Jack Lalanne Juicer – Top 4 Hot Selling Jack LaLanne Juicer Picks Of 2020

Entering the new decade 2020 with new diet resolutions and health goals? Let a Jack Lalanne juicer help you achieve your target. Like the man himself whose name the juicers bear, these kitchen appliances can become the instrument through which you can achieve your fitness and health goals.

Jack LaLanne Juicer – Inspired By The Magical Aura Of America’s Favorite Fitness Guru

Jack LaLanne, American fitness guru and motivator par excellence inspired generations with his fitness shows and inspiring talks. He was the expert who through the medium of TV, guided millions of Americans on our journey to fitness, health, exericse and better nutrition. Jack LaLanne juicer was in fact a by product of this immense influence he had over our collective health conscious.

Known as the ‘godfather of fitness’ he inspired the creation of the line of juicers that came to bear his name, to help his followers achieve their health and dietary goals. The Jack Lalanne juicer became an instant hit with the simple to use functionality and powerful juicing capabilities. After using these juicers, Jack LaLanne decided to lend his name to them as they were so good. He was willing to put his reputation on line for such an amazing line of juicers.

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 List of Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviewed:
  Jack Lalanne Fusion Juicer
  Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express
  Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Delux
  Jack Lalanne Pro

Instant Success Of Jack LaLanne Juicer

The Jack LaLanne Juicer line became an overnight sensation with millions of his followers flocking to stores to get their hands on these beautiful, reliable and powerful appliances. The American fitness revolution took off in a big way around this time to which he contributed in a big way.

The partnership between the Jack LaLanne Juicer line and the man himself was so succsseful that in 2002 he used his creative powers to come up with a juicer dedicated solely for fitnes and health. The Jack LaLanne Power Juicers were unleashed and soon reached iconic status as sales soared and these juicers became synonymous with fitness and health. More than 2 million Jack LaLanne juicer units were sold after their launch making them one of the most popular juicers in America.

Why is Jack Lalanne juicer so popular even in 2020?

Two decades after their launch the Jack LaLanne juicer is still considered the best among health and fitness enthusiasts. They swear by their hero’s name and the juicer line he helped create. Let’s find out why...


It is simple and easy to assemble for juicing. It is equally easy to take it apart for cleaning. It literally takes seconds to start juicing with a Jack LaLanne juicer. It’s the no-fuss juicer that you have been always looking for.

Powerful Name

Jack LaLanne the orginal fitness guru, the man himself lent his name and creative genius to this product. With such a powerful endorsement for a truly great product the juicer took off. It rode the fitness trend and it was the juicer which was embodied the statement ‘As seen on TV’

Powerful Machine

The Jack LaLanne juicer is one of the most powerful juicers you will find on the market. It simply crushes, squeezes and extracts every last bit of juice from any produce you feed it with. It’s raw power is simply amazing. The first time we used it and till today we remain in awe of its ability to extract amount so much amount of juice from just about any fresh produce we might feed it with.

Wide Chute

It’s like Jack LaLanne juicer was made keeping in mind the exact needs of its customers. How often have you cursed the small feed chutes and wished for something bigger. The Jack LaLanne comes with extra wide chutes that take large chunks of fresh produce and you don’t have to sit around feeding small bits to the juicer. You save time and your sanity too.

Minimal Prep Times

Extra wide tubes take large chunks of fruits and vegetables. So you don’t have to cut the produce into tiny bits. You can roughly chop the fruits and vegetables and feed it through the large tube.

Quiet And Powerful

Jack Lalanne juicer is really quiet. With its powerful motor in operation you expect more noise but it is surprisingly quiet. You can hold conversations and not wake up the neighborhood when juicing with the Jack Lalanne juicer.

Large Pulp Collector

The pulp bin is also extra large in the Jack LaLanne juicer to collect the pulp from juicing. It’s detachable and easily removed to be emptied when needed.

Smooth Juice

The juicer makes really smooth and buttery juice with no chunks or bits of produce. You can directly drink the juice made using Jack Lalanne juicer without filtering or any further processing.

Dishwasher Safe

All the parts in the Jack Lalanne juicer are dishwasher safe. Cleaning the different parts is quick and easy. Just rinse it under the tap or pop it into the dishwasher.

Recipe Booklet

An added bonus is the free booklet of juice recipes from the master himself that comes with every Jack Lalanne juicer. There are so many classic juice recipes that we all grew up on and several new and never before featured concotions that are a true delight to discover. Just try the never thought off combos and you will be hooked or make up your own recipes. With a Jack Lalanne juicer at hand the sky is the limit as far as the recipes you can try out are concerned.

The Four Most Important Reasons Why You Should Consider A Jack LaLanne Juicer In 2020:

Affordable: Juicers that are affordable and still offer all the conveniences? That’s rare right? Jack LaLanne juicer has achieved that rare combination of affordability and convenience with their line of juicers. The components are sturdy, the juicer is well-designed and the patented technologies used are able to offer more juice yield than any other juicer of the same type and price. It’s a win-win for a Jack LaLanne juicer.


Centrifugal juicers are known to be noisy. You can’t run some of these juicers while the baby is sleeping or early mornings as neighbors might not appreciate being woken up by the loud noises emanating from your kitchen. A Jack LaLanne juicer overcomes this problem by being quiet. The induction motor is well insulated to prevent noise and this helps it to be Whisper Quiet. They are not exactly whisper quiet but they still make very little noise compared to other models and makes.

Ease of Operation:

The step-by-step instructions for setting up juicers, for operating, for juicing various produce and for pulling it apart and washing instructions make this juicer absolutely a breeze to use. Follow the instructions and you will get the best results in terms juice yield, noise, cleaning and long life.


Not many appreciate it but the compact design of a Jack LaLanne juicer is also one of its strengths. How many juicers are put away inside cupboards and reluctantly brought out for juicing? Huge and bulky juicers are rarely used. A compact juicer like Jack LaLanne juicer on the other hand stays on the kitchen counter and is easily put to use whenever needed.

So, which one of the Jack Lalanne juicer models is suitable for your needs in 2020?

Jack Lalanne Fusion Juicer: A Review

The most powerful of the Jack Lalanne juicer models the Jack Lalanne Fusion juicer is the model released to celebrate Jack Lalanne’s 100th Anniversary. This fusion juicer packs more punch than the other Jack Lalanne juicer models we are familiar with. It has a powerful 800 Watt motor.

2.8-inch Wide Feeding Tube:

The large feeding tube of this Jack Lalanne juicer can accommodate medium sized fruits and vegetables. So you can just pop in full oranges, apples, carrots and cucumbers with out having to cut them into bits.

Large Capacity:

With the large capacity of its collecting jar of this Jack Lalanne juicer you can make more juice in one sitting. Also it is easy to mix a range of fresh produce to make some delicious new juice concoctions. It is only made possible because the juicer can accommodate larger capacities and hence a greater range of fruits and vegetables can be juiced to make unique and tasty blends. This is not possible with smaller capacity juicers.

Two-Speed Juicer:

The Jack Lalanne juicer offers a choice of two speeds. You can go from high to low with the turn of a switch. In effect what it offers is different juicing speeds for different produce. So as you feed harder and tougher produce you can set it high and when feeding softer fruits or vegetables switch to the lower speed and this helps get maximum yield with minimum fuss.

Larger Juice Collector:

Only genuine juicer enthusiasts can appreciate these small touches that Jack Lalanne juicer models are equipped with. The large juicer collectors helps you to juice longer and not stop to switch jars or waste juice which might overflow from smaller containers. You may not always juice large amounts but having a larger jar is definitely a plus as your juice remains safe from spillage or overflow.

Non-drip spout:

Ok, this is one more of those touches we spoke about earlier. A non-drip spout ensures all the juice made in your Jack Lalanne juicer goes directly into the juice collector or stays in the juicer until you are ready to collect in the jar. No spillage on to the counter or the floor. How cool is that?

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express: A Review

So, how many of us can afford to spend hours juicing? Not many and that is one of the main reasons why folks fall off the wagon when it comes to juicing. They put away the expensive slow juicers and are reluctant to take them out of storage and put in the effort to make juicing part of their everyday life. If you owned a Jack Lalanne juicer especially the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express it won’t at all be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It takes just a few seconds to make a cup of delicious juice. Nobody absolutely nobody can claim to be that busy that they can’t afford a few seconds everyday to make healthy juice.

Powerful Motor:

The powerful 3600 RPM motor of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express helps make short work of any fresh produce you feed it with.

Extra Large Feed Tube:

Prep times are also low for the Jack LaLanne juicer as the extra large feeding tube takes in big chunks of fresh produce.

Short Juicing Time:

It hardly takes few seconds to make a cup of fresh juice with the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express. This Jack LaLanne juicer is perfect for busy professionals.

Patented Technology:

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express has a patented technology that allows it to extract about 30% more juice from any fresh produce and compared to the competition. You get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients for every pound of fresh you juice. This Jack LaLanne juicer is the perfect appliance to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Compact Size:

The Jack LaLanne Juicer is just the right size to sit on your kitchen counter without occupying too much space. You don’t have to stow it away after use. This means that you can juice more often and add more fresh produce to your daily diet.

In conclusion –

If you looking for a reliable and affordable Jack Lalanne juicer the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is the model to buy. It is compact and versatile model that juices just about any produce you put through its feed tube. It is a basic model but it high dependable and occupies very little counter space.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Delux: A Review

So, you want all the features of the best Jack LaLanne juicer models? Check out the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Delux which boasts the features of the 100th anniversary Fusion Jack LaLanne juicer SLH90 and the compact size of the original Power juicer combined with its silence. That’s a great combination right?

Powerful motor

The Jack LaLanne Juicer Power Delux model boasts of the 3600 RPM motor. It’s super quiet and really powerful.

Stainless steel blades

It has really sharp stainless steel blades that rip through any fresh produce and generate super silky and smooth juices.

No Drip Spout

Juicing we all know involves a bit of mess. The preparation, the juicing, the pulp and the juice all can be messy. The no-drip spout helps minimize the messes that can form on the table top or floor due to accidental spillage.

Extra Large Chute

Minimal prep times. Large feed tubes reduce prep time considerably. As you can feed big chunks of fruits and vegetables down the tube.

Food Pusher

This particular Jack LaLanne juicer model comes with a high quality food pusher. It’s well made and helps you to gently guide the fresh produce through the juicer feed shaft. This also helps you to get maximum juice yield.

Easy Cleanup

As you would expect from any Jack LaLanne juicer the clean up is simple and easy. You can rinse it under the tap or wash it in the dishwasher.


A lifetime warranty is for the motor is an added bonus. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Jack Lalanne juicer motor will last you a life time and if there happens to be any flaw it will be replaced.

In conclusion-

Over two decades the Jack Lalanne juicer has managed to maintain its top position as a reliable and dependable juicer. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Deluxe model is an example of very functional and affordable model. It offers great performance at reasonable costs. The highly userfriendly model offers superior juicing ability and is just the right choice for any homeowner thinking of buying a Jack LaLanne juicer.

Jack Lalanne Pro: A Review

If you want the looks, the performance, perfect size and the right priced Jack LaLanne juicer for your family, go for the Jack LaLanne Pro. It has a powerful motor that juices just about anything in seconds with its stainless steel blades and filter mesh producing smooth, silky juice. The large feed chute takes in big chunks so no need to waste ton of time preparing the produce. The pulp goes into a separate detachable container that is easy to separate and empty. Truly this Jack LaLanne juicer is the perfect buy for an average sized home.


It looks so good on the counter that you will never want to hide it from view.

Ease of cleaning

This Jack LaLanne juicer is easy to clean just like any other Jack LaLanne juicer. The Pro comes apart easily and just needs a quick rinse or pop into the dishwasher.


The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is an affordable juicer suitable for any average home. It juices just about anything and at fraction of the cost of a masticating juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

It is centrifugal juicer and hence is a fast juicer. You can make juice in seconds with the Jack LaLanne juicer.

Best model

Among the many Jack LaLanne juicer models the Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is considered as the best both for how it is constructed and its juicing abilities. We found it slightly heavy but we had no issues with its juicing capabilities.


Don’t hurry the juicer. It is already a fast juicer which can make cup of super smooth, silky, delicious juice in seconds. But juice according to the instructions provided in the manual. Trying to hurry it or pushing the ingredients very fast through the feed tube. That will only result in wet pulp and lot of wasted ingredients.

Built to Last

The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is built to last. Proper after care, cleaning after every use promptly and juicing according to instructions will make the Jack Lalanne juicer last a life time. Some of the users have been using for 3 years plus with hardly a problem. Some components wear out which are easily replaced.

Easy To Use

It is a simple enough machine but don’t use it without reading the instructions manual. You will not get maximum amount of juice if you don’t juice as instructed. That is one drawback of this Jack Lalanne juicer. You can start juicing straight out of the box. You need to follow the instructions.

Easy To Clean

It is like the makers of Jack Lalanne juicer listened to every customer before they designed their product. The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro juicer parts to so easy to clean that you will hardly spend more than 2 minutes cleaning up and putting it all away after use. The entire unit is dishwasher safe. So simply dismantle and pop it in the dishwasher and run it. The parts will be ready to use for the next juiciing session.

Quality of juice

The most important point that most home juicers will want to know about is quality of juice. While it is not on part with a masticating juicer it is of much better quality than what normal centrifugal juicers make. The smooth, silky texture of the juice made using the Jack Lalanne juicer is something to be savored. It makes delicious blends of different ingredients that you can enjoy.


The juicer makes 30% more juice due to the patented technology that it uses. Jack Lalanne juicer operates at lower speed and makes juice that is delicious to taste. The higher yield can be compared against several competiting juicers. One thing to be kept in mind is that you have to juice following the instructions provided in the manual. Trying to rush to doing it your way may not yield same quantity of juice.


It is slightly lower powered juicer compared to other brands. But that doesn’t mean Jack Lalanne juicer is any inferior. It actually makes more juice and simply chops, grinds and smashes just any fresh produce you might add to the feed chute. The pulp is dry and almost every bit of juice is extracted.


The Jack Lalanne juicer might look a little big and bulky but it has been designed to make very little noise. During operation Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is rather quiet. You can normal conversations and even watch TV while it is operating. But if you add very hard ingrediets it does tend to vibrate and make some noise. So be prepared.

In Conclusion-

The construction of this juicer is rather unique. It has more of vertical construction and rather narrow at top. It’s back end is wider because of the pulp collector. Either how it is designed or constructed this Jack Lalanne juicer is the just right for most homes. It makes very little noise, has reasonable power to tackle any fresh produce, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is reliable and dependable juice that makes a cup of fresh juice in seconds. Most users have only positive impression about the Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro.

In a nutshell :

The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro looks good, is of solid design and very dependable machine that yields more juice. It is simple to use and maintain. The only thing that can be considered as a con is that some parts are made of plastic.

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