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Champion juicer FAQ – Everything you wanted to and need to know about a Champion juicer in one place.

Top Champion Juicers – In 2020

These are the top rated juicers from Champion:

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

What is the difference between two variants of Champion juicer model 2000? Which to buy?

There are two variants of Champion juicer model 2000. One is suitable for household use and the other is suitable for commercial setting. The models are available in two colours – black and white.

Both the models are almost exactly the same in terms of features and functionality. The only difference according to the makers is that the commercial unit has extra winding capacity for the motor to help it run for a longer time per juicing session. This adds durability to the motor. In the household model as it is unlikely to run for such extended durations the motor has lesser winding.

Champion juicer commercial model also has higher torque when you hit the ‘on’ button. But during testing this added torque did not in any way impact juicing performance of either juicer model.

The price difference between the two models is also negligible. So, our recommendation is to buy the commercial model of Champion juicer to get the added advantage.

.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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What is difference between Champion juicer 2000 and Champion Juicer 4000?

The Champion juicer model 4000 has a shorter motor encased in a shorter body compared to the Champion juicer 2000. As it is compressed in to a smaller space it occupies less footprint on your counter.

The Champion juicer 2000 body is made of metal. Champion juicer model 4000 is made of plastic.

Champion juicer 4000 is a double auger juicer while the 2000 model is a single auger. Though model 4000 is a double auger both are not installed or used at the same time. It has one auger for ‘greens’ and another for grinding. Depending on the type of produce you need to install suitable auger to juice. Use the grinding auger when juicing hard fruits and vegetables. Use the ‘greens’ auger for processing fresh greens or wheatgrass. In the Champion juicer 2000 the single auger is used to process/juice all types of produce.

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Champion juicer 2000 VS Champion juicer 4000, which is better? Which model to buy?

As mentioned earlier the commercial variant of Champion juicer 2000 is recommended when it comes to the two Champion juicer 2000 models. What about Champion juicer 4000 Vs Champion juicer 2000? Well, our recommendation remains the same. It is still Champion juicer 2000 and the reasons are given below:

Champion juicer 4000 does a great job when juicing greens. Using the auger meant for ‘greens’ we juiced wheatgrass and other leafy greens. And every time the Champion juicer 4000 performed really well extracting more juice than the single auger Champion juicer 2000. The greens auger and the screen surrounding it in the 4000 model help in efficient juicing of greens.

So, then why do we recommend Champion juicer 2000?
  1. If you want you can buy the auger for greens and the screen surrounding it for the Champion juicer 2000 model as a separate accessory anytime you want. The price of the Champion juicer 2000 with the green auger attachment comes to almost the same price as Champion juicer 4000. Fitted with the ‘greens’ auger the Champion juicer 2000 processes greens and wheatgrass as well as the Champion juicer 4000
  2. So why do we prefer Champion juicer 2000? The reason is that in making Champion juicer 4000 the makers have taken the traditional grinding route for juicing all other vegetables, fruits and nuts. But the Champion juicer 2000 on the other hand being single auger uses a unique approach to juicing. Its single auger is constructed with the first half resembling the grinding auger of the 4000 but the second half has many sharp metal teeth. With this twist in auger design the Champion juicer 2000 juicer has an edge when juicing hard stuff like carrots, beets, etc. It does a much better job compared to other slow juicers when it comes to the hard stuff. Now this unique design which offers the Champion juicer 2000 a distinct advantage is lost when you buy Champion juicer 4000 which is like any other traditional slow juicer.

So, our recommendation is to buy the Champion juicer 2000 with the green auger attachment if you like juicing greens.

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How long do juices last?

Freshly made juices should be consumed as soon as possible. Preferably within 24 hours as they do not contain preservatives. If you cannot drink it all up store it in the refrigerator. However, juices made with masticating juicers/slow juicers can last up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. After that they may not be safe to consume. Also, most of the nutrients and fresh taste of the juice also will be lost the longer you store. So, try to consume within a few hours of juicing with your champion juicer.

Do I have to add water when juicing?

No. There is no need for water. Champion juicers don’t need water to juice fruits or vegetables. They extract the juice from whatever produce or greens you add to them.

If you add water it only dilutes the taste of the juice. To get the fresh and actual taste of the fresh produce try to consume it undiluted.

However, some strong-tasting fruits and vegetables can be diluted with water or other juices to make them more palatable. But all this is more to cater to your tastes. The juicer does not need water to juice.

Is a champion juicer worth the price?

Yes. A champion juicer is worth the money you invest in it as it helps you to consume more fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and greens which you normally won’t eat otherwise. It is easier for younger children and busy folks to just drink up a glass of fresh juice than eat a bowl of salad. Investing in a juicer is like investing in good health. You consume delicious juice every day and also get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals without too much effort. So, yes buying a juicer is like buying good health.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

By juicing are you destroying fibre?

Juicing removes most of the fibre from the ingredients it juices. The fruits, vegetables and greens you juice contain fibre which is retained in the pulp and only the juice is extracted. So, yes you are not consuming fibre when you drink only the juice. There are some ways you can get the fibre back into your system. Simply add the pulp to your soups and patties or to thicken your sauces.

What can you do?

Also, it is recommended that you continue to consume whole fruits, vegetables and greens apart from drinking them in juice form. This way you will continue to get the goodness of the whole produce while also getting an extra boost consuming nutrient dense juices full of vitamins and minerals.

Always remember that juice is not a substitute for healthy eating. It is an additional way to get more goodness – vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your system which otherwise may not be available to you.

Blending Vs Juicing which is better?

Both are good in their own ways. While blending uses up almost all the whole produce like whichever produce you are blending comes out in paste form. You might remove the skin while blending or may retain it depending on your preference. You might add water, milk or yoghurt to liquefy it. So, you get the benefit of the fibre along with the juice in blending. Since whole fruit or vegetable are used the quantity of end product is also more.

In juicing all the pulp is removed including skin, seed and the fibre. In juicer the end product is nutrient-dense juice that is devoid of fibre. The end product, juice produced is very little compared to the produce. We are only extracting the juice from the apple or orange. All the skin and pulp are left behind.

Which is better?

It depends on your preference. If you want a clear, nutrient-dense, quick boost of energy, you might prefer juice. On the other hand, if you also want the benefit of fibre and pulp you might like to consume the blended version of the produce. However, as the blended vegetable or juice is rather thick you might have to dilute it with some other liquid.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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The best way to do it – is to have a mix of juice, blended smoothie and just plain whole fruit, vegetable or greens as part of your regular diet. Doing so gives you the benefit of dense nutrients when you consume the juice, blended smoothie gives you the fibre too, but a whole fruit or vegetable gives you the satisfaction as you slowly chew and swallow it along with the nutrients and fibre.

Can all vegetables be juiced?

While all vegetables can be juiced some are better consumed whole. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage can cause bloating if consumed in juice form. Some of the more difficult to juice vegetables might harm your Champion juicer. They might cause a build-up of deposit, damage the filtering mesh or bend the blades. It might also be difficult to clean-up after juicing such produce. So, before juicing consult the user manual and avoid the ones that the makers of the juicer ask you not to juice.

Is it OK to juice a day or night ahead?

Yes, you can juice ahead and store it in air tight container inside the fridge. But it is always better to consume it fresh. The reason for this that fresh juices contain the highest amount of nutrients. Over time the vitamins, minerals and enzymes degrade and are lost. To avoid loss of precious goodness, consume juice immediately.

Another problem is loss of taste. Over time the fresh taste of the juice is lost. Sometimes it might lose all taste or develop some strange tastes after reacting with the air or container in which it is stored.

Most folks who don’t have time to juice fresh every day do juice and refrigerate the drinks for up to 72 hours. There is nothing wrong just fresh is better.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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Are nutrients lost when blended?

Blending doesn’t cause loss of nutrients. But juicing might strip it of nutrients and fibre as the skin and pulp are discarded. So, consuming fresh juice prevents any further loss of nutrition.

Are Champion juicer parts dishwasher safe?

Champion juicer parts are not dishwasher safe. Some parts of some juicer models may be safe to pop into the dishwasher but not all. So, to be on safer side make sure to consult the user manual of your juicer model and only if it is mentioned place it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, simply wash it under the tap. For the mesh or screen filter use a tooth brush or the brush that is generally provided with most juicers to remove the fibres and other solid particles stuck to it. Also, do it as soon as possible to avoid the particles drying and sticking to the parts which makes it more difficult to remove later. If you can’t get to them immediately at least soak them in water/mild washing powder to keep them moist.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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Is Champion juicer made from BPA-free plastic?

Yes, Champion juicers are made from BPA free plastic. BPA is a harmful substance found in plastics. If it leaches into food over a long term it can cause serious health issues like cancer. To avoid this Champion juicers are made from BPA-free plastics. Any way to confirm this you can check the model specs when buying or ask customer support.

Can Champion juicer grind meat?

No. Champion juicer does not grind meat. That is, it does not come with the attachment needed for grinding meat. The older models used to come with meat grinder attachment which could be bought separately. But the newer models don’t have it. You can do many other things with Champion juicer like make nut milk.

Where can I find user manual for Champion juicer?

Champion juicers comes with the user manual at the time of purchase. If you have lost it do not worry. The Internet has the manual for you. Just Google for it by typing the model number and user manual. You should find a copy to download or print. You can even go to the official website to find the user manual.

Can Champion juicer make nut milk?

Yes, you can make nut milk using the Champion juicer. Just soak the nuts overnight. In the morning drain the water and rinse it. Now put the nuts through the juicer with some water and collect the milk at the other end.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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How much cleaning does a champion juicer need?

Clean your juicer after every use. Most days you can get away with a quick rinse under the tap and little more time to scrub out the mesh filter or screen that separates pulp from juice. But after you do a quick rinse of most parts except the mesh screen which needs a good scrubbing with a brush to remove fibre. After 4-5 uses make sure you give the Champion juicer a deep clean. Clean out every crevice. The mesh screen and all other components also need a good thorough clean. There can be build-up of fibre, juice, minerals and grit. Cleaning it all out helps keep your juice healthy and contaminant free. To make your own juice cleaner – use two parts of water for one-part bleach.


Do I have to clean the Champion juicer after every use?

Yes, the answer is absolutely you have to clean it after every use. This is for your own safety as you will be consuming raw juice. Any contamination is risky. Also, not cleaning the Champion juicer will cause build-up of particles which over time will harden and make the juicer useless if this happens on the juice screen or other critical components. Use mild cleaning agents like diluted vinegar or mild detergents. Harsh chemicals will rust or damage Champion juicer parts.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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How do I choose the right juicer?

Several factors will determine the type of juicer to buy for your family.

  1. Your budget
    2. Will you juice daily?
    3. What features are important for you?
    4. Ease of use
    5. Bulky or sleek

A detailed Review of Champion Juicer 2000

Note: This Champion Juicer 2000 was tested without the greens attachment.

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Assembly of a Champion Juicer 2000:

The Champion Juicer – Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer has the following parts which need to be assembled before juicing. Auger, drum and feeding chute, juicing strainer or screen, juicing strainer holder, food pusher, funnel, main body, pulp bin and juice collector.

When juicing or homogenizing the assembly of the juicer is the same except in homogenizing the juicing screen is replaced by a blank plastic screen of same dimensions.

While assembly of the 9 parts takes less than half a minute. Sometimes you might run into difficulties fitting together the parts and this extends assembly time. But the ideal conditions time is much less compared to assembling other brands of juicers like Tribest which in best conditions takes twice as long. Also, this compares well with assembling centrifugal juicers which took nearly the same time and with other vertical and horizontal masticating juicers which took slightly longer times. In less than ideal conditions the assembly of Champion Juicer 2000 takes longer than 30 seconds which is still much better than other masticating juicers.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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Is Champion Juicer 2000 A Masticating Juicer?

Though the Champion Juicer 2000 looks like one and has parts similar to a masticating juicer it is not actually one. There is a crucial difference and that’s in how this particular juicer operates. While in a regular masticating juicer the auger rotates slowly (less than 100 rpm) moving the food through the juicer using pulling, pushing and crushing technique. The auger in the Champion Juicer 2000 on the other hand is not auger at all. It is a cutter with teeth which rotates pretty fast at around 1725 rpm. While the auger of a masticating juicer is made of pretty hard plastic and is rather smooth, the cutter of the Champion Juicer 2000 has multitude of sharp teeth. Also, this juicer processes the produce by cutting and slicing through it instead of pulling, pushing and crushing.

Another difference between a horizontal masticating juicer and a Champion Juicer 2000 is the juicer screen placement. In a masticating juicer it is inside the drum and part of the assembly and the auger pushes crushed produce against the screen filtering out the juice and pushing out the pulp through the other end of the tube. The screen is cylindrical. In the Champion Juicer 2000 on the other hand the juicing screen is outside the drum assembly. Actually, the drum assembly has a rectangular hole where the screen is held in place by the holder. The produce after being cut, sliced and chopped is pushed against this screen. The juice gets through into the container

Also, masticating juicers have drum caps which attaches to the drum assembly and nozzle that attaches to the drum cap. Champion Juicer 2000 does not have either of these parts.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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Assembly Steps

Apply oil to motor shaft of the Champion Juicer 2000. Next cutter on to the shaft. It has to be in the correct orientation. Any other way it might not go all way to the base of the shaft. Next slide the drum assembly over the cutter. Feeding chute should point downward at a slight angle. Now fit the screen over the hole in the drum assembly and while holding it exactly over the holder slide the screen holder into place. The magnet side of the holder should face the main body of the juicer. Once screen attached to drum assembly, the last step is to fit the drum to main body. Position the drum with feed chute pointing upwards, the screen holder downwards and slowly rotates the drum counter clockwise to lock into place.

What we don’t like:

The fact that the motor shaft needs lubrication every time. No other juicer brand we tested needs lubrication before use. Only Champion juicers. This is a serious drawback according to us. You may or may not have the specified brands of lubricant on hand. If you don’t you can’t juice.

Sliding the screen holder while holding the screen over the hole in the drum is an awkward process and can be tough to do too. There are no indications on which way to slide or how to hold the screen holder to slide it onto the drum assembly.

Juicer Assembly is one area in which Champion Juicer 2000 scores poorly.

We give it a rating of 2/5

Prep Time

The feeding chute size determines how small or big you can cut the produce and the amount of time it takes to prepare the food so it will fit the chute. While most masticating juicers have feed chute that range less than 2 inches in width. The champion juicer chute for model 2000 is 1.75 inches wide. Now according to user manual of the Champion juicer, all you have to do is cut the produce large enough to fit the feed chute. Don’t cut it too small. Also, those items that directly fit in to the tube need not be cut at all. So, carrots and celery can actually be put through the feed tube without any cutting. But to be on safer side we cut the celery into a few smaller pieces to avoid the long strings of the celery stalk fibre from catching in the cutter.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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On average the prep time for cutting different types of produce is much lower for Champion juicer 2000 compared to other brands of horizontal masticating juicers like Tribest and Omega. Many types of produce don’t even need chopping.

We give it a rating of 4/5 for prep times.


How does the Champion juicer 2000 perform compared to other masticating juicers?

Hard produce – For hard produce like carrots and celery, the Champion juicer is best in terms of yield. It produced maximum juice even though the juice was pulpy. But the time taken to juice carrots was the longest with the Champion juicer.

Soft produce – Champion juicer produced the least amount of orange juice among the various masticating juicers tested and the time taken was also well above what it took with other slow juicers. Same with grapes. The juice yield is low and pulpy.

Apples – Here though the Champion juicer went through the apples really fast the juice yield was low compared to other masticating slow juicers.

Leafy greens – Champion juicer does not really perform well with leafy greens. Since we were not using the ‘greens’ attachment during our testing we cannot really say if this juicer would do better with the special attachment for processing greens. With the regular auger it did the worst with both greens and wheatgrass. The time taken is also very long.

Combination of fruits and vegetables – Again the juice yield was lower than other masticating juicers.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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The Champion juicer is a hybrid part slow juicer part centrifugal juicer. While this gives it a clear advantage in juicing hard produce. For the softer produce and greens, it is not too great. For leafy greens using the greens attachment might be more helpful though we did not test it.

Overall compared to other masticating juicers the juice yield is lower and the time taken to juice is higher. We give it 2.5/5 rating


Clean the champion juicer immediately after use according to the instructions in the user manual. Cold water and dish soap can be used to clean all the parts. Special cleaning is needed for screen, cutter and motor hub.

Use a stiff brush to clean the screen. It is not that difficult to clean it. No brushes are provided by the makers of champion juicer. So, you need to buy it yourself. Same goes for the nylon brush needed to clean the cutter.

The cutter has tiny blades at one end. You have to be careful when scrubbing it with a nylon brush as you might cut your fingers. Make sure you don’t let water enter the shaft hole of the cutter as it can trap inside. Wash with the shaft hole of cutter pointing downwards to avoid water entering.

Use a soft cloth, toothbrush or paper towel to clean the motor hub. It is difficult as it remains attached to the main body and so you need to do while it is affixed to the main body of the juicer. While doing, it you need to avoid touching the motor shaft which is covered in oil. If you remove the lubricant you will have to spend time re-lubricating it.

The rubber ring around the motor hub also needs cleaning after every use.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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All most all parts of the juicer stain. But according to the makers soaking the parts in diluted solution of bleach overnight helps remove the stains.

Dishwasher Safe?

The user manual very clearly mentions that the champion juicer parts made of nylon cannot be washed in hot water or in the dishwasher. But most juicers we tested also were not dishwasher safe.

Champion juicer takes about 6 minutes to clean fully.

Since certain parts require specialized cleaning, we give it a score of 2.5/5 for ease of cleaning.

Ease of Use

The first few times juicing with Champion juicer can be frustrating and difficult as it has a steep learning curve. The reason is of course due to its unique design. If you have used centrifugal or slow masticating juicers before it will be of not much help when juicing with Champion juicer as the cutter rotates 20 times faster than the masticating juicer auger.

If you want to use the champion juicer effectively there are plenty of dos and don’ts that need to be followed. Only through experience will you learn these idiosyncrasies that are uniquely Champion. Of course, every brand of juicer has such characteristics which you’ll learn as you go. But with Champion juicer these seem a little more involved. Also, juicing doesn’t get any easier over time. Juicing large quantities of fruits and veggies is not possible as the motor heats up. You have to stop in between to untangle any stringy stuff entangled in the cutter. Sometimes it gets clogged.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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Pushing the food through the feed chute. How hard is it?

In masticating juicers pushing food through the feed chute takes effort. It is not easy like in a centrifugal juicer. The Champion juicer is more like a centrifugal juicer in this respect. Just place the food in the chute and place the food pusher over it and let gravity do the rest. The weight of the food pusher gently pushes the apples, oranges, carrots, grapes or whatever you have placed in the chute in to the juicer in the initial phases of juicing. But as you continue juicing almost at the last stages it requires more force.

Wheatgrass needs more force with the food pusher than carrots and beets. The reason why in the latter stages you need more force is because a layer of fibrous pulp blocks the screen and juice can’t get through as easily as in the initial stages. Sometimes the motor might overheat if the screen is fully blocked and you continue to juice. So, you might need to stop and disassemble the juicer, clear out the screen and resume juicing.

We give 3.5/5 for force need to push through the chute. It would have been 4 or more if not for the fact that in the latter stages we need to stop juicing to clean the screen.


At 20 lb it is one of the heaviest juicers. Fully assembled it is about 21 lb. To move the juicer, you have to physically lift the 20 lb body from underneath as there is no handle provided. Better to keep in the place where you are going to juice. Moving it around is not an easy task.

On/OFF Switch

There is just one switch located at the back for switching the juicer on/OFF.

Juicer Movement

The juicer does not move during juicing like the other juicers we tested. Champion juicer being on the heavier side probably prevents movement.

Power Cord Length

It has long power cord and gives you to freedom to locate the juicer in a convenient location. Due to its heavier weight this extra length in cord is a useful feature.

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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User manual

The user manual is an important document for most juicers. They clearly tell us how to assemble, what produce to juice, how to prep and juice different produce, how to clean, how to store and how to troubleshoot. If any point you get stuck, it is user manual that comes to the rescue. A clear and well-structured user manual will give all the answers we need. The Champion juicer user manual is an excellent document covering everything you need to juice. The recipes section is especially one of the best we have seen as the instructions are detailed regarding every step of juicing, from list of ingredients, to how to prepare, how to cut and feed into the juicer and so on.

Trouble shooting section deals with problems like overloading and how to sort it out.

Juice Container

The champion juicer is provided with a pretty big 34 oz container. This is a good-sized container and you really don’t have to stop juicing to empty the container in between.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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Overall score for Ease of Use

The Champion juicer is a little difficult to use. It has certain unique characteristics which means that you the user have to understand these factors and adapt to it before you get comfortable juicing with a Champion. The excellent user manual that is supplied with the Champion juicer has detailed instructions on how to prep and how to juice and also interesting juice recipes. Following the instructions to the T eliminates most problems you might encounter if you try to do it all on your own. So, if you are the type who just follows instructions this is the right juicer.

Taking all the different aspects we give 3 out of 5 score for the Champion juicer in the ease of use category.


The Champion juicer can be used both for juicing and homogenizing. Though it’s homogenizing is not as good as from a masticating juicer due to its hybrid design of being a part centrifugal part masticating juicer. As the rotation speed is low in a masticating juicer it homogenizes thoroughly. But the Champion’s cutter rotates very fast at 1700 rpm about 20 times faster and hence homogenizing is not that perfect.

Score 4/5


The main body of the Champion juicer is constructed of painted stainless steel and has an edge over other juicers that are mostly made of plastic. The other parts like drum, feed chute, screen is made of stainless steel laminated with nylon. Due to this it is heavier than other juicers but also durable.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers rate this product highly. They give the juicer high ratings on consumers feedback forums. The ratings are uniformly 3 or above out of 5. Most users are satisfied with the juicer’s durability and reliability.

hampion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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Brand and history

It has a long history of over 70 years. The juicer design remains almost the same from the very start with only a few modifications. The old timers swear by their Champion juicers. This is a 100% American company. Every part of the juicer is made in America. American staff handle customer support.

Customer Support

The family owned business Plastaket does just one thing and that is make Champion juicer. They are 100% American company with the entire operations of the making to customer support all handled within the United States. Reach them for support or help with the multiple channels available like facebook, email or through their website.  The company is known to be incredibly helpful. No wonder the customers are so happy with their purchase.


The Champion juicer comes with a warranty of 10 years. Thisshows committment of the company for the product. Most slow juicers come with long warranties. The 10 years warranty covers only certain parts. The cutter is covered for one year and the motor shaft for 3 years. If you need to replace the cutter it is available for about $40 on their website. Most juicers have such exclusions in their warranties.

Making Claims on Warranty

To replace a defective product in the first year of purchase contact the Champion juicer customer support team .Communicate through channels like Facebook, email, Instagram, twitter, phone, mail to contact customer support.  Ship the item to the company. Champion juicer company pays for the shipping and handling charges to replace defective items. No other company pays for shipping and handling. Company strongly recommends that you register the product within 30 days of purchase. It is not that they are going to refuse you the Warranty if you haven’t registered but still it is better to do so.

Durability – Champion juicer is an excellent product. It is made of plastic laminated stainless steel. It is heavy-duty machine. Has long warranty and excellent customer support. Except the issue with overheating while juicing there are no major complaints against the Champion juicer.

So, we give it a 4/5 score on durability.


To homogenize liquids use the blank plastic screen. To filter the juice use the sieve accessory.

Score 4/5

1.  Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer G5- PG710

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2. Champion Professional 5000 Dual Auger Masticating Juicer

3. Champion 2000 Household Juicer G5-NG853S

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A champion juicer retails for around three hundred dollars which is about same as other slow juicers. The cost isn’t a big deal breaker. Though compared with centrifugal juicers the cost is high. The price is appropirate because Champion juicer is more of a slow juicer than a centrifugal juicer.

Score 4/5


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