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Omega Juicers Announces The Arrival Of Its Latest Juicer – The Cold Press 365

Omega Juicers, the leading brand in masticating juicers has announced the arrival of its latest offering – The Cold Press 365. A cold press masticating juicer, it is a compact and simple to use machine that is designed for everyday use. Yes, Cold Press 365 is so simple and so easy to use that you will want to juice 365 days of the year. The top-notch technology in-use in Cold Press 365 ensures the highest nutrition content in the extracted juice.

Cold Press 365 – Attractive And Affordable Pricing

The most attractive thing about this juicer is its low price point. Yes, it is priced less than $150 and that means it’s cheaper than many centrifugal juicers. A masticating cold press juicer at such a low price and that too with the Omega brand name attached to it is such an unbeatable combination.

Cold Press 365 – Breakthrough Technology Ensures Juice Quality

The Cold Press 365 incorporates breakthrough technology that ensures superior juice quality. This means you get the highest nutrition from every glass of juice that the Omega’s latest offering the Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer extracts from the fresh produce.

How Does The Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer Work?

The latest Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer gently squeezes food to break down hard fibers using gears that rotate slowly. The extracted juice is well-protected from air and heat. This ensures nutrients are preserved without loss to the atmosphere. The cutting-edge technology of its high-end juicers is incorporated in the Cold Press 365.

User-Friendly Cold Press 365

Most people who use masticating slow juicers complain about how much time goes into preparing the produce for juicing and the time needed to clean-up after juicing. Cold Press 365 simplifies these aspects and also has cut the price drastically. So, a vastly reduced prep time, very little clean-up time and almost half the price of a regular masticating juicer makes the latest Omega Cold Press 365 an amazing buy.

Easy On The Eye

Compact and pleasing to the eye the Omega Cold Press 365 juicer is well-designed and can be left on the kitchen counter.

In a nutshell: Why Should You Buy The Cold Press 365?

  • Easy to clean – just rinse it under water or pop it into the dishwasher.
  • Easy to Assemble – Only a few parts that easily snap back into place for quick juicing
  • No heat – There is no heat produced while juicing as it gently squeezes ingredients between the gears. No loss of enzymes or antioxidants from juice. You get a healthy, nutrient packed glass of juice every time you juice with Cold Press 365.
  • It is not exposed to air that much as the speed of juicing is slower. This ensures maximum nutrition retention.
  • Three-stage Auger – This uses a unique 3-stage auger to get more juice for every pound of produce.
  • Easy to use – The juicer is easy to assemble, clean and juice. A few seconds is all it takes to get juicing.
  • Quiet operation – The Cold Press 365 makes less noise than centrifugal juicers
  • Very Compact – It is small and takes very little space on the counter.

Omega Brand – Cold Press 365

The company has been in business of juicing for several decades and the brand is well recognized. The Legacy Companies which own the Omega brand have come out with this latest offering of Cold Press 365 keeping in mind the needs of end-user for an affordable, compact, well-designed easy-to-use juicer that retains the highest amount of nutrition. Their aim is to deliver a solution that helps their consumer achieve their health goals every day of their lives.

Get Maximum Health Benefits Using Cold Press 365

The Omega Cold Press 365 juicer extracts maximum nutrients from the fresh produce in the most efficient way without exposing juice to either heat or air. This protects the enzymes and nutrients offering the most delicious and refreshing juice to consumers. The latest technology employed separates fiber from juice ensuring maximum absorption by body.

There are no side effects like bloating or discomfort that comes from drinking high fiber juices. With the Cold Press 365 you can create hundreds of juice combinations and enjoy limitless variations. Drinking these juices can improve your health and energy levels. Enjoy better sleep and better gut health. It can reduce inflammation and also help to lose weight.

Warranty For The Cold Press 365

Every Cold Press 365 comes with a 12-month Warranty effective from the date of delivery of the product.

Cold Press 365 will soon be available for retail sale nationwide.  Meanwhile, here’s our selection of top Omega juicers that have provided unmatched performance over the years. Take a look:

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