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Best Citrus Juicer – Juice Oranges And Lemons In Seconds

Here’s our guide to buying the best citrus juicer for 2020.

So you want to buy the best citrus juicer? We are here to help with our top 5 picks.

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are literally bursting with juice. Come breakfast time, with the help of our top 5 citrus juicer picks whip up a storm at the dining table.

Whether you want to treat your family to special blend of citrus juices or just feed them their morning dose of vitamins with a glass of healthy orange juice or want a cup of it for your baking needs our top-of-the-line, best citrus juicer picks will make it all a walk in the park.

  • Are you looking for a compact model?
  • Is durability important?
  • Is price a factor in your choice?
  • Do you want something that is sleek?

Your choice of the best citrus juicer will depend on your needs. Let’s check out the top citrus juicers available in the market today.

Finding The Best Citrus Juicer – Our Top Picks

Citrus juicers are simple gadgets that make life easy in the kitchen. They are handy and simple enough to use. You can whip up orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade or squeeze a cup for your baking or cooking needs. Your choice of the best citrus juicer will depend on whether you want to juice a few cups or gallons of orange juice.

Our next pertinent question is:  Do you really need a citrus juicer?

You probably own a centrifugal juicer, food processor and hand blender to help you with various tasks in the kitchen. A citrus juicer will be another addition to the various gadgets on the kitchen counter. In the morning rush you don’t want to spend hours juicing oranges. You can probably spend a maximum of 3 minutes making juice for the entire family.

So our best citrus juicer picks are geared towards these type of needs. A citrus juicer does help in making life easier for a busy mom or working professional. It generates healthy juice in minutes and family can set off energized and full of vitamins and nutrients.

Another reason for citrus juicer is that regular centrifugal juicer is unable to extract all the juice from the citrus fruits and leaves the pulp wet and laden with juice. Even the masticating juicer designed for leafy, stringy vegetables and greens finds oranges challenging. Both type of juicers are unable to do justice to citrus fruits.

There are manual juicers and best electric citrus juicers. The choice of a juicer to buy will depend on your needs in kitchen. You don’t need something very expensive because for all your other kitchen needs you have food processor, hand blenders, masticating juicers and more.

All you need is a dependable and simple juicer that extracts maximum juice from the citrus fruits and does it fast. A best citrus juicer may not be a top necessity but it sure makes life easy and simple especially during the morning rush and once you get hooked to it, you probably won’t go back to juicing oranges any other way!

So how do we test to find the best citrus juicer?

Electric citrus juicers are simple devices that squeeze out orange juice. They have a number of features that make juicing, simple, effective, efficient and fast. No manual effort is needed. All you do is cut the fruit in two and place it on the reamer and press down and the device does the rest. Simple enough but do you know that with literally dozens of models it is a more than a little difficult to pick the best citrus juicer.

To pick the best we went through 56 models both manual ones to electric models. We checked out the specifications, features, tested them physically by subjecting them to real life conditions, used a variety of citrus fruits and compared juice yields. The testing was comprehensive and extensive. We also checked out hundreds of reviews to arrive at the winning model or the best citrus juicer for your needs.

When going through reviews we carefully sorted out user made errors from actual flaws in the machine through actual testing. We have arrived the best citrus juicer after hours of testing, and we present the best of lot with in-depth reviews of features and how they are better or worse than their competitors and which model might be the best for you based on your needs.

What factors enable a citrus juicer to get on our list?

  • Ease of operation – A juicer that can be operated with ease, that has few parts and is super simple to use and extract juice from.
  • Efficiency – Juicing efficiency is important because we want our juicer to extract maximum juice from the fruit.
  • Compact – We want a compact juicer with few parts and occupies very little counter space.
  • Affordable price – A citrus juicer is a very simple gadget. We want something that is affordable and efficient. So no expensive models.
  • Positive reviews from users, food critics, hobbyists and celebrity chefs.

So you may notice that we don’t just randomly pick some models. We pay attention to what is working for our users and what is not and pick only best of the lot to get on our best citrus juicer list.

What Points Are Critical When Picking The Best Citrus Juicer?

  • Locking mechanism – The reamer is usually locked to the juice container or the housing. The locking mechanism needs to be simple to operate and be long-lasting. The locking has to be perfect to allow juice collection with hassle or spilling
  • Juice container size – Is the container size large enough to collect at least a few cups of juice. Else you will be forced to stop and pour out the juice before proceeding to the next batch of oranges. This might be annoying if you have to do it like 5 times to make 5 cups of juice.
  • Pulp control – Depending on whether you want smooth, chunky, slightly pulpy or no pulp juice the best citrus juicer for you should have the required pulp control feature and filter option.
  • Noise levels – Is it too noisy? Will it wake up the neighbours? The less noise the better.

Now for the winners of the best citrus juicer – top 5 list

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

At under $20 the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer wins the best citrus juicer contest for all the right reasons. It’s so simple and straightforward that you won’t have any excuse not to use it every day to make fresh juice for your family. It is easy to clean. It costs less than $16 dollars. The juicer is compact and easy to store. The pulp control attachment lets you control the amount of fruit pulp in your juice. Auto-reverse function of the citrus juicer allows more juice to be extracted from each fruit. The attached juice container lets you juice more oranges per cycle. The juice yield is highest for this fruit and comes with The motor has no problems even when running for long time. Our top pick -the Silex Proctor also contributes one dollar per sale to the foundation for child cancer patients.

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer



A very close second is the BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer . Very similar in every respect to the Silex Citrus juicer and at $14 priced lower than it. It’s design and features are almost identical to its competitor except the motor stalls unexpectedly in the middle of juicing. It is not a big deal once you remove the fruit and start again it works well enough. That is only flaw we found in this otherwise robust gadget. It also has the auto-reverse, pulp control features. It is compact with a very simple design.

Breville Citrus Press


The Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press at $200 is quite expensive compared to our first two picks. It is a luxury citrus press model from Breville. This model is a great buy if you make gallons of juice at a time. You got to be careful not to press fruit down too much as it sometimes over reams causing the juice to turn bitter. The pulp control feature allows you to set the size of pulp in your juice. One of the best industrial grade products that helps juice several pounds of fruits without breaking a sweat and in minutes. For an industrial grade model it makes very little noise. The parts are few and dishwasher safe.

Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press

This is the original pricier version. This luxury Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press is priced at $180 and makes gallons of orange juice with very little effort. Made of metal parts it is very easy to clean and assemble to squeeze juice whenever needed. It is solidly made product and lasts for years without any issues. It is beautiful and adds class to any kitchen but if you are only after functionality rather than looks stick to the less pricier version the Brevill Citrus Press featured above. If you need to process fruits in bulk then this is the best electric citrus juicer in the market.


 Epica Citrus Juicer

The Epica Citrus Juicer is very inexpensive stainless steel model that has a higher juicing efficiency and faster juicing times. It is easy to operate, clean and juice with the Epica. You can make one glass of juice or an entire jug of it with ease. No cleaning of juice containers as it flows directly into glass. With just 3 parts it super easy to clean. It’s sturdy and compact. It is easy on hands and wrists. This Amazon bestseller has two reamers to accommodate different sized fruits.

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer


Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus Juicer is another bestseller on Amazon and in department stores for its affordable pricing and top quality performance. It’s got custom pulp control feature and is highly efficient in extracting juice from the smallest lime to large grapefruit. It’s sleek and compact. It is durable and clean-up is a breeze.

Best Electric Citrus Juicer

It’s time for you to enjoy the taste of freshly squeezed juice everyday with the help of our top rated citrus juicers in the market today.

Want to enjoy a glass of fresh juice every morning and so are looking for the best electric citrus juicer that extracts fruit juice without too much effort? You have come to the right place to find the perfect citrus juicer for your needs.

Like every other gadget or appliance, citrus juicers also have dozens of best electric citrus juicer models with features and prices that start from less than $20 and go all the way $250 plus. It is really hard to pinpoint a particular model with so much choice.

Are you looking for a model that is simple to operate?
Is price a major factor in buying the juicer?
Do you want something that lasts long?
Is the quality and taste of juice an important factor?

Depending on what you want really want, the choice of which citrus juicer to buy will vary. Let’s check out which is the best electric citrus juicer in the market today.

Before proceeding one more question…

Do you really need a electric citrus juicer?

It seems such a superfluous thing to own when you already have a food processor, a hand blender, grinder and a mixer. Each of those appliances do a specific job and can not be repurposed to do something else like squeezing a cup of grapefruit or orange juice.

A citrus juicer is a handy tool to have around the kitchen. It makes your job of providing something nutritious and healthy for your family every morning that much easier.

People lead such busy and hurried lives that the most important factors like healthy eating and nutrition more often than not gets neglected.

How often in a week do you get the 5 helpings of fruits and vegetables that you are supposed to eat everyday?

If your answer is less than 3 then you are better of with a best electric citrus juicer at home that squeezes fresh, tasty citrus juice every day. Packed with vitamins, minerals and much more in a cup you will love the burst of energy that comes with drinking juice every morning. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about those added sugars that supermarket juices are full off.

Also, since the featured top 5 best electric citrus juicers are such nifty gadgets that whipping up a juice from any citrus fruit is as easy as cutting a fruit in two and holding it on top the electric juicer to get a freshly extracted juice in less than 2 minutes. There is absolutely no excuse for not owning one. They are so compact that next time you go on a vacation you can simply take it with you and enjoy your morning dose of vitamins and taste without having to dread about store-bought or commercial juices.

Here’s A Quick Look At How We Test For A Best Electric Citrus Juicer

In our experience the best electric citrus juicer should squeeze out the fruit not the pith, should be gentle on hands, arms and wrists and extract maximum juice. Some juicers we tested were so powerful that they regularly ate into the pith of the fruit imparting a bitter taste to the juice, we also tested some manual presses on the recommendation of some speciality chefs but juice squeezed out didn’t taste any better, and in some cases big chunks of fruit pulp got through to the juice container needing extra filteration. The manual presses we tested were also unwieldy being tall and storage was tricky too.

We tested the electric models using the same number of fruits per juicer to test their juicing efficiency, next we tested different sized citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and blood oranges. We tested the ease of use and ease of cleaning. We also tested the taste and feel of the juice.

Did pulp or seeds get through?
Did the juice taste bitter?
Was the juice smooth or pulpy to drink?
How easy was post juicing clean up?

After all the final test of a best electric citrus juicer is not how it looks or feels but how good a glass of juice it produces, right? So not only do we test how quickly the best electric citrus juicer produces a cup of juice, but also how well it tastes and how fast can the appliance be cleaned up and put away.

So which models got on this best electric citrus juicers list from 73 we tested and why?

1. We eliminated manual presses because we are looking for electric juicers for home use that are fast.
2. Only those models that produced about 4-5 cups of juice were selected because a busy mother or professional does not have time to make gallons of juice in the morning.
3. Those models that were very expensive also didn’t make our list because the juice extracted didn’t taste any better and for that kind of money we could buy more expensive food processor not just a citrus juicer.
4. We went through the user reviews posted on sites like Amazon, Walmart and Egullet to eliminate those that obviously had problems when used in various situations.
5. Our extensive network of friends, family, professionals like chefs and cooks, hobbyists and juice enthusiasts also pitched in with valuable feedback and guidance. This helped make our final list of electric juicers the very best.

What factors should you consider when buying your best electric citrus juicer?

1. A good motor of at least 25-watt power is important so that the motor holds up even if you end juicing more than the usual quota of dozen oranges. Lower power motors might burn out if you juice more or apply more pressure while juicing. A very powerful motor is not necessary for a best electric citrus juicer.

2. Extra features will be an added bonus. Most citrus juicers have the reamer that spins and extracts juice from the fruits. Auto Reverse Spin, Pulp Control, Pulp Spin options will make your juicing more juicier.
Pulp Control – Some people prefer a little pulp, others nothing at all. When using the juice in cooking you need specific consistency so pulp control makes life easier.
Reverse Spin – extracts more juice from the pulp remaining in the rind.
Pulp Spin – also extra more juice from the pulp.

So, with these added features you can get more juice from the same fruit.

3. The best electric citrus juicer is available in the price range of $15-$20.  The models in the price range of $50-$100 have more powerful motors and durable metal parts. Those priced higher than that also have these features but they are not exactly more durable or better juicers so our recommendation is to stick to under $100 models if you are using it for making small quantities of juice.

4. Go for multiple sized reamers if you intend juicing a variety of citrus fruits. This offers better control and better yield per fruit.

5. Check the locking mechanism of the best electric citrus juicer. Is it secure enough? Will it stand the pressure of juicing and not slip off? Are the buttons and juicing convenient and easy to use? Is the juicer compact enough for easy storage? After juicing clean up should be simple.