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Top Juicers – What Are The 3 Best Juicers Of 2020 ?

Here’s our guide to finding the top juicers of 2020. Every newbie would like to know the best juicer to buy but the answer to that question is not that simple or straightforward.

When you say ‘I want buy the best juicer’ what do you mean by it specifically? If you simply want the best or the top juicers that are in the market today then our answers are…

Super Angel – Stainless Steel Juicer

Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Juice Extractor is built entirely of surgical steel. Even the inside parts. Both in looks and functionality this is one of the top juicers as it can deal with soft fruits like peaches and oranges or tough greens like wheat grass with equal ease. The cold slow press method ensures juice remains and tastes fresh for long. But the price is pretty high at $1500+. It’s got a long warranty and this juicer maybe the only juicer you will ever own as it is built for durability.

Norwalk Juicer

Another pick for the top juicers list is the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. It is the ultimate in juicing with a hefty price tag of $2500. Those who are serious about juicing and make large quantities of juice will love this slow juicer as it can pretty much juice anything. With this appliance you will get only the freshest juice as there is no froth or foam or even oxidation while juicing. The best quality juice comes with a high price tag though!

Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

At $450+ the Tribest Green Star Elite Juice Extractor is another top pick that offers superb performance juicing anything with ease and producing top quality juice. The juice quality is one of the best and it yields high amounts of juice for the same quantity of ingredients making it a very efficient one.

But is this what you need?

The above three according to us are the ultimate top juicers in the world of juicing. It is similar to own luxury brands like a Rolls-Royce car or a Rolex watch. Do you need them? Not really. You don’t need a Rolex to tell you the time when a Timex can do the job well enough or Rolls to get around town. Same with juicers. You just need something that does the job well.

The quality of juice and performance may be top-notch with the above top juicers and well, who doesn’t want to own Rolls but for most people the above juicers are little over-the-top. These top juicers are for those who take their juicing extremely seriously and are into juice therapy for recovery from illness or following a strict juice-based diet.

If you just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle but don’t want to break the bank doing it, you need a workhorse-type top juicers that will yield high amount of good quality juice. The good news is that there are options available and you don’t have to spend thousands on them.

It’s time to start learning a little on the type of juicers you want and ask yourself the same questions, the answers to which will help you find the best juicer for you. Some of these are…

Why Do I Need A Juicer?

There are a dozen gadgets all vying for space on the kitchen counter. Do you really need one more sitting there and gathering dust. A juicer has a specific purpose and no other food processor or blender or chopper can do that job for you. If you answer the following questions right you will not only buy the right juicer but also use it almost every day.

How much time can you spend on juicing?

If you are like most people, you don’t have much time for juicing. So you need to pick one from the top juicers list that is simple to operate, doesn’t need much preparation time, is easy to clean and put away after use.

What type of produce do you plan to juice?

Some top juicers are great for tough greens while others are perfect for soft fruits. Remember there are no perfect juicers that juice everything and clean themselves. So you have to settle on a juicer that is most suitable for your needs.

Is juice quality very important?

If you want to toss in whole fruits and get juice in minutes then you have to make a slight compromise on the quality of juice.  Centrifugal top juicers are fast and convenient, but they introduce froth, foam and oxygen into the process slightly degrading the quality of juice.

Masticating top juicers are slow, but they need a bit of extra preparation where you have cut the produce before feeding it to the juicer. Also, the juicing takes longer as the slow juicer chews the produce and then crushes it slowly extracting juice with no foaming or oxidation.

Do you need juice to stay fresh for long?

With centrifugal top juicers the juicing is fast. But you have to consume it within a few hours in order for it to be still nutritious and fresh. With slow juicers the juice stays fresh up to 72 hours.

How quiet do you need your juicer to be?

Some picks on the top juicers list make enough noise to wake up the whole family, while others are quiet. If you have a baby or light sleeper at home go for masticating juicers that are quiet.


The top juicers are meant to last a life-time while others last from 5-7 years which is also a good time-frame. If you need long-lasting top juicers go for the sturdy, durable ones which last 10-15 years or even more.

Now that you know the answers the above questions, hopefully at least a few, it is a little easier to pick the right one from the top juicers we have arrived after a lot of testing and research.

We have arrived at the following three top juicers based on several positive criteria. Our picks don’t compromise on quality, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, quality of juice or the juice yield.

We also chose only those models which are in affordable price range. We arrived at these after testing over 5 dozen models in different categories. We tested them for every important criteria and chose only those that came out on top on several of the qualities deemed important by users.

Here are our 3 top juicers:

Omega NC900

A top-selling brand on Amazon, the Omega NC900HDC Electric Juicer is a top quality juicer with high ratings from thousands of users who are delighted with its performance. Omega has improved on the already exceptional performers the Omega J8006 and Omega NC800 models to come up with the Omega NC900. Priced at less than $350 dollars it is a very affordable model considering it is a masticating juicer. Pre-juicing preparation time needed is minimal due to the large mouth chute in this model.

Cleaning is super-easy if done shortly after juicing to prevent the drying of pulp fibres in the nooks and crannies. The juicer operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm methodically breaking down the produce and pressing the pulp to produce juice. It juices everything from leafy greens to vegetables to soft fruits with equal ease producing top-quality juice.

There is no foaming or oxidation and hence the juice can be stored for up to 3 days with no degradation of quality. It’s not too great for citruses. Soft fruits juices are pulpy. It is extremely quiet and comes with a 15-year warranty. This is a multi-tasking gadget and can make nut-butters, baby food, pasta and more. It’s top choice for a reason. For the price no other juicer comes even close in terms of performance. It’s a no-brainer to pick the Omega NC900 as our top choice.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

Among centrifugal juicers the Breville range of juicers are top choices. They provide excellent value for money. At $100 the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is affordable and one of the easiest to assemble for juicing and dismantling for cleaning. It is fast and efficient in extracting juice. Within a few seconds of feeding whole apples and carrots watch the juice coming out through the spout.

No prep time as you the wide chute can take in whole fruits. Due to the centrifugal method there is frothing, slight heating and oxidation of the juice. This is not the best juicer for soft greens and herbs as juice quality gets degraded. A good work around is to alternate hard fruits and veggies with soft greens to get more juice. It also does a good job on soft fruits like tomatoes, peeled grapefruit and oranges. For $100 you won’t find a find the best juicer on the market.

Hurom Hu – 100

A vertical masticating juicer, the Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer offers several advantages over the horizontal ones. They are very easy to clean just place it under a running tap, compact and easy to store. It does need some prep time as you have feed smaller chunks of fruits and veggies but it can self-feed itself so you can spend that time cutting and preparing the produce.

Despite the slow rotation speed of 80 rpm it produces juices faster than horizontal masticating juicers. It handles all types of produce with ease from leafy greens, soft fruits to hard fruits and veggies. But the pulp is not as dry as with an Omega. It extracts more juice from harder produce than softer ones. The juice from vertical juicers tends to more pulpy. So if you want juice without pulp go for other juicers. It is very quiet juicer and the juice remains fresh for 72 hours after juicing. It comes with a 10-year warranty. At $480 it is more expensive than the above juicers.

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