Magic Bullet Blender Review (2023) – Modern, Compact, Sleek

Magic Bullet Blender Review


Magic Bullet Blender Review

Tiny yet towering – that’s how you’d describe the Magic Bullet blender.

This is a powerhouse domestic blender that is a popular choice for good reason.

Are you in search of a modest blender that can blend what you need quickly? Any bullet blender will do.

But if you’re looking for the best little blender that money can buy, then read this Magic Bullet blender review carefully – because this one’s really special!

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Magic Bullet Blender Review
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Magic Bullet Blender Review

(Updated on 15th January, 2023)


Magic Bullet Blender Review

Magic Bullet Blender : Pros & Cons


Any Magic Bullet blender review will tell you this is a fine personal blender to whip up delicious, highly nutritious smoothies on your way to work.

Our Rating:  4.8/5


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Slim, appealing, compact and taking up little space on your kitchen counter, this Magic Bullet blender review will highlight several other benefits to owning this small wonder.


Excellent to make baby food:

The Magic Bullet blender is a good device for quickly whipping up baby food. The blender is fantastic with soft foods like boiled potatoes or soft fruits.

Great choice for making smoothies:

Any Magic Bullet blender review includes glowing praise about how easily you’ll make smoothies using it. If there’s a downside to it, you’ll have to chop up your fruit or vegetable produce first, because the blender struggles to handle large chunks.

Convenient to use:

The Magic Bullet is a snap to assemble, use, wash and store. Just rinsing it under running water after use is enough. And the parts are dishwasher safe, making it quick to clean up.

Compact and modest in size:

Many customers are delighted at how small the Magic Bullet blenderMagic Bullet Blender Review is, and how little space it takes up on a kitchen counter. It can easily be stowed away in small nooks and corners, to be pulled out to use and then kept aside, staying out of the way even in small kitchens.

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Leaking base:

Not everything is sunshine and roses with the Magic Bullet blender. Some reviews mention that the base is sometimes leaky resulting in a black fluid entering the blender cup from below.

Ice and hard ingredients don’t blend easily:

Not surprisingly for a low wattage personal blender, the Magic Bullet blenderMagic Bullet Blender Review struggles with ice and hard produce. If you’re planning to make smoothies with items like nuts, wheatgrass or hard fruits, another model may be a better choice.

Cannot blend hot food:

Blending heated items isn’t quite recommended with any blender. A few Magic Bullet blender review reports mention explosions whenever hot liquids were blended. A simpler option is to warm up soups and sauces in the microwave.

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Magic Bullet Blender Review : An Overview


Bullet Blenders

You might want to buy a personal blenderMagic Bullet Blender Review for any of several reasons.

  • Maybe you’re on a diet and a daily smoothie is a part of it.
  • Perhaps you’re always in a hurry with little time to eat or drink nutritious food, and a juice or milkshake will help.
  • Maybe you like to try out new recipes and cook interesting dishes that involves plenty of blending.

No matter what your reasons, this Magic Bullet blender review will show you these are handy personal blenders that are convenient and comfortable to use.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

A Brief History

The Magic Bullet blender is a product from the NutriBullet manufacturer.

It’s the original bullet blender and has successfully dominated the market for almost a decade because of its superlative performance and durability.

This Magic Bullet blender reviewMagic Bullet Blender Review aims to be an unbiased and complete buying guide to help you decide whether or not the Magic Bullet blender is right for you.

At the end of this Magic Bullet blender review you will know

  • what you can do with a Magic Bullet blender
  • things you’ll get when you order one
  • what other users like you found useful – or not
  • and what makes the Magic Bullet blender different from others

Magic Bullet blender review

Special Features & Performance

If you’re in a hurry and want to know quickly if the Magic Bullet blender might be right for you, here’s a short summary to help you decide.

  • A Magic Bullet blender can blend most produce and food items including hard fruits, nuts and ice – but not as well as more powerful (and expensive!) blenders.
  • Your Magic Bullet blender might whip up smoothies in a hurry, but if you try to use it for nut butters, be prepared for a few uncrushed bits in the final creation.
  • Along with a Magic Bullet blender you’ll get several accessories – and although the cups can be kept in a microwave, the mug isn’t microwave friendly.
  • The Magic Bullet blender’s cross blade is for regular use while chopping produce or making smoothies, while a flat blade is better to handle hard spices or coffee beans.

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Magic Bullet blender review

Don’t Get Confused

A point to clarify before going any further is to distinguish this Magic Bullet blender review from a review of a NutriBullet blenderMagic Bullet Blender Review.

Magic Bullet Blender

Even though both are manufactured by the same company, the Magic Bullet is the true original model.

More recent models have evolved from it.

Today there are complete product lines with the similar (or even same) name of Magic Bullet blenders, leading to some needless confusion.

Current models include the NutriBullet RX, Pro, Lean and more, each with some unique features and benefits.

Almost all NutriBullet personal blendersMagic Bullet Blender Review are more powerful than a Magic Bullet blender, which runs at just 250 watts.

But for what it’s meant to do, the old workhorse sure packs a punch!

No wonder an incredible 87,000+ people have posted rave reviews on this blender… just on one online retail outlet’s website.

They have rated it an astounding 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Magic Bullet blender review

How To Use The Magic Bullet Blender?


top rated blenders

The Magic Bullet blender is easy and convenient to operate. Nothing about it is complicated or difficult.

You simply need to place the produce you want to blend into one of the different cups, after screwing in the appropriate blade.

For smoothies, the cross blade works fine. For dry and hard ingredients, the flat blade is better.

Then fit the cup into your blender’s base and start blending while you hold down the cup firmly.

Your user manual describes 3 techniques:

  • Pulse: Pressing the cup down onto the base initiates a pulse mode blending.
  • Shake: For the ‘shake’ mode, you keep shaking the cup so that the contents move smoothly towards the blade where they get blended.
  • Tap: In ‘tap’ mode, remove the cup from the base and tap it on a counter to remove bits that are stuck.

It’s so simple, anybody can use the Magic Bullet blenderMagic Bullet Blender Review – and within a few minutes, you’ll become adept and expert at working with it.Magic Bullet Blender Review
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Magic Bullet Blender Review

Magic Bullet Blender ReviewMagic Bullet Blender Review

Our Verdict

The Magic Bullet blender is an excellent kitchen machine that’s ideally suited to meet the needs of most households.

Sleek and elegantly designed, this powerful blender packs quite a punch. It is efficient at blending, easy to use and clean up, and affordably priced.

If this Magic Bullet blender review suggests that it may be a good choice for you, then don’t hesitate to order one right away.

You definitely will not regret this decision!

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Buying Guide : Is a Magic Bullet blender right for you?

You have learned about the pros and cons of a Magic Bullet blender.

And after reading this Magic Bullet blender review, you are hopefully more informed than before about the advantages of buying one.

The Magic Bullet blender thrills tens of thousands of delighted users. They are delighted to the point where they give it rave 5-star reviews.

Still, a few other options available in the market may better suit to your needs.

If you need only the functionality this machine offers and find the price attractive enough, then get the Magic Bullet blender todayMagic Bullet Blender Review
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Magic Bullet Blender Review

Magic Bullet blender review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Magic Bullet blender good for grinding coffee beans?

Surprisingly for such a small blender, the Magic Bullet can grind coffee beans well. There’s a choice of blade provided with this model. Be sure to use the flat blade to grind coffee beans.

What comes in the package?

In the Magic Bullet blender review 11-piece option, you get the basic contents with only a cross-blade attachment. You can add the flat-blade to your purchase as an extra accessory.

In the more robust 15-piece package, this blade is included along with a few more cups and vented lids.

A basic Magic Bullet blender packageMagic Bullet Blender Review includes:

  • blender power base (250W)
  • one short cup of 12 ounces capacity
  • one tall 18 ounce cup
  • one party mug, can take 18 oz
  • 2 lids
  • 1 flip top lid
  • 1 cross blade
  • a couple of lid rings
How big is the Magic Bullet blender?

Weight: 4.7 pounds (or 2.2 kg)
Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.9 x 13.2 inches

Is the Magic Bullet blender easy to clean?

Absolutely. Everything but the base is dishwasher friendly.

If you’d rather clean it by hand, simply rinse under running water from a tap. Then scrub it with a brush after soaping.

What other parts or accessories do you need?

You can order additional blades, cups and lids for the Magic Bullet blender as spares or to help with specific blending tasks.

Replacement power bases are also available. And you can get other types of blades for crushing ice, or a flat blade if it’s not included in your package.

Where to buy the Magic Bullet blender?

While this blender is available in most popular retail outlets like Kohl, Target and Walmart, you’d do well to order it online at sites like AmazonMagic Bullet Blender Review because they often have price discounts and throw in bonus gifts and add-ons which may come in handy.

The manufacturer’s 1 year warranty covers you against structural defects, and you may even qualify for free home shipping.

How long is the Magic Bullet blender warranty valid?

The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty against all defects.

Magic Bullet Blender Review
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Magic Bullet Blender Review