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Best Stainless Steel Juicer Of The Year – The Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor

If you are looking for the best stainless steel juicer then the Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor is the only juicer that qualifies to be called one.

It is one of the best juice extractors in the market and is entirely made of superior grade of surgical steel. It is an ideal mate in the kitchen that can extract juice from almost any fruit, vegetable or green leafy vegetable that you feed into the chute. A twin gear juice extractor the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is both simple to use and easy to clean. It is rated as the best stainless steel juicer for more than one reason. In the following paragraphs you will learn why this is such a great gadget to own.

The best stainless steel juicer is expensive but the high quality of its construction makes it durable and worth every bit money spent on it. Every part of the juicer is made of superior steel, making it sturdy and tough. It may be the only juicer you will ever own in your lifetime.  The juicer comes with separate pulp and juice bins and uncomplicated design. When the bins reach capacity the machine warns you with a beep. So there is no danger of overflowing juice or pulp from the bins.

The twin-gear cold press method of juicing in the Super Angel juice extractor ensures that the pulp is completely dry when it comes out. In this example of best stainless steel juicer the food is first ground into a fine powder for dry stuff or juice in case of wet stuff with the help of twin gears. In the second stage this fine powder or juice is pushed through a sieve to get the juice while the dry pulp is pushed out through another exit.

The 3 hp motor of Super Angel best stainless steel juicer rotates at a very slow speed of 86 rpm greatly reducing oxidation, foaming and frothing which preserves the nutrition in the juice. In a centrifugal juicer that rotates at 15000 rpm introduces huge quantity of air into the juice greatly diminishing its quality due to oxidation and resultant foaming and frothing. The heat in the cold press method is minimal while in a centrifugal juice that is an added disadvantage as vitamins are lost to the heat.

Features And Specifications Of The Super Angel 5500 – The Best Stainless Steel Juicer

  1. Stainless steel body and parts
  2. Twin gear
  3. Separate exits for juice and pulp
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Comes with mesh and sieve cleaning tools like the brush and screen cleaning knife
  6. 3HP motor
  7. Rotation speed of 86 RPM
  8. 10 years warranty on motor and parts

Here’s our score card for the best stainless steel juicer – the Super Angel 5500 on a scale of 1-5, 1 being a low score and 5 being the highest score.

  • Ease of Cleaning – 5
  • Ease of use – 4.5
  • Juice Yield – 5
  • Juice Quality – 5
  • Power – 5
  • Noise – 5
  • Price – 4.3

To sum up, the Super Angel is a silent, powerful juicer which yields highest amount of top quality juice. The after use clean up is a breeze and only setting up and using it is slightly cumbersome compared to other juicers. Overall the juicer scores 4.8 which is as close to perfection as it can get. The initial high asking price is the only thing that stops people from going for this top-class juicer.

If you can overcome the price factor and buy it, you will immediately appreciate how well the product is made. Every last component of the best stainless steel juicer is made from high grade surgical steel and it built to last.

Let’s take a each of the factors of the best stainless steel juicer that was reviewed and tested by our team:

What did our testing involve:

We subjected the Super Angel 5500 to some tough testing. Like everyone else we wondered whether the juicer was too good to be true. So we put it through the paces over the course of several weeks feeding it everything from stringy, tough greens like wheat grass to soft, squishy tomatoes. We made nut butters from almonds and peanuts. We subjected it to long duration juicing and more.

Every time the juicer with its powerful motor came up with perfect juice with hardly any hiccups. The trouble-free juicing experience and the equally painless cleaning up process converted us to Super Angel 5500 fans almost immediately. The completely dry pulp meant we didn’t have to waste time running it through the machine a second time. The first time was good enough.

Let’s take a look at each factor of the best stainless steel juicer individually:


Ease of cleaning: 5/5

Cleaning after use of the  Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is effortless due to everything being made of metal. Just rinse the gears under the tap and use a brush for the mesh. The screen scraper or screen cleaning knife can be used to remove any coarse fibers on the sieve. The pulp and juice are collected in separate bins hence you will not see mess due to leakage or mixing of juice with pulp.

It remains bright and shiny without losing any of its luster even when used daily unlike other juicers made of plastic that easily stain and start looking old after a few months of using. Many folks buy juicers based on its juice output or other factors ignoring the most important part of cleaning up after use. With the Super Angel juicer you will not make that mistake. It is best stainless steel juicer for clean up after use.

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Drop just about anything worth juicing into the feeding chute and you will be rewarded with juice that is fresh and full of nutrients through the juice outlet. The pulp comes out super dry in another container.

The slow and cold press method of extraction ensures no vitamins are lost due to heating or foaming. You can store the extracted juice for up to 3 days without it losing its quality. It is recommended that you dice and cut fruits and vegetables before feeding the machine to ensure better quality of juice and also avoid dirt in your juice.

Push the chunks of vegetable or fruit down the chute using the wooden stick provided. For some of the tougher stuff like nuts you need to use more force.

Juice Yield: 5/5

This best stainless steel juicer can juice anything from soft fruits to hard nuts and anything in between. It is a horizontal machine with a twin gear mechanism that slowly rotates to slowly chew and crush the ingredients slowly pushing out the juice through one outlet and the pulp through the other. So whether it is a soft tomato, a water cucumber, a hard carrot or a stringy, fibrous chard or kale, the Super Angel squishes out the juice leaving behind a very dry pulp. You don’t have to send it through the machine a second time.

Juice Quality – 5/5

Most juicers do not produce a fine and even quality juice on the first grind. But in the case of our favorite best stainless steel juicer the juice is not only fine but the taste is intense and full of flavors preserved due to the slow press method of extraction. There is no foaming or frothing nor oxidation which are usually the causes for juice quality dropping. There is also no heat generated so that is another reason for the excellent juice quality. Absolutely every bit of nutrition of the fruit or vegetable is retained in its juice when extracted with the Super Angel 5500. You can store the extracted juice for up to 3 days in the fridge.

Power: 5/5

A powerful 3 hp motor ensures that the ingredients yield every bit of their juice. In this best stainless steel juicer the slow speed of juicing of 80 rpm ensures that every bit of nutrition from the toughest produce is extracted. Only the driest of pulps are ejected.

Noise – 5/5

Despite the high powered motor the juicer is silent and you will hardly notice it working away on the fruits and veggies you feed it. Even with nuts the noise levels are within tolerable limits. Some juicers make grating, grinding noise that make you curse the day you bought them. That is fortunately not the case for this best stainless steel grinder.

Price – 4.3/5

The price is high compared to the other juicers. But it offers unmatched quality of service and juicing capabilities and is worth every penny of its price. Since it provides years and years of trouble free service the initial cost is justified.



Check out the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer

Except for the high price there were absolutely no draw-backs as far as this best stainless steel juicer is concerned. If you don’t mind the price you will enjoy every moment with your juicer for years to come.