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Best Vegetable Juicers Of 2020 – Our Top 3 Vegetable Juicer Picks

Looking for the best vegetable juicers on the market? Whip out some amazing, nutritious and healthy juices using any of our top 3 picks in vegetable juicers.

Choosing one juicer from whole range of best vegetable juicers available is daunting for any one individual.

While some juicers are good for soft fruits, others are great for vegetables, some are good only for wheat grass. We are here with our recommendations after extensive research and testing. Our top 3 best vegetable juicers are excellent when it comes to juicing vegetables.

Before we proceed it helps if you know

1. Are you going to juice only vegetables?
2. What sort of vegetables are you planning to juice?
3. Is it going to be mainly greens? or hard vegetables?
4. Do you want a juicer that looks good on the counter?
5. Is budget a constraint?

Your answers to the above queries will determine the type of juicer to buy. Let’s take a look at our selection of 3 best vegetable juicers in the market.

Our Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicing has taken on a life of its own ever since busy moms and working professionals discovered that the 5 servings of fruits and veggies need not always end in tears and tantrums when they can be converted to delicious and yummy concoctions which kids and adults enjoy as part of their meals or stand-alone treats.

All its takes to make any vegetable-based drink palatable is an apple, some ginger and a twist of lemon and viola people drink it up without too much fuss. Is it any wonder that people are flocking to buy themselves the best vegetable juicers that money can buy.

We have chosen both best centrifugal and best masticating juicers because even though masticating juicers are great for extracting most amount juice from given ingredients sometimes you need to compromise a little for speed especially when the best vegetable juicers need to work their magic during early morning rush hour.

Coming to a very important and pertinent question:

Do you really need one of the best vegetable juicers in your kitchen?

The kitchen counter space is a crowded piece of real estate housing appliances and gadgets that heat, bake, blend, grind, chop and more. Do you have space for one more? Is it possible that the other gadgets can do the same job as your juicer? Probably but not the way a juicer can. Food processors or blenders can juice but the results will neither be pretty not the juicing efficiency as good. You will end up discarding vegetables along with a good amount of juice in them. If you are serious about juicing you need to buy one of the best vegetable juicers and use it to extract juice from your vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to break the bank doing it. There are many affordable and well-crafted machines that do the job well.

Testing To Find The Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicers of every make and kind crowd the market¬† space and it is almost impossible to know which is the best for your needs. We have been in the business of picking the best juicers for every category for some time now. We choose a variety of models, makes and brands and go through their specs with a fine tooth comb. Our team of researchers visits several retailers and picks up brochures, pamphlets, and we also visit their websites to get a good idea about the type of products the juicers are good at turning into juice. For example some masticating juicers simply don’t work well with citrus fruits. Some centrifugal juicers can not extract wheat grass juice. With this in mind we filter out those juicers that we know are simply not suitable for vegetable juicing.

We eliminated about 60% of the models selected in the first round and were left with about 27 models to actually test under every day conditions. The eliminated models were too expensive, too big, too unwieldy or just plain unsuitable for vegetable juicing. We put the juicers through the paces just like you would in your kitchen. Feeding them different types of stuff – hard vegetables like carrots, semi-hard like vegetables like squash, soft ones like tomatoes and cucumbers, roots like ginger, herbs, greens like spinach, kale, chard and even wheat grass. Now those machines that handled all tests we put them through without choking, stalling or sputtering emerged the undisputed champs. We also tested the vegetable juicers for other criteria to emerge as the best vegetable juicers.

What criteria influenced our top 3 picks of the best vegetable juicers?

  1. Size of the juicer – Is it too big to sit on your counter top?
  2. Power – Is it powerful enough to extract wheat grass juice
  3. Capacity – Can it juice at least 4-5 cups for a decent sized family?
  4. Convenience – Is it convenient to clean, store, assemble, dismantle and juice?
  5. Features – Do the extra features make the juicers more convenient to use?
  6. Price – Is the price in an affordable range or too exorbitant?
  7. Centrifugal or Masticating juicer – While a masticating juicer also known as cold press juicer definitely produces more juice, it is slow and more expensive. A centrifugal juicer on the other hand is fast and more affordable. We weighed the pros and cons of both and picked a centrifugal just for the convenience and speed of juicing.
  8. Warranty – A long warranty is a definite plus point when it comes to buying the best vegetable juicers as owners can have peace of mind.
  9. Strange Factors That Influence Buying Of Best Vegetable Juicers.
  10. Preparation Time – Cutting, dicing, peeling, coring, pitting of fruits and vegetables take valuable time. A juicer that does not need prep time is a great time saver. The best vegetable juicers are able to handle this with ease.
  11. Price – Not all best vegetable juicers need to be pricey, many of the best models are affordable and provide excellent value for money.
  12. Noise – Juicers that don’t wake up the family and the neighbourhood is preferred.
  13. Large feeding chute – The larger the chute lesser is the prep time involved. So look for big feeding chutes. Some accommodate whole apples, oranges, carrots and pears too.
  14. Ease of cleaning – Juicers that take forever to clean are not great buys because who has the time for that. Something that takes minutes to assemble, juice, clean and store away is the most preferred for best vegetable juicers.
  15. Size – Look for compact juicers that can be easily stored on the counter.

So, after hours of testing and researching we arrived at the best of the lot. The top 3 among the best vegetable juicers are…

Omega NC900 Electric Juicer

If you are into juicing big time and love to experiment with different flavours and types of juices the Omega NC900 HD Electric Juicer is the best pick. It offers double press method of juicing extracting more juice than any juicer reviewed here. Apart from juicing the Omega can do other things like extrude pasta, make nut butter, or make baby food. It minces and chops too. Due to the slow cold press method of juice extraction every bit of nutrition is retained in the juice and nothing is lost due to foaming, frothing or oxidation. There is no heat generated hence the juice remains fresh and nutrient rich for a longer time. You can store juices extracted through this method for up to 3 days. It runs a slow 80 rpm but its powerful motor at 1500 can extract juice from the toughest of wheat grass. But the one disadvantage is slow speed in producing juice.

Breville Juice Fountain

Another versatile juicer the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor is the best value for money from a well-known name in the world of juicers. The company has a great reputation for producing superb quality machines at reasonable prices. The Breville juicer is a well-designed product with great looks and features that make juicing a breeze. Every feature is well-thought-out and helps the juicer to get best results. One thing it lacks is differing speed settings but this is not a big issue at all. It is another best seller on Amazon.

Cuisinart Juice Extractor

The number one brand in offline retail stores and departmental stores the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is a sturdy machine built to last. With 5 speeds and extra wide chute of 3″ it can take in any vegetable you drop and make quick work of it. It has a very powerful 1000 Watt motor which makes juicing a breeze. At 14 pounds (6.35 kg) it can be easily moved around. It needs a more counter space due to its size.