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Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews – The Best Jack LaLanne Juicers Of 2018

Here we present the best Jack Lalanne juicer reviews so you can make an informed choice. Go ahead choose from the best of Jack LaLanne juicers.

Jack Lalanne the god father of fitness, motivational speaker and an American icon decided to endorse a line of juicers after being impressed by their design and performance. It was around the time the juicing revolution was just starting off. In just over decade the brand he endorsed sold 2 million juicers and even today long after his death people still search for Jack Lalanne Juicer reviews so they can pick one for their own use.

Why are Jack Lalanne Juicers so popular?

Jack was and is such a popular, much loved legend that people continue to trust products he endorsed. The products have continued to live up to the high standards of the much loved American hero and fitness guru.

Features and Specifications:

Centrifugal juicer
3,000 RPM motor
Stainless steel body
Mesh filter
Stainless steel high tensile blades
Extra large feed chute.
Dishwasher safe components,
Non-drip spout and large capacity pulp collection port.

Simple And Functional

Jack Lalanne power juicers are simple and functional machines that perform the task of juicing very well indeed.

High Juice Yield

Our team of testers who put together this Jack LaLanne juicer reviews were pleasantly surprised to find that these juicers yielded the highest amount of juice.


Another great feature is how quiet these juicers are. The people who did this Jack LaLanne juicer reviews were surprised at how little noise the juicers make. Though it is a centrifugal machine the juicer’s induction motor is placed in a specially designed noise damping casing. It is advertised as Whisper Quite and it truly lives up to its name.

Affordable And Sturdy

Jack LaLanne juicers are affordable and extremely convenient to use. It is a sturdy machine built with superior grade materials of high quality. You may not even realize that you are using a low-priced juicer as it is so well-made.

Simple operation

It is simple to operate juicers. Jack Lalanne juicers reviews was impressed by the detailed manuals provided with each juicer. The well thought out documents give details on how to use the machine, what and how to juice different types of produce, how to clean and care for your machine and much more.

Compact And Easy To Store

The machines are designed to occupy more vertical space than horizontal. So you can easily accommodate your Jack LaLanne Power juicers on your kitchen counter as it occupies so little space.

Jack Lalanne Juicer Review : Jack LaLanne Pro

Compact, sturdy and sleek are the three words that best describe Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro . It is an affordable juicer that any one venturing into juicing can easily buy. Every Jack Lalanne juicer is equipped with a powerful induction motor.

According to users this is a dependable machine. It is slightly heavy considering its size but it manages to juice anything. Only few vegetables like sweet potatoes posed a problem to the machine. But then who juices sweet potatoes except the crazy guys at Jack LaLanne Juicer reviews. The Power Juicer Pro is top of the line as far as the Jack LaLanne line of juicers are concerned.

This Pro version operates at 3600 rpm slicing, cutting through both tough and soft vegetables producing pulp-free juice. The stainless steel blades make quick work of the toughest vegetables, the mesh filter stops the pulp from going through and gives your clear juice.

The large feeding chute minimizes preparation time. The pulp goes into a separate bin which can easily be detached and emptied. One trick the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews team recommends is to line the bins with old shopping bags. Once your juicing is one just remove the bag and use the dry pulp as mulch for your plants or discard it.

The Pro is not just appealing to look at but every part of juicer is dishwasher safe according to Jack LaLanne juicer reviews who spent hours putting the machine through the paces. Every aspect was tested and results measured.

One thing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews thought might not appeal to users was the fact that you can’t simply rush through your juicing process. It has to be slow and steady as directed in user manual to get maximum juice output. Rushing through gives very bad results with little juice and wet pulp.

Even though the juicer is perfect in every other respect a few things have to be learnt before juicing to get best results. You can’t simply start juicing unless you have read through the manual. You should not push down too hard or too fast. The ingredients have to be cut into small pieces for best results. Clean the mesh filter and feed chute when juicing for longer times to prevent clogging.

Clean it with in a few minutes of finishing your juicing and it is relatively easy to take care of the Pro says the team doing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews. If you forget to clean it than it is rather difficult to remove all the dried up fibers but then that is true for any juicer. This machine lasts for years if used properly.

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews Scores For Power Juicer Pro

Ease of use: 4/5
Clean up: 4.5/5
Juice Quality: 4.5/5
Juice Yeileded: 5/5
Power: 4.5/5
Noise: 4.5/5

According to the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews the Power Juicer Pro is a highly efficient juice making machine with high juice yield and reliability factor. It is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to clean and look at. It is also very easy to use. A few parts are made of plastic and using metal for those too would have elevated the machine to higher level but so would have the price. Overall the team gives this machine a score of 4.5 on a scale of 5.

Check the Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer out now!

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews : Power Juicer Express

Features and Specifications:

Centrifugal machine
3,600 RPM motor.
Large round feed chute
Non-drip spout
Unique extraction technology that maximizes juice yield.

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is made from plastic components and needs to be handled with care in order not to damage or break some of the more fragile parts. It comes with a spout that when turned up does not drip juice a very handy innovation which helps in not wasting juice when you are changing containers or glasses. According to Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews it is designed with a large feeding chute that can take in whole fruits or veggies like carrots etc. The patented Jack LaLanne juice extraction technology ensures that you get a high yield in juice no matter what you put in.

Another attractive feature is the compact size of the juicer so the amount of counter space required is very little. It occupies more vertical space than horizontal.

Every Jack LaLanne Express juicer comes with a detailed user manual about how to assemble and use the machine and also tips on how to juice different types of produce. The Jack LaLanne Juice Reviews advises you to read through the entire manual and keep it handy while juicing because you need to follow the steps exactly to get maximum juice yield. Also, if you don’t get the step right in assembly the machine won’t work which is an advantage in a way as you will hurt the machine or yourself by doing something wrong.

It is cheap and compact model that can handle just about any fruit or vegetable you feed it with. But on the downside it made entirely of plastic which needs some careful handling. Also, you need to learn how to use the machine properly before operating it.

Power Juicer Express needs some getting used to says the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews team. You can not start using it to juice right out of the box. Many users love it because it offers so much value for so little money. While some hate it because they can’t get the results they are looking for. Most of the complaints are from folks who haven’t learnt how to assemble or operate it from the manuals and decide to learn on the go which is not possible with the the Jack LaLanne line of juicers. You need to assemble it right to get the machine to start and also to get maximum juice yield.

Also the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews is of the opinion that patience is important when using this juicer. Trying to rush it by pushing the ingredients through won’t work. It needs to work at its own pace to extract juice and it does that rather beautifully if you let it.

If you maintain the unit properly by cleaning it after use and handling it with proper care the machine will last for years inspite of being made entirely of plastic components according to team doing the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews

Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews Scores For Power Juicer Express

Ease Of Use – 3/5
Clean Up – 4/5
Juice Quality – 5/5
Juice Yielded – 5/5
Power – 4/5
Noise – 5/5

The Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews opines that the Express is a versatile and highly impressive machine for its price. It offers some superb features, compact size and step-by-step approach to extracting maximum juice from every fruit and vegetable you ever feed it.

Overall Score: 4.3 out of 5 for the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express

Jack Lalanne Deluxe Review

Another juice from the same line Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe is an expensive machine that punches well above its weight in terms of performance juicing about anything provided you well the manual provided faithfully.

Overall Score: 4.2 out of 5

Citrus Juicer Reviews – Top Citrus Juicer Picks Of 2018

In this Citrus Juicer Reviews we have top 5 picks of 2018. Go on, enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice every morning giving your body a boost with essential vitamins and energy to take on a hard day of work.

Looking for the best citrus juicer?

There are so many citrus juicers in the market today that finding the best is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our team at citrus juicer reviews does all the hard work for you. Our best citrus picks are chosen after hours of testing and reading dozens of product reviews on retail websites like Amazon. We go through every aspect of the juicers with a fine tooth comb so you can depend on our citrus juicer reviews to pick the best with total confidence.

Before you go ahead a buy one, our citrus juicer reviews team recommends that answer a few questions

  1. Are you interested in electric citrus juicer?
  2. Do you want something that lasts for years?
  3. Is a model that occupies less space important?
  4. Is price a deciding factor?

The answers to the above questions will help narrow down the search to a juicer that suits your unique needs. With those answers you can make an informed choice when it comes to buying a citrus juicer. Our citrus juicer reviews top 5 picks are the best in the market today. Let’s check them out.

Choosing the best 5 citrus juicers

Citrus juicers are a handy gadget to own in the kitchen as you squeeze fresh orange juice whenever you want even when you are very busy because all it takes is a few minutes. No hassle of squeezing till your palms and hands hurt. Your selection of a top citrus juicer depends on your needs and that of your family. In short how much orange juice do you plan to make in day or week.

If it is just 3-4 cups of juice every morning there are particular models that fast, cheap and perfect for your needs. If you plan to juice enough oranges to last for 3-4 days then there is a more expensive model that can do the job for you. While the smaller, less expensive model comes with own collecting cup for the smaller quantities that you plan to juice, the juicer that makes bulk quantities does not comes with these accessories. These and dozens of other factors are considered by citrus juicer reviews before picking the best 5 models.

So, let’s start by finding out the actual reason for

Why do you need a citrus juicer?

This might appear like a ridiculous question to ask on a citrus juicer reviews site. But we have a very valid reason why we ask. After all most kitchens boast of hand blenders, food processors, choppers and a dozen other gadgets to make life easier in the kitchen. But can a food processor help make a fresh glass of orange juice? Maybe but it sure is pain to do it.

While an exclusive citrus juicer takes hardly a minute to produce a fresh glass of juice to consume immediately your juicer attachment in the food processor might take more time not only to assemble but also to clean and filter the juice. So despite a device that makes orange juice sitting right beside the microwave hardly anyone makes citrus juice using the processor because it is so much more work and a pain to set it up for just a glass or two of juice. Our citrus juicer reviews team understands that if it is difficult to operate, set-up or clean you will not use the juicer. Hence our top 5 picks are a breeze to clean, easy to set up and operate.

These juicers are so handy and compact that you can even pack them to take on your vacations. Yes, continue to enjoy your morning juice routine wherever you are. Maybe you don’t need a citrus juicer but rest assured once you start using them you will never go back to juicing oranges any other way.

How Do We Test Citrus Juicers?

Citrus juicers are no longer just a cone with ridges with a simple cup to collect juice at the bottom. They come with auto-pulp control, auto-reverse and other features. These simple features help make your morning juice just the way you like it. For instance some people like more pulp in their juice while others prefer absolutely no pulp. With the pulp control feature you can set the exact type and amount of pulp you want in your juice.

Hand juicing results in wastage of juice because however hard you try not all the juice from the fruit can be extracted manually. An electric juicer with its auto reverse feature go deeper into the fiber to extract every last bit of the juice. But the juicer should not go too deep into the pith as it adds a bitter taste to the juice.

So we subject each of the citrus juicers through some rigorous testing putting them through similar scenarios as in a actual kitchen.

  1. . We test their auto-reverse feature
  2. Check that the juice spout is designed so there is no wastage
  3. The pulp-control does not clog and cause juice to flow in reverse or spill out.
  4. We clean them to see how much time that takes.
  5. Assemble, operate and dismantle to see time taken for few glasses of juice.

Apart from this we test other aspects like how powerful is the juicer, how much fruit can it handle comfortably and so on.

After 30 hours of testing some 15 models the citrus juicer reviews team came up with the best 5 citrus juicers

Criteria used by citrus juicer reviews to pick top 5 juicers

1. We restricted our research to only citrus juicers. No centrifugal or masticating models are included in this testing
2. The models picked are priced under $20. Too pricey models were not even considered.
3. Feedback from actual users were considered seriously as they reflected actual conditions under which most citrus juicers will be used.
4. Dozens of interviews of owners of different citrus models were conducted to get their feedback about the products used by them.

As you can see our citrus juicer reviews was not done on some random choices but picked with care and consideration about how the actual users will use them. Our top 5 citrus juicers are truly the best.

Factors that impact the choice of citrus juicer by citrus juicer reviews

1. A well-crafted machine will not only extract maximum juice but also not lead to wastage of precious juice.
2. Our top picks have compact design, self-contained juice collectors or spouts that don’t dribble juice all over.
3. The locking mechanism should be easy to use and robust to last the lifetime of the juicer.
4. Pulp-control should not lead to clogging or juice backing up in the juicer leading to spillage from sides.
5. Variable pulp control allows the right amount of pulp to allow for individual preferences.
6. Too powerful motors are not suitable as juicing maybe fast but it might also lead to over reaming and biting into the pith.

So keeping all the above points in mind the best citrus juicer reviews has come with the top citrus juicers of 2018.

And the Winners Are…

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

The Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is probably the simplest and best electric citrus juicer you will ever come across. It compact and so easy to carry with you everywhere. It comes with detachable juice pitcher that you can take to the table with you. It comes with the handy pulp control and auto reverse feature to extract maximum juice from every orange your squeeze. Two different sized reamers help juice different sized fruits with ease.  At just 16 dollars this is one of the best citrus juicers that outperforms several models that are priced 10 times more. The citrus juicer reviews team gives 5 stars for this product without hesitation.


BLACK+DECKER  Citrus Juicer


BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer comes a close second according to the team of citrus juicer reviews. This is one of Amazon Best Seller #1 in citrus juicers category.  It is identical is most respects to the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer. At 14 dollars it is slightly less than its top competitor. The only reason this product comes second is because while juicing unexpectedly the motor stalls. But it is rare. Just go for this model if our top pick is out of stock. It is in every as good as the Proctor Silex model.

Breville Citrus Press

The  Breville Citrus Press Juicer is the best electric citrus juicer to buy if you want to juice large quantities of citrus fruits.  The effort needed is so little due to dual pull lever that you can easily juice several pounds and not even break a sweat about it. It is slightly less efficient in extracting juice compared to our top two picks. But for large quantity juicing this is the ideal mate in the kitchen. It works for all sizes of citrus fruits. Don’t press the lever down too hard as this causes over reaming of fruit and causes the juice to taste bitter.  As there is no pulp control juice is thick and pulpy but still smooth. At $130 it is expensive but the effortless juicing makes it worth the price.


Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press

The original pricier version the Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press is priced at $180. It makes several gallons of orange with minimal effort. Made of metal it is a breeze to clean and use. It will last your years as it is a very sturdy and solidly made juicer.


Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer


The Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus Juicer is great looking citrus juicer with stainless steel body but priced at just $30 dollars. It offers excellent performance in making perfect juice from every type of citrus juice. It offers pulp control and great for those slight disabilities in the hand. Sturdy and strong it can be washed in the dishwasher.

That rounds out the top 5 picks of citrus juicer reviews.

Best Juicer Machine Review – Best Juicers To Buy In 2018

Are you looking for the best juicer to buy? Best juicer machine review will feature our top picks for 2018.

Every machine is tested rigorously, put through different juicing scenarios and only those gadgets that give the best results are picked to be on our top 5 list for 2018 by our team of testers who have put together this best juicer machine review.

Let no best juice machine review fool you into believing that the perfect juicer which can juice and clean itself exists. You have to be ready to make small compromises. Most fast juicers are also noisy. A quiet juicer like a masticating one is slow. A juicer that extracts wheat grass juice like a charm struggles to juice soft fruits and veggies. A juicer with excellent yield may be too complex to put together. You need to find the right balance.

But there exists a perfect juicer just for you because each user’s needs are different. It is our aim at best juicer machine review to find that perfect mix of juicing ability, ease of cleaning and affordability in juicers so you can choose the right one for your needs.

So, what do you plan to juice?

If you know what you are going to juice most often then it goes a long way in determining the best juicer to buy. This best juicer machine review recommends that buyers should brainstorm regarding the types of juices they are going to use their juicer for. Greens, leafy veggies and wheat grass are best juiced in masticating juicers as both juice quality and juice yield is higher with these machines. If you are planning to juice only fruits go for a centrifugal model. Again you can juice fruits in masticating juicer and greens in centrifugal models. But the juicing experience is not the same.

What factors should you look for in your juicer?

The best juicer machine review recommends that you should choose a juicer that you will really enjoy using. A juicer that is easy to use and makes delicious juice too is likely to be used more often and not end up in some unused corner of the kitchen. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a juicer.

Juicing Speed

Not everyone has half hour or more to juice. Many have less than 15 minutes to devote to juicing especially in the morning. So are you ready to compromise a little on the juice quality and yield for faster results? This is where you decide whether you will go for a fast centrifugal juicer or go for slow masticating one. The centrifugal ones are fast, convenient and efficient too. If you are not in a rush to juice every morning go for a cold, slow press or masticating juicer which offers better quality of juice that has a longer shelf life, is healthier and quieter.

Juice Yield

Masticating juicers generally produce more juice from the same amount of produce when compared to a centrifugal juicer. But the cost of a masticating juicer is high even for the lower end models.

Juice Quality

A masticating juicer uses the slow cold-press technique to extract juice which minimizes foaming and frothing which are the main causes for the oxidation of the juice. This method of juicing preserves nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the juice. Juice quality and consequently shelf life is better for juicer produced using a masticating juicer.

Noise Levels

Centrifugal juicers are fast but they tend to be loud. They make juice in minutes and are very convenient to use but they are noisy compared to masticating juicers.  The best juicer machine review team found that rpm rating of the centrifugal juicers and the different speed settings indicate to some extent the level of noise the juicer will make. They found the noise is comparable to any blender.

During testing for this best juicer machine review it was found that when you feed whole fruits and hard veggies like carrots the noise is higher as the blades cut the fruit/veggie to pieces. If you feed smaller chunks the noise comes down quite a bit. But since the job is done in seconds or minutes you won’t be hearing it for long.

On the other hand the masticating slow juicers do their job silently. No irate family members or wailing babies to deal with. They do take more counter space and are more expensive than centrifugal machines. According to the team of testers who came up with this best juicer machine review if you want a fast, convenient and affordable appliance you have to put up with some noise. If you don’t mind the expense or the time taken then you can opt for a slow press masticating juicer.


A powerful juicer is important to handle the fibrous greens like wheat grass, chard, kale and spinach. A minimum of 400 watts is required to handle tough vegetables. For better juice yield and quality go for a more powerful juicer. While the powerful centrifugal machines rated 800 watt upwards, the masticating juicers come with even more powerful motor but rotate at slower speeds slowly chewing and pressing the produce to extract the last bit of juice.

Ease of cleaning

During testing for this best juicer machine review we found that a machine that is easy to clean is the one most preferred model for juicing compared to a model with complicated clean up process. If you would like to juice on a regular basis choose a easy to clean juicer. All our top juicers picks for this best juicer machine review are easy to clean machines.

Ease of use

Juicers that have fewer parts are easier to assemble or dismantle. Same goes for cleaning. A complex machine with too many parts means you will quickly discard the idea of juicing. But fewer parts means lesser functions. But that should not be an issue because you are only interested in juicing and have a food processor or blender for other purposes.

Look for large feeding chutes which help you feed bigger chunks and reduces your preparation time. A large pulp ejection spout is also good feature as it prevents clogging of machine.


Centrifugal models are more affordable compared to masticating juicers. Most of our best centrifugal juicers for this best juicer machine review are priced in the 100 to 400 dollars range. Masticating juicers are costlier. They are priced 200 dollars upwards. We also noted that you get what you pay for. So if you want a decent machine that handles both fruits and veggies with equal ease pick a model that is $100+. Anything less is not going to give satisfactory results and make you feel disappointed in the long run.

Knowing what factors listed above are important to you will help narrow down the list of juicers to buy. Our best juicer machine review top picks will help guide in your search.


Some juicer are bulky and require more counter space in an already crowded kitchen. Look for compact that can handle the amount of produce you want to juice. Too small models may end up taking up your time while juicing. Pick a juicer that can produce right volume of juice for your everyday needs and fit in your kitchen without sticking out of your shelf. In our best juicer machine review we have eliminated too large or unwieldy models.


Look for juicers that come with warranty. Lack of warranty indicates the manufacture has no belief in their own product. All best juicer machine review picks come with warranties ranging from 1-15 years. Pricier models come with longer warranties. Even if you are a newbie choose a juicer that at least has a 1 year warranty.

The best juicer machine review picks for the best juicers on the market

These are short reviews of the top juicers of 2018 on the market.

Centrifugal Juicer – The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is the clear winner of the best juicer machine review contest as it has all the features that any juicer will find absolutely useful in making the most delicious juices. It ticks all the right boxes for a centrifugal machines in terms price, speed of juicing, juicing efficiency, juice yield, size, juicing a variety of produce from tough greens to soft fruits and more.

It has been at the top of Amazon best seller list for a long time as every one who bought will testify it is so easy to use and clean.  The juice extracted is of great quality even though nutrition is slightly compromised. It is rather quiet for a centrifugal machine.

Centrifugal Juicer – Power Juicer Deluxe

A juicer from the stable of  Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer model surprised us with its high juice yield. The fitness guru of 50’s Jack Lalanne is the brain behind this product and we were surprised by this product’s efficient juicing ability, the taste of the juice, the feel and texture of juice produced, it’s focus on durability, its price and the life-time warranty. The clean up is slightly cumbersome and so is the assembly. But most parts of the machine are dishwasher friendly. A cleaning brush is providing which can be used to remove the bigger chunks from sieve. Once done just pop into the dishwasher or clean it under the tap.

Masticating Juicer Omega NC900 Juice Extractor

The Omega NC900HDC Electric Juicer is a Amazon top-selling juicer know for its performance. The juice extractor is priced at less than $350 dollars which is very reasonable for a masticating juicer. Large chute, ease of cleaning and excellent juice quality make it a top pick for best juicer machine review. It operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm to extract every last drop of juice from wheat grass to apples and carrots.  For the price the performance is exceptional.

Masticating Juicer – Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is one of the best masticating juicer among the dozens of models tested. Another best seller from Amazon the juicer due to slow-press method produces very little heating and foaming . The nutrition in the juice remains intact and the shelf life is also longer. It does other things too like extrude pasta and make nut butter.

Citrus Juicer – Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

Some folks only want a simple citrus juicer. Our best juicer machine review team found the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer a steal and great produce for the very affordable price  of $16. It can juice any citrus fruit and comes with the auto reverse feature.  The pulp control ensures you enjoy the juice the way you want.

What is the best juicer to buy?
What is a masticating juicer?
How often do you drink juice on a juice fast?
What is a cold press juicer?

Best Juicer Under 100 – Top 3 Juicers Under $100

Here’s our guide to buying the best juicer under 100. Our top picks under 100 dollars are just right for those who want to juice but are not yet ready to take a full-fledged plunge into the world of juicing.

So you are looking for best juicer under 100? No surprises there. Most people new to the world of juicing are looking for best juicer under 100 dollars to test the waters of this health wave taking over the world.

Juicing as a way of life needs commitment. Not everyone is ready to take the plunge. Some might find time consuming for the extra effort needed in buying more fresh produce. , it takes effort to prepare ingredients for juicing. Then there is juicer assembly and cleaning after use. Only those who are passionate about it can commit for the long term. Without knowing this information a first time juicer maybe reluctant to sink hundreds of dollars on state of art juicers.

So before presenting our top picks for best juicer under 100 you need to have an idea about what you will use the juicer for and why.

  • What ingredients do you plan to juice?
  • How often are you planning to use?
  • Are looks important in your selection?
  • Is size an important factor?

Finding the best juicer under 100 – Our Best Selections

A best juicer under 100 is a simple but very useful gadget in the kitchen that takes the hard work out of juicing. Many folks wonder if a separate juicer is a necessity in a kitchen full of gadgets. Couldn’t a food processor or blender do the job? No. The answer is simple and straightforward. Juicers extract the essence and juice from the ingredients which a blender cannot do. It only grinds or blends – pulp, skin and juice together. Your choice of a top best juicer under 100 will depend on what type of fruits or veggies you are going to juice.

Do you really need a best juicer under 100?

Probably not but as explained earlier a juicer makes life in the kitchen that much easier and simpler. It takes the hard work out of the juicing. If you or your family wants a glass of juice all you need to do is pop in the ingredients and push the button and the fresh, fragrant juice is ready in minutes. That is not possible with other appliances.

Keeping the above factors in mind we have chosen the most affordable yet durable juicer under $100. We have not considered pricey models because unless you are serious about juicing the more expensive models don’t make sense. They are sophisticated, complicated with a range of features which are never used by regular juicers. On the other a simple, straightforward machine gets used more often as people find it more convenient and easy to handle.

Testing To Find The Best Juicer Under 100

We don’t just randomly pick any juicer that is less than $100 and recommend it to our buyers. Whether it is a 1500 dollar masticating juicer or a $15 citrus juicer every recommendation is backed by hours of testing and research. So for this particular test we chose several models and conducted real life situation trials. We asked several owners also to participate in these testing. Most complied happily.

After subjecting the juicers to rigorous testing we recorded the results about juice yield, calculated the efficiency of juicing, recorded the  time take for preparation, time taken for juicing and clean up. All this meticulous records helped us to compare a host of juicers to find the one that was head and shoulders above the rest.

We also read hundreds of detailed reviews from actual users in a variety of forums, retail websites and Amazon. After comparing with actual testing and user reviews we arrived at the top pick for best juicer under 100.

Factors that helped a juicer to get on our best juicer under 100 list

1. Ease of use – this is a very crucial element in juicing. The most enthusiastic of juicers give up on juicing when faced with daunting machines. So our first criteria is always ease of use.

2. Ease of clean-up – The easy part is juicing the most difficult is clean up and storage. Juicers that are easily cleaned up are used almost on daily basis while those that take time forgotten in some dusty corner of kitchen.

3. Price – Here $100 is the hard limit. We only looked at juicer models that cost less to get on our best juicer under 100 list.

4. Juice Yield – Even if the juicer costs less it should have high juicing efficiency otherwise what we gain by paying less for juicer is lost in daily purchase of top quality fruits and vegetables.

5. Reviews – We also went by positive reviews from actual users, celebrity chefs and more.

Our top pick for best juicer under 100 is a carefully considered decision and not some random choice.

What Factors Are Crucial In Choosing A Best Juicer Under 100.

Sturdy Construction – A well-built sturdy machine not only lasts long but also stands up to the rigors of juicing without breaking down. So we chose only those models that were well-designed and well-made. Our best juicer under 100 picks are robust and sturdy.

Powerful Motor – A powerful motor is important to deal with any type of tough produce whether it carrots or kale or swiss chard. Our chosen best juice under 100 picks all comes with powerful motors.

Feeding Tubes – A wide feed tube means lesser prep time. No need to dice the produce into tiny bits. So we chose only those models that could accommodate larger chunks.

Juice Container – A juice container helps collect juice and one that is supplied with the juicer is usually the right fit and helps prevent dripping or wastage of precious juice.

Noise – Any juicer that makes noise like aircraft taking off did not make it to our list. The high noise levels can get grating and irritating not just for your household but the even your neighbors.

And the winners of best juicer under 100 contest are…

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is sold for less than $100 on Amazon. It is a compact and sturdy product from Breville a leading in the world of juicers. Even though this particular juicer retails for less than $100 the manufacturer has not skimped on the quality of product. It is well-built to handle both tough vegetables and soft fruits. The large 3-inch wide feed tube makes it easy to feed whole fruits and vegetables into the juicer without need for much preparation. One minor problem is lack of a separate pulp bin which is available with the higher end models. In this model the pulp stays in the juicer. This is not a problem unless you plan to juice large quantities. In that case you have to stop the machine to clear out the dry pulp. Most parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe. It comes with a cleaning brush to clean the sieve.

Hamilton Beach

Priced at less than $60 the Hamilton Beach 67608 Juice Extractor is another value for money proposition. It comes with extra wide mouth for whole fruits, extra big bin to collect pulp, a strong 800 watt motor that can handle any produce with ease and dishwasher safe parts. The cleaning brush to clear the mesh screen is useful cleaning tool. It’s easy to use and clean. When you are on a tight budget the Hamilton Beach is the ideal juicer to own. It can cut through the toughest of vegetables with ease. It is sturdy and compact. Except the blade every other part is dishwasher safe.

Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer

If you want to juice only citrus fruits the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is just perfect. It is compact and very simple to use. At just $16 dollars it a superb investment to enjoy fresh orange juice every morning. It has pulp control and auto reverse features. It is easy to clean and comes with a attached juice container that can hold 3-4 glasses of juice. You can run the it to juice your oranges for long stretch without stopping. The motor can handle it with ease.

Best Stainless Steel Juicer Of The Year – The Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor

If you are looking for the best stainless steel juicer then the Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor is the only juicer that qualifies to be called one.

It is one of the best juice extractors in the market and is entirely made of superior grade of surgical steel. It is an ideal mate in the kitchen that can extract juice from almost any fruit, vegetable or green leafy vegetable that you feed into the chute. A twin gear juice extractor the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is both simple to use and easy to clean. It is rated as the best stainless steel juicer for more than one reason. In the following paragraphs you will learn why this is such a great gadget to own.

The best stainless steel juicer is expensive but the high quality of its construction makes it durable and worth every bit money spent on it. Every part of the juicer is made of superior steel, making it sturdy and tough. It may be the only juicer you will ever own in your lifetime.  The juicer comes with separate pulp and juice bins and uncomplicated design. When the bins reach capacity the machine warns you with a beep. So there is no danger of overflowing juice or pulp from the bins.

The twin-gear cold press method of juicing in the Super Angel juice extractor ensures that the pulp is completely dry when it comes out. In this example of best stainless steel juicer the food is first ground into a fine powder for dry stuff or juice in case of wet stuff with the help of twin gears. In the second stage this fine powder or juice is pushed through a sieve to get the juice while the dry pulp is pushed out through another exit.

The 3 hp motor of Super Angel best stainless steel juicer rotates at a very slow speed of 86 rpm greatly reducing oxidation, foaming and frothing which preserves the nutrition in the juice. In a centrifugal juicer that rotates at 15000 rpm introduces huge quantity of air into the juice greatly diminishing its quality due to oxidation and resultant foaming and frothing. The heat in the cold press method is minimal while in a centrifugal juice that is an added disadvantage as vitamins are lost to the heat.

Features And Specifications Of The Super Angel 5500 – The Best Stainless Steel Juicer

  1. Stainless steel body and parts
  2. Twin gear
  3. Separate exits for juice and pulp
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Comes with mesh and sieve cleaning tools like the brush and screen cleaning knife
  6. 3HP motor
  7. Rotation speed of 86 RPM
  8. 10 years warranty on motor and parts

Here’s our score card for the best stainless steel juicer – the Super Angel 5500 on a scale of 1-5, 1 being a low score and 5 being the highest score.

  • Ease of Cleaning – 5
  • Ease of use – 4.5
  • Juice Yield – 5
  • Juice Quality – 5
  • Power – 5
  • Noise – 5
  • Price – 4.3

To sum up, the Super Angel is a silent, powerful juicer which yields highest amount of top quality juice. The after use clean up is a breeze and only setting up and using it is slightly cumbersome compared to other juicers. Overall the juicer scores 4.8 which is as close to perfection as it can get. The initial high asking price is the only thing that stops people from going for this top-class juicer.

If you can overcome the price factor and buy it, you will immediately appreciate how well the product is made. Every last component of the best stainless steel juicer is made from high grade surgical steel and it built to last.

Let’s take a each of the factors of the best stainless steel juicer that was reviewed and tested by our team:

What did our testing involve:

We subjected the Super Angel 5500 to some tough testing. Like everyone else we wondered whether the juicer was too good to be true. So we put it through the paces over the course of several weeks feeding it everything from stringy, tough greens like wheat grass to soft, squishy tomatoes. We made nut butters from almonds and peanuts. We subjected it to long duration juicing and more.

Every time the juicer with its powerful motor came up with perfect juice with hardly any hiccups. The trouble-free juicing experience and the equally painless cleaning up process converted us to Super Angel 5500 fans almost immediately. The completely dry pulp meant we didn’t have to waste time running it through the machine a second time. The first time was good enough.

Let’s take a look at each factor of the best stainless steel juicer individually:


Ease of cleaning: 5/5

Cleaning after use of the  Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer is effortless due to everything being made of metal. Just rinse the gears under the tap and use a brush for the mesh. The screen scraper or screen cleaning knife can be used to remove any coarse fibers on the sieve. The pulp and juice are collected in separate bins hence you will not see mess due to leakage or mixing of juice with pulp.

It remains bright and shiny without losing any of its luster even when used daily unlike other juicers made of plastic that easily stain and start looking old after a few months of using. Many folks buy juicers based on its juice output or other factors ignoring the most important part of cleaning up after use. With the Super Angel juicer you will not make that mistake. It is best stainless steel juicer for clean up after use.

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Drop just about anything worth juicing into the feeding chute and you will be rewarded with juice that is fresh and full of nutrients through the juice outlet. The pulp comes out super dry in another container.

The slow and cold press method of extraction ensures no vitamins are lost due to heating or foaming. You can store the extracted juice for up to 3 days without it losing its quality. It is recommended that you dice and cut fruits and vegetables before feeding the machine to ensure better quality of juice and also avoid dirt in your juice.

Push the chunks of vegetable or fruit down the chute using the wooden stick provided. For some of the tougher stuff like nuts you need to use more force.

Juice Yield: 5/5

This best stainless steel juicer can juice anything from soft fruits to hard nuts and anything in between. It is a horizontal machine with a twin gear mechanism that slowly rotates to slowly chew and crush the ingredients slowly pushing out the juice through one outlet and the pulp through the other. So whether it is a soft tomato, a water cucumber, a hard carrot or a stringy, fibrous chard or kale, the Super Angel squishes out the juice leaving behind a very dry pulp. You don’t have to send it through the machine a second time.

Juice Quality – 5/5

Most juicers do not produce a fine and even quality juice on the first grind. But in the case of our favorite best stainless steel juicer the juice is not only fine but the taste is intense and full of flavors preserved due to the slow press method of extraction. There is no foaming or frothing nor oxidation which are usually the causes for juice quality dropping. There is also no heat generated so that is another reason for the excellent juice quality. Absolutely every bit of nutrition of the fruit or vegetable is retained in its juice when extracted with the Super Angel 5500. You can store the extracted juice for up to 3 days in the fridge.

Power: 5/5

A powerful 3 hp motor ensures that the ingredients yield every bit of their juice. In this best stainless steel juicer the slow speed of juicing of 80 rpm ensures that every bit of nutrition from the toughest produce is extracted. Only the driest of pulps are ejected.

Noise – 5/5

Despite the high powered motor the juicer is silent and you will hardly notice it working away on the fruits and veggies you feed it. Even with nuts the noise levels are within tolerable limits. Some juicers make grating, grinding noise that make you curse the day you bought them. That is fortunately not the case for this best stainless steel grinder.

Price – 4.3/5

The price is high compared to the other juicers. But it offers unmatched quality of service and juicing capabilities and is worth every penny of its price. Since it provides years and years of trouble free service the initial cost is justified.



Check out the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Juicer

Except for the high price there were absolutely no draw-backs as far as this best stainless steel juicer is concerned. If you don’t mind the price you will enjoy every moment with your juicer for years to come.


Best Vegetable Juicers Of 2018 – Our Top 3 Vegetable Juicer Picks

Looking for the best vegetable juicers on the market? Whip out some amazing, nutritious and healthy juices using any of our top 3 picks in vegetable juicers.

Choosing one juicer from whole range of best vegetable juicers available is daunting for any one individual.

While some juicers are good for soft fruits, others are great for vegetables, some are good only for wheat grass. We are here with our recommendations after extensive research and testing. Our top 3 best vegetable juicers for 2018 are excellent when it comes to juicing vegetables.

Before we proceed it helps if you know

1. Are you going to juice only vegetables?
2. What sort of vegetables are you planning to juice?
3. Is it going to be mainly greens? or hard vegetables?
4. Do you want a juicer that looks good on the counter?
5. Is budget a constraint?

Your answers to the above queries will determine the type of juicer to buy. Let’s take a look at our selection of 3 best vegetable juicers in the market.

Our Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicing has taken on a life of its own ever since busy moms and working professionals discovered that the 5 servings of fruits and veggies need not always end in tears and tantrums when they can be converted to delicious and yummy concoctions which kids and adults enjoy as part of their meals or stand-alone treats.

All its takes to make any vegetable-based drink palatable is an apple, some ginger and a twist of lemon and viola people drink it up without too much fuss. Is it any wonder that people are flocking to buy themselves the best vegetable juicers that money can buy.

We have chosen both best centrifugal and best masticating juicers because even though masticating juicers are great for extracting most amount juice from given ingredients sometimes you need to compromise a little for speed especially when the best vegetable juicers need to work their magic during early morning rush hour.

Coming to a very important and pertinent question:

Do you really need one of the best vegetable juicers in your kitchen?

The kitchen counter space is a crowded piece of real estate housing appliances and gadgets that heat, bake, blend, grind, chop and more. Do you have space for one more? Is it possible that the other gadgets can do the same job as your juicer? Probably but not the way a juicer can. Food processors or blenders can juice but the results will neither be pretty not the juicing efficiency as good. You will end up discarding vegetables along with a good amount of juice in them. If you are serious about juicing you need to buy one of the best vegetable juicers and use it to extract juice from your vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to break the bank doing it. There are many affordable and well-crafted machines that do the job well.

Testing To Find The Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

Juicers of every make and kind crowd the market  space and it is almost impossible to know which is the best for your needs. We have been in the business of picking the best juicers for every category for some time now. We choose a variety of models, makes and brands and go through their specs with a fine tooth comb. Our team of researchers visits several retailers and picks up brochures, pamphlets and we also visit their websites to get a good idea about the type of products the juicers are good at turning into juice. For example some masticating juicers simply don’t work well with citrus fruits. Some centrifugal juicers can not extract wheat grass juice. With this in mind we filter out those juicers that we know are simply not suitable for vegetable juicing.

We eliminated about 60% of the models selected in the first round and were left with about 27 models to actually test under every day conditions. The eliminated models were too expensive, too big, too unwieldy or just plain unsuitable for vegetable juicing. We put the juicers through the paces just like you would in your kitchen. Feeding them different types of stuff – hard vegetables like carrots, semi-hard like vegetables like squash, soft ones like tomatoes and cucumbers, roots like ginger, herbs, greens like spinach, kale, chard and even wheat grass. Now those machines that handled all tests we put them through without choking, stalling or sputtering emerged the undisputed champs. We also tested the vegetable juicers for other criteria to emerge as the best vegetable juicers.

What criteria influenced our top 3 picks of best vegetable juicers?

  1. Size of the juicer – Is it too big to sit on your counter top?
  2. Power – Is it powerful enough to extract wheat grass juice
  3. Capacity – Can it juice at least 4-5 cups for a decent sized family?
  4. Convenience – Is it convenient to clean, store, assemble, dismantle and juice?
  5. Features – Do the extra features make the juicers more convenient to use?
  6. Price – Is the price in a affordable range or too exorbitant?
  7. Centrifugal or Masticating juicer – While a masticating juicer also known as cold press juicer definitely produces more juice, it is slow and more expensive. A centrifugal juicer on the other hand is fast and more affordable. We weighed the pros and cons of both and picked a centrifugal just for the convenience and speed of juicing.
  8. Warranty – A long warranty is a definite plus point when it comes to buying best vegetable juicers as owners can have peace of mind.
  9. Strange Factors That Influence Buying Of Best Vegetable Juicers.
  10. Preparation Time – Cutting, dicing, peeling, coring, pitting of fruits and vegetables take valuable time. A juicer that does not need prep time is a great time saver. The best vegetable juicers are able to handle this with ease.
  11. Price – Not all best vegetable juicers need to be pricey, many of the best models are affordable and provide excellent value for money.
  12. Noise – Juicers that don’t wake up the family and the neighborhood is preferred.
  13. Large feeding chute – The larger the chute lesser is the prep time involved. So look for big feeding chutes. Some accommodate whole apples, oranges, carrots and pears too.
  14. Ease of cleaning – Juicers that take forever to clean are not great buys because who has the time for that. Something that takes minutes to assemble, juice, clean and store away is the most preferred for best vegetable juicers.
  15. Size – Look for compact juicers that can be easily stored on the counter.

So, after hours of testing and researching we arrived at the best of the lot. The top 3 among the best vegetable juicers are…

Omega NC900 Electric Juicer

If you are into juicing big time and love to experiment with different flavors and types of juices the Omega NC900 HD Electric Juicer is a best pick. It offers double press method of juicing extracting more juice than any juicer reviewed here. Apart from juicing the Omega can do other things like extrude pasta, make nut butter, or make baby food. It minces and chops too. Due to the slow cold press method of juice extraction every bit of nutrition is retained in the juice and nothing is lost due to foaming, frothing or oxidation. There is no heat generated hence the juice remains fresh and nutrient rich for a longer time. You can store juices extracted through this method for up to 3 days. It runs a slow 80 rpm but its powerful motor at 1500 can extract juice from the toughest of wheat grass. But the one disadvantage is slow speed in producing juice.

Breville Juice Fountain

Another versatile juicer the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor is best value for money from a well-known name in the world of juicers. The company has a great reputation for producing superb quality machines at reasonable prices. The Breville juicer is a well-designed product with great looks and features that make juicing a breeze. Every feature is well-thought out and helps the juicer to get best results. One thing it lacks is differing speed settings but this is not a big issue at all. It is another best seller on Amazon.

Cuisinart Juice Extractor

The number one brand in offline retail stores and departmental stores the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor is a sturdy machine built to last. With 5 speeds and extra wide chute of 3″ it can take in any vegetable you drop and make quick work of it. It has a very powerful 1000 Watt motor which makes juicing a breeze. At 14 pounds it can be easily moved around. It needs a more counter space due to its size.

Top Juicers – What Are The 3 Best Juicers Of 2018 ?

Here’s our guide to finding the top juicers of 2018. Every newbie would like to know the best juicer to buy but the answer to that question is not that simple or straightforward.

When you say ‘I want buy the best juicer’ what do you mean by it specifically? If you simply want the best or the top juicers that are in the market today then our answers are…

Super Angel – Stainless Steel Juicer

Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Juice Extractor is built entirely of surgical steel. Even the inside parts. Both in looks and functionality this is one of the top juicers as it can deal with soft fruits like peaches and oranges or tough greens like wheat grass with equal ease. The cold slow press method ensures juice remains and tastes fresh for long. But the price is pretty high at $1500+. It’s got a long warranty and this juicer maybe the only juicer you will ever own as it is built for durability.

Norwalk Juicer

Another pick for the top juicers list is the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. It is the ultimate in juicing with a hefty price tag of $2500. Those who are serious about juicing and make large quantities of juice will love this slow juicer as it can pretty much juice anything. With this appliance you will get only the freshest juice as there is no froth or foam or even oxidation while juicing. The best quality juice comes with a high price tag though!

Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

At $450+ the Tribest Green Star Elite Juice Extractor is another top pick that offers superb performance juicing anything with ease and producing top quality juice. The juice quality is one of the best and it yields high amounts of juice for the same quantity of ingredients making it a very efficient one.

But is this what you need?

The above three according to us are the ultimate top juicers in the world of juicing. It is similar to owning luxury brands like a Rolls Royce car or a Rolex watch. Do you need them? Not really. You don’t need a Rolex to tell you the time when a Timex can do the job well enough or a Rolls to get around town. Same with juicers. You just need something that does the job well.

The quality of juice and performance may be top-notch with the above top juicers and well, who doesn’t want to own a Rolls but for most people the above juicers are little over-the-top. These top juicers are for those who take their juicing extremely seriously and are into juice therapy for recovery from illness or following a strict juice-based diet.

If you just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle but don’t want to break the bank doing it, you need a workhorse-type top juicers that will yield high amount of good quality juice. The good news is that there are options available and you don’t have to spend thousands on them.

It’s time to start learning a little bit on the type of juicers you want and ask yourself the some questions, the answers to which will help you find the best juicer for you. Some of these are…

Why Do I Need A Juicer?

There are a dozen gadgets all vying for space on the kitchen counter. Do you really need one more sitting there and gathering dust. A juicer has a specific purpose and no other food processor or blender or chopper can do that job for you. If you answer the following questions right you will not only buy the right juicer but also use it almost every day.

How much time can you spend on juicing?

If you are like most people, you don’t have much time for juicing. So you need to pick one from the top juicers list that is simple to operate, doesn’t need much preparation time, is easy to clean and put away after use.

What type of produce do you plan to juice?

Some top juicers are great for tough greens while others are perfect for soft fruits. Remember there are no perfect juicers that juice everything and clean themselves. So you have to settle on a juicer that is most suitable for your needs.

Is juice quality very important?

If you want to toss in whole fruits and get juice in minutes then you have to make a slight compromise on the quality of juice.  Centrifugal top juicers are fast and convenient but they introduce froth, foam and oxygen into the process slightly degrading the quality of juice.

Masticating top juicers are slow but they need bit of extra preparation where you have cut the produce before feeding it to the juicer. Also the juicing takes longer as the slow juicer chews the produce and then crushes it slowly extracting juice with no foaming or oxidation.

Do you need juice to stay fresh for long?

With centrifugal top juicers the juicing is fast. But you have to consume it within a few hours in order for it to be still nutritious and fresh. With slow juicers the juice stays fresh up to 72 hours.

How quiet do you need your juicer to be?

Some picks on the top juicers list make enough noise to wake up the whole family, while others are quiet. If you have a baby or light sleeper at home go for masticating juicers that are quiet.


The top juicers are meant to last a life-time while others last from 5-7 years which is also a good time-frame. If you need long-lasting top juicers go for the sturdy, durable ones which last 10-15 years or even more.

Now that you know the answers the above questions, hopefully at least a few, it is a little more easier to pick the right one from the top juicers we have arrived after lot of testing and research.

We have arrived at the following three top juicers based on several positive criteria. Our picks don’t compromise on quality, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, quality of juice or the juice yield.

We also chose only those models which are in affordable price range. We arrived at these after testing over 5 dozen models in different categories. We tested them for every important criteria and chose only those that came out on top on several of the qualities deemed important by users.

Here are our 3 top juicers:

Omega NC900

A top-selling brand on Amazon, the Omega NC900HDC Electric Juicer is a top quality juicer with high ratings from thousands of users who are delighted with it’s performance. Omega has improved on the already exceptional performers the Omega J8006 and Omega NC800 models to come up with the Omega NC900. Priced at less than $350 dollars it is a very affordable model considering it is a masticating juicer. Pre-juicing preparation time needed is minimal due to the large mouth chute in this model.

Cleaning is super-easy if done shortly after juicing to prevent the drying of pulp fibers in the nooks and crannies. The juicer operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm methodically breaking down the produce and pressing the pulp to produce juice. It juices everything from leafy greens to vegetables to soft fruits with equal ease producing top-quality juice.

There is no foaming or oxidation and hence the juice can be stored for up to 3 days with no degradation of quality. It’s not too great for citruses. Soft fruits juices are pulpy. It is extremely quiet and comes with a 15-year warranty. This is a multi-tasking gadget and can make nut-butters, baby food, pasta and more. It’s top choice for a reason. For the price no other juicer comes even close in terms of performance. It’s a no-brainer to pick the Omega NC900 as our top choice.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

Among centrifugal juicers the Breville range of juicers are top choices. They provide excellent value for money. At $100 the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is affordable and one of the easiest to assemble for juicing and dismantling for cleaning. It is fast and efficient in extracting juice. Within a few seconds of feeding whole apples and carrots watch the juice coming out through the spout.

No prep time as you the wide chute can take in whole fruits. Due to the centrifugal method there is frothing, slight heating and oxidation of the juice. This is not the best juicer for soft greens and herbs as juice quality gets degraded. A good work around is to alternate hard fruits and veggies with soft greens to get more juice. It also does a good job on soft fruits like tomatoes, peeled grapefruit and oranges. For $100 you won’t find a find best juicer on the market.

Hurom Hu – 100

A vertical masticating juicer, the Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer offers several advantages over the horizontal ones. They are very easy to clean just place it under a running tap, compact and easy to store. It does need some prep time as you have feed smaller chunks of fruits and veggies but it can self-feed itself so you can spend that time cutting and preparing the produce.

Despite the slow rotation speed of 80 rpm it produces juices faster than horizontal masticating juicers. It handles all types of produce with ease from leafy greens, soft fruits to hard fruits and veggies. But the pulp is not as dry as with a Omega. It extracts more juice from harder produce than softer ones. The juice from vertical juicers tends to more pulpy. So if you want juice without pulp go for other juicers. It is very quiet juicer and the juice remains fresh for 72 hours after juicing. It comes with a 10 year warranty. At $480 it is more expensive than the above juicers.

What is a masticating juicer?
How often do you drink juice on a juice fast?
What is a cold press juicer?
What is a juicer used for?

Juicers For Less – Best Budget Juicers Of 2018

Are you looking at juicers for less? You have come to the right place. Not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on juicers when perfectly good models are available at reasonable prices.

Go on, pick juicers for less and whip up delicious juices at home.

In fact we actively discourage you from buying very high-priced juicers because many are too complicated for home juicers. Also, the features that the juicers claim will change your life are hardly ever used.

So apart from price,

  • What type of juicer are you looking for?
  • Do you want a portable juicer?
  • Are looks an important criteria?

Depending on your particular needs your choice of a juicer will change. So, let’s take at our top juicers for less picks.

Choosing the top 6 juicers for less

Juicers are useful gadgets in the kitchen as it makes the job of providing a healthy start to your family a reality and with much less fuss too. Which juicer you choose will depend on what type of products you want to juice.

Our top juicers for less choices have specific points that set them apart. For instance one of picks is great for citrus fruits, while another is good for tough greens and third is ideal for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. One is slow the other is fast in juicing. So, let’s start by asking the right question.

Do you really need a juicer?

At the outset you might think what a weird question to ask in the middle of which affordable juicer to choose. But it has a purpose. Your kitchen has a variety of small and big appliances all doing specific tasks. One keeps your food fresh for long, another is used to heat or cook food fast, a third is used for slow cooking or baking, a fourth is used to blend or grind stuff and so on. So where does the juicer enter this mix?

Your juicers for less picks will help make juices fast from a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. For instance you could quickly juice some spinach, carrots, apples and oranges and offer it to your kids at breakfast time. They get an instant boost in the nutrition profile while you can relax about a job well done. Repeat it at lunch and dinner and bingo you have ensured that your family is eating a well-balanced meal.

Kids enjoy these juice blends and there are no tantrums about not wanting to eat their daily dose of 5 helpings of greens, fruits and vegetables. Our top 6 juicers for less picks make the job of juicing a breeze. The juicers we pick are great at juicing and equally easy to clean.

Many of the top juicers for less that we have chosen are highly portable so you can carry it with you on vacations and enjoy a healthy lifestyle on the move.

Now you might not need a juicer but it is mighty convenient to have one. Once you are hooked to it you are likely to be using it on a daily basis.

Here we present how we test and pick our juicers for less

Juicers come in a variety sizes, shapes and designs. While some use the fast centrifugal method of extracting juice others use the slow chew and press method otherwise known as masticating juicing method and if you like to juice only citrus stuff the citrus juicers are just ideal. So you see testing the different juicers involves a different factors and every attachment and accessory has to be tested so you enjoy pleasant a experience while juicing.

That is the reason why we test our juicers for less in a very thorough and detailed manner.

  • We test in real life situations.
  • We test it like how absolute novices to expert juicers use it.
  • While testing the top picks of juicers for less we put them through the paces like in normal day-to-day situations.
  • We juice a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • We test their assembly and dismanting time and effort.
  • Check for juicing efficiency and more.
  • Ease of cleaning is also tested.

Only those that pass every test with aplomb make it to our list of juicers for less. Of course the price should be reasonable and affordable too.

For selecting the top juicers for this list we spent nearly 50 hours testing about 72 models over several days. These top pick juicers for less outshone the others by their sheer performance.

Criteria To Get On Our Juicers For Less List

  1. Since we are looking for affordable models for home use during the testing process we eliminated higher-priced models.
  2. We also eliminated those mainly used in commercial ventures.
  3. We restricted our testing to citrus, centrifugal and masticating juicers.
  4. Our team of researchers went through thousands of user reviews, feedback and online email surveys to find only the best models to include on the list.
  5. Any and every complaint about the products were looked at to eliminate mistakes due to users and only those that were due to design flaws or badly made products isolated for further testing.
  6. The team interviewed several hundred willing participants for their valuable feedback and information about the different juicer models.
  7. Network of family and friends were also tapped to get more information juicer models they used.

After all this testing we arrived at a handful of models that satisfied our user’s strigent requirements. These juicers for less models are absolutely the best of the lot in terms of price and performance.

Some important pre-requisites to get on our juicers for less list

  1. Ease of use – Our team puts top priority for this criteria. It is our belief that unless a gadget is drop-dead easy to use it is not going to be used consistently and those with complex set-ups were sure fire losers in the race to the top.
  2. . Noise – Centrifugal juicers do make noise when you feed whole apples and oranges. But we eliminated those that made too much noise and extracted too little juice.
  3. Power – While powerful motors ensure smooth and fast extraction of juice we also made sure that they did not lead to bitter after taste due to crushing of seeds or pits.
  4. Pulp Ejection – Separate exit for pulp helps you juice for longer without having to stop and clear out the pulp.
  5. Looks – Compact juicers that looked good on the counter in addition to their excellent performance were like icing on cake.

And the winners are

Best Citrus Juicers For Less

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

Beautifully designed and highly efficient in extracting orange juice the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer is top pick for the juicers for less citrus juicers. Priced at just $16 you won’t find a better juicer for making orange juice every morning. It’s fast, as auto reverse for extra juice extraction, pulp control and simple operations. It is the best citrus juicer for making 3-4 cups of orange juice at home.

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer

Another beauty the compact and powerful  BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer is very good gadget that equals Proctor’s Silex Citrus Juicer. It is one of top sellers on Amazon.  Buy this if the other model isn’t available. It is cheaper too. In design, looks and performance it is very much similar to the Proctor Silex juicer.

Best Centrifugal Juicers For Less

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Among the dozens of models tested the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor is clear winner for a variety of reasons. It is compact, powerful, simple to use and clean, affordable and provides great performance juicing with ease whole apples and oranges. Prep time is almost zero as it has a big feeding chute and very powerful motor that extracts juice with ease. The quality of juice is superb with very little froth or foaming.  Ease to assemble and store. You will love the Breville Fountain Plus.

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000

The feature that most impressed our team about Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor was the long chute that easily takes apples, oranges and pears. No prep time required as you just pop in the whole fruits with skin, pits, core and all into the juicer. Out comes the delicious juice in seconds. This juicer is a best-seller in department stores. It is larger than other juicers but extra large pulp bin compensates for it as you can make large quantities of juice without stopping to empty the pulp catcher. It is best to consume the juice within a day or two of juicing as the method of extraction doesn’t allow for long storage time. Another great feature is the juice spout which if tilted upwards prevents dripping of juice. The pitcher design and shape reduces frothing and foaming which in turns keeps juice fresh for a longer time. Assembly, dismantling and clean-up are sligthly cumbersome. This juicer easily juices all types of vegetables, fruits and greens. Use the 5 level speed controls to juice toughest vegetables with ease. The juice is clear and pulp-free.

Best Masticating Juicers For Less

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer from Omega is one of the best juicers we have tested that works well both on extracting juice from wheatgrass and kale to regular fruits and vegetables. It is a best seller on Amazon and is considered a leader in masticating juicers. It’s sturdy, sleeker and top-notch performance. It yields highest amount of wheatgrass juice with no heating or foaming thus preserving nutrition. It is versatile and can become a workhorse in the kitchen due to the many tasks that it can do.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Another winner from the Omega stable the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is top seller. It’s slow speed of juicing ensures minimal foaming and heating keeping the nutrition intact. The juice extracted has a longer shelf life due to the cold press method. This juicer handles toughest of leafy greens like kale, wheat grass, spinach and chard with ease producing vibrant juices for your family. Priced economically it provides variety of tasks and occupies minimal storage space.

Which juicer is the easiest to clean?
What is the best type of juicer to buy?
What are the different types of juicers?
How does the juicer work?

Top 10 Juicers – The Best Juicers Of 2018

Are you looking for the top 10 juicers of 2018? Here we present only the best of hundreds of juicers models available in the market today. Go ahead choose one of the top picks from our list and whip up some delicious juice blends in your kitchen.

So you want to know the top 10 juicers for 2018. Let’s get started then.

Whether it is wheatgrass juice or plain old orange juice that you wish to drink every morning pick one from the top 10 juicers and have the best possible start for your day.

  • Are you looking to juice a variety of stuff like veggies, greens, fruits and citrus fruits?
  • Is price an important factor?
  • Do looks matter?
  • How much can you afford to spend on juicing?

There are literally hundreds of juicer models out there with prices ranging from less than $20 to thousands of dollars. The juicer you choose will depend on your specific requirements. Our top 10 juicers cover the best in each category so that you only have to pick the ones that suit your needs.

Choosing The Top 10 Juicers

Juicers have become essential part of the kitchen as juicing has taken off in a big way. Using juicers you can craft lip-smacking juice blends that are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants giving your body an instant boost in energy. Juice detox and juice diets are another reason for the increased interest in juicing. Depending on your juicing needs pick one from the best of the best – the top 10 juicers.

Some of our top 10 juicers are great if you want to juice only citrus fruits like oranges, lemons or grapefruits, while a couple of models are suitable for wheatgrass, kale, chard and other tough and stringy greens, while the rest are just great for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. As you see these picks are just right for every kind of juicing need.

But before we proceed it’s time to ask a most important question:

Do You Really Need A Juicer?

Are you surprised we asked you that? The reason behind the question is that our kitchens boast dozens of gadgets from the simple hand blender to the complex food processor, choppers to microwave, ovens to giant fridges. So do you need yet another appliance? While simple blending and smoothies can be managed using blender or food processor, extracting wheatgrass juice or even orange juice is beyong these appliances. A juicer on the other hand can do the job efficiently and with speed. It can add the needed extra punch to your healthy lifestyle.

Some of our top 10 juicer picks are portable and compact enough to be even taken on vacations so you don’t have to miss out on your new super-healthy, super-tasty lifestyle. Take your juicer along with you when you travel or use it right at home to juice just about any fruit, vegetable and even nuts. That’s right some of the masticating juicers can make more than just juice. They can make creamy nut butter, ice cream and even pasta. Once you get hooked to your new juicer there is simply no looking back.

How Do We Test To Arrive At Our Top 10 Juicers?

Juicers with too many parts, complicated to set up and operate and equally difficult to clean were eliminated early on from our testing process. Our team of testers were determined to find the most efficient and simplest gadgets that made life easy for the person juicing.

Noise levels, juice spattering or getting wasted due to design flaws, ingredients preparation times, cleaning and storage after juicing and many other aspects were tested with diligence by our team. Only those juicers that passed all our strigent testing criteria qualified. Only the best of the lot made it to our top 10 juicers list.

What Did Our Testing Involve?

  • The testers put the juicers through the paces just like you would in the kitchen.
  • They used a variety of fruits, vegetables, roots, greens and in some cases even nuts to check their juicing ability.
  • Juice yield from same quantity of same type of fruits/veggies was tested.
  • Clean up time required after juicing was measured and it was also rated for difficulty levels.
  • Was the pulp dry or wet after juicing?

A variety of factors were tested to arrive at the list of top 10 juicers.

We tested over 78 models including manual juicers, centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers, masticating juicers and more. These shortlisted models have made it to the top 10 juicers list because they simply outshone their competition in almost every aspect.

Criteria for making it to top 10 juicers:

  1. Our juicers are meant mostly for home users not commercial juicers. So we looked at juicers from that perspective. Of course those juicers that juiced in bulk also made it if they satisfied our criteria of a home juicer.
  2. The more expensive models that were also unnecessarily complex to use were eliminated during testing.
  3. Our team studied the feedback of users of these models to see if they were serious drawbacks in the product. If they were due to user errors we did not include those in our evaluation. But if the errors are likely to be made by “most” users we eliminated such badly designed models.
  4. The team interviewed dozens of serious juicers on the models they use and why. They also conducted online surveys, email interviews and sought feedback from top chefs, hobbyists and more to arrive at top 10 juicers.
  5. The testing team finally arrived at the following handpicked top 10 juicers with complete confidence that these are the best available juicer models today.

Before proceeding to the top 10 juicers of 2018 let’s take a look at what important points were considered for picking these models.

Factors that decide if the juicers make it to the top 10 juicers list

1. Juice outlet or spout – Our top 10 juicers have well-designed spouts to prevent spills or drip.
2. Separate Pulp Ejection – Having separate ejection outlet for pulp let’s you juice without stopping frequently.
3. Minimal Prep Times – Most of our handpicked top 10 juicers require very minimal prep time. You can feed whole oranges and apples, pears and berries, veggies and more without peeling, coring, pitting. Some minimal preparation is required in some juicers but that is for more efficient juicing.
4. Larger feeding spouts – One more factor that cuts prep time.
5. Faster juicing – Mornings are usually hectic and not many have time to spend on juicing . So a juicer that is fast is a definite advantage.
6. Maximum juice – Our top 10 juicers extract maximum juice and driest pulp among several models tested.

And the best juicers of 2018 are …

Best Masticating Juicer

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer from Omega is one of the best juicers we have tested that works well both on extracting juice from wheatgrass and kale to regular fruits and vegetables. It is a best seller on Amazon and is considered a leader in masticating juicers. It’s sturdy, sleeker and top-notch performance. It yields highest amount of wheatgrass juice with no heating or foaming thus preserving nutrition. It is versatile and can become a workhorse in the kitchen due to the many tasks that it can do.

Super Angel 5500 Juicer

Sturdy and made entirely of surgical grade stainless steel the Super Angel Stainless Steel Juicer is truly and superior piece of engineering in juicers. The stainless steel augers crush and chew through the toughest of stringy and dry greens to extract maximum juice. It can juice almost anything and is capable of doing other things like churn butter, make nut butter, ice-cream and pasta. The only small drawback is the high price. But this may be the only juicer you will ever buy in you life. Just feed the veggies and fruits at a steady pace to get incredible amount of juice. Overfeeding can jam the gears.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Another winner from the Omega stable the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is top seller. It’s slow speed of juicing ensures minimal foaming and heating keeping the nutrition intact. The juice extracted has a longer shelf life due to the cold press method. This juicer handles toughest of leafy greens like kale, wheat grass, spinach and chard with ease producing vibrant juices for your family. Priced economically it provides variety of tasks and occupies minimal storage space.

Tribest Green Star Elite Juice Extractor

If you are into juicing wheatgrass take a look at Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor that comes with 12 years warranty. The pulp is ejected continuously as the juicing goes on. So you don’t have to stop to clear anything. Apart from juicing it works well as a food mill. It’s a heavy duty machine that juice just about anything. The preparation time is minimal as its powerful teeth can chew and crush just about any stuff. The after-juicing clean-up is little annoying as the fine mesh takes a long time to clean up. On the other hand the handle on the sturdy body makes it easy to move the juicer around.

Best Citrus Juicers

Proctor’s Silex Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

If you prefer something simple to begin in the world of juicing then our team recommends the Proctor Silex Citrus Juicer. At $16 you can not get a better citrus juicer that produces most juice for the same amount of fruit. It has the auto-reverse and pulp control features. Two set of reamers for differnt sized fruits gets maximum juice. The small yet powerful motors handles juicing like a pro without any trouble under the most trying testing conditions.

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer


The BLACK+DECKER CJ625 Citrus Juicer is just as good as the Silex Proctor juicer. This has been a best seller on Amazon in citrus juicers. It is identical to the Silex Proctor juicer is almost every respect except the unexpected stalling of motor in middle of juicing. This happens rarely but that is the only flaw we noticed during our extensive testing. For some reason if you can’t find the Proctor Silex the Black and Decker model is as good and couple of dollars cheaper too.

Breville Citrus Press

If you need a powerful citrus juicer to juice large quantities of citrus fruits the Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Citrus Press is a great buy. With barely any effort using the dual pull lever you can juice several pounds of oranges or grapefruit in one go. It is easy on wrist and arm and very much suitable for people with disabilities or those suffering from joint pains. One point we noted during testing was to not press the fruit too hard as this causes over reaming of the fruit which gives a bitter taste to the extracted juice. At $130 it is much more expensive but is great for those quiet and fast juicer requiring little effort.

Best Centrifugal Juicers

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

The team tested many different centrifugal juicer models and found the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Extractor was handsdown winner on many accounts. It combines the best of every machine, gives unbeatable performance at most affordable price. Very little pre-juicing preparation is required due to its powerful motor and large feeding chute. It’s compact in size and looks great on the kitchen counter. The juice yield is the best among centrifugal models and the quality of is also not affected due to minimal foaming and heating. The easy cleaning makes true winner among the top 10 juicers.

Power Juicer Deluxe SSMT1000

Our team was pleasantly surprised by the Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer model which produced one of the highest amounts of juice among the different models tested. The brain behind this high yield juicer is Jack LaLanne who was well-known in the field of fitness in the 50’s and is still considered the godfather of fitness. The quality of juice is excellent with a smooth and pulp-free. The clean up after juicing is slightly difficult compared to other juicers due to the design but it is dishwasher friendly. So after removing the big bits just pop it in the dishwasher. Another small drawback of this juice is the amount of time it takes to assemble for juicing. But on the plus side it is very quiet for a centrifugal juicer. It tackles the toughest of vegetables with ease and is made of sturdy materials and the motor comes with a lifetime warranty. It occupies slightly more counter space than other centrifugal models on this list.

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000

The feature that most impressed our team about Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor was the long chute that easily takes apples, oranges and pears. No prep time required as you just pop in the whole fruits with skin, pits, core and all into the juicer. Out comes the delicious juice in seconds. This juicer is a best-seller in department stores. It is larger than other juicers but extra large pulp bin compensates for it as you can make large quantities of juice without stopping to empty the pulp catcher. It is best to consume the juice within a day or two of juicing as the method of extraction doesn’t allow for long storage time. Another great feature is the juice spout which if tilted upwards prevents dripping of juice. The pitcher design and shape reduces frothing and foaming which in turns keeps juice fresh for a longer time. Assembly, dismantling and clean-up are sligthly cumbersome. This juicer easily juices all types of vegetables, fruits and greens. Use the 5 level speed controls to juice toughest vegetables with ease. The juice is clear and pulp-free.

Best Wheatgrass Juicer – Top Juicer Reviews Of 2018

Looking for the best wheatgrass juicer? In this guide we present the top 5 picks and reviews of some of the best products in the market that juice wheatgrass efficiently and with effortless ease.

Extracting juice from this tough plant is not easy with ordinary blenders or juicers. Here we review the best wheatgrass juicer so you can extract maximum juice with minimum fuss. With these juicers as your mate in the kitchen you can kickstart your day with a cup of fresh wheatgrass juice everyday.

There is an incredible array of juicers to choose from and it gets confusing as you start your research. The problem of course is how to decide which of the best vegetable juicers to buy. Our team of experts decided to put every product to test to find the best wheatgrass juicer for you.

Before going further answer the following few questions to help clarify your requirements

  • Do you plant to juice daily and how much?
  • Is cost of the juicer a major factor
  • Are you looking for electric or manual juicer?
  • How much time can you afford to spend on juicing?

The answers to the above will determine the best wheatgrass juicer you buy. There are some incredible juicers in every category that are affordable and do a variety of tasks in the kitchen. So even if some of them seem slightly expensive they are well worth the price as you will be using them to not just juice wheatgrass but also a variety of stringy, tough vegetables and fruits, make nut-butter, pasta and baby food and much more.

We have intentionally left out some of more ultra-expensive and sophisticated best vegetable juicers because most people find it too complicated to use.

Do you really need a best wheatgrass juicer?

Your kitchen is probably equipped with a dozen gadgets like blenders, chopper, mixer, citrus juicer and more. So do you really need one more? The answer lies in how badly you want to juice wheatgrass? That is because the usual kitchen gadgets do a bad job when it comes to juicing wheatgrass. They maybe the best tomato juicer but when it comes to wheatgrass not so good. Wheatgrass is tough, stringy and dry. It has very little juice in it. Trying to extract it with ordinary blenders or mixers or even juicers will end in frustration.

Masticating juicers, manual juicers and a few centrifugal machines are the only equipment that can efficiently juice this expensive grass to get maximum juice. Owning a best wheatgrass juicer cuts down your juicing time and you can up the nutrition profile of your family with ease by blending wheatgrass juice with other ingredients. Plus these juicers are quite versatile and do many other things. So owning a best wheatgrass juicer is not a bad idea at all as you can whip up nut-butter with as much ease as a glass of kale juice.

Some background on how we test and find the best wheatgrass juicer for you:

Our team of experts spends hours testing the various types and models of juicers in an effort to find the best wheatgrass juicer. They also test for a many other factors so that you spend least time and effort in juicing.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are inexpensive, compact and easy to clean but they do very little apart from juicing wheatgrass. Electric juicers are faster and more adept at handling different types of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. So it can act as the best tomato juicer too. You don’t need a dozen different best vegetable juicers when you can choose one excellent one – the best wheatgrass juicer from our selection.

What do we test the best wheatgrass juicer for?

  • Not just wheatgrass but other tough vegetables like swiss chard, kale, celery.
  • Efficiency in terms of juice extraction
  • Time taken to extract juice
  • Clean up time, operational ease, storage after use.

Only after rigourous testing do we recommend our top 5 picks in best wheatgrass juicers for you to try out.

After 84 hours of testing 47 models we arrived at the best wheatgrass juicer that simply chewed the competition out. Yes these picks were the best of lot for a number of reasons all of which will make life easier for you.

What criteria determine the selection of our list of best wheatgrass juicer picks?

  • Since this review is about the best wheatgrass juicer we mainly focussed on wheatgrass and other similar tough greens like chard and kale.
  • We eliminated overly complex and very high-end juicers that end up as mere decorative pieces in the kitchen.
  • Postive reviews from actual users on Amazon, Walmart and other reliable retailers are taken into account.
  • Feedback from our extensive network of friends and family on the juicers they use also helped us zero in on the best wheatgrass juicer.
  • Many juicing hobbyists, experts and chefs willingly provided us with more infomation in interviews and this too made finding the best juicer simpler.

Finding the best wheatgrass juicer is a mission for our team of testers and they are not some random picks from a bunch of models. They present these top 5 best wheatgrass juicer models with pride and sense of fulfillment of a job well-done.

Before presenting the top 5 picks let’s give you brief low down about some key differentiators when choosing a best wheatgrass juicer

  1. Feeding Chute – A juicer with wide enough chute to accomodate the different stuff so prep time is minimized.
  2. Metal Auger – Metar auger lasts longer as there is less wear on it.
  3. Speed – Slower speeds will help squeeze out the juice with higher efficiency.
  4. Separate Pulp Exit– A exit to eject the pulp allows juicing without frequent stops.
  5. Juice Spout – Should be long enough to allow collection of juice without dripping all over the machine.
  6. Extra attachments for making pasta, churning butter, making nut-butter and more.
  7. Less heating and foaming – Minimal heat generation during juicing to preserve nutrients in juice and no foaming to minimize oxidation of extracted juice.
  8. Compact size for easy storage.

And the winner of the best wheatgrass juicer contest is…

Omega NC900 Nutrition Center Electric Juicer


Omega Nutrition Center Electric Juicer is the latest offering from Omega. If you have been juicing for a while you have most likely heard about the leader in masticating juicers the Omega J800 series. They have been best sellers in the slow juicer category and offer the best value for money.

The new 6th generation juicer the Omega NC900 is a new improved version of J800 series juicers. In looks, design and performance it’s offers lot more. It’s got a sturdy chrome body, longer and slimmer look than the older model. It has a larger footprint but compensates for it by its higher efficiency in juicing and perfomance. It has 5 different speed settings and works on dual stage mastication. The first stage cuts and chews the greens and in the second stages crushes it to extract juice. As pulp is ejected through a different opening you can continue juicing for longer.

It is one of the best electric juicers for wheatgrass yielding highest amount of juice and does a variety of other tasks in the kitchen. It can become your workhorse in the kitchen due to its versatility. The slow speeds of extraction prevents heating and nutrition preservation.

Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

The Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer is one the most sturdy and durable juicers we tested. It is made entirely of high-grade stainless steel provides great crushing action due to its strong metal augers and perfect maximum rotation speed of 86 rpm. This juicer is expensive but its durability and versatility makes up for the cost. It will probably the only machine you will ever buy in your lifetime. It juices not just wheatgrass but a variety of fresh produce like carrots, apples, spinach, kale, swiss chard and even nuts.

It is designed to extract juice at slow rate of speed with minimal oxidation and foaming. The nutrients are not destroyed which means you get a better quality of juice overall. It uses twin-gear to slowly draw the produce through the gears and slowly cut and crushing the leaves to get a nutrion packed cup of juice. The pulp is automatically ejected allowing to juice for longer time without stopping. The best part is how easy it is to clean.

Don’t overfeed the chute or jam your veggies down it. For best performance feed in small quantities. Otherwise you are likely to jam the gears.

Hurricane Juicer: Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer a very inexpensive, simple, easy to operate, easy to clean straightforward wheatgrass juicer. Made of stainless steel this juicer is exclusively meant to juice wheatgrass. A lightweight and portable model it can travel with you anywhere. Just remember to remove the screen installed inside the juicer and start cranking away. To get maximum amount of juice just put the pulp back in the chute and give it another turn. This way you will get a drier pulp. It is dishwasher safe too. As it is a manual juicer all the effort of juicing has to be put in by you. So your arms, hands, wrists all get a workout. If you have health issues that restrict the use of your hands then go for a electric juicer.

Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

Another great product for juicing wheatgrass is the Tribest Green Star Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor. It comes with a 12 year warranty. While juicing it continuously eject the pulp which allows you to juice for longer periods without stopping to clean out. Apart from juicing wheatgrass it can also work as a food mill. Simple design and heavy duty performance. You can use it to juice just about anything. It requires very minimal prep time. The total masticating technology mashes and juices everything with ease. It produces fine and smooth juice with gritty bits in it. But one thing that really annoyed our testers was the after juicing clean-up of the fine mesh which took ages to clean. The handle built into the body makes it really easy to carry or move the machine around.

Green Power Twin Gear Wheatgrass Juicer

Green Power Wheatgrass Juicer

Another top 5 wheatgrass juicer is the Green Power KPE1304 Wheatgrass Juicer. It does a superb job when juicing wheatgrass and other greens and veggies. For fruits there is a special attachment. Cleaning it much easier compared to the previous models of the same company. The pulp comes out dry and there is no need to rerun it. It is very easy to clean up and assemble. The gears and other parts don’t stain at all which used to problem with the older models. Overall the newer models occupies much less counter space. Best is the quality of juice is fantastic and as there is very little foaming it only adds to the quality of juice.