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Best Juicer Machine – The Best Juicers Of 2018

Want to know which is the best juicer machine of 2018? You have come to the right place. Make your own super-healthy, super-tasty juice combos with this top rated juicers. Go ahead and choose the best juicer machine that suits your needs.


So you are keen on buying the best juicer machine that you can afford. We are here to help you.

Whether it is pure carrot juice, carrot-orange juice, wheat grass juice, spinach-carrot-orange juice, grapes or apple juice, whatever your heart desires can be made right at home with the aid of a best juicer machine reviewed here. There are dozens of juicers at different price points, with host of features and accessories. This makes choosing the best juicer machine rather difficult.

  • It helps if you know your needs:
  • What do you want to juice – fruits, vegetables or greens and wheat grass?
  • Would you prefer clear juices or those with more pulp?
  • Do looks matter?
  • Or is durability more important?
  • Is price an issue in buying the best juicer machine?

Depending on your needs the choice of which best juicer machine to buy will vary. Let’s check out the best 5 juicers in the market today.

Our Top 5 Best Juicer Machine Picks

Juicers have become a must-have gadget in every home. Since the benefits of juices are so obvious it has become a necessity to own a good quality juicer. Before you pick one you need to know the dietary preferences of your family.

Our selection of top 5 Best Juicers includes both centrifugal and masticating juicers. A centrifugal juicer is great for fruits and firm vegetables. While a masticating juicer is best for extracting juice from wheat grass, leafy green and other soft stuff. Your choice of juicer will naturally depend on what you want to use it for.

So let’s start by asking the right question…

Do you really need a juicer in your kitchen?

You own a whole range of kitchen gadgets – microwave, refrigerator, oven, food processor, hand blender, cake mixer, chopper and more but none of them can produce a glass of fresh juice when you need it.

A freshly made cup of orange or apple juice definitely beats the taste of juice from cartons or bottles. The smell, flavor and the vibrant color of a just squeezed cup of juice can not be compared with those bought from the supermarket shelves or even speciality stores. Fresh juices have that awesome taste that just burst forth on your tongue.

So yes, a juicer adds value to the modern kitchen and more than that it makes your goal to lead a healthy lifestyle much more easy.

Many juicing enthusiasts in fact probably cannot survive without one.

Testing To Find The Best Juicer Machine

Juicing is both a science and an art and so is the selection of a best juicer machine. A powerful juicer might seem like the best thing but do you really want a juicer that crushes seeds or reams into the pith producing bitter juice? Some juicers are so noisy that they might elicit complaints from neighbors.

This is one reason why we test every juicer individually in a variety of settings, using different type of produce, using the accessories provided. We subject the juicers through a variety of potential situations they will face in a kitchen.

  • The juicers are tested for hard or firm produce like carrots and apples, soft stuff like berries and papaya, leafy greens like kale, spinach, wheat grass.
  • We clean after use to see how fast and convenient that is.
  • We assemble and dismantle it to find out how easy it is.

Only after exhaustive testing and putting each juicer through the paces do we pick our list 5 of the best juicer machines.

After nearly 96 hours of testing 82 models using several hundred pounds of fruits, vegetables, greens and more we arrived at the final list of 5 that outperformed and outclassed the competition. It is exhausting but in the end exhilarating to pick the best juicer machine among the lot for you to choose from.

What Factors Got These Juicers On Our List Where Others Failed

  1. Taste of juice. Only those juicers making the best tasting juice got on our list for obvious reasons.
  2. Juicing efficiency was another important criteria. For the same amount of fruits/veggies which juicer extracted the maximum juice.
  3. Super pricey models may look sleek and classy but they did not necessarily produce better tasting juice or more juice. So some of those that didn’t meet the criteria were eliminated.
  4. Feedback from actual users was of critical importance because despite exhaustive testing some actual real life situations can never be recreated. So we relied on the real end-users to give us reviews of the product.
  5. We interviewed juicing hobbyists, juice bars employees and celebrity juicers to gather feedback on the different juicer models.
  6. We reseached top retail websites, juice forums and more for useful tidbits of information on the pros and cons about the various juicers being tested.
  7. Our final list of best juicer reviews went through some gruelling testing to make it to our top 5 and they are best of what is available on the market today.

Important Factors You Should Consider Before Ordering The Best Juicer Machine Include:

  1. Price – Centrifugal juicers are less expensive than masticating juicers. But the juicing efficiency of the latter is is better. Expensive models come with durable parts and require lesser maintenance.
  2. Ease of use – A juicer should be easy to put together, take apart and to use. If there are a number of parts, too complex to put together, difficult to clean you will probably not use it at all. So this is a critical factor is choosing a best juicer machine.
  3. Lesser Prep Time – If you have to spend half-hour preparing ingredients for juicing you will probably be less inclined to do it.
  4. A large feeding chute that allows even whole apples, large chunks of vegetables and whole bunches of greens is big plus factor.
  5. Fast Juicer – A fast juicer that takes less than a minute to extract a cup of fresh juice is dream come true for busy moms and working professionals. A slow juicer on the other hand retains more nutrition as there is less agitation produced.
  6. Noise – Some juicers make too much noise.
  7. Size – A best juicer machine should be compact.
  8. Warranty – Longer warranties give you peace of mind.
  9. Power – Centrifugal juicers with 400 Watt rating are required to extract juice from leafy greens.

With the above factors in mind here’s a look at the list of Top 5 best juicer machines available in the market today

And The Winners Are…

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

TheĀ Breville Juice Fountain Plus wins the best juicer machine award hands down because it combines all the factors we consider important in a juicer to make it the absolute best among centrifugal juicing machines. It is highly efficient in extracting juice from all types of produce. We tried hard, soft, semi-soft and even stringy stuff. This Amazon best seller, gave the perfect juice every time. It’s fast without either compromising on taste or nutrition quality of the juice. It is so easy to clean that we give it extra points just for that. It is quiet, easy to assemble and operate and is priced at less than $150. Prep time is cut down to minimum because you can drop in whole apples, oranges and pears through the chute and juice comes out through the spout in minutes. The covered pitcher keeps the juice from spilling out. It’s compact and fits in nicely on any kitchen counter.

2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

Second on our list is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer . It is the best masticating juicer among the dozens of models tested. It has been one of the best sellers on Amazon for a long time. There is very little heating and foaming due to slow speed of juicing. This ensures that the vitamins and antioxidants are intact making the juice healthier and tastier. The auto-ejection of pulp keeps the juice smooth and color vibrant.

The juice extracted has longer shelf life of up to 3 days due to slow extraction process. Even difficult to juice stuff like kale, spinach and wheat grass are no problem for this best juicer machine. It uses the dual stage crush and press mechanism to extract the juice. Apart from juicing it can grind coffee, extrude pasta, make baby food and churn butter too. It is tough, long lasting and comes with a 15-year warranty. Best part is that it can easily be cleaned and stored. It works silently and priced economically too.

Note: If you wish to save $50 dollars go for the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Juicer(white) which is the same as Omega JC8006(chrome) except the color.

3. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer, Chrome

The Omega NC900 is identical in all respects with the Omega JC8006 except for the chute which is wider and bigger.
If you want a bigger chute to feed the fruits and vegetables quickly the NC800 is the best juicer machine for you. This costs about $30 more than Omega JC8006.

4. Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer


Fourth on our list of best juicer machines is the Power Juicer Deluxe . This juicer yields the highest amount of juice among all the models tested. Jack LaLanne a fitness guru of the 50’s and known as the godfather among fitness geeks is the inspiring force behind this juicer. The juice that comes out of it is smooth and pulp free. Though cleaning the machine is tricky it is dishwasher friendly so you stick it in the washer after removing the big chunks. One more issue we have with this juicer is the time it takes to assemble and dismantle it for juicing.

It is quietest of all the juicers we tested even when crushing the toughest of veggies. It occupies more counter space than other juicers but has been constructed with sturdy materials which makes it durable. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

5. Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000


We love the Cuisinart CJE Juice Extractor for its extra long chute which can accomodate whole apples, oranges and pears too. You don’t have to peel, core or do anything just drop the whole fruits in and get the juice out. It’s great time saver. It occupies more counter space than other juicers of the same type. It has an extra large pulp catcher which means you can continue juicing for longer without stopping to empty the pulp bin. You can store the juice for a day or two not more so don’t use it to make large amounts of juice. The adjustable spout allows you to regulate juice flow. The pitcher design minimizes froth formation. Assembly and set up has to be very precise or you might lose juice. Clean up is also a bit more complicated. But the 5 level speeds helps in juicing the toughest of vegetables with ease. Also the juice is pulp free and pretty smooth to drink.

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