best juicer under 100

Best Juicer Under 100 – Top 3 Juicers Under $100

Here’s our guide to buying the best juicer under 100. Our top picks under 100 dollars are just right for those who want to juice but are not yet ready to take a full-fledged plunge into the world of juicing.

So you are looking for best juicer under 100? No surprises there. Most people new to the world of juicing are looking for best juicer under 100 dollars to test the waters of this health wave taking over the world.

Juicing as a way of life needs commitment. Not everyone is ready to take the plunge. Some might find time consuming for the extra effort needed in buying more fresh produce. , it takes effort to prepare ingredients for juicing. Then there is juicer assembly and cleaning after use. Only those who are passionate about it can commit for the long term. Without knowing this information a first time juicer maybe reluctant to sink hundreds of dollars on state of art juicers.

So before presenting our top picks for best juicer under 100 you need to have an idea about what you will use the juicer for and why.

  • What ingredients do you plan to juice?
  • How often are you planning to use?
  • Are looks important in your selection?
  • Is size an important factor?

Finding the best juicer under 100 – Our Best Selections

A best juicer under 100 is a simple but very useful gadget in the kitchen that takes the hard work out of juicing. Many folks wonder if a separate juicer is a necessity in a kitchen full of gadgets. Couldn’t a food processor or blender do the job? No. The answer is simple and straightforward. Juicers extract the essence and juice from the ingredients which a blender cannot do. It only grinds or blends – pulp, skin and juice together. Your choice of a top best juicer under 100 will depend on what type of fruits or veggies you are going to juice.

Do you really need a best juicer under 100?

Probably not but as explained earlier a juicer makes life in the kitchen that much easier and simpler. It takes the hard work out of the juicing. If you or your family wants a glass of juice all you need to do is pop in the ingredients and push the button and the fresh, fragrant juice is ready in minutes. That is not possible with other appliances.

Keeping the above factors in mind we have chosen the most affordable yet durable juicer under $100. We have not considered pricey models because unless you are serious about juicing the more expensive models don’t make sense. They are sophisticated, complicated with a range of features which are never used by regular juicers. On the other a simple, straightforward machine gets used more often as people find it more convenient and easy to handle.

Testing To Find The Best Juicer Under 100

We don’t just randomly pick any juicer that is less than $100 and recommend it to our buyers. Whether it is a 1500 dollar masticating juicer or a $15 citrus juicer every recommendation is backed by hours of testing and research. So for this particular test we chose several models and conducted real life situation trials. We asked several owners also to participate in these testing. Most complied happily.

After subjecting the juicers to rigorous testing we recorded the results about juice yield, calculated the efficiency of juicing, recorded theĀ  time take for preparation, time taken for juicing and clean up. All this meticulous records helped us to compare a host of juicers to find the one that was head and shoulders above the rest.

We also read hundreds of detailed reviews from actual users in a variety of forums, retail websites and Amazon. After comparing with actual testing and user reviews we arrived at the top pick for best juicer under 100.

Factors that helped a juicer to get on our best juicer under 100 list

1. Ease of use – this is a very crucial element in juicing. The most enthusiastic of juicers give up on juicing when faced with daunting machines. So our first criteria is always ease of use.

2. Ease of clean-up – The easy part is juicing the most difficult is clean up and storage. Juicers that are easily cleaned up are used almost on daily basis while those that take time forgotten in some dusty corner of kitchen.

3. Price – Here $100 is the hard limit. We only looked at juicer models that cost less to get on our best juicer under 100 list.

4. Juice Yield – Even if the juicer costs less it should have high juicing efficiency otherwise what we gain by paying less for juicer is lost in daily purchase of top quality fruits and vegetables.

5. Reviews – We also went by positive reviews from actual users, celebrity chefs and more.

Our top pick for best juicer under 100 is a carefully considered decision and not some random choice.

What Factors Are Crucial In Choosing A Best Juicer Under 100.

Sturdy Construction – A well-built sturdy machine not only lasts long but also stands up to the rigors of juicing without breaking down. So we chose only those models that were well-designed and well-made. Our best juicer under 100 picks are robust and sturdy.

Powerful Motor – A powerful motor is important to deal with any type of tough produce whether it carrots or kale or swiss chard. Our chosen best juice under 100 picks all comes with powerful motors.

Feeding Tubes – A wide feed tube means lesser prep time. No need to dice the produce into tiny bits. So we chose only those models that could accommodate larger chunks.

Juice Container – A juice container helps collect juice and one that is supplied with the juicer is usually the right fit and helps prevent dripping or wastage of precious juice.

Noise – Any juicer that makes noise like aircraft taking off did not make it to our list. The high noise levels can get grating and irritating not just for your household but the even your neighbors.

And the winners of best juicer under 100 contest are…

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is sold for less than $100 on Amazon. It is a compact and sturdy product from Breville a leading in the world of juicers. Even though this particular juicer retails for less than $100 the manufacturer has not skimped on the quality of product. It is well-built to handle both tough vegetables and soft fruits. The large 3-inch wide feed tube makes it easy to feed whole fruits and vegetables into the juicer without need for much preparation. One minor problem is lack of a separate pulp bin which is available with the higher end models. In this model the pulp stays in the juicer. This is not a problem unless you plan to juice large quantities. In that case you have to stop the machine to clear out the dry pulp. Most parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe. It comes with a cleaning brush to clean the sieve.

Hamilton Beach

Priced at less than $60 the Hamilton Beach 67608 Juice Extractor is another value for money proposition. It comes with extra wide mouth for whole fruits, extra big bin to collect pulp, a strong 800 watt motor that can handle any produce with ease and dishwasher safe parts. The cleaning brush to clear the mesh screen is useful cleaning tool. It’s easy to use and clean. When you are on a tight budget the Hamilton Beach is the ideal juicer to own. It can cut through the toughest of vegetables with ease. It is sturdy and compact. Except the blade every other part is dishwasher safe.

Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer

If you want to juice only citrus fruits the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is just perfect. It is compact and very simple to use. At just $16 dollars it a superb investment to enjoy fresh orange juice every morning. It has pulp control and auto reverse features. It is easy to clean and comes with a attached juice container that can hold 3-4 glasses of juice. You can run the it to juice your oranges for long stretch without stopping. The motor can handle it with ease.