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Give your Immunity A Boost With A Glass Of Fresh Juice

Learn How To Boost Your Immunity With A Juice Diet

With the coronavirus epidemic sweeping through the world, decimating communities, it is all the more important that we boost our immunity.  Eating healthy and staying health is imperative to protect not just us but all those around us.

Your immune system is an ever active mechanism that is continuously on the alert probing every cell to spot the genuine ones from the pretenders.

The immune system is always on a mission trying to protect you from infections and illnesses fighting of the germs.

It needs vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be agile and active. To keep the immune system in peak working condition to fight off ever present risks of viruses and infections you need to supply it with a health dose of vitamins and essential minerals.

Your daily diet should be a good balance of healthy carbs, proteins fresh vegetables and fruits.  Adding fresh juices and smoothies to your diet is a easy and simple way to ensure you are getting the required amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in your diet.

Here’s a collection of immunity boosting juices to help you fight off disease causing foreign bodies. Strengthen your natural defences by drinking these juices and enjoy immense health benefits.

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Immunity Boosting Juices: Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is packed with essential nutrients. It is a hydrating drink that relieves muscle soreness too. Since it is nearly 100% water you can consume it anytime but during the hot summer days it is especially refreshing to drink watermelon juice.

To make this juice more refreshing add some lemon juice,  a dash of salt and pepper to enhance the taste and tingle your taste buds. Garnish with lightly crushed mint leaves. This juice is rich in Vitamins A and C, magnesium and zinc.  These essential minerals will help fortify your immune system giving it the boost it needs.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Carrot, Oranges And Apples Juice

Carrots, apples, and oranges are a great mix of super nutrients that can help fight off many types of infections. It is rich in folic acid, potassium, and Vitamins A, C and B-6. As always you can drink it plain or give it a twist with some ginger or lemon juice.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Orange And Grapefruit

Get a healthy dose of vitamin C with a combination of orange and grapefruit juice. Vitamin C protects the body from infections, has wound healing abilities and more.  Orange juice is rich in antioxidants and helps to keep your immune-response systems alert and agile always.  Why not include this juice in your daily diet. It is refreshing, healthy and tastier than store-bought orange juice

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Immunity Boosting Juices: Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice naturally supports the immune systems. An ounce or two of aloe vera juice gives the much-needed ongoing support to the immune systems in its fight against infections. While this juice on its own has no taste you can add other juices like orange, lemon, peach or lychee to give it the flavour boost that it lacks while make it healthier with the added juices from other fruits. You can also add green juices, carrot juice or other vegetable juices to aloe vera juice.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Lemon Juice/Lemon Water

Similar to the orange and grapefruit juice lemon juice gives the immune system a boost through a healthy vitamin C supplement. It stimulates white blood cell production and is also a powerful antioxidant which protects the organs of the body from damage due to free radicals. This can be very sour so you can dilute with water and add a pinch of salt.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is easily available and can be readily made at home. It is chock-full of infection fighting nutrients like folate, vitamin C, vitamin A and iron and it is also hydrating. Keeping up your hydration is key to keeping body healthy and working efficiently. Tomato juice is tasty on it own. Add some salt and pepper and it reaches d

Immunity Boosting Juices: Lemon, Tomato, Horseradish, Celery And Kale

This is a juice to wake up your senses. Kale, the wonder green in combination with tomato, celery and a twist of lemon is rich in every infection fighting nutrient like vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, iron and fatty acids. Adding horse radish to the mix gives the recipe anti-inflammatory properties. Drink this up and feel the boost to your energy and immunity.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Carrot, Beetroot, Ginger And Turmeric

Turmeric and ginger contain anti-inflammatory properties. Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation due to infection can give their body a natural boost by combining folate rich carrots, iron rich beetroot and ginger and turmeric to fight off most infections and naturally reduce inflammation. Rich in Vitamins A, B and C, iron and calcium.

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Immunity Boosting Juices: Mango And Strawberry

When you feel like a having something sweet and healthy this is superb combination. Full of antioxidants, vitamin C, iron and folate, this drink is super delicious too.

Immunity Boosting Juices: Spinach, Lettuce And Kale

This is a power-packed greens-based nutrient powerhouse drink. It is just what your immune system wants. For more antioxidants and vitamins add parsley. Get your immune cells working at full blast with vitamins A, C and B6, iron and calcium.

Start your mornings with a refreshing drink and give your body’s natural defences a boost. Protect yourself and your family from illness.

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Is Fruit Juice as Unhealthy as Sugary Soda?

To find out the answer to this very important question of is fruit juice a healthier option read on.

How often have we opted for a fruit juice instead of a can of soda and felt good about ourselves?

For many years mothers have packed a pack of juice for their kids along with a healthy sandwich, so that the kids won’t choose a soda can from the school cafeteria. Mothers no doubt believed that the fruit juice was a better choice than Coca-Cola or Pepsi. But have we been fooling ourselves all along?

Is fruit juice any better than a can of soda pop?

The Great Sugar Debate:

While we were led to believe that fruit juices are better than Coke or Pepsi, apparently they are not. Most fruit juices especially the packaged kind contain added sugars. While a fresh cup of fruit juice that you make at home contains only the sugar from the fruit itself, the ones sold in stores most certainly contain some amount of added sugar. Though some packaged fruit juices claim no added sugar or sugar free, they still contain sugar in other forms to help maintain the standard taste you expect from a certain brand.

Sifting through research and data published in various health publications, it was found that both soda and 100% fruit juice contain 110 calories and 20–26 grams of sugar per 240 ml(1 cup). The numbers are mind-boggling.

Daily limits for sugar is

  • 37 gm for men
  • 25 gm for women

Consuming just 1 cup of store bought 100% fruit juice will exhaust this daily limit for women.

They might not add sugar but some other sweetening agent. At the end of the day, it is sugar in some form. Certain sugars like the ones found naturally in our foods take a little longer for the body to process. The fully processed sugars on the other hand are instantly absorbed by the body causing insulin spikes. These insulin spikes cause damage to the body.

Health Risks Of Consuming Excess Sugar

All the recent research in medical journals points to the direct link between high sugar consumption and variety of illness – Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and more.

Despite being 100% fresh fruit juice, it still contains high amount of sugar equivalent to that of any soda drink. This means you need to avoid fruit juices to the same extent as sugary sodas.

While sugary sodas are bad whether consumed in high or low quantities. 100% juices consumed in small quantities provide health benefits. If you limit your 100% fruit juice intake to less than 150 ml/day, it lowers the risk of type diabetes and heart disease risk too. Consuming higher amounts is damaging to the body.

But, this health benefit does not in any way apply to sugar sweetened fruit juices. They apply only to 100% fruit juices.

Health Benefits Of 100% Fruit Juices:

The anti-oxidants in fresh juices help neutralize the free radicals which cause immense damage to the cells in the body. The very same reason whey consuming small amounts of fruit juices help in range of health benefits. They improve immunity, improve brain function, reduce inflammation in the body, stabilize blood pressure and lower LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Making Fruit Juice:

The only way to ensure that your juice is free of added sugar is to make your own juice or buy from trusted fresh juice bars. But again too much of fruit juice is also not good as fruit juice in itself contains high amounts of sugar. A whole fruit contains fiber, some carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. When you juice the fruit some nutrition and almost all fiber is lost. The juice alone is rich in nutrition, no doubt but it also contains sugar too. So, it is better to restrict your fruit juice intake.

Juicing Vegetables:

Add some vegetables like cucumbers, spinach and kale and one or two fruits to make healthier juices that are not too sweet. It is not just for the taste but for your health. Too much sugar as we said earlier is not good for your health. Juicing a combination of fruits and vegetables will reduce your sugar intake considerably.

Weight Gain Due To Fruit Juice Vs Sugar Drinks:

Consuming too many fruit juices as part of regular diet can lead to weight gain. The juices are high in sugar and if consuming only fruit juices you are likely to pile on the weight. It may sound surprising that fruit juices can be fattening unless consumed in moderation.

Drinking juices or sugary beverages causes weight gain because we drink them in addition to eating our regular calories in solids. We generally do not reduce our food intake to match the calories in beverages we consume. While this may not be a problem in small drink of 150 ml with miniscule sugar content, if you drink 300-400 ml tall glasses of soda or sweet juice you will be piling on the kilos quickly. In fact, a study proves that child obesity is linked to consuming too much fruit juice.

Nutrition In Fruit Juice:

Fruit juices freshly made at home and consumed within a short time are rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Half cup of fruit juice is rich in most vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins, as the same quantity of fresh fruit.

A few hours after juicing some or most of the goodness(nutrition) is lost depending on how well the juice was stored and also on how the juice was extracted. Slow juicers are better at retaining nutrients while fast juicers cause faster deterioration of the juices due to the excess air being incorporated in the juice. Juices made with slow juicer (masticating juicers) can stay fresh in fridge for up to 72 hours. Longer than that and they lose much of their goodness. Juices made with centrifugal juicers or fast juicers lose most of the nutritional value in few hours after juicing.

Packaged sweetened juices you buy in stores might contain added vitamins and some nutrition as it might be packed soon after juicing but still, the amount of nutrition is negligible compared to eating a whole fruit. On top of the lack of good nutrients it also, has added sugar which is not at all beneficial to good health.

100% fruit juices contain beneficial components like carotenoids, polyphenols, and flavonoids also known as anti-oxidants which help neutralize free radicals and reduce your risk of disease like cancer.

Bottom line

As long as the sugar content of the fruit juices are low, they might not harm you even if they don’t help you much in terms of nutrition. Unless, of course you are drinking fresh juice which is chock-full of nutrition even with the sugar content in it. In short, consuming fresh fruits juices in moderation about 150 ml per day helps fight off diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. But drinking too much of fruit juices results in weight and a variety of health problems.

Bluicing – Blending And Juicing Is The Latest Trend In Healthy Living

So, are you aware of the latest in the world of juicing? Or is it in the world of blending. If you have always wanted to enjoy the benefits of both juicing and blending the answer is here. It’s called bluicing.

Blending + Juicing = Bluicing

If you blend and juice that bluice for you.

Blend + Juice = Bluice

Now that we have got that clear, let’s get on with bluicing or just bluice away.

What’s Bluicing all about?

As you know juicing is all the rage around the world. More and more people are adopting a healthier lifestyle, trying to eat more fresh food and cutting out the processed stuff. What is fresher than a home-made cup of fresh juice from a bunch of just-picked fresh produce? What is tastier than that? Nothing.

Now if you could combine this freshest of fresh juices with fresh produce in a blender? What do you think the process is called? Bluicing. That’s right. It’s the trend of juice and blend to make some super-healthy, super-delicious wholesome drinks.

For long, people would blend smoothies with either dairy milk, yoghurt or nut milks. This adds to the calories. Believe us the calories quickly add up and you may end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Instead of calorie-laden milk if you could substitute juice to the blender you get a delicious yet low-calorie drink. No wonder the trend of bluicing has caught on. And to bluice has become a way of life for many.

You can create fresh slushies, smoothies and shakes without the milk component with bluicing. Juice takes center-stage again with the latest trend to bluice away.

Bluicing according to many leading juicing enthusiasts has caught on the fancy of folks around the country and more are adopting this healthier alternative. The added boost of nutrients from the fresh juices helps keep you satiated and happy for longer. The juice may lack fibre but it is loaded with minerals and vitamins. For the fibre use the second step of bluicing by adding a choice of fresh produce into the blender. You get the benefits of fibre and fresh nutrients with bluicing.

Bluicing can seem very laborious process. Imagine juicing and extracting fresh juice and then pouring it into the blender with choice ingredients for the second stage of the process. Two appliances, too much work you might think. But Breville, has come up with the 3X Bluicer Pro for this exact purpose. It does the hard work for you. You can either use the machines separately or connect them to get a blended juice.

If you don’t wish to buy another appliance now you could always go juice in your juicer and use the blender for the bluicing stage. You really don’t need another appliance if you don’t want to clutter up your counter space.

Everyone knows that our daily diet should include 5 servings of fresh produce including vegetables and fruits. Trying to include that much of fresh stuff into your diet day after day and you will understand that the struggle is real. Not everyone can make it work. The bluicing trend may be the answer to this perennial problem of folks not being able to keep to a healthy lifestyle.

You can use a ton of fresh produce making fresh juices and smoothies with bluicing and getting your family to consume is so much easier. Everyone will love the fresh and tasty drinks. Let’s face it.  Drinking is any day preferable to chewing all that vegetables and fruits.

There are several folks who think eating greens, vegetables and fresh produce is for herbivores and not humans.  They would gladly consume a smoothie or slushie without even realizing that is the product of your bluicing genius.

A healthy lifestyle helps in transforming our health parameters, our skin tone, our hair and nails. You will glow from inside out with all the nutrition and goodness of bluices. Is that a word?

If you enjoy smoothies or juices or both or either, bluicing is just the next step to the process of combining the two and eliminating the milk/yoghurt part of it. If you still enjoy the dairy in your drink go ahead. But it is absolutely not needed to bring together all the varied produce you put into the blender.

The combo machine from Breville that makes bluicing easier is blender and juicer attached to each other. Once the juicer makes the fresh juice it directly pours into the blender sitting next to it and once the juicing is done, the blender takes over making delicious smoothies or slushies if you added ice to the blender. The incredible drinks you can come up with bluicing is truly astounding.

With bluicing you could whip up some freshest orange juice in your juicer and then add up greens, carrots, bell peppers, ice and apples in your blender with the fresh orange juice to create and interesting new smoothie-slushie full of the goodness of rainbow coloured vegetables and fruits. If you love avocado why not whip this delicious drink of greens, ice, avocado, cucumber, apples and for flavoring a pinch of nutmeg and vanilla.

The options are just infinite and you can create your own new bluicing recipes, just like you did while juicing or making smoothies.

Do you agree now that bluicing is the trend that will simply take over the world?