Yield – High
Ease Of Use – High
Looks – Easy on the eyes
Construction – Sturdy and made of stainless steel.
Design – Reliable

Disadvantages of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro:

The plastic components though few are still an irritant.


The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is a high performance, sleek and affordable juicer. But don’t expect it to perform miracles. It offers superior functionality at a reasonable cost and good looks too.

Some Tips On Using the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro:

  1. Some juicy fruits produce very mushy pulp. Examples mangoes and melons, bananas and citruses. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro will juice better if you frequently check that the filter screen is not clogged up with the pulpy mesh. If it is just clear it. Check that the drain opening is also clear as it can also get clogged while juicing.
  2. Certain vegetables produce very dry pulp that is fluffy and easily fills up the pulp container. Do check that the pulp is not filling up the container. Use your fist or a spoon to push the fluffy pulp down.
  3. The blade sits snugly and does not need any additional tools for either fitting or removal. Just apply a little pressure using one hand to stop the filter and using a little downward pressure unscrew the blade and easily slip it off.
  4. Clean the juicer parts as soon as possible. In any case don’t wait more than 15 minutes as dry pulp and fiber stick to filter mesh tigher and it is really difficult to get them all out after it completely dried out. Also keep it soaked in water if you are going to take more than 5 minutes to clean the juicer parts. This part is true for any juicer and is not unique to Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro.
  5. Use the flat part of your fingers to clean the filter of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro. It is very delicate and thin so handle it carefully without applying too much pressure. It can easily dent or get damaged if handled incorrectly. A damaged, dented or creased filter screen doesn’t work well when ejecting the pulp as it rubs against the top as it spins and this further damages the screen causing even more issues. So if the filter screen is damaged then replace it immediately as it costs just about $10.
  6. For easy cleaning of pulp bins use plastic shopping bags to line the pulp bin. Once done with juicing simply pull it out and replace it with another if you are going to continue juicing. This way you don’t have to clean the pulp bin.
  7. As this is a centrifugal juicer the pulp is not as dry as it would be in a masticating juicer. If you put the pulp in a fine cloth and wring it you might get some more juice. For instance if you juice 16 ounces using a variety of produce you might get a further 2 ounces if you wring the pulp really hard. But it is lot of hard work. It may not be worth all the trouble. You could roughy extract some of the juice by squeezing it.
  8. A masticating juicer is more expensive and juicing is also tiresome so the pay off is some lost juice in the pulp.
  9. Some of the pulp can be put to use in burgers patties and to thicken soups and stews. But you can not use all the pulp particularly if you make 2 liters juice per day. So just use it as mulch in the garden.
  10. The juice collecting cup is rather short. You can use a taller container depending on how much you juice Or use a Pyrex quart measuring cup. It sits under the spout and prevents any accidental juice spillage.
  11. Leave it on the counter. It looks good as it has smooth and sleek finish.
  12. Sweet potatoes are not to be juiced as they completely clog up the mesh filter. So don’t try to juice heavy, pulpy veggies.
  13. Do not try to hurry this juicer. Result of rushing it is a wet pulp.
  14. Maximum output of juice is assured when juicing is done in a manner indicated in the user manual.

Why Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Continues To Be Popular?

Another important reason why Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is still ruling the roost inspite of several competitors selling great juicers is that the company takes consumer criticism seriously and makes improvement to the juicer models.

Why Stainless Steel Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro?

Take for instance the earlier models of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro which were made in white and were prone to getting stained by beets and carrots. Well, generally any fruit or vegetable could easily stain the juicer and it quickly became an issue with customers who complained about it. The result is today the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is made of stainless steel. A case where the company took note of a genuine issue faced by customers and came up with a solution.

Solution To Prevent Messes

Another issue that was talked about and complained about by customers of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro was how the spout would drip juice long after juicing and create a mess on the counter top. Not many thought anything would be done about it but the makers of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro came up with the non-drip spout.

Simple Juicing Process

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is a top model from the Jack Lalanne but the operation process is relatively simple. Their patented extraction technology means juice yield is high provided the simple instructions laid out in the user manual are followed. For a dry pulp it is imperative that you don’t rush the juicer or try to force down with too much pressure. Use a gentle but firm pressure with the pusher to guide the produce. Also, keep the juice flowing continuously by feeding the chunks of produce at a even pace.

Quiet Juicing by Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

It isn’t really whisper quiet as advertised or claimed in TV advertisements. No centrifugal juicer can be that quiet. It is relatively quiet compared to other juicers and you could probably hold conversations when juicing normal stuff. When juicing really hard stuff the noise levels can be high.

Surprising Amount Of Juice Yield

For a juicer of low wattage and low motor speeds this juicer makes surprising amount of juice. The pulp is dry and quality of juice is also good. But for this you need to follow the simple instructions in the user manual. Also, keep the filter clean when juicing for say more than 2 cups of juice. Simply remove the top and clean out any pulp clogging the filter screen of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro. This helps sustain high juice yields.

Uses For Pulp

The pulp can be repurposed in cooking and baking. But not all of it. This adds a fiber to your diet. But if you are juicing like 2-3 litres of juice it is highly unlikely you can use up all the pulp in day to day cooking. If you have garden spread it as mulch.

Shopping Smart

Buy smaller sized fruits and vegetables that will fit the juicer feed tube. This way you can simply put the whole fruit through the extra large feed tube. You will cut down on prep times.

Juicing Hard Stuff With Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

Carrots, beets, coconut are hard stuff that causes problems while juicing. Some times pieces get stuck at the bottom of the feed chute. Just apply pressure using the pusher to reach the piece. Just don’t hammer or use any external object or palm or your fist.

A Few Final Words On Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

A follow up with several users indicates that the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro provides years of dependable service provided the users use it as intended. Following the instructions given by manufacturer provides years of trouble free juicing. Great design and reliable functionality make it a favorite among users. Those who are serious about their juicing using almost everyday and report how effective and efficient it is. It pays itself many times overs in terms of health benefits for your entire family.  In case you are not satisfied for some reason  the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro FAQ

Does the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro juice celery and leafy greens?

Use the freshest greens and celery while juicing using the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro. It works best when the produce is at its crunchiest best. Limpy and wilted leafy greens and celery sticks don’t juice well. It just sticks to the blade or at the bottom of feed tube.

How tall is the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro?

The full height of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro when fully assembled to the top of the funnel is 17 inches.

What is the motor’s wattage?

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro motor wattage is not specified. But a by making the calculations using other product specs we arrive at 300-350 Watt.

Is Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro entirely stainless steel?

Almost every part is stainless steel except the juice bowl which is lined with plastic. Another part that is lined with plastic is the spin bowl. But every part is absolutely easy to clean.

User Feedback On Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

As a 2 year veteran of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro one user reports that this juicer does its job really well when used the right way. It easily crushes and extracts juice from a range of fruits and vegetables like beets, carrots, beet greens, kale, apples, collard greens, celery, ginger, cucumber, pumpkin and squash. The user further says that using his Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro he makes 2 liters of juice every morning.

The juices taste delicious and fresh. It works as it promises and extracts juice from even skin and rind.

The chrome finish matches most kitchen appliances. It doesn’t need to be put away as it looks fine on the kitchen counter. It is rather bulky so not having to put away after every use is a plus.

It very to assemble for juicing and simple to pull it apart for cleaning after use.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Juicer

Some of the questions that this article answers include:

How do you clean a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro?
How many watts is the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer?
What kind of juicer is the Jack Lalanne?
How do you open a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer?

and a lot more. Read our complete review of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro above.

Smoothie Juicer – Smoothie Maker or Juicer – What To Buy?

The debate on what is better – a smoothie juicer, juicer or smoothie maker is a never ending one. So which is best for you?

Smoothie Juicer – Does A Combo Appliance Exist?

Smoothie juicer is an interesting choice for an appliance. We love smoothies and we love our juices. So will it not be interesting to have a combination smoothie juicer machine that can do both. Yes, there are a few choices in that category but mostly you will find either smoothie makers or juicers. It is rare to find a combo machine that does both equally well.

Is Smoothie Juicer A Good Choice?

First, you need to be clear about whether you should go for a smoothie juicer at all considering that these machines may not be the best juicers or best smoothie makers. They may be adequate but not really the first choice in either category. But if you are determined to own one less appliance than by all means go ahead and buy a smoothie juicer.

You need to be armed with sufficient information before you choose to buy a combination appliance like smoothie juicer or a standalone blender or juicer. Choose carefully after completely researching and learning everything you need to know about these appliances.

Some facts and features to consider before buying a smoothie juicer, smoothie maker or juicer:

  1. 1. Kitchen blenders will not work as a smoothie maker, smoothie juicer or juicer machine for most hard veggies and fruits. So, don’t think that you can buy a blender and be done with it. It doesn’t work. Period. If you tried to make carrot or beet root juice or smoothie with your blender you would know. It only ends up as a lumpy mess.
  2. Though a high speed kitchen blender works great as a smoothie juicer when it comes to fruits like banana, mango, avocado and other soft fruits. You can whip up amazing smoothies with kitchen blenders using these soft, pulpy fruits. Soft fruits often give pulpy juices. With the juicer most of the fibre is removed while with a blender the whole fruit that is whatever you put in the blender is retained in the smoothie.
  3. There are centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are fast machines spinning at speeds of 5000 – 10,000 rotations per minute depending on the power of machines. At high speeds they generate high heat.
  4. Juices are exposed to high heat destroying some heat-sensitive nutrients. Also, the high speed rotation introduces oxygen into the juice which causes oxidation and consequent loss of vitamins and enzymes. They make loud noise which can wakeup your family and even the neighbours in case of some juicers. They don’t juice greens very well.
  5. Masticating juicers are slow in juicing rotating at low rpm and work quietly to crush and chew the fresh produce to make juice. Just about any ingredient can be juiced using slow juicers. Even tough to juice wheatgrass. Nutrient loss is minimal as there is no loss to heat or oxygenation. The resulting juice is rich in anti-oxidants too. Even here the pulp is separated from the juice of the produce. Hence, the masticating juicer also can not be used as a smoothie juicer.
  6. Blender-juicer combo is a dream come true for many no doubt. We all want that perfect smoothie juicer that can both make delicious smoothies or refreshing juices with the flick of a switch. But the reality is something far different. There aren’t any great smoothie juicers in the market today.
  7. No blender or juicer does the double duty of both making juices and smoothies that meets the high standards of stand-alone appliances.

Every year more and more folks are joining the smoothie juicer bandwagon. It’s a huge trend that refuses to slow down or stop. People love their juices and smoothies and would love to own an appliance that makes both. Instead, we are forced to buy two different appliances to make our juices and smoothies.

Despite the popularity and despite the demand there is hardly any option to buy a combo smoothie juicer. Building an appliance that can make both smoothie and juice is a really tough task. And in spite of many attempts the perfect smoothie juicer is still a distant dream.

Costs Add Up

Buying juicers and blenders separately is an expensive proposition. Good quality juicers that are affordable cost $200 – $300 dollars each. Higher end juicers cost $200-$500. Same goes for blenders. Buying separate quality appliances can cost you around $700 dollars.

And then there is the great debate about which is better for you.

A Smoothie Or A Juice?

Consumers might dream of a perfect smoothie juicer that will do double duty as both a smoothie maker and as the perfect juicer. As it will solve the problems of which is better for us smoothie or juice as we can have either or both or just which ever is better for us.

A Problem Of Multiple Appliances

It will also solve the problem of owning multiple appliances that does each task individually. The cost of a combo machine is sure to be less than buying each appliance separately. But that is not to be. As yet there is no best smoothie juicer machine that meets the criteria of both making the best smoothies and best juices.

How cool would it be to own a smoothie juicer that you can use to make smoothies when you wish or a great tasting juice the next day. There are a few options for smoothie juicers in the market today from market leaders like Breville and Oster. But before you jump right in to buy one of these machines a few points to consider juicing and smoothies.

Should you even be juicing or making smoothies?

You are not the only one to be confused about this. There are tons of arguments in favour of juicing and similar amounts in favour of smoothies and there is same amount of material in favour of eating whole fruits and vegetables. There are articles, studies and research favouring one or the other. So how do you decide which is better for you?

Matter Of Preference:

Juice, Smoothie or whole fruits and vegetables all have their benefits. Drinking either or both and also eating them whole is all good,  provided everything is done in moderation and as part of a healthy diet.

While juices are concentrated form of nutrition without the fibre, smoothies include fibre and are more filling. Juices are metabolized fast in the body, smoothies take a little longer while whole foods take the longest. In each case the body absorbs nutrition in different manner.

There is no doubt that in the form of juices you can consume more amount of fruits, vegetables and greens in your diet. Even the stuff that you usually don’t like can be included in juice form and is hardly noticed as you will be drinking it along with other delicious ingredients.

As smoothies include the pulp it is a little more difficult to drink too much of it. You can include more of fresh produce in your diet in the form of smoothie than eating them whole.

Benefits of drinking juices:

Rest and rejuvenation:

Our digestive systems are working overtime breaking down the variety of food we keep stuffing ourselves with. Drinking just juices for a day gives your body’s digestive system a much-needed break. Juices keep the body supplied with nutrition without the job of digesting and removing toxins. It is way to rest and rejuvenate.

Nutrition in a glass:

Using the smoothie juicer to whip up a glass of high nutrition juice is easy. You can include a variety of wholesome and nutritious greens, vegetables and fruits to make a delicious, refreshing cup of juice packed with nutrition. When you consume this you get a large dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that the body needs. It is easy to drink this up.

If you were given an apple, an orange, 2 large carrots, a beet root, a bunch of spinach, a piece of ginger, a piece of celery and asked to eat it. You will find it really tough to get through the whole amount. But a glass of juice has nutrition from all these ingredients. So, you get a concentrated dose of goodness when you drink a glass of juice.

Fresh Juices Are Beneficial

Those who drink fresh juices every day know it’s benefits. They swear by the extra boost of energy that they get every day from drinking juices and gladly go through the trouble of extracting juice using their smoothie juicer or just plain juicer.

Fibre Removal Is An Issue

Juicing removes fibre. Smoothie juicers filter out the fibre which is very useful for digestion, absorption of nutrients, satiety and to slow down the sudden spikes in blood sugar when absorption happens too fast.

Fast Spinning – Heat Transfer

A centrifugal smoothie juicer uses the fast spinning action of centrifugal blades which are basically sharp teeth that are stamped out on a stainless steel disc. This high speed rotation of the blades slices, dices and chops through fresh produce.

This rate of rotation causes friction and high heat production which is unfortunately transferred to the juice. Heat destroys some enzymes in the juice. A masticating smoothie juicer on the other hand squeeze out the juice in a slow process which generates no heat and hence helps in retaining the nutrition in the juice.

Slow Juicers

Slow juicer or masticating juicer as mentioned in the earlier section uses slow moving augers to chew and squeeze fresh produce to make juice. The produce is pressed against a mesh by the auger which squeezes the juice out of the fruits, vegetables and greens.

Slow juicers are highly efficient and get most yield in terms of juice. The nutrients also remain intact as the whole process is cold. There is no loss of enzymes to heat in this type of juicing.

These machines are expensive compared to centrifugal juicers. But you won’t find Masticating smoothie juicer or Slow smoothie juicer combos unlike the centrifugal smoothie juicer models.

Juicing is wasteful

Juicing is highly wasteful. It takes many pounds of veggies to make few glasses of juice. All the pulp is discarded by the juicer. Unless you are going to employ the pulp in your other cooking it is all going to go to the compost pit or rubbish bin. Along with the pulp goes a lot of the nutrition too. A smoothie will on the other hand incorporate the pulp in the drink thus reducing waste to the minimum.

Smoothies and their benefits

Wholesome and full of the goodness of natural ingredients. Smoothies made at home without additional calories from ice cream, sugar and whipped cream is actually quite healthy. Store bought thick creamy shakes are not good for your health or your waistline. Made at home with whole fruits, plain ice, nuts and ve

The Pros and Cons of Smoothies
Health Benefits

When made with wholesome and natural ingredients, a home blended smoothie is not just healthier but yummy too. Don’t mistake these smoothies for the unhealthy thick shakes and other milkshakes you get in fast food joints and other eating places.

At home, you can restrict the ingredients to only the good stuff like nuts, greens, flax seeds, chia seeds, avocado, fruits, veggies and stuff like that instead of ice cream, whipped cream, sugar and other stuff that add to the calorie count without really offering major health benefits.

For this you need a smoothie maker. A centrifugal juicer doesn’t handle nuts and seeds. A high-powered blender simply goes through ice, frozen fruit, seeds, greens, protein powder and makes delicious tasting smoothie and you won’t even notice all the healthy stuff in it.


With whole vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds in a smoothie you get all the fibre and pulp. Add some protein powder to the smoothie and you can have whole meal in a glass. Body builders and health conscious celebrities rely on smoothies to get all their nutrients needs on the go.

Sometimes we are really in a rush and with no time to make anything that you can sit down to eat. Smoothies can become meal replacements at those times. Don’t do it for every meal. But if you find yourself skipping breakfast or lunch regularly due to your hectic work schedule or other reasons. Make a smoothie and drink it up.

It’s Easy

Smoothie making is easy and simple. Just toss in the things you wish to juice and blend for 30-40 seconds and it is done. Everything is pulverized to one smooth drink. Just pour it in a glass or go to mug and drink it up. Delicious and healthy smoothie is ready to drink.

Easy Cleaning

Washing a blender is easy compared to a juicer. Juicers have many parts which need to be taken apart before washing. The filter needs to scrubbed using a brush to remove the fibre. This alone takes the most time. Other parts need to be rinsed. In blender only the jar needs washing up. Just a few drops of soap, quickly use the scrubber to remove all the remnants of smoothie and rinse under tap. It hardly takes 30 seconds. Else add some water and a few drops of dishwasher and give it a spin. Rinse under tap and you are done.

Cheaper to use

Smoothies don’t need that much fresh produce as a juicer. That’s right. To make a smoothie needs lot less carrots, apples, greens than to make a glass of juice. But of course you might up the nutrient profile by adding nuts, seeds, protein powder and nut butters. Those are slightly more expensive but you will need only a small quantities and you can buy those in bulk and store them in the pantry or refrigerator.


You might go overboard with the calories part. Since a smoothie can take just anything you might add too many nuts, seeds, fruits, nut butter, yoghurt or protein powder adding to the calorie count. This is not a great idea as you may be consuming way more calories than you need. And it is very easy to over do with smoothie. So be mindful of how much you are adding of these ingredients and whether it is really needed.

If you want to make actual juices and actual smoothies but don’t want the hassle of buying two separate appliances. In short, you want a smoothie juicer as one appliance

Here’s the perfect solution: Breville Juice And Blend. The juicer part is a centrifugal.

Best Blenders for Whole Juicing and Smoothie Making

You can actually make smoothie juices with a high-powered blender, like the 2 listed below.

Our Pick For Best Smoothie Maker : Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Second Best Smoothie Maker : Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Blender

Third Choice for Smoothie Maker: NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer SystemHere the two blenders do not separate the pulp or fibre from the whole foods. So you get the benefit of the entire fruit or vegetable being juiced. This can otherwise be called a smoothie. They are powerful machines and make really smooth smoothies and whole juices. The cleaning is a breeze with blenders. So no added work of cleaning filters using brushes like you would do with a juicer.

Our best pick for a juicer: Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer Makes Continuous Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer – JE98XL The Ultimate Best Fast Juicer Of 2019

Tried freshly made juice by a Breville juice fountain juicer first thing in the morning? You should. It’s amazing and you get an extra boost of energy that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Having a counter top Breville juice fountain juicer right where you need it in the kitchen makes life so much more easier and convenient. Make juices whenever you want and with whatever produce you have on hand. You can literally create any variation of juice you wish every day of your life using the JE98XL. It’s so simple. You will wonder how you ever lived without a Breville juice fountain juicer all your life.

It’s not an exaggeration. Most owners of a Breville juice fountain juicer whom we have interviewed are unanimous in their approval of this simple yet affordable juicer.

You don’t have to go by some random survey. This article will give a detailed overview of options available in juicers and why you should go for Breville juice fountain juicer.

Why not any juicer? Why only Breville Juice Fountain Juicer?

Juicers are expensive. So, before buying you need to be armed with all the information you can get. You have to be sure that it is right for you and your family’s needs. It should be right for your budget, effort and time. It should be an appliance that will be used and not just sit around in the kitchen cupboard collecting dust. In this context and after our detailed research we have zeroed in on Breville juice fountain juicer as our juicer of choice. But wait you don’t have to make your decision now. Read on.

Why should you juice?
Is juicing beneficial?
Is juicing really good for you?

Some recent research says excessive amount of juice consumption especially fruit juices is not good for your health. But we know that already. Fruit juices have sugar and sugar in excess isn’t good for health. In fact anything in excess isn’t good. You need to consume a balanced diet and glass of juice consumed in the mornings or evenings as part of healthy, well-balanced diet will give an added energy boost along with supplying your body with essential minerals and vitamins.

Those who consume juice regularly do report having glowing skin and healthy hair. That’s not surprising at all considering the goodness present in every cup of freshly squeezed juice. Owning a Breville juice fountain juicer makes juicing so much easier. Best of all it help keeps your weight in check as you are going to feel well-satiated with a cup of delicious juice anytime. It’s low on calories and high in goodness.

Blenders Vs Juicers

Some people do swear by blenders as it retains the pulp in addition to extracting the juice. If you are into blending there are options for that too. But don’t confuse between the two. Some people refer to juicers as blenders and vice versa. In truth they are completely difference machines. While a Breville juice fountain juicer separates the fruit into pulp and juice, a blender doesn’t. It pulverizes entire fruit so it retains the fiber and everything that you put into the blender. In a Breville juice fountain juicer all the solids – skin, pulp, seed, fiber are separated into separate container and only the liquid part is squeezed into the juice container. It’s the concentrated goodness of the fruit that you get in a cup.

Not all juicers make same quality of juice. Due to different methods employed the quality of juice varies.

Centrifugal juicers use fast spinning blades to shred the produce and force the tiny pieces against a wire mesh which squeezes the juice out through the tiny holes and passes into the juice container while the pulp is thrown into another bin. There is much noise, heat and froth in this type of juicing. The Breville juice fountain juicer is a centrifugal type of juicer.

Speed of juicing
Prep times are low as large pieces can be fed into the juicer
Easy to assemble and use.

Prep times are more.
Lower quality of juice as nutrients lost to oxidation and heat.
Shelf life shorter.

Masticating juicer:

A masticating juicer on the other hand slowly crushes the small pieces between the slow moving auger and tube like outer shell of the juicer and squeezes out the juice in a slow and deliberate fashion. You can not hurry a masticating type of juicer. It is slow and you have to get used the slow and silent method of working. Quality of juice extracted is higher as there is no agitation of the juice so very little oxidation. Also juice yield is higher compared to a Breville juice fountain juicer as every bit of juice is extracted from the produce. Works well even with hard, leafy greens.


Higher juice yield
Longer shelf life
Multi-functional appliances


Longer prep times

Triturating Juicers

There are other type of juicers like Triturating juicers which are equipped with twin-gears. These gears rotate and crush the produce to extract juice of high quality at a slow speed. All kinds of fresh produce can be juiced in this type of juicer without loss of quality. But they are very large, heavy and expensive. These machines are generally designed for commercial purposes.

Citrus Juicer

Another type of juicer is the citrus juicer designed for extracting juice from oranges and other citrus fruits like grapefruit. There are whole range of citrus juicers at various price points. If you wish to make only citrus juices then you should go for a good brand of citrus juicer instead of the Breville juice fountain juicer.

With the above background material it is easy to see that with limited budget and time available most folks leading extremely busy lives opt for a machine that offers good quality juice in the quickest time possible. A Breville juice fountain juicer offers this and more at an affordable price.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer – Best Juicer Type For You

The Breville Juice Fountain Juicer is a great combination of superb design, functionality and price. This high quality appliance is 5 star rated and a top seller on Amazon where thousands of happy buyers have left their positive reviews.

The Breville JE98XL Fast Juicing Machine is our pick for the Breville juice fountain juicer of 2019. In a nutshell this affordable juicer processes both roots and fruit with ease. It is fast with minimal preparation needed. It doesn’t juice leafy vegetables well. It’s noisy but you can have juice in a few seconds and the juice can be stored in fridge for 48 hours without losing it’s quality.

Breville JE98XL Centrifugal Juicer is the best centrifugal juicer in the market today. Breville makes top notch centrifugal juicers. They offer a range of great models including a stainless steel model and others with different speed options, different discs for different produce and very simple budget models.

Pros of the Breville Juice Fountain Juicer:

It is made of BPA free plastic
Preparation time is low as the feeding chute is wide.
Very fast juicing
It offers 2 speeds in juicing
Protection against overload
Very easy cleaning

Cons of the Breville Juice Fountain Juicer:

It doesn’t juice leafy greens
It comes with just one year warranty
It is single function appliance

Despite there being several high end models and top notch juicers we will still recommend the Breville juice fountain juicer for all beginners and busy folks. The reason is simple the high-end juicers are real pain to assemble, clean and use. Most folks don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours juicing unless it is their passion. For most it is one more chore that needs completing and less time spent prepping and juicing the better.

Centrifugal juicers especially the Breville juice fountain juicer offers you ease of use, simple operation, and juice in less than a minute . It also comes at a very affordable price.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Has A Powerful Motor:

The Breville juice fountain juicer – JE98XL model to be precise comes with powerful 850 W motor. The disc with super sharp blades made of titanium handles the toughest fruits and veggies with ease. It rips and shreds them to tiny bits in seconds and offers fresh juice in literally seconds. The blade rotates at a high speed of 12,000 rotations per minute. Ginger, turmeric, pineapple, apple, carrots, turnips, radish all get juiced in seconds. You can use the lower juicing speed for softer produce like bananas, cucumbers and berries. The lower speed also reduces oxidation.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Has Been Designed With A Large Chute:

Unlike a masticating juicer, the JE98XL Breville juice fountain juicer is a fast juicer true to it’s name. Designed with large chute for folks who are busy the Breville juice fountain juicer model JE98XL’s 3-inch wide feed chute can take large chunks of any fresh produce. Large pieces of carrots, apples, oranges easily go through the tube.

You don’t have to spend time cutting them into small pieces or sit by the juicer patiently feeding the small bits. It can actually take a whole apple too. But it’s better to cut into 3-4 pieces. The JE98XL doesn’t choke or get clogged easily. A slight press using the plunger usually gets the machine going again.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Offers Fast Juicing:

Again the juicing itself is really fast. In a less than a minute you can make full cup of juice effortlessly. You don’t have to use any effort to push the produce down the chute or anything. The JE98XL is fast and efficient. Also, effort required from your side is minimal. The beast of a machine with it’s powerful motor and great design takes care of everything. You won’t even have time to think is it worth all the effort? Because there is no effort and time involved so little.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Can’t Do Leafy Greens Well:

If you would like to juice greens the JE98XL Breville juice fountain juicer is not the machine for it. It doesn’t handle leafy vegetables well. You could try juicing them by wrapping greens around hard stuff like apples or roots like ginger and feed it through the chute. But if you want to juice greens exclusively this machine is not at all suitable. While it’s top notch with hard vegetables, it simply sends the lighter leaves flying into the pulp container unless the greens are wrapped tightly around something harder like a ginger root or a carrot. The high speed is one of the reasons why greens can not be juiced as effectively as carrots and apples.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Is Noisy

Juicing using the Breville juice fountain juicer in early mornings or with sleeping babies in the house is a risky move unless you want to wake everyone up. It quiet loud the same as when using a blender to grind nuts.. Remember it’s backed by a powerful motor that works the blades at high speeds ranging from 6500 rpm to 12000 rpm. You can’t have conversations while it is running. But the juicing is so fast that you will be done in a few minutes and can carry on with your life.

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Offers Good Juice Quality

There are theories that high speed of juicing generates high heat which in turn destroys some useful enzymes and antioxidants in the juice thus degrading the quality of juice. These are unproven through any detailed studies or testing. So we will give the Breville juice fountain juicer benefit of doubt because it passes the taste test with flying colors besides offering other benefits.

Our Conclusion:

The Breville Juice Fountain Juicer JE98XL does a good job of juicing firm or hard vegetables and fruits. It does so very quickly and very efficiently. It’s loud but most centrifugal juicers and blenders are loud. It’s affordable and really convenient for most people and especially for those new to juicing. This juicer won’t stay inside some dusty cupboard or shelf gathering cobwebs. It’s super easy to use and you will love juicing with your affordable, efficient and convenient Breville juice fountain juicer right from day one.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer: An Overview

  1. The Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer is powered by 1000 W motor.
  2. It has two speed settings. At the higher speed the Breville juice fountain elite juicer runs at 13,000 rotations per minute. At the lower speed setting it runs at 6,500 rotations per minute.
  3. Large 3-inch wide circular feed tube in the Breville juice fountain elite juicer that can take in whole apples, oranges, carrots and more with ease.
  4. Lower prep times.
  5. Juice is extracted by the titanium coated cutting disc that slices and dices fruits and vegetables.
  6. The micron mesh filter surrounding this disc uses Italian tech. The filter extracts 30% more juice than other meshes. 40,000 pores in the filtering mesh.
  7. Large 1.1 quart juice jar is provided with the Breville juice fountain elite juicer.
  8. Large pulp bin than take in 3.2 quarts of pulp.
  9. All parts of the Breville juice fountain elite juicer are dishwasher safe.
  10. Locking mechanism for safety.
Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer: Welcome Home A Professional Juicer

The Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer is a professional level juicer for home use. Powered by a strong motor and superb performance it is what professionals use in their establishments.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Superior Juice Extraction

The micro mesh with over 40,000 pores helps you to make smooth, healthy and refreshing drinks every time using your Breville juice fountain elite juicer.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Short Prep Times:

You don’t have to spend hours cutting and chopping the produce to fit into the tiny feed tubes any more. The  feed tube in the Breville juice fountain elite juicer can accommodate whole apples and peeled oranges, carrots and tomatoes.

Just make sure you do the following  to ensure smooth juicing:
  •  remove the peel from citruses and other bitter tasting peel to get delicious tasting juice.
  • the stone from fruits like peaches and nectrarines, plums and apricots should also be removed in order that the pores of the micron mesh and sharp edges of the titanium coated blades in the Breville juice fountain elite juicer don’t get damaged.
Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Two Speed Control

This helps you to extract juice better from different types of produce.

  • Higher setting of 13000 rpm for harder produce
  • Lower setting of 6500 rpm for softer produce
Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Maximum Juice Extraction System

The patented direct central feed system ensures that maximum amount of juice is extracted from the produce by the Breville juice fountain elite juicer. In this system the feed chute is placed right over the shredding disc( Nutri Disc). This is unlike other juicers which introduce the food from the side of the shredding disc. This system of direct central feed system means the food is directly introduced to the shredding portion which maximizes juice extraction.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Ease of Cleaning

The parts in the Breville juice fountain elite juicer are all dishwasher safe. So just pop them in the dishwasher once you are done with juicing.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Notable Features
  •  The cutting blades are made of titanium reinforced  materials. This ensures blades remain sharper for a longer time.   The filter is a mesh basket made of stainless steel which spins out the pulp and pushes the juice through the mesh. The system of blades and filter is known as Nutri Disc.
  • A one juice jug of capacity one liter and a cover with froth separator to remove the froth from the juice.
  • A pulp container of large capacity to collect all the pulp separated out during the juicing process.
  • Smart cord storing design allows the cord to wrapped around the Breville juice fountain juicer feet and clip under the base.
Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Safety Mechanism

Bolts in the locking arms move quarter of an inch in all directs. This helps in snug fit of the Breville juice fountain juicer. The safety mechanism ensures the juicer does not switch on if the cover is not in place.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer’s Operating Safety

To prevent over heating of the powerful motor don’t run the machine continuously for more than a minute. After running for a minute, stop the Breville juice fountain elite juicer machine allowing the motor to rest and start again. Also, don’t push the produce down the food chute with too much pressure. This will damage the blades and filtering mechanism. It will also waste produce as juice extraction is not maximized. A gentle pressure to guide the produce down the food chute is more than enough.

If you notice juice leaking out between the plastic cover of the Breville juice fountain juicer and the filter bowl stop feeding food too fast. Try to slow down the rate at which you are pushing the food down using the food pusher.

The reason for juice leaking out is because juice is getting made too fast by the Breville juice fountain elite juicer. Some foods contain high amounts of water. Juicing them produces high amounts of juice. If you push too much of such produce down the food chute too fast it can cause juice to leak out from in between the Breville juice fountain juicer plastic cover and the stainless steel filter bowl.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer – Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer is a centrifugal juicer. It has more than one speed to help you juice more efficiently. A powerful 700 watt motor powers this Breville juice fountain juicer through 5 different speeds from 6500 rotations per minute to 12500 rotations per minute. The difference in speeds allows users to juice different types of fresh produce more effectively.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer – Multi-Speed

The different speed settings allows users of Breville juice fountain compact juicer to juice just about any type of food. When juicing you are often thinking whether a particular fruit, vegetable or leafy green can be juiced using that particular juicer. There need be no such doubt with a Breville juice fountain compact juicer. It is a robust and vesatile kitchen appliance that can tackle any challenge you throw at it with ease and for a price that is astounding to say the least.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer – Smart Chip

The Breville juice fountain compact juicer or Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain comes embedded with smart chip technology. The power supplied to the juicer’s titanium cutting disc is automatically reset once the juicer’s chip senses the weight of the produce. Sometimes while juicing the Breville juice fountain juicer might overload for a few seconds. This doesn’t stop the Breville juice fountain compact juicer. The chip embedded in Breville juice fountain compact juicer automatically supplies extra power to handle the extra work.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer – Safety Features

Design and safety are key features of the Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer. Despite being reasonably priced product the attention to detail in terms of design and safety are astounding. The safety mechanism prevents accidental spillage of any juice. Second, this mechanism also prevents accidental operation of Breville juice fountain juicer when not all parts are properly locked in place.

All the above factors make Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer a real favorite among hordes of buyers. Thousands of reviews on Amazon and other websites with user reviews speaks volumes about how prized the Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer is because customers are impressed with how well the Breville juice fountain juicer works. Every years thousands of new buyers of Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain join the ranks of happy customers of Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer.


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How do I clean my Breville juice fountain compact?
How do I clean my Breville fountain juicer?
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What is a masticating juicer?

Is the Breville juice fountain elite a masticating juicer?
Which Breville juicer is the best?
What is the best juicer?
How much does a Breville juicer cost?

Hamilton Beach Juicers – 9 Best Hamilton Beach Juicers That Cost Less Than $100

If you are the proud owner of a Hamilton Beach juicer, you can drink fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable juices anytime and for very little initial cost. Whip up delicious carrot, orange, beet, kale, grape, apple or just any fruit or vegetable juice in a jiffy.

Why Buy A Hamilton Beach?

By owning a Hamilton Beach juicer you will find that it is really easy to include variety and colour to your diet. Simply juice a bunch of fresh produce and drink it up before you rush off to your next assignment or project.

Hamilton Beach offers a superb selection of juice recipes for you to choose from if you are challenged for ideas in the mornings. Every day pick one recipe idea from the book, make your juice with the Hamilton Beach juicer and enjoy it.

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy A Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine Today:

  1. Juicers from Hamilton Beach are powerful, reliable, efficient and durable. The motors are powerful enough to extract juice from just about any fruit or vegetable you feed the juicer with.
  2. They are versatile and help you add nutrients and fresh produce to your daily diet with ease.
  3. Take the large feed chutes that Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractors come with. They offer the additional convenience of feeding large chunks of fruits and vegetables so you don’t have to sit down cutting and chopping them into small pieces to feed into your juicer.
  4. Another big plus with Hamilton Beach juicers are that cleaning is so easy. Most parts can be popped into the dishwasher.
  5. Hamilton Beach offers a whole range of models with different designs to help folks enjoy delicious and healthy juices at any time of the day.
  6. All Hamilton Beach juicers are backed by 3-year limited warranty. So you can confidently buy without fearing for what if something goes wrong issue.

Is Hamilton Beach Juicer good?

A very valid question for every one who is thinking of buy a Hamilton Beach. The answer after our testing and comparing with various other makes and models is a resounding YES. It was extremely easy to put together the Hamilton Beach juicer. It juiced very well producing copious amounts of juice from all the fresh produce that it was fed with. But one issue that we found was the layer of froth on top of the juice which most people don’t prefer on their juice. You may want to skim it off before drinking. Also, a lot of the pulp and fibre also finds it’s way into the juice. In a way this is good as fibre and pulp is good for overall digestion and nutrient absorption. On the other hand some people prefer clear and smooth tasting juices. So, if you prefer pulp and fibre in your juicer go for the Hamilton Beach.

Is Hamilton Beach Juicer A masticating juicer?

The Hamilton Beach Slow juicer slowly chews through fruit and vegetables to crush them and squeeze them in order to extract juices that is free of fibre and pulp. You can combine one or more fruits and vegetables to create juice blends that is smooth and tasty. If you are wary of making up your own juices then use the recipe book that is provided along with the juicer to help you get started in juicing. There are some delicious recipes to try out.

How hard is the Hamilton Beach juicer to clean?

Almost every part of the Hamilton Beach juicer is dishwasher safe. So enjoy delicious and fresh juices every day without worrying about cleaning up later. That’s because you can simply pop them in to the dishwasher and cleaning is done.

Hamilton Beach Juicers – Top 8 Models

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine – Model 67608A

Overview of The Hamilton Beach Juicer Model 67608A:

This Big Mouth Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67608A juicer with its large 3” wide feed chute is one of the most popular models that is both easy to clean and extremely fast in making juice. A centrifugal machine make juices at home in seconds using a combination of different fruits and vegetables. The juicer is so easy to put together. You can juice large quantities as the pulp bin can accommodate large amounts of pulp. So you don’t have to stop to empty the container.

It’s compact and weighs just 8 lbs. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth occupies very little counter space. It also transfers very little heat to the juice so there is hardly any loss of nutrition in the fresh juices you make.

3-Year Warranty

This best-selling Hamilton Beach juicer also comes with a 3-year limited Warranty and in the US is backed by customer support.

BPA Free

It uses BPA free plastic which is something that you should care about as BPA contains carcinogens.

Dishwasher Friendly

Like all Hamilton Beach models this juicer parts are also dishwasher friendly. That makes cleaning a breeze as you can use your Hamilton Beach to make any juice you want to and simply pop the parts into the dishwasher after. No scrubbing and cleaning by hand.

Powerful Motor – Faster Juicing

Powered by an 800 W motor this is a powerful machine that swiftly chops and squeezes juice out of any produce you feed it with. The juicer’s powerful motor converts even tough beets into smooth and delicious juice in few seconds.

Large Pulp Bin

The pulp bin is also large so, you can continue to juice for longer periods making larger quantities of juice without stopping to empty the pulp bin.

Large Feed Chute

The large, round 3-inch wide feed chute fits in whole apples, oranges, large chunks of vegetables and fruits. Cutting down on pre juicing preparation time.

Low Prep Time

Your prep time is minimal and so is the juicing time.

Higher Juice Yield

Hamilton Beach juicers also make more juice than a comparable Breville model like the Juice Fountain Cold.

How To Juice With Hamilton Beach Model 67608A?

Juicing with Hamilton Beach is really easy. Insert the strainer and lock the lid with the latches made of metal that are attached to the juicer. Now place the pulp bin in its place and get juicing. Apples, carrots, beets, ginger root, celery and even delicate greens can be juiced. The Hamilton Beach juicer can also be used to make nut-milk like Almond milk, Soy milk and rice milk. That’s a really useful option to have.

Your Questions Answered About Hamilton Beach Model 67608A:

Does the Hamilton Beach Juicer get hot while juicing?

No. It doesn’t get hot while juicing. So there is no heat transferred to the juice.

Does it make lot of froth on top? Does it come with froth separator?

Yes it makes a lot of froth. But some people like the juice with froth and others don’t. If you don’t like it skim the froth away. Also, it depends on what type of produce you are using to juice. Some produce naturally produce more froth when juiced than others.

Is the Hamilton Beach juicer loud?

Yes, it’s very loud. Be prepared for the noise. Don’t juice first thing in the morning.

How fast can you make juice with the Hamilton Beach juicer?

It took just about 5 minutes to set it up and make juice to final clean up with quick rinse and scrub under the tap.

Does the juicer move a lot?

Yes, the Hamilton Beach juicer does vibrate and move. So better hold on to it unless you want it tumbling off the counter.

Can you just drop whole apples and oranges in to the juicer?

Yes, you can. But it would be preferable to peel the oranges and lemons to avoid the bitterness. It is more delicious too without orange and lemon peel juice in it.

Can you throw in ice too into the Hamilton Beach juicer?

No. It can not handle ice. So don’t drop ice into the Hamilton Beach juicer.


A good beginner juicer to buy. Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67608A right for people who want to start out juicing but don’t want to invest too much without knowing if they will stick to the juicing lifestyle or diet. It’s an inexpensive way to start on the juicing journey.

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67601A

Overview Of The Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67601A

This Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67601A is also a large mouth, centrifugal juicer that is easy to clean as most removable parts are dishwasher safe. It is made with plastic that BPA free. So no worries about carcinogens. It is equipped with a powerful 800 W electric motor.

With a Hamilton Beach juicer machine on the kitchen counter, you can now readily enjoy a wide selection of home made juices that can be made in seconds. That is right. Pop in whole apples and large chunks of your choice of fruits and vegetables through the extra wide mouth and make delicious, lip-smacking juices.

Large Feed Tube

Drop whole apples, oranges, kale, large chunks of vegetables and fruits without spending hours chopping and cutting them up. This Hamilton Beach juicer is equipped with a large enough feed tube to take in big pieces and process them in seconds to produce delicious juice. Large 3-inch round feed tube can take in whole apples and oranges.

Ease of Assembly

It is very simple to assemble and can be done in seconds. Just attach the extra large pulp bin and get juicing.

Less Prep Times

The large feed tube means you don’t have spend time preparing the produce to feed into the juicer. It is huge time saver when you are in a rush and wish to enjoy a fresh cup of juice.

Extra Large Pulp Bin

The pulp bin of the Hamilton Beach juicer is extra large. You can continuously juice for extended periods without stopping to empty the pulp bin. That is again a huge time saver when you are juicing for more number of people.

Less Heat

This juicer hardly produces any heat. So you get to enjoy nutrient packed fresh juices in seconds. Home made juices are any day better because you know exactly what ingredients go in to them and you control when it is made and when it is consumed.

Clean Up Is Easy

With your Hamilton Beach juicer cleaning is really easy. All the removable parts are completely dishwasher safe. Just pop it into the dishwasher once juicing is done. Or just scrub and rinse under the tap. Use the free cleaning brush provided when washing with hand. It takes less than 5 minutes from set-up, juicing to clean up.

BPA Free Plastic

Every part in the Hamilton Beach juicer that comes into contact with juice is made of BPA free which is of major concern to users. BPA plastics are not good for your health as they release toxic chemicals over time.

Powerful Motor

The model 67601A Hamilton Beach juicer is equipped with a powerful motor of 800 W. It rips to even the toughest of produce to make juice in seconds.

Higher Juice Yield

Under similar testing conditions the Hamilton Beach juicer produced more juice than a Breville juicer.

3-Year Warranty

The product comes with 3-year limited warranty. So you are safe against any manufacturing defects. There is basically no risk in trying out this juicer for a beginner level juicer. If you are based in the US, you get access to customer support.

Less Prep Time

It comes equipped with a large feed tube. So your preparation time is minimal. Just cut into large chunks or even whole apples and peeled oranges to get juice in very little time.

Recipe Book

Make delicious juice blends using the recipe book that every Hamilton Beach juicer buyers gets when he makes the purchase. It is a useful for most beginners to try out and enjoy a range of tasty drinks.

Juicing is Easy

It is really easy juicing with a Hamilton Beach juicer as the big mouth takes in large chunks of produce, it’s powerful simply crushes and squeezes juices out in seconds. Assembling the juicer takes a few seconds, just insert the stainless-steel micro-mesh cutter cum strainer in. Lock the juicer in place using the latches provided for safety. Fix the extra large pulp bin in the space provided. Feed the fruits and vegetables and collect the juice at the other end. It also has the ability to make nut milks, soy milk and rice milk.


It is a compact machine occupying very little counter space and less than 10 pounds (4.54 kg) it is easily moved around.

Not Included

Juice collecting cup is not included with the juicer. So you need to have suitable container ready before you start juicing.

Some more questions answered about this Hamilton Beach juicer machine:

  • No, it does not get heated.
  • It does move around a bit. So hold on to it while juicing
  • Yes, it produces lot of noise.
  • Yes, it produces foam and does not come equipped with froth separator
  • Yes, you can throw in whole apples and oranges. Though you might prefer to peel the oranges to avoid the bitter elements spoiling the taste.
  • No don’t put in ice in to your juicer as it might damage. The juicer cannot handle ice.


Most beginner juicers will love owning a Hamilton Beach juicer machine. The time taken for juicing is less. The prep time is less. Clean up is easy. Most important of all it is extremely budget friendly. What’s not to like in a Hamilton Beach?

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67650A

Overview Of Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67650A

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67650A is the answer to your prayers for a low-cost juicer that doesn’t break your budget. Have you been spending money on expensive, too sweet juices at juice bars and health food stores? You have a better choice now. Forget those expensive, additives filled juices and move to a Big Mouth Hamilton Beach and start your juicing journey.

Most folks groan in frustration when they hear healthy eating. They think it is boring and involves too much work and is too expensive. It’s time to overcome these misconceptions.
Eating healthy is not at all boring. With a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor you will be drinking delicious juices made in seconds at home with no additives or preservatives.

In just seconds the Hamilton Beach juicer extracts juice from whole apples, peeled oranges, greens, carrots, beets and any fruit or vegetable that you feed it with. In next to no time at all you will be enjoying some delicious blends of juices and wondering why did you ever think that healthy is boring or bland.

The burst of flavours that accompanies every sip of fresh juice made using Hamilton Beach is hard to describe. It pumps you essential vitamins and minerals and gives you an energy boost. It’s the high energy buzz that will keep you going through the day. When you make the juice yourself you know the exact ingredients that go into your juice. So no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Yes, there is a quick and simple solution to adding more fresh produce to your diet and that is the Hamilton Beach juicer.

Hamilton Beach juicer’s performance is quite flawless and it has been rated as the best buy by leading publication. With a 1.1 horsepower motor, the juicer simply rips, shreds through any fruit or vegetable you drop the feed tube and come out with fresh, smooth juice in seconds. It has an extra-wide 3-inch round feed chute that takes into large chunks of produce. The stainless steel cutter simply rips through the produce at high speed. So all this features makes your pre-juicing prep time a very minor part of the juicing exercise unlike in slow masticating juicers.

Why should you buy the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor?

  1. Powerful 1.1 HP motor that handles the toughest produce with ease.
  2. It yields more juice than its leading competitor.
  3. Extra large feed chute – No need to cut all those fruits and vegetables.
  4. Less prep time
  5. High quality stainless steel cutter/strainer helps to juice at high speed.
  6. 20 ounce (0.76 kg) juice jug which can also act as a serving jug.
  7. Extra large pulp bin allows for continuous juicing without stopping in between to empty the bin.
  8. Safety mechanism for safe juicing includes the die-cast metal locking clips which keep everything securely fastened while juicing.
  9. Simple and safe design. Easy to assemble before juicing and pull apart for cleaning.
  10. Cleaning brush is provided.

How Beneficial Are Juices?

The United States Agriculture Department says that the benefits of eating more fresh produce like fruits and vegetables is undeniable. When people consume them more they have better overall health and diet. They have less risk of chronic diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. It also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones, bone loss and eases muscle aches. It brings down your blood pressure and adds more years to your life.

Why Fresh Juices Are Better?

A section of juice drinkers were polled. More than 67% preferred fresh juices compared to store bought ones. They said that the fresh tasted better. It is more difficult hunting for a juice bar or health food store than juicing a glass of fresh juice yourself at home with a Hamilton Beach juicer. With about 300 ml of fresh juice you will meet your daily requirements of Vitamin A and D, Calcium and Potassium.

Why home juicing is better?

If you are drinking store bought juices you will at some point be bored with the sameness of taste, the excess of sugar and aftertaste of preservatives. When you make juices at home you will with or without your knowledge make slight variations when juicing even when it is the same recipe to arrive at fresh tasting juices that are still slightly different. You won’t be bored drinking the same juice day after day. With the recipe booklet that every Hamilton Beach Juicer comes with you will have variety of options to choose from. You could pick the freshest produce depending on the season and have flavoursome drinks that are filled with nature’s goodness. Also, your fresh juice doesn’t have any added sugars, additives or preservatives. Which is an added incentive.

A few juice recipes from the book include Go-Getter, Spicy veggie delight, Fruit utopia. Well the juices taste as exotic as the names of the recipes.

How to use the leftover pulp?

People are worried that they are throwing away much of the good stuff after juicing in the form of pulp. The pulp is mainly fibre and cellulose. This also contains some nutrients needed in your diet. If you don’t like the idea of composting the pulp use in your soups, in making patties, in casseroles and to thicken your gravies.

Additional Things You Could Do With Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro:

In addition to juice you could also make soy milk or almond milk with your juicer. Soak your nuts or beans in water for 24 hours in your refrigerator. Pour it slowly through the feed chute and liquid extracted from the spout is the milk.

Cleaning Hamilton Beach Juicer Is Easy:

Cleaning the Hamilton Beach juicer is easy as all the removable parts are dishwasher safe. If you want to do it by hand then use the brush to remove fibre from the strainer basket and run it under water. The pulp bin can be emptied after turning off the machine and removing from the unit. Simply rinse it off or pop it in to the dishwasher.

Few Tips For Maximum Juicing and Minimal Damage To Juicer:

  • Peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and other large stoned fruits have to be pitted before juicing.
  • Peel oranges, pineapple, melons and mangoes to avoid flavour of juice getting impacted.
  • Don’t cram the feed chute. Gently and slowly guide the fruits through it for maximum juice yield.
  • No need to cut apples, carrots or cucumbers as they fill fit in through the feed chute.
  • However, if you want to you can roughly chop them into a few pieces before feeding into the juicer.
  • If pulp container is full, stop juicing and switch off machine and empty it. An overfilled pulp container will impact juicing and damage the juicer too.

This Hamilton Beach juicer weighs 10 pounds (4.54 kg) and compact using not much of counter space.

According to users this machine is great to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. Even though a masticating juicer might get more juice out of kale and spinach, the cleaning and cost of the juicer make it forbidding. While in a Hamilton Beach you will be done juicing and cleaning in under 5 minutes and also the cost of the juicer is affordable to most households.

Another point is the that continue the habit of juicing you need to make it as easy and simple as possible. Masticating juicers are complex machine requiring lot of preparation and effort to juice. That sort of difficulties will usually lead to lethargy and inertia to juice. Cleaning is also easy with this juicer and so you will not stop juicing as it takes no effort at all.


Most users are happy with the purchase of Hamilton Beach Juicer – 67650A

Hamilton Beach (67650A) Juicer (Renewed)

Hamilton Beach 67650A Juicer (Renewed) is a lower powered variant of the Hamilton Beach Juicer – 67650A. This variant is powered by an 800 Watt motor. This model was discontinued for some time but has now again become available for sale.

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67750

Overview of The Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67750

The Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67750 is variation that offers two speed settings. One for hard produce and another for the soft produce. The slower speed ensure better juice yield from softer produce.

40 Oz Jug

It comes with a large 40 oz juice jar which is made of BPA free plastic. This jug comes with a lid and froth separator. As jucing with a Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 67750 produces a good amount of froth, you can use the froth separator to skim it off. The jug can be used both for collecting juice and also for serving.

Large Feed Tube

Large feed tube will fit in whole foods like apples, oranges and carrots. However peel the oranges and pit the fruits with big stones. Large feed tubes means lesser preparation time for you before juicing.

Strong Motor

Powerful motor of 800 W extracts juice from toughest produce with ease.

Extra Large Pulp Bin

There is an extra large pulp bin that lets you juice for long time without stopping to empty it frequently.

Uses For Pulp

The pulp can be used for making nutritious soups, patties, used as gravy thickners or composted as fertilizer for plants.

Ease of Cleaning

Simple design means easy to set up and dismantle. It is also very easy to clean as almost every part is dishwasher safe. For the stainless steel cutter/strainer use the brush provided to remove fibers.


It is compact juicer and weighs just 10 pounds.

Users were uniformly impressed by this juicer for several reaons.

  1. It is machine that has been after considering all the problems juicers face and the defects generally reported with other juicers including high-end expensive ones
  2. The spout does not drip.
  3. The lid on the juice collector prevents any splashing.
  4. The lid on top also acts as foam skimmer stopping the foam when juice is being poured out.
  5. Powerful motor grinds and squeezes juices faster than you can feed into the machine.
  6. The pulp thrown in to the pulp is dry.
  7. Even spinach and other greens yield fair amount of juice.
  8. Very simple and easy to clean. End to end juicing is done in less than 5-6 minutes max.
  9. At such low prices it is crazy value for money.
  10. Juicing is never a chore with Hamilton Beach juicer.
  11. It occupies very little counter space.

Hamilton Beach 67801 HealthSmart Juice Extractor

Overview Of The Hamilton Beach 67801 HealthSmart Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach 67801 Health Smart Juice Extractorweighs just 6 pounds (2.72 kg). This light-weight Hamilton Beach juicer is just right for those new to juicing and also not wanting to spend much to test out the idea. A juicer that is worth less than $20 is quite a bargain. It has almost all the features of the other Hamilton Beach juicers except for the lower power of the motor. At 400 HP this is not very powerful but still effective in extracting juice.

This is a beginner level juicer. It’s fast and low maintenance. With recipes and juice ideas thrown in you can’t go wrong with the HealthSmart Hamilton Beach juice extractor.

People think that following a healthy diet is an expensive proposition. Adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet is neither expensive nor time-consuming. If you are want to incorporate more than orange juice to your daily diet then Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juicer is a good upgrade. It has a reasonable powered motor and stainless steel cutter/strainer to juice fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, beets, celery and pineapple.

It’s easy to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk for cheap and make a rich blend of juices that are tasty and fresh without any added sugars or preservatives using HealthSmart Hamilton Beach juicer. There is no more need for those expensive store bought juices that are too sweet and full of preservatives.

A Hamilton Beach ensures you have a healthy lifestyle as you can effortlessly add a load of fresh produce to your everyday diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables greatly reduces you chance of developing life-threatening conditions. Several lifestyle diseases can be kept at bay. With just 300 ml of juice you will get a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and more.

Add the pulp back into your daily food stuffs and that gives you a healthy dose of fibre and other nutrients. This Hamilton Beach juicer can help you start a new healthier style of living for just a few dollars.

Advantages of Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juicer:

  1. Make fresh juice from vegetables and fruits at home.
  2. Mix and blend your juice varieties or use the recipe book.
  3. Easy to assemble and easy to use.
  4. It is simple to juice using this juice powered by 400 W motor.
  5. Handling and moving it around is also easy as it is just about 6 pounds (2.72 kg) in weight.
  6. The stainless steel cutter/strainer makes juice really fast.
    Collect your juice in a jug or glass as well-designed spout doesn’t drip.
  7. Parts are safe to pop into the dishwasher and are so easy to clean.
    Make a variety of juices using recipe booklet or make up your own.
  8. Reuse the pulp in your daily cooking for added nutrients or simply compost and use in the garden.
  9. Make nut milks, soy milk or rice milk using this juicer.
  10. Rinse the various plastic parts under water and scrub the strainer/cutter with a brush and wash under water.

Some tips to care for your juicer

  1. Don’t put whole nectarines and other fruit with large stones. Pit them and then pop into the juicer.
  2. Soft fruits won’t yield clear juices. It will like purée rather than juice.
  3. Peel fruits like oranges and melons to avoid bad tasting juice.
  4. Empty the pulp bin when full to prevent juicer from backing up and malfunctioning.

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine – 67850

Overview Of Overview of Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

The Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine 67850  is a centrifugal machine with a powerful 850 W motor that shreds and juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is a 2 speed machine which lets you choose a speed setting depending on the produce being juiced. Use large sized jug to collect your juice. It has a specially designed brush to clean the strainer and is completely dishwasher safe.

Powerful Motor

A 850 W motor helps to process a variety of tough, soft, hard fruits and vegetables. Anything that goes in comes out as juicy or soft mushy purée.

Two-Speed Setting

Use higher speed for hard stuff and lower speed for soft produce like mango and melons. Carrots and beets, apples and oranges juice well at higher settings.

Ease of Assembly

Very simple to put together and start juicing.

Large Collection Jar

A 40 oz (1.51 kg) juice jar helps you in collecting the juice that comes out the juicer. Froth separator skims the froth prevents it flowing into the glasses. Lid prevents juice from splashing. The jug is made of BPA free plastic.

Non-drip Spout

The spout doesn’t drip juice. Just shut it when not juicing so you don’t have dripping juice on the counter. And pull it down when juicing to collect the juice. You can also detach it for easy cleaning.


3-year limited warranty ensures you can the Hamilton Beach juicer replaced in case of any issues with its functioning. If you based in the US there is dedicated customer support help available.

Innovative Cleaning Tool

This Hamilton Beach model comes with a patent pending cleaning tool that cuts the time needed to clean the strainer by half. That means you can get your job done even faster.

Large Feed Tube

The juicer like all other Hamilton Beach models that we reviewed in this article has a large 3-inch feed tube that can take in whole apples and whole peeled oranges. Your prep time is minimal. So you can get your juicing done really fast.

Recipe Booklet

The Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor (67850) makes delicious and invigorating juices that are rich in nutrients. Try out the recipes laid out in the recipe booklet. Whether you feel in the mood for real nutrient boost with loads of veggies or energy boost with fruits or a combo there are recipes based on season availability of fruits too.

No Heat Transfer

Making home made juices has never been easier than turning on a Hamilton Beach juicer and churning out a splendid blend of exotic juices. The Big Mouth Hamilton Beach juicers do not transfer any heat to the juice and so it is nearly as healthy and full of nutrients as the whole fruit or vegetable.

Safety Lock

The juicer is provided with a safety locking arm. Make sure it is in place before juicing.

Dishwasher Safe

All removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe. The cutter/strainer can be cleaned using a special cleaning tool that cuts cleaning time by half.

Higher Yield

With two speed settings you can juice different types of produce at different speeds extracting more juice. For instance the higher setting for harder stuff and lower setting for soft stuff yields better amounts of juice.


It’s compact, occupies litter counter pace and weight less than 10 pounds (4.54 kg).

Does this juicer emit smoke while juicing? Does the smell of smoke get transferred to juice?
No, it does not. No.  The second question does not arise.

Is it flimsy? Does it leak?
No. It does not leak. In fact the well-designed spout prevents juice dripping on to the counter.

Does it come with a recipe booklet?
Yes. A recipe book with several juice recipes are included with every purchase of a Hamilton Beach juicer.

Does it have BPA plastic?
No. All the parts that come in contact food are made from BPA free plastic.


Users who bought Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine – 67850 are extremely impressed with the several great features which seem to anticipate their problems and solve them. Like the spout, extra large feed tube, extra large pulp bin, cleaning tool, dishwasher safe parts and so on. They are uniformly impressed and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor


Overview Of Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor is a powerful juicer with 1.1 HP motor. Using this powerful juicer make variety of juices out of fruits and vegetables. The large feed chute takes in whole fruits and vegetables. Pre-juicing preparations are minimal with this juicer. Every part is dishwasher safe except the base unit containing the motor. The stainless steel strainer/cutter rips through fruits and vegetables creating delectable juices. The company thoughtfully provides a cleaning tool to remove fibres from the strainer and juice collecting cup.

  1. The machine is very simple to put together.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Very convenient to use.
  4. Weighs just 10.2 pounds (4.63 kg) and is a compact machine.
  5. It does not leak or emit smoke. In case of any problems the 3-year limited warranty takes cares of most issues.
  6. If you live in the USA you get customer support.
  7. It handles even kale and other leafy greens well. Just roll it and feed it through the feed tube.
  8. Simple one speed operation to juice from toughest to soft produce.


Users are impressed with how well the Hamilton Beach 67650H juicer performs considering the price of the product. Many buyers are thrilled that their machines are performing as well or even better than the more expensive brands of juicers and are happy about their purchase.

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine 67951

Overview Of Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine 67951

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine 67951 is the only masticating juicer from the Hamilton Beach brand. It is slightly more than $100 but we decided to include it in our reviews as the only Hamilton Beach slow juicer.

It is not the best slow juicer around but for the price is hard to beat. If you plan to use it for limited purpose of juicing greens and those which don’t juice well in regular centrifugal juicers. It works fine. But it doesn’t really weather rough or heavy usage.

Great as an entry-level slow juicer. You don’t have to invest too much to know whether you are into the juicing lifestyle or not. Other slow juicers are very expensive unlike this one.


The Hamilton Beach Slow Juicer is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to set up. For beginner level slow juicing enthusiasts this is great buy.

Champion Juicer Reviews – Is America’s Favorite Juicer Really Any Good?

Our Champion juicer reviews take a detailed look at America’s favorite juicer brand.

For more than a decade folks have sworn by Champion, this all-American brand. It is an appliance that is built to last unlike modern day products that barely last a couple of years at the most.

The juicer’s durability is due to the heavy duty materials used in its manufacture. This is the very reason for its popularity and longevity. The single gear cold press juicer chops the produce and squeezes it to extract juice.

This Champion juicer review was last updated in October 2019

Quick Answers!

  • Can a Champion juicer juice wheatgrass? YES, it can juice wheatgrass effortlessly.
  • Is the Champion juicer a masticating juicer? YES, actually the Champion juicer is the only true masticating juicer!
  • Where are Champion juicers made? In Galt, California.
  • How much does a Champion juicer weigh? 23 pounds.
  • Are Champion juicer parts dishwasher safe? NO, Champion juicer parts are not rated to be dishwasher safe.

Champion Juicer Reviews – A Detailed Look

How The Juicer Works?

Unlike other juicer the Champion juicer cuts and squeezes the fruits and vegetables in a two stage process. Due to the sturdy design and strong components this juicer is able to do this with hardly any effort. The juice is squeezed through a mesh and the pulp ejected automatically. The nylon gear cutter slowly and methodically chops and squeezes out juice without loss of vitamins or enzymes as there is no heat generated. Thus you get to enjoy the juice just as mother nature intended it be full of nutrition and health.

What Makes Up The Juicer? What Are Its Component Parts?


Champion juicer reviews found that it is not just designed to juice but also to homogenize the end product. So you can use it to make a number of other things like fruit sauce, nut butter, baby food, sorbet and even icecream. Use the blank plate attachement instead of the juicer mesh attachment for this. It is a simple attachment that can be easily switched to change from juicer to homogenizer.


The Champion juicer comes at a very affordable price and has not gone up much in the last decade. A testimony to its committment to quality without unduly fleecing the customer. According to Champion juicer reviews this is a huge plus.


Juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Both hard and soft produce were fed to the juicer by our team at Champion juicer reviews.  The juice from this masticating juicer is rich and dark with a full body. The flavors are strong and just like the fruit or vegetable from which it is extracted. The pulp ejected is dry and light in color as all the goodness is extracted into the juice.

Leafy Green Juicer Attachment:

This attachment is sold separately and if you plan on juicing a lot of leafy greens and wheatgrass it is recommended that you buy it.  Without this attachment juicing greens does not give good results says our team at Champion juicer reviews.

Grain Mill Attachment:

Another delightful attachment is the grain mill one which grinds coffee, grains like wheat, corn and other dry, hard cereals to make flour at home. Many users find this attachment very useful to quickly make cornmeal or coffee.  Champion juicer reviews tested it for a variety of cereals and found the results extremely satisfying.

Multi-tasking Appliance:

The Champion juicer does many things apart from juicing as mentioned above. You can freeze bananas and make banana paste which tastes just like delicious ice-cream. Topped with nuts and berries it becomes a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed anytime. If you need fruit sauces or dips for parties your Champion juicer can do it to. Use it to come up with many different things and eat healthy too. The various attachments make this possible.

Ease Of Use:

It has been designed keeping in the mind the needs of average user. So no fancy components. It is simple to operate and easy to clean. The floating cutter easily slides off the gear shaft and clean up is so simple that everything was cleaned up and put away in 5 minutes by our team.

Feeding Chute:

1.75 inch feeding chute. Smaller sized fruits easily fit in. Even though it cannot accomodate larger sized whole fruits it can take large chunks to your prep time is cut down to minimal amount.


The stainless steel blades effortlessly slice and chop through the toughest of produce to deliver delicious juice. According to Champion Juicer reviews this is because of the high-grade steel used which ensures the blades never tarnish, twist or dull with use. The hardest of vegetables are effortlessly masticated into delicious juices with all the fiber and enzymes retained as hardly any heat is generated in the juicing process. Drink healthy, nutritious, vitamin and enzyme-rich juice.


There are 4 color options to choose from so it fits in with your home decor. Almond, Silver, White and Black. Some users have reported that over time the White gets stained with the vegetables/fruit colors that it juices. We found this to be true. White easily stains. So if it’s not a big deal-breaker choose from the other 3 colors.

Replacement parts:

The Champion juicer rarely needs it but if you have to replace certain parts then these are readily available which is again a huge plus according to Champion juicer reviews team.


It comes with 10-year warranty on parts, one year warranty on blade, 3-year warranty on motor.

Made in USA:

This juicer is made in the United States and if you feel strongly about supporting local industry and want to contribute to national economy then Champion Juicer is an All-American brand that you can trust in.

So, what are the cons  according to Champion juicer reviews?

Greens and wheatgrass juicing need special attachment:

Champion juicer is not great when it comes to juicing greens and wheat grass without the special attachment. It juices them but the yield is too little and final product not great to consume. But with the special attachment for leafy greens the results are much better.

Chute size:

Also the chute being slightly small you need spend time prepping the produce to feed through the juicing tube. Large fruits don’t go through it whole. So they need to be cut up.

Noise Levels:

The noise levels are considerably higher in a Champion juicer because of its heavy duty design. Most owners are okay with the noise because it does a good job of crushing and squeezing the produce to get the juice. The Champions juicers review team did not find this to be a major irritant.


The Champion juicer is slightly on the heavier side. But on the plus side it does not slip and slide while you feed the produce.

Counter space:

It is a sturdy machine but it takes up large amount of space on the counter.


The motor is 1/3 horsepower. A little on the lower side compared to other similar models.

So why should you choose a Champion juicer?

To sum up this Champion juicer reviews it is sturdy and long-lasting juicer that has multiple functionalities. It is a no-frills juicer that is good investment in healthy living with out breaking the bank.

Veteran juicers love its solid dependability and trouble-free working. The juice from Champion has this fresh from farm taste which is unbeatable.

They have maintained a reputation for quality over so many years. Of course there are better juicer options with more power these days for the same price without need for special attachments to juice greens and wheat grass. Yet, if you want to go for the old-world dependability then Champion G5-PG710 is a great option.

Champion Juicer Reviews:  Champion G5-PG710 : A Comprehensive Analysis

A commerical-grade masticating juicer the Champion Juicer G5-PG710 boasts of steady patronage because of its reputation as a solid performer. It has been highly rated over the years due to its horsepower and long-life. It’s built to last with durable materials according to the folks at Champion juicer reviews.

Like all Champion juicers this model also uses a two stage process in juicing. In the first step it dices the vegetables/fruits and then squeezes them to get the juice out. It is slow juicer and there is no heat build up unlike the centrifugal machines. We all know that heat sensitive vitamins and enzymes get destroyed at high heat and reduces shelf-life of the juice. But through the slow juicing process this is avoided. So if you want to retain the most of goodness in your juice then go for a masticating juicer like the Champion G5-PG710.

The juicer needs continous feeding with chunks of fruits and vegetables till you finish juicing. Though it can take most medium sized fruits and vegetables, the chute is not wide enough to take the biggers fruits. So cut into large chunks to feed through the chute. A little amount of prep time is part of the deal.

According to Champion juicer reviews it gives a decent yield when juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The Champion juicer works great on apples, cucumber, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits and beets. It also homogenizes the juice when you use the blank screen instead of the filter. So you can makes icecreams, nut butters, sorbets, sauces and for pureeing food.

The attachments for juicing leafy greens, homogenizer and mill grinding is sold separately. If you plan on juicing leafy greens and wheat grass and also if you plan to make fresh coffee powder or flour, wish to makes sauces, butters and sorbets on regular basis then get the attachments. This adds multi-functionality to your appliance and you need only one instead of buying three different appliances for the different tasks.

One drawback of the Champion juicer is the yield from leafy greens like kale, spinach and wheatgrass isn’t much without the leafy greens juicing attachment. So if you wish to get a decent amount of juice from these then the attachment is a must. Even with the attachment Champion juicer reviews team noted that the juice yield is considerably less than other masticating juicers as the horsepower of the juicer is less than other comparable masticating juicers.

It rotation speed is high at 1725 rpm which is the reason it doesn’t do well with leafy greens or wheatgrass which needs a slower rpm. This is also why you get pulpy juice when it comes to juicing greens. Other slow juicers rotate at much slower speed and need no extra attachment to juice greens.

Though it has high rpm the Champion juicer reviews team found that very little of the heat generated by the motor is transferred to the juice. This is due to the floating cutter which not only separates the pulp from the juice but also keeps the juice away from the hot motor thus keeping the nutrition of the juice intact.

Despite its issues with juicing greens it’s still a very dependable and well-made juicer that lasts years and helps you to do a number of different things with ease.

What can you juice using the Champion G5-PG-710?

It’s a highly versatile machine that can take most fruits and vegetables in its stride from hard vegetables, soaked nuts to soft fruits. Everything is juiced easily and with minimum fuss. We juiced broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, beets, pineapples, carrots, aspargus, apples, oranges, pomegranate, ginger and cucumbers. (Note: Remember ginger has a strong flavor and to use very little in your juices)

The yield was highest for produce with high water content. We used the blank attachment to puree mangoes, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, papaya and melons. Without attachment the leafy greens didn’t fair well but with the attachment there was decent amount of green juice. We juiced lettuce, spinach, kale and wheat grass. Our advice is to mix these with harder produce like pineapples and apples to get better results.

We made nut milk using soaked nuts. Raw, soaked overnight almonds produced plenty of fresh and delicious almond milk. Send the pulp through the juicer couple of times to extract any residual milk.


Powerful commercial-grade juicer
Stainless steel blades and nylon parts ensure longevity
Optional attachments allow juicer to be used for milling, homogenizing and for juicing leafy greens.
Pulp is automatically ejected which helps in continuous operation


Due to high rpm not good for juicing leafy greens, needs special attachment which is sold separately.
All extra attachments are priced on the higher side.
Noisy compared to other masticating juicers but this may be due to heavy-duty construction and materials used.
It is not dishwasher safe.
Quite heavy at 26 pounds and needs a fair amount of counter space.


Motor : 1/3 horsepower, 650-watt
RPM: 1725
Weight: 26 pounds
Dimensions: 17″x10″x7″
Warranty: 10 year on motor and parts
Materials: Stainless Steel, Food Grade Nylon

For Home use  Champion Juicer Reviews Recommends Champion Household 2000 Juicer Plus G5-NG-853S

If you don’t plan to juice commercially the Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S is more than enough for home use. The only difference between this one and the G5-PG-710 Commercial Juicer is the horsepower of the motor. In the household model it is 540-Watt. All the other aspects like speed, materials used, attachments remain the same.

Champion Household 4000 Masticating Juicer

Another powerful non-commercial model is the Champion Household Juicer 4000 Masticating Juicer (Red). This one is same in every respect with the Household 2000 model except that it has two augers. One does the grinding and the other processes the leafy greens. So no extra attachments are needed.  Champion juicer reviews recommends that you go for this model if you don’t want the hassle of too many attachments. The feed chute is also larger at 2.25” but overall occupies less amount of counter space. It’s ligher too but slightly more expensive. The motor tends to heat after prolonged juicing. To avoid this juice with short breaks in between.

What to expect when you buy the Champion G5-PG710?

What’s in the box? You can expect the following: The base unit which houses the motor, cutter, screen holder, screen insert for juicing, blank insert for homegenizing, 1.72″ dia feed chute, tamper to gently push the ingredients, sieve to separate pulp from juice, filter bowl and instructions manual.


Best Wheatgrass Juicer – Top 7 Wheatgrass Juicer Picks Of 2019

Looking for the best wheatgrass juicer? In this guide we present the top 7 picks and reviews of some of the best wheat grass juicers in the market that juice efficiently and with effortless ease.

Wheatgrass juicing has become a trend with thousands of people drinking this healthy juice to gain control over their health issues. So, if would you like to join these folks in order to become healthier and more mindful of your eating habits? You have come to the right place. As you would have found by now there are so many models of wheatgrass juicers being advertised with all their features and functions that to get a reasonable idea of what is right wheatgrass juicer for you is more than a little difficult.

If you want to know what is the best wheatgrass juicer for your needs, you require a little more clarity. Information that will clarify your doubts and give you the most relevant facts about each wheatgrass juicer so you can decide with more authority and reject the models that may not be suitable at all.

Over 2 months we reviewed several models of wheatgrass juicers and have arrived at just 7 best wheatgrass juicer models that we think are simply the best. We have made it easier for you by telling you which of them is simply the best of the best. This information we hope will help you make the right decision in picking the best wheatgrass juicer for your individual needs.

Our helpful hints, tips, factors and considerations and the reasons behind each wheatgrass juicer pick is laid out for you. So you know on what basis and criteria each of these wheat grass juicers were put on this list. No matter what your concern may be, we have done extensive research to zero in on what exactly consumers like you really want and matched the models to your needs.

For instance people living in homes at close quarters with neighbours or those with families who don’t wish to be woken up early in the morning will not want a noisy wheatgrass juicer model. While for others it is not noise but the quality of the juice that is more important. Still, others are concerned about how much juice each pound of wheatgrass will produce as they don’t want end up spending too much in the long term as wheatgrass is expensive, still others are concerned about quality of juice. So, each wheatgrass juicer we have picked satisfies the users concerns.

Wheatgrass: The Wonder Food
  • Why is wheatgrass so popular as health food?
  • Why do you specifically look for a wheatgrass juicer?
  • What is it about wheatgrass that you are willing to find a juicer that will help juice this grass?

The reason is simple enough. Wheatgrass is a wonder food. It is considered the ultimate health food as it is rich in vitamins and other essential elements your body needs. It has 98 elements of the 100+ found in the soil which is amazing. Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse. In case you need to take supplements because of various ailments drinking wheatgrass juice might help meet a major portion of those requirements. And the only way to consume it is by juicing in a wheatgrass juicer. Yes, only in juice form is it consumable. Another major issue is that you simply can’t juice it in any juicer/blender. It needs a wheatgrass juicer to actually extract the juice. It’s that tough.

As we said earlier extracting juice from this tough plant is not easy with ordinary blenders or juicers. Here we review the best wheatgrass juicer so you can extract maximum juice with minimum fuss. With these juicers as your mate in the kitchen you can kickstart your day with a cup of fresh wheatgrass juice every day.

There is an incredible array of wheat grass juicers to choose from and it gets confusing as you start your research. The problem of course is how to decide which of the best wheatgrass juicer models to buy. Our team of experts decided to put every product to test to find the best wheatgrass juicer for you.


Before we tell you our top wheatgrass juicer picks we would like to lay out the reasons and factors that we took into consideration while testing and how we arrived at each of these juicers as the best.

Your Guide On How To Pick The Best Wheatgrass Juicer:

Juicing wheatgrass is not easy. It needs a masticating wheat grass juicer. A regular juicer that slices and dices through produce will simply not work for this particular grass. As it is both tough and light, it will simply fly through the centrifugal juicer and straight land in the pulp container. A wheatgrass juicer on the other hand will squeeze the tough grass between its augers and get every bit of juice out of it. There isn’t much of juice in wheatgrass any way. So getting every bit of juice is essential if you are using it as a health supplement to get the needed nutrients.

A masticating wheatgrass juicer rotates at a low speed producing very little heat. Heat can destroy the enzymes and reduce the nutrients in the juice significantly. The slow speed of juicing is ideal in keeping the nutrients in the juice intact. But the downside of masticating wheatgrass juicers is their cost. They are much more costly when you compare them to ordinary centrifugal juicers.

So now you know why it’s important to understand which wheatgrass juicer to buy. You will be spending way more than for an ordinary juicer and you don’t want to do it on an unsuitable product which you will later regret. Nothing is more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a product that you will be using every day and which is simply ill-suited for your needs.

This guide will help you avoid making mistakes that you will regret for long. It will guide you by asking and answering important questions that you need to ask before investing your hard-earned money on a wheat grass juicer that you will use every day.

So, here’s the first question to ask

Which wheatgrass juicer is better for me – a manual one or an electric one?

Manual Wheatgrass Juicer: Pros

A manual wheatgrass juicer is first and foremost way cheaper than an electric wheat grass juicer one. As they don’t need electricity you can probably carry it with you even when you go outdoors for a hike, picnic or hiking provided the manual juicer isn’t too bulky. They are easy to operate and need only your arms to crank the lever and juice wheatgrass. Manual wheatgrass juicers are simple to clean and very easy to maintain. As a manual machine runs on your hand power turning the lever, it runs extremely slowly and won’t likely produce any heat. So your juice will not lose any nutrients to heat, oxidation or any sort of foam or froth.

Manual Wheatgrass Juicer: Cons

It’s a very slow process extracting juice using manual wheatgrass juicers. Also, since it relies on your hand power it will not be able to extract the entire juice in one pass. You will have to feed the same wheatgrass multiple times to get the maximum juice from the grass. This whole process can be messy, tiresome and unlikely to extract the entire juice from the grass.

So juice yield will be quite low when compared to electric wheatgrass juicers. Also, the manual wheat grass juicer is generally only built for one purpose and that is to juice wheatgrass. It is unlikely to be suitable to do any other job unlike electric wheatgrass juicers that extrude pasta, make sauces, nut butter and  milk from nuts.

Next question – If I decide on an electric wheatgrass juicer which is better horizontal or vertical masticating wheat grass juicer?

A vertical masticating wheatgrass juicer gives more juice than horizontal masticating wheatgrass juicers when running at same speed. It is also faster in juicing than horizontal wheatgrass juicers. In a horizontal juicer you have to push the ingredients through the feed tube which is unnecessary in a vertical juicer as gravity does the job. The design of a vertical machine also helps in this self-feeding process. A vertical wheatgrass juicer occupies less space on the counter compared to a horizontal one.

With so many plus points you would think that buying a vertical masticating wheat grass juicer is straightforward decision to make. But, it’s not that easy. The reason is that vertical wheatgrass juicers are just that juicers. They do not do anything else unlike horizontal masticating juicers which can do many other things apart from juicing like making baby food, extruding pasta, make nut butter and nut-milk and so on. This lack of versatility is what makes this decision tough. When you are investing that amount of money to buy a wheatgrass juicer you might also want to use it for other purposes.

Not being able to do these other tasks might seem like a serious drawback for some users while others might not mind it at all. So if you are in the latter category, by all means go ahead and get yourself a vertical masticating wheat grass juicer. Because it does the job of juicing really well and you will enjoy making a variety of juices using your vertical masticating wheatgrass juicer.

If you think it is a terrible waste of money to buy an appliance that does only one thing when it could easily do others then it is better to go for something like a horizontal wheatgrass juicer.

Are centrifugal juicers good for wheatgrass?

While masticating juicers are slow, centrifugal juicers are extremely fast. The augers in the masticating wheatgrass juicer rotate slowly to crush the wheatgrass between the augers to squeeze the juice out. Centrifugal juicers on the other hand rotate at high speeds. The blades spinning at such high rpm slice and chop through the ingredients.

The high speed of rotation separates the pulp from juice due to centrifugal force. Though it is fast it produces lot of heat too and the high speed of agitation means more exposure to air too. There is more oxidation and that means a reduction in the quality of juice. The nutritional value is greatly reduced and so does the shelf life of the juice.

Centrifugal juicers are suitable for hard fruits and vegetables. They work fast and produce a glass of juice in less than a minute unlike masticating juicers that take long time to do this. But the same centrifugal juicers fail miserably when juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass.

The high speed makes the leaves fly away from the spinning blades and this prevents any juicing from happening at all thus wasting valuable wheatgrass with hardly any juice being made. If you are thinking of a wheatgrass juicer then centrifugal are not at all suitable and you are advised to skip them.

A Quickie Guide To Wheatgrass Juicer

  • Decide on whether you want on a manual wheatgrass juicer or an electric wheat grass juicer
  • Next, you can decide whether you want a vertical or masticating wheatgrass juicer.
  • Go to the reviews section and choose one from our top picks of wheatgrass juicers.

Once you have decided on the type, do check out the following in your wheatgrass juicer:

  • The augers – horizontal or vertical, single or more
  • Speed of rotation
  • Feed chute size – doesn’t matter when you juice only wheatgrass but if you are going to use it for juicing other fruits and vegetables, your choice of a juicer does matter
  • Motor power
  • Warranty period

Important Points To Remember Before You Buy A Wheatgrass Juicer:

If you are mainly going to juice wheatgrass find out if your city/town/ have a steady supply source for wheatgrass. Do talk to the suppliers before you invest in a wheatgrass juicer.  You don’t want to end up with an expensive wheat grass juicer with nothing to juice, do you?

Are you allergic to wheatgrass? Find out if wheatgrass agrees with you. There are few instances of people finding out that they are allergic to it. So before buy the wheatgrass juicer find out if you are allergic to it.

Avoid drinking too much of this juice. You will not get much from juicing wheatgrass. Still, we recommend that you restrict your intake to one or maximum two ounces per day. Overconsumption of wheatgrass juice is not recommended. It might make you sick. Even the good things and healthy stuff are not good for the body in large quantities.

A Few More Points To Note

Before you go shopping for a wheatgrass juicer be sure to brush up the buyers guide above on wheatgrass juicers and the reviews. There are fake products that claim to be masticating juicers that aren’t actually. Armed with the information provided here you should be able to spot a fake soon enough.

Wheatgrass juicers are evolving continuously as juicer manufacturers keep innovating and adding new and improved features. The wheatgrass juicers are getting better and better. So you don’t have to worry whether the modern wheatgrass juicer is good enough. Most are fantastic. But the choices are many and their suitability to your individual requirements is what needs to be looked at.

So basically now you are fully informed about the pros and cons on types of wheatgrass juicers. The guide helps you take into consideration all the factors that need to be kept in mind from speed to noise levels when choosing a wheatgrass juicer.

Let’s answer the following few questions to help clarify your requirements, before we go any further in this discussion.

  • Do you plan to juice daily and how much?
  • Is cost of the juicer a major factor
  • Are you looking for electric or manual juicer?
  • How much time can you afford to spend on juicing?

The answers to the above will determine the best wheatgrass juicer you buy. There are some incredible juicers in every category that are affordable and do a variety of tasks in the kitchen. So even if some of them seem slightly expensive they are well worth the price as you will be using them to not just juice wheatgrass but also a variety of stringy, tough vegetables and fruits, make nut-butter, pasta and baby food and much more.

We have intentionally left out some of more ultra-expensive and sophisticated best vegetable juicers because most people find it too complicated to use.

Do you really need the best wheatgrass juicer?

Your kitchen is probably equipped with a dozen gadgets like blenders, chopper, mixer, citrus juicer and more. So do you really need one more? The answer lies in how badly you want to juice wheatgrass? That is because the usual kitchen gadgets do a bad job when it comes to juicing wheatgrass. They maybe the best tomato juicer but when it comes to wheatgrass not so good. Wheatgrass is tough, stringy and dry. It has very little juice in it. Trying to extract it with ordinary blenders or mixers or even juicers will end in frustration.

Masticating juicers, manual juicers and a few centrifugal machines are the only equipment that can efficiently juice this expensive grass to get maximum juice. Owning the best wheatgrass juicer cuts down your juicing time and you can up the nutrition profile of your family with ease by blending wheatgrass juice with other ingredients. Plus these wheatgrass juicers are quite versatile and do many other things. So, owning the best wheatgrass juicer is not a bad idea at all as you can whip up nut-butter with as much ease as a glass of kale juice.

Some background on how we test and find the best wheatgrass juicer for you:

Our team of experts spends hours testing the various types and models of juicers in an effort to find the best wheatgrass juicer. They also test for a many other factors so that you spend least time and effort in juicing.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are inexpensive, compact and easy to clean, but they do very little apart from juicing wheatgrass. Electric wheatgrass juicers are faster and more adept at handling different types of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. So it can act as the best tomato juicer too. You don’t need a dozen different best vegetable juicers when you can choose one excellent one – the best wheatgrass juicer from our selection.

What do we test the best wheatgrass juicer for?

  • Not just wheatgrass but other tough vegetables like Swiss chard, kale, celery.
  • Efficiency in terms of juice extraction
  • Time taken to extract juice
  • Clean up time, operational ease, storage after use.

Only after rigorous testing do we recommend our top 7 picks in the best wheatgrass juicers for you to try out.

Over 84 hours of testing 48 models. That’s how long we tested these models.  We arrived at the best wheatgrass juicer that simply chewed the competition out. Yes these picks were the best of lot for a number of reasons all of which will make life easier for you.

What criteria determine the selection of our list of the best wheatgrass juicer picks?

  • Since this review is about the best wheatgrass juicer we mainly focussed on wheatgrass and other similar tough greens like chard and kale.
  • We eliminated overly complex and very high-end juicers that end up as mere decorative pieces in the kitchen.
  • Positive reviews from actual users on Amazon, Walmart and other reliable retailers are taken into account.
  • Feedback from our extensive network of friends and family on the juicers they use also helped us zero in on the best wheatgrass juicer.
  • Many juicing hobbyists, experts and chefs willingly provided us with more information in interviews and this too made finding the best wheat grass juicer simpler.

Finding the best wheatgrass juicer is a mission for our team of testers, and they are not some random picks from a bunch of models. They present these top 7 best wheatgrass juicer models with pride and sense of fulfilment of a job well-done.

Let’s present the top 7 picks and give you brief low down about some key differentiators when choosing the best wheatgrass juicer

  1. Feeding Chute – A juicer with wide enough chute to accommodate the different stuff so prep time is minimized.
  2. Metal Auger – Metal auger lasts longer as there is less wear on it.
  3. Speed – Slower speeds will help squeeze out the juice with higher efficiency.
  4. Separate Pulp Exit– A exit to eject the pulp allows juicing without frequent stops.
  5. Juice Spout – Should be long enough to allow collection of juice without dripping all over the machine.
  6. Extra attachments for making pasta, churning butter, making nut-butter and more.
  7. Less heating and foaming – Minimal heat generation during juicing to preserve nutrients in juice and no foaming to minimize oxidation of extracted juice.
  8. Compact size for easy storage.

And the winner of the best wheatgrass juicer contest is…

Our top wheatgrass juicer pick of 2019:

Omega NC900HDC Nutrition Center Electric Juicer


Omega Nutrition Center Electric Juicer is the latest offering from Omega. If you have been juicing for a while you have most likely heard about the leader in masticating juicers the Omega J800 series. They have been best-sellers in the slow juicer category and offer the best value for money.

The new 6th generation juicer the Omega NC900HDC is a new and improved version of J800 series juicers. In looks, design and performance it’s offers lot more. It’s got a sturdy chrome body, longer and slimmer look than the older model. It has a larger footprint but compensates for it by its higher efficiency in juicing and performance. Omega NC900HDC has 5 different speed settings and works on dual stage mastication. The first stage cuts and chews the greens and in the second stages crushes it to extract juice. As pulp is ejected through a different opening you can continue juicing for longer.

It is one of the best electric juicers for wheatgrass yielding highest amount of juice and does a variety of other tasks in the kitchen. It can become your workhorse in the kitchen due to its versatility. The slow speeds of extraction prevents heating and nutrition preservation.

The Omega NC900HDC is one of the best juicers of 2019.  Reasons for why this is such a great wheatgrass juicer are many. In this review you will learn all the reasons why this juicer is such a fabulous buy.

1. The Omega NC900HDC operates a low speed of 80 rpm. At this speed you have very little oxidation as there is no heat build up or agitation of the juice. This helps in the retention of all the enzymes and nutrients in the juice. That means your juice is as good as the whole wheatgrass.

2. The adjustable end cap of the Omega NC900HDC has 5 settings to let you adjust the squeezing force on the ingredients. Wheatgrass is tough. To get the juice out of this grass you need tremendous amount of force. With the 5 different settings available you can select the highest pressure rating of 5 to exert the maximum pressure and get most juice using this wheatgrass juicer. For other types of food produce you can use the other available settings to maximize juice yield or reduce the pressure to avoid rind or skin getting juiced.

3. This Omega NC900HDC wheatgrass juicer is a horizontal masticating juicer and is very versatile. Use it to peanut butter or almond butter or just about any nut butter. Make almond milk or coconut milk or soy milk. Make baby food or pasta. Also, in addition to wheatgrass you can use it to juice a wide variety of fresh produce and enjoy freshly, highly nutritious juices. The toughest of greens to hard vegetables, soft fruits and vegetables and more can be juiced using the Omega NC900HDC juicer.

4. Omega NC900HDC is so well-made that the manufacturer offers 15 years warranty against material defects, workmanship defects or even wear and tear defects.

In a nutshell the pros of the Omega NC900HDC wheatgrass juicer are

Quiet and low-speed operation
Large feed chute
Adjustable end caps for pressure settings
Highly versatile
15-year warranty

The one disadvantage of the Omega NC900HDC wheatgrass juicer is its high price. It’s expensive and may be the only reason why some folks might opt for other juicers

Our Second Top Wheatgrass Juicer Pick Of 2019 – Omega J8006

If you can not afford the top of the range wheatgrass juicer because its cost is just too high for your budget then go for the Omega J8006. It’s a more basic model when compared to NC900HDC. You will agree that this wheat grass juicer is value for money.

It has most of the plus points of NC900HDC without being expensive. Both the models are powered by a 150 Watt motor. Both are horizontal auger masticating juicers. They run at the same speed of 80 rotation per minute and come with 15 year warranties. J8006 wheatgrass juicer is also as versatile as the NC900HDC juicer. It can make nut butters, pastas, baby food, nut-milk, ground coffee and more.

The feed chute in the Omega J8006 is much narrower and so the prep times are longer. So you need to make smaller chunks of your fruits and vegetables. It also does not have the adjustable end caps which allow Omega NC900HDC to extract maximum juice from different produce. Here the yield will be low.  Still the yield from Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer is much higher compared to other masticating wheat grass juicers.

If you are looking for an electric wheatgrass juicer but at a lower price point the Omega J8006 is great value for money. You can’t really go wrong as the 15-year warranty means even if there are minor problems you can always get it rectified. Except for the absence of a few features the Omega J8006 offers many features similar to the Omega NC900HDC wheatgrass juicer which makes it a very attractive buy especially considering the price.

In a nutshell the pros of the Omega J8006 wheatgrass juicer are

It is an economical wheatgrass juicer model
Offers low speed and quiet operation
Offers 15-year warranty
Versatile as you can make nut milks, butters and pastas


Expensive compared to a manual wheatgrass juicer

Our Top Pick In Vertical Masticating Wheatgrass Juicer Category – Breville Masticating Wheatgrass Juicer – BJS700

The Breville BJS700 is a vertical masticating wheatgrass juicer model. In this type the auger is vertically positioned. This vertical configuration produces more juice than a horizontal masticating juicer. The ingredients or produce doesn’t have to pushed through the feed chute. It will naturally be pulled in due to the design and gravity. The counter space it occupies is very little compared to a horizontal masticating wheatgrass juicer. They also work faster than horizontal machines.

There are many advantages in a vertical wheatgrass juicer like Breville BJS700 but one major drawback is that it can not do any other job apart from juicing. So no making nut butters and nut milks. No pasta or baby food can be made using this wheatgrass juicer. Considering that it does only job the price tag is steep. Another point is that is does not use BPA free plastic.

In a nutshell some advantages of the Breville vertical wheatgrass juicer – BJS700

It makes juices faster compared to a horizontal masticating juicer
The juice yield is higher
No pushing or effort needed in feeding ingredients
Occupies smaller space on counter
10 year warranty


Single purpose juicer. No other functions available
Uses BPA plastic

Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

The Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer is one the most sturdy and durable juicers we tested. It is made entirely of high-grade stainless steel provides great crushing action due to its strong metal augers and perfect maximum rotation speed of 86 rpm. This juicer is expensive but its durability and versatility makes up for the cost. It will probably the only machine you will ever buy in your lifetime. It juices not just wheatgrass but a variety of fresh produce like carrots, apples, spinach, kale, Swiss chard and even nuts.

This wheatgrass juicer is designed to extract juice at slow rate of speed with minimal oxidation and foaming. The nutrients are not destroyed which means you get a better quality of juice overall. It uses twin-gear to slowly draw the produce through the gears and slowly cut and crushing the leaves to get a nutrition packed cup of juice. The pulp is automatically ejected allowing to juice for longer time without stopping. The best part is how easy it is to clean.

Don’t overfeed the chute or jam your veggies down it. For best performance feed in small quantities. Otherwise, you are likely to jam the gears.

Our Top Pick In Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Category – Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane

Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer a very inexpensive, simple, easy to operate, easy to clean straightforward wheatgrass juicer. Made of stainless steel this juicer is exclusively meant to juice wheatgrass. A lightweight and portable model it can travel with you anywhere. Just remember to remove the screen installed inside the juicer and start cranking away.

To get maximum amount of juice just put the pulp back in the chute and give it another turn. This way you will get a drier pulp. It is dishwasher safe too. It being a manual juicer all the effort of juicing has to be put in by you. So your arms, hands, wrists all get a workout. If you have health issues that restrict the use of your hands then go for an electric juicer.

If you want something very low-cost when it comes to juicing wheatgrass you should probably opt for a manual model like the Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Wheatgrass Juicer. It runs on pure muscle power – yours. It is very tough and robust machine designed to juice about anything. As everything is juiced manually the speed of juicing is very low and hence the chances of heat build up and oxidation is low too. You can enjoy the most nutritious juice when juicing with this wheatgrass juicer.

Operating the machine, cleaning and maintenance are all simple and easy. Just find a sturdy and stable surface to screw the juicer. Feed the wheatgrass through the chute on and start cranking the lever. Collect your juice that comes out of the spout. Being a manually operated juicer the yield will be very low. And you will have to run the pulp through the machine several times to get every bit of juice out of the produce unlike in an electric wheatgrass juicer which squeezes out the juice in one pass.

Making large amounts of juice using a manual wheatgrass juicer is literally out of question due to the amount of time it takes. It also means you will be putting tremendous amount of effort cranking that lever.

In A Nutshell The Pros Of A Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Very cheap
Low speed of operation
Does not run on electricity so you can take it anywhere with you.
No loss of nutrition to heat.


It needs manual power
It is time-consuming and very laborious process
Pulp needs to be passed through the juicer multiple times to get all the juice.

Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

Another great product for juicing wheatgrass is the Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor. It comes with a 12-year warranty. While juicing it continuously ejects the pulp which allows you to juice for longer periods without stopping to clean out. Apart from juicing wheatgrass it can also work as a food mill.

Simple design and heavy-duty performance. You can use it to juice just about anything. It requires very minimal prep time. The total masticating technology mashes and juices everything with ease. It produces fine and smooth juice with gritty bits in it. But one thing that really annoyed our testers was the after juicing clean-up of the fine mesh which took ages to clean. The handle built into the body makes it really easy to carry or move the machine around.

Green Power Twin Gear Wheatgrass Juicer

Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer

Another of the top 7 wheatgrass juicers is the Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer. It does a superb job when juicing wheatgrass and other greens and veggies. For fruits there is a special attachment. Cleaning it much easier compared to the previous models of the same company. The pulp comes out dry and there is no need to rerun it. It is very easy to clean up and assemble.

The gears and other parts don’t stain at all which used to problem with the older models. Overall the newer models occupies much less counter space. Best is the quality of juice is fantastic and as there is very little foaming it only adds to the quality of juice.

Update: This article was updated in 2019 to include extra material from new research to help buyers make better choices


Juicer Machine Reviews – Best Juicers Of The Year

Are you looking for juicer machine reviews so you can buy one? We have reviewed 5 of the best juicers after testing several models. We have selected these models based on the differing needs of folks serious about juicing.

Take a look at the best 5 juicer machine reviews so you can buy the perfect juicer depending on what suits you and your family’s needs.

So you are interested in buying the best juicer in the market today and looking up every juicer machine review you can find. No surprises there.

Our top juicer machine reviews will help you pick the one that is just right for you.

To make exotic fresh juices, juice blends, vegetable juices or plain old orange juice a juicer will make life that much more easy. No filtering, no squeezing, no manual work and no mess. There are hundreds of juicers out there at every price point all claiming to make juicing easy.  But do they really?  Let’s find out.

Choosing a juicer is not that easy. You need to first know your requirements of why you want a juicer and then go through several  juicer machine reviews to find the one that is the best machine which also suits your needs.

Let’s See What Is Important To You:

  • Do you want model that looks cute on your counter? Yes, some folks do go by looks.
  • Do you need a masticating cold press juicer? You want to mostly juice  greens and wheat grass.
  • Is price a deciding factor in your buying decision? You are on tight budget and don’t intend spending your entire retirement nest egg on this.
  • Should the machine be durable? Of course, you want it to last a lifetime.

We make the task of finding the right juicer for you easy by picking only the very best juicers from the dozens of models available.

Whether you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle by including a variety of juices in your diet or just want to enjoy a refreshing cup after a strenuous workout every day or go on occasional juice detox diet, a juicer will make the process of juicing convenient and fast. Imagine having to extract a cup of leafy greens juice using a traditional blender. It is a nightmare not taking into account the amount of time and produce that is wasted and the mess to clean up after.

A juicer whether a centrifugal, masticating or manual juicer will make the task so much faster and with very little wastage. Even amongst juicers only a few do the job really well and to know the best ones is where you will find juicer machine reviews helpful.

  • Do you want to use the juicer for juicing greens?
  • Is it oranges that you are mainly going to juice?
  • Are you keen on sleek and compact model?
  • Is your budget a major factor?

Based on yours answers to above questions you will be able to narrow down on the juicer choices from our selection of top 5 juicer machine reviews. From our juicer machine reviews you will find that some juicers are great for greens, while others are good when juicing hard produce like apples and carrots and that most juicers find juicing pulpy fruits a challenge. Without a means to test and use the several dozen models in the market it is impossible to find the right juicer for your needs.

Depending on your needs your choice of juicer will vary. This juicer machine review article will find the best juicers for your needs.

Choosing The Best Juicers

Juicers are an important part of the kitchen. Our top picks make juicing a breeze and sticking to a healthy diet fun too. You will need several gallons of different types of juice if you want to make juice an important part of your family’s diet plan. Fruits, vegetables, greens, wheatgrass, herbs can all be juiced provided you have access to right type of juicer. So what are you going to juice and how much?

Juicer machine review lists the top juicers for instance one of our picks is excellent for wheatgrass and tough greens like chard and kale, another juicer is just right for oranges, grapefruit and other citruses, the third top juicer produces juice in a jiffy useful for mothers in a hurry. Each juicer has been picked with your needs in mind. So, what and how will you use your juicer for will largely determine your choice of juicer to buy.

Let’s start by asking the right question

Do You Really Need A Juicer?

You might wonder “why is this question even coming up now?” The answer is pretty straightforward. Unless you are pretty sure and clear about why you want a juicer you won’t be able to buy the right model that fits in with your needs. Juicer machine review will point out to you all the best models and the top picks. But it is ultimately you who will decide what is just right for you.

While your kitchen might boast of range of gadgets including microwave, fridge, gas range, oven, blender, toaster, waffle maker, food processor and more it is also a fact that none of them can really step up and produce a glass of juice when you need it. And if you need juice every day forget all the hassle of making it using a food processor or blender. The mess and work involved in juicing without a proper juicer is just too much.

If you want to juice wheatgrass simply forget it. The grass is just too tough and too dry to try to get juice out of using a blender or food processor. A cold press juicer on the other hand can take a bunch of the wheatgrass or kale and produce a tiny glass of juice in minutes.

The ease of juicing, the time saved, the ease of cleaning up are just a few of the advantages of using juicers. Some of these juicers are portable too. So whether you are on a holiday or at home whip out some delicious juices to enjoy. With juicer machine review picks you have a choice of some top juicers to pick from.

Why Juicer Is An Important Gadget To Own?

With a kitchen chock-full of gadgets do you really need another one. And the question seems out of place on a juicer machine reviews site. While most food processors and blenders can do a variety of tasks to make life easier in the kitchen they cannot make juices. Have you tried juicing with a blender or food processor. All that blending, separating the pulp using filter and trying to squeeze as much juice as possible with a variety of kitchen utensils usually yields a woeful amount of juice and tons of wasted juice. The yields using juicers are noticeably higher. The pulp is dry too. So you don’t feel bad when throwing out loads of leftover pulp after you are done juicing. The cleaning up after juicing is easier with a juicer too as there are few items to clean.

In juicer machine reviews you will find portable, compact, easy to handle, easy to clean models that give maximum juice yield per pound of produce. Of course there are not perfect juicers that self-clean and juice everything with equal efficiency. The models listed here come close to give you the great juicing experience with minimal hassle.

Some might argue that they don’t need juicers but it is a fact that once you are hooked to it you just can’t believe you went so long without owning one.

Here’s How We Test Juicers:

At juicer machine review we take our job of finding the top rated and best juicers seriously. We find the best models for you to check out and pick from. How do we do this. We picked 85 different models and went through their specs and brochures painstakingly recording the details. We checked this models online, in store and at warehouses.

We checked the construction and the ease of assembly, the ease of dismantling, the storage space required and stuck off those models that didn’t meet our strict quality, space and ease of putting together requirements.

Now after this we were ready with several models to test under actual conditions. We borrowed models from friends and relatives and used them ourselves or when owners would not lend it to us we sat and watched their juicing process, we also attended juicing demos and visited juice bars and restaurants where these models were in use. We collected valuable data and analysed the results.

Our detailed research for juicer machine review helped us come up with the top models. These models were simply the best as they completely out performed other juicers in their category. They out juiced their competition.

How Do We Test The Juicers So They Get On Our Top 5 Juicer Machine Reviews List

Juicers are no longer just jars with a spinning filter in the middle. Over the years they have morphed into complex pieces that aim to get the last drop of juice from every morsel of produce. While we do appreciate powerful motors we don’t want noise like aircraft taking off.

Our testing therefore matches the changing times. Every model is tested on a number of criteria including juice yield, ease of setup, ease of cleaning, noise level, counter space requirements, size of feeding chute and more.

For the top 5 models featured on juicer machine reviews we conduct detailed and thorough testing and put them through the paces that any juicer would face in real life. So we test for:

  • A variety of hard, soft, pulpy, fruits, stringy vegetables, tough greens and more.
  • Juice combos by combining a some greens, some fruits and vegetables.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Ease of set up.
  • Only after all this do we choose the best of juicers for our juicer machine reviews.

It took approximately 58 hours to test over these models to come with the best 5 list for this article. These juicer machine reviews feature only those machines which literally out juiced every other competiting juicer in town.

Criteria To Get On Best Juicers List

Only juicer models suited for home use were selected. We purposefully left out large commercial and non-electrical hand operated models.

Very expensive models and those with multi-functionalities were not chosen. Our focus is on juicing and only those models that devote their energies to juicing made the cut. No food-processors or blenders with juicer attachments on this juicer machine review list.

Careful analysis of reviews on major retail sites helped us to whittle down the list of juicers.

Chefs, juicer bar owners, home juicers and more were extensively interviewed for this list. We wanted to find the best juicers for juicer machine review top juicers list.

As you can see from the above criteria our juicers are not some random picks from brochures or magazines. Each juicer was selected after careful testing and checking. No juicer that did not meet our stringent standards made it to the list.

Before we get down to the list of the best juicers we would like to reveal some strange factors that influence the top picks and why they are absolutely crucial even though we may not actively think about them when buying the juicers.

Criteria To Get On Juicer Machine Reviews List

  1. This review is of juicers for home use. So we excluded any models aimed at the commericial market.
  2. We included only those models that fit the budget of a family without breaking the bank. Some models that cost thousands of dollars don’t make it to our juicer machine reviews list for obvious reasons.
  3. We went through dozens of reviews of actual users posted on retail sites like Amazon, Chowhound and others too eliminate models with problems.
  4. Interviews with owners of different models of juicers helped clarify further on the final list.
  5. Our tests contacted professional chefs, juice bar employees and more to get their feedback on the models which helped us make our list of top 5 juicers absolutely the best.

As you would have noted our picks are not some random picks from different company websites. We chose each model with care. The juicer machine reviews listed here are of the best models available in the market today.

Factors To Get On Our Top Juicer Machine Reviews List

1. Wide Feeding Chutes – This reduces ingredients preparation time and you also spend less time feeding the produce to the juicer

2. External Pulp Ejection Bin – A bin to collect pulp is a plus point. If it is external to machine you will not have to stop frequently to empty the bin.

3. Durable Clasps – A sturdy juicer with tight-fit but smooth clasps prevents juice leakage. So juicer machine review ensures the top picks are equipped with this.

4. Noise Level – Some juicers sound like an aircraft taking off and that is not a sound your family wants to wake up to every day. So juicer machine review looks for juicers that make juice without waking up the neighbourhood.

5. Non-slip Base – This may not seem that important but imagine a juicer that moves too much during juicing spilling juice and generally making a mess. You can be assured that at juicer machine review we pick non-slip base juicers only.

So keeping the above factors in mind let us check out the juicer machine review top 5

Juicer Machine Reviews – Our Picks For The Top 5 Juicers

Juicers are important appliances in every modern kitchen. Juices are used to supplement diets, in recipes, for health and more. Your choice of juicer will depend on what you want to juice and why. If you are using juicer for daily morning cup of juice then you might prefer a centrifugal juicer that does the job quickly and with little prep work. If on the other hand you want to replace large parts of your diet with healthy juices you may be juicing a large amount of produce and you will need a heavy duty masticating juicer that extract the last drop of juice from your wheatgrass to chard. So what do you want to juice?

Our selection of top 5 juicer machine reviews includes masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers and even citrus juicers. So if all you need is simple juicer for your daily dose of fresh orange juice go with the best in citrus juicers. You don’t need the world’s most expensive juicer to juice your produce. You need a reliable, efficient, simple and effective machine that is also reasonably priced. There are models that fit this criteria and we have picked the best 5.

So let’s start by asking the right question…

Before proceeding further to our juice machine reviews of handpicked models we would like to reveal the reasons and facts that guided us to select them

  • Feeding Chute – A bigger feeding chute helps you to feed bigger chunks and so reduces the prep time. Most juicers gather dust because the amount of prep time usually puts off users.
  • Locking Mechanism – An effective locking mechanism that seals the lid with the base unit prevents juice leakage. So our models are picked with care to make sure mechanism is fool proof.
  • Noise – While we love powerful motors because they provide juice in a jiffy we don’t appreciate too loud noise. So our juicer feature both powerful motors and quiter functioning through proper design.
  • Looks – A juicer is going to occupy prime real estate on your kitchen so it might as well look good. Who wants a ugly looking contraption on their kitchen counter.

So keeping all these factors in mind let’s take a look at some of best juicers in the market today.

And the Winners are…

Best In Citrus Juicers – BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer

The BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer is one of the best buys for under $20. The juicer is an Amazon Best Seller for obvious reasons. It handles oranges, lemons, grapefruit and other citrus fruits with ease. The reamers supplied in two different sizes can deal with both large and small citruses. The built in pulp control design ensures you control the juice quality. For instance if your daughter likes pulpy juice but your son hates it. You can adjust the pulp control to get the juice according to your tastes. No one size fits all. The auto-reverse ensures you get more juice from the same fruit. This machine beats every other citrus juicer in the market with the ease of use, clean up and juice yield. Priced at just $14, this citrus juicer is a steal. Buy today and enjoy your favorite juice every morning.

Best In Centrifugal Juicers – Breville JE98XL

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is one of the best products because it produces very little frothing so not much loss of nutrients due to oxidation. The pulp generated is also very little. So no wastage of costly produce. Added bonus the grate was really easy to clean. It’s got the tallest jug among all juicers. So you can juice longer without stopping. If you are want a juicer which packs a punch this is the product to go for.

This centrifugal juicer offers fast and quick juicing. Seriously how many people have the time to wash, peel, core, pit, cut and feed small chunks of produce to a juicer. Mornings are usually too busy to be able to afford such luxuries.

So a Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain. is an ideal solution for such people.

It can handle the toughest of greens like wheatgrass and chard to apples, carrots and more with ease. It comes with a large enough feed chute so you can feed whole apples but if you have the time roughly chop the fruits to feed into the juicer for maximum juicing effiiency. After juicing simply run it under the water and if any fruit fibres are still stuck on filters use a brush. It’s simply the best juicer for busy folks.

Best In Masticating Juicers – Omega J8006

If you want to retain every bit of the nutrition in the juice then the best option is to go for a masticating juicer. The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer extracts juice from fruits and vegetables without any significant loss in nutrition as there is neither heating nor foaming during juice extraction.

This is also an Amazon best-seller, this juicer combines ease of juicing without loss of nutrition. It works quietly to produce maximum juice with minimal fuss. The large feed chute, the powerful motor, the superior design all ensure trouble-free service for years. The company offers 15-year warranty. Experienced juicers will love working with the Omega J8006.

Best In Masticating Juicers – Omega NC900 Juice Extractor

The Omega NC900HDC Electric Juicer is an Amazon best-seller and is the latest offering in a range of masticating juicers from  Omega. This juicer offers superior performance. At $350 dollars it is one of more cheaper masticating juicers.  It’s large feed chute, separate pulp ejection, ease of cleaning and excellent quality of juice makes this a winner. It has climbed the charts to occupy  top of juicer machine reviews top picks. A powerful motor that operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm helps to extract every bit of juice from range of produce.  It is an excellent value for money buy.

 Super Angel – Stainless Steel Juicer

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is a premium product that is designed to last a life time. It is made of surgical steel and hence easy to clean and maintain. Even the interior parts are made of steel. Both in looks and functionality this is top-end juicer as it can deal with oranges or wheatgrass with equal ease. The slow press method ensures juice remains and tastes fresh for long. But the price is pretty high at $1500+. It’s got a long warranty and this juicer maybe the only one you will ever own as it is built for durability.

Why did we include this juicer in this list of budget-friendly juicer machine reviews?

This juicer is exceptional on many counts and it will probably be the only juicer you will ever buy in your life-time due its design and durability. So over a life time the $1500 tag seemed reasonable.

Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer NJ-9500U

A surprise entrant to our top 3 picks the Kuvings NJ-9500U Centrifugal Juicer is a potent product that extracts maximum juice from different types of produce. We tested it with soft, hard and really tough stuff and it came out winner with very little pulp. One problem was the lack of jug but it compensates for the lack of it with its extra long spout which prevents dripping and wastage. It also lacks a froth filter so you have to use your kitchen strainer to remove unwanted pulp and froth. Other than these minor drawbacks this machine is great juicer to own as it is powerful and budget friendly.

Bonus Review:

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor got the best looks among the machines we tested. It is powerful and equipped with its own jug. It gives the maximum yield in terms of juice and there is very little foaming. So a powerful machine with very little juice degradation due to oxidation. The extra wide chute is another major advantage. The machine makes very little noise while juicing. Almost nil prep time as you simply drop whole apples, oranges and pears without having to remove seeds. No wonder it makes it to our bonus list.

What is a juicer machine?
Which model of Omega juicer is the best?
Where can you buy a juicer?
What is a masticating juicer?

Updated: Combined with the Juicer Machine Review article for a better user experience. This articles is more comprehensive and informative than before.

Vegetable Juicers – The 7 Best Juicers For People Who Prefer to Drink Their Veggies

It’s so easy to juice when you have the best vegetable juicers right on your kitchen counter.

You can whip up your favorite vegetable juice with vegetables juicers on hand whenever you want and in what ever combination you want. You can make them to your exact requirements with the right taste and garnishes. Once you taste your home made fresh juices it is unlikely that you will have ever want to drink store bought juices again and juicing at home saves money in the long run.

From slow juicers to centrifugal juicers. We have compiled a list of top vegetable juicers for every budget and need.

But buying a juicer is not only quiet an investment but it is also pretty confusing given range and types available. There are dozens of vegetables juicers of various types in the market both popular brands and the special kinds.

So before deciding which model to buy you need to have all the information you can get. You have to be sure that it is worth all the time, money and effort you are going to use up trying to research it, buy it and finally using the gadget. You need to be sure that your choice from scores of vegetable juicers available is the right one for you.  If you buy the right juicer you will use it and it will not sit in the cupboard gathering cobwebs.

Whatever your doubt or question regarding different types of vegetable juicers, the pros and cons of jucing or any other juicing related query. We have the answers right here.

Vegetable juicers are a great way to make juices that add more  nutrients from a variety of greens and vegetables to your diet. But picking up these juices from health food stores or juice bars will rapidly eat into your monthly budget. It can be expensive as health foods are usually higher priced.

You can easily make fresh vegetable juices by creating your own recipes or from recipes available in cookbooks or from juice recipes online. It’s cost-effective solution as you can easily pick vegetables in bulk at cheaper rates from farmer’s markets or at your wholesale grocers. But choosing from the huge number of vegetable juicers being sold is a task that can be mind-numbing.

You dont need to worry though as a team of experts have put together the best vegetable juicers for you to pick from depending on your requirements. Before we go ahead and check out the juicers let’s get some nagging questions out of the way.

Is Juicing Really Beneficial?

Do vegetable and fruit juices really benefit us or their just a fad?

If you think about drinking freshly made juices is nothing new. People having juicing and drinking fruit and vegetable juices for thousands of years. Maybe they did not have fancy vegetable juicers like we have today. But they did have their hands and legs to squeeze or press juice out of all the fresh produce around them.

So, why this sudden concern about whether they are good for us?

The arrival of vegetable juicers which use the power of electricity means you can juice large quantities of fruits, vegetables and leaves to make several liters of juice in a few hours. It is also possible to consume this in large quantities. Excess consumption of fresh produce in juice form is not recommended.

Is juicing healthy?

Of course it is good for us. Juicing offers a way to incorporate a variety of vitamins and minerals from different fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Using a fruit or vegetable juicer you can convert a huge volume of fresh produce into juice form. It may be not be possible for you to eat that much fresh produce in one sitting especially in raw form. But using a vegetable juicer if it is made into a glass or two of juice, then you can easily drink it all up in a few minutes. So essentially you get all the vitamins, minerals and useful enzymes without spending too much time chomping on it.

Why Juices Are Great For The Sick:

You can get nutrients in high concentration and easily digestible form. That is one reason that people recovering from illnesses and those with other digestive problems are recommended juices. As there is very little fibre digestion is faster and so is absorbtion of juice into the blood stream. Vegetable juicers are designed to get every bit of juice out of your veggies and hence the wastage is minimal.

Juice For The Morning Energy Boost:

Drinking a small glass of juice before your morning workout will give you necessary energy without actually making you feel heavy or uncomfortable while exercising. It is also easy to make fresh juice every morning using your vegetable juicer. A few minutes is all it takes.

Juices For Those On Restrictive Diets

Juicing for vegetarians is great way to incorporate more amount and variety of fruits and veggies into daily diet. The thing with vegetarian diet is that to get all the required nutrients you have to eat larger quantities and from a variety of produce like fruits, nuts, roots and seeds. Otherwise you will end up lacking in some of them. But eating that much will take several hours. Vegetable juicers offer a way out. Nutrient dense and delicious juices can keep you feeling full for longer.

Even the meat lovers can benefit by using a vegatable juicer. The problem with meat lovers is that they hate the idea of veggies. They just can’t to stomp and chew their way through myriad veggies when they can tasty meat dishes. How to entice meat lovers to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Use a vegetable juicer to juice all the veggies and they can easily gulp it down in seconds and get all the benefits of fresh produce in their diet. Getting a meat lover to drink up the leafy green and veggie juices without having to eat them is so much easier.

Why Too Much Juice Is Not Good?

But on the other hand you can not over do the juice diet. There are many benefits to eating a whole fruit or vegetable rather than drinking it in juice form. The fibre from the fresh fruits and vegetables keep you feeling satiated for long. The fibres also slow down digestion and release the nutrients slowly so body has a better chance to absorb it fully and over a longer period of time. Fiber also binds the toxins in the body and expels them through the excretory system. Vegetable juices remove all the useful fibrous parts leaving behind only the fresh liquid. While that liquid is healthy and delicious, whole fruits and vegetables also have a role in regulating your digestion and health. So don’t completely eliminate them from your diet.

How To Make Juicing A Better Health Option?

You can do this by adding some of the pulp from vegetable juicer back into your gravies, soups, patties, and other dishes. This helps to at least incorporate some amount of fibre back into your diet.

The problem is that most people prefer fruit juices to vegetable juices so naturally they gravitate towards that. The result too much they end drinking more of sweet juice which releases too much sugar into the blood stream which isn’t good for the body. So restrict the amount of fruit juice and include more vegetable juices. When making juices with your vegetable juicers ensure that you add just one or two fruits and more vegetables in the juices you make at home.

Fruit juices are high in calories and carbohydrates and you may end up putting on weight if you consume more of fruit juices. The sugars also get into the blood stream faster due to lack of fiber spiking blood sugar levels up which isn’t at all good for you.

Leafy greens and other vegetables meanwhile are lot healthier as their sugar content is pretty low. But not everyone likes to drink juices smelling of green stuff like spinach or broccoli. They also require special vegetable juicers like masticating juicers to make smooth juices. Now since not everyone likes the taste of green stuff it’s best to introduce it gradually and slowly increase the proportion. The most acceptable proportion is to have 80% veggies and 20% fruits. It is also good idea to add flavors like lemon juice or tomato for a slightly sour taste, a hint of ginger, some mint or parsley to make your juice interesting and tasty. You could try a dash of pepper or salt to enhance certain flavors in your vegetable juice

You can always avoid making these mistakes by following the two rules. Minimize the sweet stuff in your juice by drinking more vegetable than fruity juices. Second rule is to not makes juices your main diet. They should supplement your regular diet. As you see investing in vegetable juicers is a better idea as vegetables should be make up the main part of your juices.

Take A Look At 7 Of The Best Vegetable Juicers:

1. Best Pick In All Purpose Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus

Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus fits in whole apples and big chunks of vegetables. Not everyone has the time or enjoys the cutting and chopping of a ton of vegetables to make juice especially when rushing off for work. So vegetable juicers that cuts down on prep work is always an advantage.  Special rivets help guide the ingredients through the feed tube into the juicer.

These vegetable juicers juice carrot, kale and apple the fastest. The juice is clear and smooth with hardly any pulp. There are speed settings for different types of produce. For example use the slow setting for soft fruit, high for harder vegetables. The juicer comes with a extra large 70 ounce jug and a heavy duty lid. So you can juice for longer time without stopping and store away the extra juice in the fridge.

2. Best Pick In Value For Money Vegetable Juicers : Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Juicer

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine is great appliance to buy if you are on a limited budget.  You will appreciate the no-frills Big
Mouth Hamilton Beach vegetable juicers. They are simple to put-together, very easy to use, quick in making smooth and clear juice with hardly any pulp. All parts of these super economical juicers are dishwasher safe.

An innovative cleaning tool is provided with these vegetable juicers especially if you prefer to wash them by hand. The thoughtfully designed cleaning tool removes pulp bottom, inside and outside of the cutting blade in one move. It keeps your fingers safe too. It is rather loud and wake up sleeping family members and even neighbors. So be a little wary of using it in the early hours. In terms of price, speed of juicing and juice yield this juicer is right at the top for affordable vegetable juicers category.

3. Best Pick In Ease Of Cleaning Vegetable Juicers – H101 Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is our pick for the ease of cleaning. Vegetable juicers are usually provided with metal mesh strainers that need to be cleaned with special brushes usually provided by the juicer manufacturer. This part is usually the most tedious of whole juicing process. Hurom Easy Clean juicer is a game changer as it comes with heavy duty plastic strainers. These have large vertical grooves that are a breeze to clean. The tiled juicing container strains out more juice. There is very little mess inside too because of innovative new interiors of these vegetable juicers.

Yet another change is the double sided cleaning brush that is able to clean out every nook and cranny of the juicer. Same goes for the pulp spout with it’s opening that allows for easier cleaning. Overall this machine has been designed to make cleaning so simple that you will love using it without thinking twice.

But even better is the juice that comes out tasting fresh and crisp. You can even control the amount of pulp in your juice so you get a little fiber too to balance it out. This juicer gets our vote for ease of cleaning and great tasting juice. For those who want a change there is the smoothie strainer and ice cream strainer as accessories.

4. Best In Looks And Functionality Vegetable Juicers – Hurom Hu Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer  is our pick of vegetable juicers in looks and functionality. If  want a vegetable that juices as well as it looks like then the Hurom Hu Slow juicer wins hands down. It’s beautiful design with smooth curved edges. The soft color options include pink, mint and white. The juicer definitely adds a touch of style to your kitchen. It’s back facing pulp spout is another feature that’s attractive to look at. It’s easy to put together, easy to clean and simple to use. It’s juice yield is also great. The brush provided makes cleaning easy particularly when you are in a rush to get to work in the mornings.

5. Best In Making Juice Fastest Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is the best in making juice in a jiffy. Want to make juice in a hurry? Look no further than the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It simply crushes through every type of fruit or vegetable you feed it with. There are two speeds for softer and tougher produce to get more juicer and faster. It’s quiet despite the power of its motor. It’s sturdy and juice produced is clear, free of pulp, smooth and creamy too. You will simply love the taste of the juice this vegetable juicer makes every morning powering you through the day.

6. Best Pick In Versatile Vegetable Juicers: Kuvings Whole Slow JuicerKuvings Whole Slow Juicer is a thoughfully designed appliance with a wide mouth feed tube, multiple strainers to help make juice, smoothies or ice cream, fine mesh strainer to make pulpy juice or pulp free juice depending on what we prefer at that time, three cleaning tools which makes cleaning extremely trouble free, a lid opening device – sometimes it might get stuck and the designers have made a simple device to help you open the juicer and a handle that helps you move the juicer around with ease. Well, the designers have really done a great job anticipating every problem and designing solutions even before we thought about it. The juicing is as fine. As ther is no doubt that this is a pick among versatile vegetable juicers and is a clear winner in terms of how functional and well-designed it is.

7. Best In Feed Tube Design Vegetable Juicers: Breville Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer is the vegetable juicer with the best feed tube design allows a differed shaped fruits and vegetables to be fed into the Big Squeeze without getting stuck. The design also allows for smooth movement of the ingredients without the need to use the pusher. The ingredients slowly feed themselves into the auger without stopping. During testing this was one of vegetable juicers that never had to be stopped for jamming of ingredients.


Is The Jack LaLanne Juicer Any Good? See Our Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews

Here we present the best Jack LaLanne juicers reviews in 2019 so you can make an informed choice. Go ahead choose from the best of Jack LaLanne juicers.

Jack Lalanne the god father of fitness, motivational speaker and an American icon decided to endorse a line of juicers after being impressed by their design and performance.

It was around the time the juicing revolution was just starting off. In just over decade the brand he endorsed sold 2 million juicers and even today long after his death people still search for Jack Lalanne Juicer reviews so they can pick one for their own use.

(This Jack Lalanne Juicers review was updated in October 2019)

Why are Jack Lalanne Juicers so popular?

Jack was and is such a popular, much loved legend that people continue to trust products he endorsed. The products have continued to live up to the high standards of the much loved American hero and fitness guru.

Features and Specifications:

Centrifugal juicer
3,000 RPM motor
Stainless steel body
Mesh filter
Stainless steel high tensile blades
Extra large feed chute.
Dishwasher safe components,
Non-drip spout and large capacity pulp collection port.

Simple And Functional

Jack Lalanne power juicers are simple and functional machines that perform the task of juicing very well indeed.

High Juice Yield

Our team of testers who put together this Jack LaLanne juicer reviews were pleasantly surprised to find that these juicers yielded the highest amount of juice.


Another great feature is how quiet these juicers are. The people who did this Jack LaLanne juicer reviews were surprised at how little noise the juicers make. Though it is a centrifugal machine the juicer’s induction motor is placed in a specially designed noise damping casing. It is advertised as Whisper Quite and it truly lives up to its name.

Affordable And Sturdy

Jack LaLanne juicers are affordable and extremely convenient to use. It is a sturdy machine built with superior grade materials of high quality. You may not even realize that you are using a low-priced juicer as it is so well-made.

Simple operation

It is simple to operate juicers. Jack Lalanne juicers reviews was impressed by the detailed manuals provided with each juicer. The well thought out documents give details on how to use the machine, what and how to juice different types of produce, how to clean and care for your machine and much more.

Compact And Easy To Store

The machines are designed to occupy more vertical space than horizontal. So you can easily accommodate your Jack LaLanne Power juicers on your kitchen counter as it occupies so little space.

Jack Lalanne Juicer Review : Jack LaLanne Pro

Compact, sturdy and sleek are the three words that best describe Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro . It is an affordable juicer that any one venturing into juicing can easily buy. Every Jack Lalanne juicer is equipped with a powerful induction motor.

According to users this is a dependable machine. It is slightly heavy considering its size but it manages to juice anything. Only few vegetables like sweet potatoes posed a problem to the machine. But then who juices sweet potatoes except the crazy guys at Jack LaLanne Juicer reviews. The Power Juicer Pro is top of the line as far as the Jack LaLanne line of juicers are concerned.

This Pro version operates at 3600 rpm slicing, cutting through both tough and soft vegetables producing pulp-free juice. The stainless steel blades make quick work of the toughest vegetables, the mesh filter stops the pulp from going through and gives your clear juice.

The large feeding chute minimizes preparation time. The pulp goes into a separate bin which can easily be detached and emptied. One trick the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews team recommends is to line the bins with old shopping bags. Once your juicing is one just remove the bag and use the dry pulp as mulch for your plants or discard it.

The Pro is not just appealing to look at but every part of juicer is dishwasher safe according to Jack LaLanne juicer reviews who spent hours putting the machine through the paces. Every aspect was tested and results measured.

One thing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews thought might not appeal to users was the fact that you can’t simply rush through your juicing process. It has to be slow and steady as directed in user manual to get maximum juice output. Rushing through gives very bad results with little juice and wet pulp.

Even though the juicer is perfect in every other respect a few things have to be learnt before juicing to get best results. You can’t simply start juicing unless you have read through the manual. You should not push down too hard or too fast. The ingredients have to be cut into small pieces for best results. Clean the mesh filter and feed chute when juicing for longer times to prevent clogging.

Clean it with in a few minutes of finishing your juicing and it is relatively easy to take care of the Pro says the team doing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews. If you forget to clean it than it is rather difficult to remove all the dried up fibers but then that is true for any juicer. This machine lasts for years if used properly.

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews Scores For Power Juicer Pro

Ease of use: 4/5
Clean up: 4.5/5
Juice Quality: 4.5/5
Juice Yeileded: 5/5
Power: 4.5/5
Noise: 4.5/5

According to the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews the Power Juicer Pro is a highly efficient juice making machine with high juice yield and reliability factor. It is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to clean and look at. It is also very easy to use. A few parts are made of plastic and using metal for those too would have elevated the machine to higher level but so would have the price. Overall the team gives this machine a score of 4.5 on a scale of 5.

Check the Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer out now!

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews : Power Juicer Express

Features and Specifications:

Centrifugal machine
3,600 RPM motor.
Large round feed chute
Non-drip spout
Unique extraction technology that maximizes juice yield.

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is made from plastic components and needs to be handled with care in order not to damage or break some of the more fragile parts. It comes with a spout that when turned up does not drip juice a very handy innovation which helps in not wasting juice when you are changing containers or glasses.

According to Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews it is designed with a large feeding chute that can take in whole fruits or veggies like carrots etc. The patented Jack LaLanne juice extraction technology ensures that you get a high yield in juice no matter what you put in.

Another attractive feature is the compact size of the juicer so the amount of counter space required is very little. It occupies more vertical space than horizontal.

Every Jack LaLanne Express juicer comes with a detailed user manual about how to assemble and use the machine and also tips on how to juice different types of produce. The Jack LaLanne Juice Reviews advises you to read through the entire manual and keep it handy while juicing because you need to follow the steps exactly to get maximum juice yield.

Also, if you don’t get the step right in assembly the machine won’t work which is an advantage in a way as you will hurt the machine or yourself by doing something wrong.

It is cheap and compact model that can handle just about any fruit or vegetable you feed it with. But on the downside it made entirely of plastic which needs some careful handling. Also, you need to learn how to use the machine properly before operating it.

Power Juicer Express needs some getting used to says the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews team. You can not start using it to juice right out of the box. Many users love it because it offers so much value for so little money. While some hate it because they can’t get the results they are looking for.

Most of the complaints are from folks who haven’t learnt how to assemble or operate it from the manuals and decide to learn on the go which is not possible with the the Jack LaLanne line of juicers. You need to assemble it right to get the machine to start and also to get maximum juice yield.

Also the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews is of the opinion that patience is important when using this juicer. Trying to rush it by pushing the ingredients through won’t work. It needs to work at its own pace to extract juice and it does that rather beautifully if you let it.

If you maintain the unit properly by cleaning it after use and handling it with proper care the machine will last for years inspite of being made entirely of plastic components according to team doing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews Scores For Power Juicer Express

Ease Of Use – 3/5
Clean Up – 4/5
Juice Quality – 5/5
Juice Yielded – 5/5
Power – 4/5
Noise – 5/5

The Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews opines that the Express is a versatile and highly impressive machine for its price. It offers some superb features, compact size and step-by-step approach to extracting maximum juice from every fruit and vegetable you ever feed it.

Overall Score: 4.3 out of 5 for the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express

Jack Lalanne Deluxe Review

Another juice from the same line Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe is an expensive machine that punches well above its weight in terms of performance juicing about anything provided you well the manual provided faithfully.

Overall Score: 4.2 out of 5

Fruit And Vegetable Juicer – The 10 Best Juicers For Your Fruits And Vegetables

So, you want to eat healthy and live healthy?  What better way than to increase your intake of fresh foods like greens, fruits and vegetables? Of course with a fruit and vegetable juicer in your kitchen you can actually make your healthy eating habit much more delicious and convenient.

You can toss in a few fruits and vegetables and produce exotic juices that taste heavenly and set your taste buds buzzing with a good quality fruit and vegetable juicer.

Read on to find out all this and more...

Difference Between Fruit And Vegetable Juicer And A Blender

If you are familiar with healthy eating, juicing and diet you might already be aware of the difference between a fruit and vegetable juicer and a blender or more specifically between juices and smoothies. For those who don’t know juice is the liquid content that is extracted from fruits and vegetables while a smoothie on the other hand is got by blending whole fruits and vegetables. In a smoothie the pulp and juice are blended to get a thick viscous liquid. A juice on the other hand separates the skin and pulp leaving behind a clear liquid.

Different Fruit And Vegetable Juicer Types In The Market Today

Do you know that in juicers you have more than one type?

There are centrifugal juicers also know as fast juicers. And there are masticating juicers also known as slow juicers or cold-press juicers.

You may wonder how does it really matter. Well, to the professional  fruit and vegetable juicer these differences are very important.

Masticating Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

A masticating juicer is slow because it methodically mashes, squashes and pounds the fresh produce in order to get the liquid out of the foods. This type of fruit and vegetable juicer is typically more expensive. The juice from these type of juicers are calm, bright, clear and vibrant.

Centrifugal Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

The same can not be said for a centrifugal juicer which is fast in both in speed of operation and production of juice. The fast spinning blades rips through the fresh produce and smashes it against the wire mesh through which the clear liquid passes into the juice collector while the pulp is thrown into the pulp bin. This type of fruit and vegetable juicer is less expensive and easy to use though very noisy when running. The juice produced is clear but frothy due the high amount of agitation in the production process.

For And Against Different Vegetable And Fruit Juicer Types

Some argue that a slow fruit and vegetable juicer is the best because the cold press method of juice extraction retains much of the nutrients. They say that a centrifugal juicer exposes the fresh produce to heat due to the high speed of blade rotation and this destroys the vitamins and enzymes in the juices. This is all theory as there are no conclusive studies to prove them. Only thing that can be said with certain amount of surety is that the cold pressed juices taste better and juice yield is more.

But if you think about the huge amount of nutrient loss during cooking the loss in the centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer is definitely is not much. Also, if you are juicing that means you are also focussed on good health. There are several studies which say that those who consume more fresh produce in any form tend to have better waist to hip ratio and also better gut health. So, it is a matter of preference and affordability what type of vegetable and fruit juicer you prefer.

What Fresh Produce Juice Best In Your Fruit And Vegetable Juicer?

At this point you should also note that certain types of produce are better for making juices with your vegetable and fruit juicer and some are not. If you try to juice mangoes, papayas or bananas you will not get much juice. These are better to make smoothies. While oranges, apples, grapes, beets, carrots, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables are great for making juices as their water content is more. Technically you can juice anything but juice yield will vary depending on type of fruit or vegetable you choose. You could also combine several different types of fresh produce in your fruit and vegetable juicer to get benefits of all and exotic juice flavors.

A word of caution here. Some produce like beets,cucumbers or spinach might overwhelm a juice by their strong flavors. So if you don’t very much care for them go easy when adding them to the vegetable and fruit juicer. A tiny piece of ginger, a dash of lemon juice or an apple will make most juices taste great. Some salt and pepper and a dash of lemon juice enhance the flavors in the juice. But if you prefer not adding anything too most juices taste delicious on their own.

So, which fruit and vegetable juicer gets our vote? After subjecting several models to some rigoros testing we have rated them on their performance. Our rating is based on juice yield, ease of juicing, design and how well it works for different types of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.

Here are our top

Fruit And Vegetable Juicer Picks For The Ultimate Juicing Experience:

Smeg – Smeg retro-style masticating slow juicer

Why is the Smeg Retro Style Slow Fruit And Vegetable Juicer
among our top picks for fruit and vegetable juicer category? It offers unmatched efficiency and high yield of great tasting juice.

Looks wise it is rather broad and chunky looking. It occupies a considerable space on the kitchen counter. But it still looks great and if you own a Smeg retro-style masticating slow juicer be prepared for some covetous looks. If you want to invoke some juicer owner-envy this is the fruit and vegetable juicer to own.

Juicing with this fruit and vegetable juicer yields 300ml of juice for 500 gms of apples. That’s a decent amount of juice compared to other juicers on the list. We juiced apples with the skin on. The Smeg crushed the apples and produced a dark green juice that was cloudy and smelled of woodlands and fresh fruit. It did produce some froth on top but not too much. I felt like I was sitting in apple orchard drinking fresh apple juice due to the strong aroma.

You can easily control the thickness of the juice using the density control lever of this fruit and vegetable juicer. Instead you can try peeling the skin first if you don’t want the skin marring the juice. Without skin, it produces clear and smooth looking juice. But of course that means compromise with the nutrient quality of the juice. Well, it’s all a trade-off. Taste vs health. You make a choice.

With 150 w motor and well-built body that absorbs vibrations, this fruit and vegetable juicer slow squeezes the produce at just 43 rpm. So, no sleeping babies will wake up nor will the neighborhood be up in arms against you for waking them up early in the morning. It is simple to put together and take apart for cleaning.

Prep times are the only quibble with this fruit and vegetable juicer. It’s feeding tube mouth is small and can take small only smaller bits of fruits and vegetables. So we had to do bit of chopping before feeding the Smeg retro-style masticating slow juicer. But the end result of clear, smooth and crisp juice was worth the little bit of effort.

The Smeg fruit and vegetable juicer comes with two year guarantee against mechanical or electrical problems. This retro-style masticating juicer comes with two strainers, two carafes and two spinning brushes. A recipe book is also thrown in with interesting recipes and recommendations.

Magimix Le Duo XL Centrifugal Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Magimix Duo Juicer is a perfect for juicing fruits and vegetables. It is rather tall and long and so doesn’t occupy too much space on the kitchen counter unlike the Smeg vegetable and fruit juicer we reviewed earlier. It’s heavy so don’t expect to move it around too much. It is powered by big sized motor that makes quite a bit of noise too. So be ready for it.

The first time you operate this fruit and vegetable juicer you should be ready for noise and vibrations. It might be best to hold it in place to minimize the jarring. It juices almost anything and in very short duration of time. For 500 gms of apples we got 275 ml juice which is less than what Smeg produced but still impressive for a centrifugal juicer.

Compared to Smeg fruit and vegetable juicer, the Magimix Le Duo is much cheaper. There is are two citrus attachments for small and large citrus fruits. So you can juice both limes and clementines as well as grapefruits. It’s feeding tube is also considerably larger than that of a Smeg. So, these are the two aspects of the Magimix which are better than that of a Smeg vegetable and fruit juicer.

A few negatives of Magimix vegetable and fruit juicer include the juice dripping even after most of the juice has been extracted. So you need to keep a glass underneath the spout to catch the dripping droplets as the Megamix does not come with a jug. Also we noted that as the pulp builds up inside the juice yield reduces. The spinning bowl takes a bit of effort to clean.

Still all the extra attachments and functionalities like smoothie mixing feature means Magimix fruit and vegetable juicer is among our favorites as it allows users to creatively use up any extra fruits and vegetables.

Aicok Juicer – Slow Juice Extractor


The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is a masticating vegetable and fruit juicer that uses an auger rotating 80 rpm to squeeze juice out of the fruits, vegetables and greens. This juicer preserves the nutrients and minimizes oxidation as there is no heat build-up during the juicing process.

The juice is tastier and also flavorful as the slow juicing process extracts maximum juice with minimal loss of
As a masticating juicer, the Aicok Juice Extractor has an auger that spins at 80 rpm, preserving the enzymes and nutrients from the produce and minimizing oxidation and heat build-up. The BPA-free plastic means safe juicing for you and your family.

This vegetable and fruit juicer also provides higher juice yield with a richer and more vibrant flavored juice. It is very quiet with less than 60 dB noise level. The machine is powered by silent motor but this fruit and vegetable juicer is easy to clean as most parts are dishwasher safe.

Running quietly at less than 60-decibel sound level, the Aicok is heavy-duty machine weighing around 10 pounds and has dishwasher-safe parts that are easy to operate and clean. A variety of fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery, apples and ginger can be juiced using the Aicok masticating slow juicer.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer has consistently ranked among the top in fruit and vegetable juicers and offers amazing functionality as you can use it make pasta, as a homogenizer, as a food processor and grinder apart from being a great slow juicer. The automatic ejection of pulp ensures continuous juicing without the need to stop to empty or clean the pulp build up. It rotates at 80 rpm silently and powerfully mashing the ingredients you feed into the feeding chute maximizing juice production. There is hardly any oxidation. It’s a heavy duty machine weighing about 17.5 pounds. It has a metal base.

SKG Slow Masticating Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

SKG Masticating Juicer anti-oxidation wide chute slow vegetable and fruit juicer is one of best in the market. It rotates at a slow 60 rpm minimizing oxidation, maximizing nutrient retention and taste. You get a richer, aromatic and nutritious juice from the SKG juicer. The appliance maker has designed an extra sealed space to hold the juice and prevent any air from reacting with the juice. This prevents oxidation and thereby your juice remains fresher and tastier for longer time. A wider chute means lesser time preparing the produce. It is sturdy and heavy duty machine weighing 22.5 pounds. A handle is provided at top for help with moving the heavy fruit and vegetable juicer.

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press


Another great masticating juicer the Tribest Green Star Elite is an easy to assemble and easy to use juicer, the Tribest Greenstar Elite cold press juicer is made of stainless steel. This vegetable and fruit juicer uses a bio-ceramic magnetic twin gear system to give you pure and fresh juice while preserving all the vitamins and enzymes. The juices made with this cold press last longer and have better taste too.

An unique pressure adjustment mechanism prevents clogs in the machine offering your continuous and problem free juicing solutions. The manufacturer supplies with brushing and scraping tools to make your cleaning trouble-free and easy. At a hefty 24 pounds it is difficult to move.

HUROM HZ Slow Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

The HUROM HZ is a slow vegetable and fruit juicer that imitate the slow squeezing action of hands to squeeze out juice from your fresh produce. But unlike your hands this technology squeezes every tiny drop of juice from the produce. It makes fresh and delicious juice everytime in the comfort of your home.

The motor of this fruit and vegetable juicer is so quiet you won’t notice that it is running. It’s around 12 pounds and made of stainless steel.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Breville Juice Fountain Elite is a vegetable and fruit juicer that runs on 1000-W motor. It is a dual speed control centrifugal juicer. It also doesn’t matter what type of fruit or vegetable you wish to juice. This fruit and vegetable juicer has the ability to juice just about any soft or hard produce.

Hamilton Beach Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Priced a little higher compared to other affordable range of juicers, the Hamilton Beach is a great value for money because of the many benefits it offers.

Those with busy lifestyles will appreciate the Hamilton Beach. In seconds this go-to juicer using its stainless steel micro-mesh cutter and strainer will make smooth, fresh and perfect juice even from the densest of produce. Every fruit and vegetable juicer loves an extra wide chute. It means less work preparing the produce for juicing. Large pieces of fruits and vegetables go easily down this feed chute with minimal cutting and chopping.

Safety is a key feature with the latches provided for locking juicer before it is used. Almost all the parts are dishwasher safe. A premium cleaning brush helps clean the mesh. A recipe booklet with tips and tricks to use the machine is provided along with this fruit and vegetable juicer. It’s relatively lightweight and made of high quality durable plastic.
It comes with extra wide chutes. This means you don’t have spend much time chopping or cutting up vegetables. This is a real blessing for busy folks. The vegetable and fruit juicer from Breville is provided with a cutting blade that is reinforced with titanium. This ensures longer life for the blade too.

A safety mechanism ensures you don’t operate it by mistake. The pulp container is large so you don’t have to frequently stop to empty it while juicing. A brush for easy cleaning of the filter is also provided. It weighs about 17 pounds.

Cuisinart Vegetable And Fruit Juicer Extractor

If you have only few minutes every morning before the daily tasks hit you at full force then choose the Cuisinart vegetable and fruit juicer. The powerful 1000 Watt motor goes through the toughest of produce with ease giving you perfect juice in seconds. You can feed whole fruits into the wide 3-inch wide chute and be rewarded with freshest juice in mere seconds.

It features several speed settings to allow you to get the best of the produce you feed it with. For instance some of the softer fruits might need slower speed setting. Filter basket provided prevents foam formation. Great design elements means that the product does not make as much noise as other centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers.

Included safety features like the lock mechanism means it ensure your safety while juicing even when you are distracted. The 2-liter pulp bin allows you to continue juicing for long without having to stop to empty it. A large juice collecting jar is another bonus. Almost every part is dishwasher safe and the filter comes with a special cleaning brush to help you with the cleaning.

How good are juices for your health? – A Debate

Bupa Global recently came out with a report which states that the most popular diet across the world are juice diets. More than 20 percent of the respondents have tried juicing in the past 5 years. More and more companies are advocating juice fasts and diets, juice detoxes and cleanses for healthy living and losing weight.

Nutritionists are not very sure whether juicing is the best way to consume more fruits and vegetables. They are much divided on this. Some say juicing extracts all the best parts of the fresh produce and makes it available in easily consumable form. You can juice large quantities and several cups of juice but trying to eat the same amount of fresh produce is not that easy. Others argue that they have consumed as a whole and not by juicing. Still others argue that some of the nutrients is lost during juicing due to exposure to heat and air. But the same things happen when you cook the vegetables or fruits where the nutrient loss is much higher. One thing is of concern though. Consuming high amount of fruit juices is not recommended as the fructose content in fruit juice is high and that amount of sugar is not good for you.

Your body naturally detoxes itself. The liver, kidneys and colon are organs that perfrom this important function. No external agency or factor can do things better than your own body. So don’t believe outlandish claims on detox juices or diets.

  • So, does that mean juice itself is bad?
  • Does it also mean that juice really doesn’t help detox or cleanse the body of toxins?
  • What about claims that juices are better than consuming whole fruits and vegetables?

We interviewed dozens of nutritionists and they have this to say. Juice is not bad. It’s delicious and healthier alternative to drinking fizzy drinks and sodas. But don’t believe claims that juice detoxes or cleanses your body. Body has special organs and systems to flush itself of toxins. It doesn’t need juices to do this. Also, there is no scientific data to prove that juices are better than consuming whole fruit and vegetables because it is easily absorbed by the body. How body absorbs nutrients from the food is complex and has evolved over millions of years. So claims of juice being better than whole foods is not right.

Research studies have shown that lack of fibre in fruits and vegetables juices reduces the health benefits because most often the antioxidants are bound to the fibre and eliminating fibre through juicing using vegetable and fruit juicer may not be that helpful to the body. Don’t use juice as replacement for meals. They lack in proteins and essential fats which are macronutrients needed by the body.

This no way means you should not enjoy your fruit or vegetable juices. Enjoy them in moderation. Especially fruit juices as they release fast acting sugars into the blood stream. For folks who lead busy lives and can not get to eat balanced meals, fruit and vegetable juices are easy and convenient way to get some nutrition in to their bodies. So it is not really all bad.

So, whatever your position on the juicing debate don’t let your fruit and vegetable juicer under utilized. Drinking a glass of fresh juice in the morning definitely gives an added boost to your day. Kids who fuss about eating balanced meals can be persuaded to drink juices. The elderly and sick also benefit greatly with juices. If you are running all the time and barely have time to put together a meal. It may not be all that bad to drink a couple of glasses a day to keep you going until the next meal.