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Vegetable Juicers – The 7 Best Juicers For People Who Prefer to Drink Their Veggies

It’s so easy to juice when you have the best vegetable juicers right on your kitchen counter.

You can whip up your favorite vegetable juice with vegetables juicers on hand whenever you want and in what ever combination you want. You can make them to your exact requirements with the right taste and garnishes. Once you taste your home made fresh juices it is unlikely that you will have ever want to drink store bought juices again and juicing at home saves money in the long run.

From slow juicers to centrifugal juicers. We have compiled a list of top vegetable juicers for every budget and need.

But buying a juicer is not only quiet an investment but it is also pretty confusing given range and types available. There are dozens of vegetables juicers of various types in the market both popular brands and the special kinds.

So before deciding which model to buy you need to have all the information you can get. You have to be sure that it is worth all the time, money and effort you are going to use up trying to research it, buy it and finally using the gadget. You need to be sure that your choice from scores of vegetable juicers available is the right one for you.  If you buy the right juicer you will use it and it will not sit in the cupboard gathering cobwebs.

Whatever your doubt or question regarding different types of vegetable juicers, the pros and cons of jucing or any other juicing related query. We have the answers right here.

Vegetable juicers are a great way to make juices that add more  nutrients from a variety of greens and vegetables to your diet. But picking up these juices from health food stores or juice bars will rapidly eat into your monthly budget. It can be expensive as health foods are usually higher priced.

You can easily make fresh vegetable juices by creating your own recipes or from recipes available in cookbooks or from juice recipes online. It’s cost-effective solution as you can easily pick vegetables in bulk at cheaper rates from farmer’s markets or at your wholesale grocers. But choosing from the huge number of vegetable juicers being sold is a task that can be mind-numbing.

You dont need to worry though as a team of experts have put together the best vegetable juicers for you to pick from depending on your requirements. Before we go ahead and check out the juicers let’s get some nagging questions out of the way.

Is Juicing Really Beneficial?

Do vegetable and fruit juices really benefit us or their just a fad?

If you think about drinking freshly made juices is nothing new. People having juicing and drinking fruit and vegetable juices for thousands of years. Maybe they did not have fancy vegetable juicers like we have today. But they did have their hands and legs to squeeze or press juice out of all the fresh produce around them.

So, why this sudden concern about whether they are good for us?

The arrival of vegetable juicers which use the power of electricity means you can juice large quantities of fruits, vegetables and leaves to make several liters of juice in a few hours. It is also possible to consume this in large quantities. Excess consumption of fresh produce in juice form is not recommended.

Is juicing healthy?

Of course it is good for us. Juicing offers a way to incorporate a variety of vitamins and minerals from different fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Using a fruit or vegetable juicer you can convert a huge volume of fresh produce into juice form. It may be not be possible for you to eat that much fresh produce in one sitting especially in raw form. But using a vegetable juicer if it is made into a glass or two of juice, then you can easily drink it all up in a few minutes. So essentially you get all the vitamins, minerals and useful enzymes without spending too much time chomping on it.

Why Juices Are Great For The Sick:

You can get nutrients in high concentration and easily digestible form. That is one reason that people recovering from illnesses and those with other digestive problems are recommended juices. As there is very little fibre digestion is faster and so is absorbtion of juice into the blood stream. Vegetable juicers are designed to get every bit of juice out of your veggies and hence the wastage is minimal.

Juice For The Morning Energy Boost:

Drinking a small glass of juice before your morning workout will give you necessary energy without actually making you feel heavy or uncomfortable while exercising. It is also easy to make fresh juice every morning using your vegetable juicer. A few minutes is all it takes.

Juices For Those On Restrictive Diets

Juicing for vegetarians is great way to incorporate more amount and variety of fruits and veggies into daily diet. The thing with vegetarian diet is that to get all the required nutrients you have to eat larger quantities and from a variety of produce like fruits, nuts, roots and seeds. Otherwise you will end up lacking in some of them. But eating that much will take several hours. Vegetable juicers offer a way out. Nutrient dense and delicious juices can keep you feeling full for longer.

Even the meat lovers can benefit by using a vegatable juicer. The problem with meat lovers is that they hate the idea of veggies. They just can’t to stomp and chew their way through myriad veggies when they can tasty meat dishes. How to entice meat lovers to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Use a vegetable juicer to juice all the veggies and they can easily gulp it down in seconds and get all the benefits of fresh produce in their diet. Getting a meat lover to drink up the leafy green and veggie juices without having to eat them is so much easier.

Why Too Much Juice Is Not Good?

But on the other hand you can not over do the juice diet. There are many benefits to eating a whole fruit or vegetable rather than drinking it in juice form. The fibre from the fresh fruits and vegetables keep you feeling satiated for long. The fibres also slow down digestion and release the nutrients slowly so body has a better chance to absorb it fully and over a longer period of time. Fiber also binds the toxins in the body and expels them through the excretory system. Vegetable juices remove all the useful fibrous parts leaving behind only the fresh liquid. While that liquid is healthy and delicious, whole fruits and vegetables also have a role in regulating your digestion and health. So don’t completely eliminate them from your diet.

How To Make Juicing A Better Health Option?

You can do this by adding some of the pulp from vegetable juicer back into your gravies, soups, patties, and other dishes. This helps to at least incorporate some amount of fibre back into your diet.

The problem is that most people prefer fruit juices to vegetable juices so naturally they gravitate towards that. The result too much they end drinking more of sweet juice which releases too much sugar into the blood stream which isn’t good for the body. So restrict the amount of fruit juice and include more vegetable juices. When making juices with your vegetable juicers ensure that you add just one or two fruits and more vegetables in the juices you make at home.

Fruit juices are high in calories and carbohydrates and you may end up putting on weight if you consume more of fruit juices. The sugars also get into the blood stream faster due to lack of fiber spiking blood sugar levels up which isn’t at all good for you.

Leafy greens and other vegetables meanwhile are lot healthier as their sugar content is pretty low. But not everyone likes to drink juices smelling of green stuff like spinach or broccoli. They also require special vegetable juicers like masticating juicers to make smooth juices. Now since not everyone likes the taste of green stuff it’s best to introduce it gradually and slowly increase the proportion. The most acceptable proportion is to have 80% veggies and 20% fruits. It is also good idea to add flavors like lemon juice or tomato for a slightly sour taste, a hint of ginger, some mint or parsley to make your juice interesting and tasty. You could try a dash of pepper or salt to enhance certain flavors in your vegetable juice

You can always avoid making these mistakes by following the two rules. Minimize the sweet stuff in your juice by drinking more vegetable than fruity juices. Second rule is to not makes juices your main diet. They should supplement your regular diet. As you see investing in vegetable juicers is a better idea as vegetables should be make up the main part of your juices.

Take A Look At 7 Of The Best Vegetable Juicers:

1. Best Pick In All Purpose Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus

Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus fits in whole apples and big chunks of vegetables. Not everyone has the time or enjoys the cutting and chopping of a ton of vegetables to make juice especially when rushing off for work. So vegetable juicers that cuts down on prep work is always an advantage.  Special rivets help guide the ingredients through the feed tube into the juicer.

These vegetable juicers juice carrot, kale and apple the fastest. The juice is clear and smooth with hardly any pulp. There are speed settings for different types of produce. For example use the slow setting for soft fruit, high for harder vegetables. The juicer comes with a extra large 70 ounce jug and a heavy duty lid. So you can juice for longer time without stopping and store away the extra juice in the fridge.

2. Best Pick In Value For Money Vegetable Juicers : Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Juicer

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine is great appliance to buy if you are on a limited budget.  You will appreciate the no-frills Big
Mouth Hamilton Beach vegetable juicers. They are simple to put-together, very easy to use, quick in making smooth and clear juice with hardly any pulp. All parts of these super economical juicers are dishwasher safe.

An innovative cleaning tool is provided with these vegetable juicers especially if you prefer to wash them by hand. The thoughtfully designed cleaning tool removes pulp bottom, inside and outside of the cutting blade in one move. It keeps your fingers safe too. It is rather loud and wake up sleeping family members and even neighbors. So be a little wary of using it in the early hours. In terms of price, speed of juicing and juice yield this juicer is right at the top for affordable vegetable juicers category.

3. Best Pick In Ease Of Cleaning Vegetable Juicers – H101 Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is our pick for the ease of cleaning. Vegetable juicers are usually provided with metal mesh strainers that need to be cleaned with special brushes usually provided by the juicer manufacturer. This part is usually the most tedious of whole juicing process. Hurom Easy Clean juicer is a game changer as it comes with heavy duty plastic strainers. These have large vertical grooves that are a breeze to clean. The tiled juicing container strains out more juice. There is very little mess inside too because of innovative new interiors of these vegetable juicers.

Yet another change is the double sided cleaning brush that is able to clean out every nook and cranny of the juicer. Same goes for the pulp spout with it’s opening that allows for easier cleaning. Overall this machine has been designed to make cleaning so simple that you will love using it without thinking twice.

But even better is the juice that comes out tasting fresh and crisp. You can even control the amount of pulp in your juice so you get a little fiber too to balance it out. This juicer gets our vote for ease of cleaning and great tasting juice. For those who want a change there is the smoothie strainer and ice cream strainer as accessories.

4. Best In Looks And Functionality Vegetable Juicers – Hurom Hu Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer  is our pick of vegetable juicers in looks and functionality. If  want a vegetable that juices as well as it looks like then the Hurom Hu Slow juicer wins hands down. It’s beautiful design with smooth curved edges. The soft color options include pink, mint and white. The juicer definitely adds a touch of style to your kitchen. It’s back facing pulp spout is another feature that’s attractive to look at. It’s easy to put together, easy to clean and simple to use. It’s juice yield is also great. The brush provided makes cleaning easy particularly when you are in a rush to get to work in the mornings.

5. Best In Making Juice Fastest Vegetable Juicers: Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is the best in making juice in a jiffy. Want to make juice in a hurry? Look no further than the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It simply crushes through every type of fruit or vegetable you feed it with. There are two speeds for softer and tougher produce to get more juicer and faster. It’s quiet despite the power of its motor. It’s sturdy and juice produced is clear, free of pulp, smooth and creamy too. You will simply love the taste of the juice this vegetable juicer makes every morning powering you through the day.

6. Best Pick In Versatile Vegetable Juicers: Kuvings Whole Slow JuicerKuvings Whole Slow Juicer is a thoughfully designed appliance with a wide mouth feed tube, multiple strainers to help make juice, smoothies or ice cream, fine mesh strainer to make pulpy juice or pulp free juice depending on what we prefer at that time, three cleaning tools which makes cleaning extremely trouble free, a lid opening device – sometimes it might get stuck and the designers have made a simple device to help you open the juicer and a handle that helps you move the juicer around with ease. Well, the designers have really done a great job anticipating every problem and designing solutions even before we thought about it. The juicing is as fine. As ther is no doubt that this is a pick among versatile vegetable juicers and is a clear winner in terms of how functional and well-designed it is.

7. Best In Feed Tube Design Vegetable Juicers: Breville Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer is the vegetable juicer with the best feed tube design allows a differed shaped fruits and vegetables to be fed into the Big Squeeze without getting stuck. The design also allows for smooth movement of the ingredients without the need to use the pusher. The ingredients slowly feed themselves into the auger without stopping. During testing this was one of vegetable juicers that never had to be stopped for jamming of ingredients.