Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review (2023)

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review
Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review
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Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review


The Ninja Nutri Pro Blender with Auto-iQNinja Nutri Pro Blender Review is an incredibly versatile countertop blender machine that blends ice cubes into powder-like snow almost instantly.

This compact blender is a great choice to prepare creamy cold drinks and smoothies, quickly and easily.

The powerful extractor blades in this model can pulp vegetables and fruits effectively, extracting all vitamins and nutrients into your food.

(Updated on 20th February, 2023)


Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review

An Overview


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The Ninja Nutri Pro blender’s patent-pending Auto-iQ technology means that you’re offered “intelligent programs“.

These will pick the best time, speed and sundry settings automatically, tailoring the blender to your needs.

You won’t have to bother about a thing!

Our Rating: 4.6/5


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  • Powerful 1100 W motor
  • Blends even tough/hard ingredients
  • Pulverizes ice to snow within seconds
  • Intelligent ‘auto iQ’ technology
  • Excellent nutrient extraction
  • Blends in ready-to-go cup
  • Compact, takes little space
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Recipe guide included

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  • 24 oz capacity, not suitable for larger groups
  • Cannot run for more than 1 minute at a time

Technical Specs

Brand: Ninja
Color: Cloud Silver
Capacity: 1.5 lbs
Wattage: 1100 W

Depth: 6.35 in
Width: 6.95 in
Height: 14.2 in

What’s In The Box?

  • Motor base (1100 Watt)
  • 24 oz. Single Serve Cups (two)
  • Spout Lids (two)
  • Extractor blade assembly
  • Guide with 20 recipes
  • Instruction manual
  • Documentation/Warranty

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Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review


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In the Ninja Nutri Pro blender package there are three cups of 18, 24 and 32 ounces capacity.

There’s also a cookbook that includes 75 mouth-watering recipes.

The Ninja Nutri blender is around 10 pounds in weight, and measures 7″ x 10″ x 17.5″

The Nutri Ninja blender can function in different modes and offers timed pulses, as well as intermittent pauses in the middle that permits better nutrient extraction.

There’s a digital timer that lets you see how much time is left in a cycle.

All settings can be over-ridden, if you like. You can choose to blend in a choice of 3 manual speeds.

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review


The Ninja Nutri Pro is an ultimate power blender.

With a peak motor power of 1100 watts, this blender can shred even the toughest food items.

It makes little work of ice cubes, pulverizing them into a soft snowwithin just a few seconds!

This is ideal for making frozen desserts, smoothies and cold drinks.

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Nutrient Extraction

Thanks to the way a Ninja Nutri Pro pulps whole fruits and vegetables, you’re ensured of complete extraction of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The juice quality is excellent, and tastes delicious.

You can even store it for upto 72 hours without losing nutrient value.

Frozen Blending

Ice for cold drinks, smoothies and desserts can be readily crushed into fine snow in the Ninja Nutri Pro blender.

It takes barely 30 seconds for this to happen… which is quick and convenient.

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review


The Ninja Nutri Pro is compact and small. It can fit on even smallish countertops and into cluttered kitchen shelves.

The control panel has been beautifully designed to be simple and easy to operate.

Set up is quick and convenient. Just attach the blades assembly to the cup, throw in the produce, and get started blending.

The overall appearance of a Ninja Nutri Pro blender is classy and sleek. It matches the decor and style of many kitchens, without requiring any kind of modifications.

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Special Features

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review

There are several unique and helpful features built into the Ninja Nutri Pro blender.

Versatile Auto-iQ Programs

The Ninja Nutri Pro comes with two preset programs.

These are timed to optimally blend fruits and vegetables for smoothies – or to crush ice.

With a single one-touch press of a button, you’ll enjoy excellent blending results.

Mobile Convenience

You can choose to blend directly in the 24 ounce single-serve glass.

This offers on-the-go comfort, as you can grab your drink and enjoy it while doing something else.

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Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Ninja Nutri Pro is a simple blender that’s easy to maintain.

Cleaning is easy and fast.

The components are durable and sturdy. The jar, lids and blender blades can be safely used in a dishwasher.

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender Review

Our Verdict

Owners of a Ninja Nutri Blender with Auto-iQNinja Nutri Pro Blender Review are uniformly happy with their purchase.

It’s an excellent kitchen blender for health conscious users on the go.

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender ReviewNinja Nutri Pro Blender Review

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