Best Ninja Blender Reviews & Buying Guide

Which are the best Ninja blender reviews – and how to buy a Ninja blender today?

best Ninja blender reviews

If you’re thinking about buying a professional Ninja blender or another model like a Ninja nutri blender or Ninja mega kitchen blender, but aren’t sure if

  • it works as well as you expect
  • will be worth the price you pay for it
  • is reliable enough to last for long

then you’ll love this report on the best Ninja blender reviews.

Our goal is to help you buy the best Ninja blender by providing you with enough information and reviews of the top models available on the market today.

Unless you’re familiar with the value you can get from buying the best Ninja blender, appreciate the range of features as well as their benefits, and know what other owners think about their blenders, you cannot make informed choices.

To make your job simpler, this collection of best Ninja blender reviews will offer you all the information you need to decide the ideal model for your kitchen.

Quick Best Ninja Blender Reviews

The currently available best choices in the market for a Ninja blender are:

Ninja BL480 Nutri Blender

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Ninja Professional Blender

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Ninja Nutri Pro

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Ninja Mega Kitchen

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Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja BL480 Nutri

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The Ninja BL480 Nutri blender is a basic model that’s suitable for smaller families or single-serve uses than for huge blending needs. But don’t mistake this device for a weak or limited blender. It is extremely versatile and designed to handle most common blending tasks.

Not only that, the Ninja BL480 Nutri blender is quick and easy to use and can be cleaned up within minutes after use. It’s no wonder, then, that this best Ninja blender is a popular favorite in most reviews and among thousands of happy owners.

For making smoothies, few other personal blenders can match or rival the Ninja BL480 Nutri blender. It is super-fast at crushing fruits and soft vegetables, nuts and seeds. In fact, it even beats out larger and more powerful blenders at this task, making it among the best smoothie blenders today.

But because it runs on a 900 watts motor, don’t expect miracles. Some tough produce still will not blend very smoothly, leaving chunks or strands which make your smoothie or juice a bit less enjoyable.

The Ninja BL480 Nutri blender is light and easy to move around or carry with you on trips. After use, it is easy to clean and stow away. One minor drawback is removing the gasket from the blade assembly for cleaning. If you don’t clean it for a while, the food stuck on it begins to smell bad.

Being an inexpensive low-end model, the Ninja BL480 Nutri blender doesn’t have a control panel or fancy choices for pre-programmed runs. You get a simple off/on button and a choice of different blending speeds.

The motor is activated by pressing down on the top of the cup, engaging the jar into the base unit. When you relax pressure, the blender comes to a stop. This lets you control the consistency of your smoothies. You don’t have to bother about any locking mechanism or blade control.

For such a little device, the Nutri blender sure can make a lot of noise! In fact, it almost sounds as loud as a vacuum cleaner. It can also vibrate scarily – until you get used to the turbulence.

Some users have reported leaks from the bottom of the machine, but it seems related to overfilling the cup rather than to any design flaw in the blender itself. As long as you limit the amount of food being blended, it should be fine.

For small groups or single-use servings, the Ninja BL480 Nutri blender is an ideal choice – as long as you can put up with the noise while blending.


  • heavy duty blender
  • solidly built and elegantly designed
  • quick and easy to use
  • priced very affordably


  • noisy
  • taking out the gasket is difficult

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Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Professional Blender

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This Ninja Professional blender is a powerful, effective and very proficient kitchen appliance that offers 3 speeds along with a single-serve and pulse blending function.

The 1100 watt motor can effortlessly pulverize ice into a soft, flaky snow within seconds. It can also blend and grind any other tough and hard produce easily.

The Ninja Professional blender has a large 72 ounce jar which makes it big enough to comfortably handle blending tasks for even large families. For those who only require smaller quantities, a 16 ounce cup is also provided to whip up smoothies for single-serve use.

The benefit of having these options is that cleaning up becomes easier when you use small jars for single serve smoothies. This avoids the need to clean up the mess from a larger container. There’s also less wastage from preparing too much food.

If there’s one drawback that is highlighted in many Ninja blender reviews, it’s that the blades don’t sit well inside the container. You’ll be able to fix them into place only by securing the lid, and unless you’re aware of this while removing the jar after blending, you may find the entire blade assembly slide out!

Another minor nuisance is that you’ll have to wash the blades in a dishwasher rather than manual cleaning because they are so sharp.

But when all is said and done, most Ninja blender reviews agree that this is one of the best consumer products on the market today. The modern generation of Ninja Professional blenders is well built, high powered and maintenance free.

It is priced affordably enough to fit most budgets. And it delivers the kind of performance that will delight most owners.


  • fast at blending various types of food
  • multiple blending options and choices
  • sturdy and durable construction
  • has single-serve cups for smaller jobs


  • the jar has a clunky cover which sometimes leaks
  • blade design is not great

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Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Nutri Pro

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If you’re looking for an ‘intelligent’ kitchen blender to handle your power blending tasks, this high quality offering from the range of best Ninja blenders will be sure to fit the bill.

In the Ninja Nutri Pro blender you’ll get a combination of blender and food processor along with a spiralizer. No wonder this is among the popular models from a leading brand in the market, outselling other competing brands by nearly double.

Most blenders depend upon the user’s experience to adjust settings for the best outcome. The Ninja Nutri Pro blender has a ‘brain’, in the sense that it comes pre-programmed with several settings that include speed, duration and pauses which are intended to optimize performance when it comes to blending specific types of food.

So you can stop worrying about how long to run the appliance for blending, pureeing or chopping produce and simply pick one of the presets – and sit back knowing you’ll enjoy an excellent result. Most Ninja blender reviews suggest that users find this very useful.

But there are some limitations to even such a versatile blender. For instance, the Ninja Nutri Pro blender isn’t able to prepare hot soups and it is advisable to let ingredients cool before blending with it.

The blades of a Ninja Nutri Pro are durable, strong and sharp for excellent results, but storing them when not in use can be a problem. You’ll get optional accessories like a 72 ounce pitcher, a 64 ounce bown and a 24 ounce single-serve cup along with an auto-spiralizer and a collection of recipes.

The components are BPA free and are dishwasher safe. Only one drawback is of importance – and that’s how noisy it can be while running. But considering the various benefits of a Ninja Nutri Pro blender, this is a minor nuisance at best.


  • aesthetically appealing design
  • smart pre-programmed settings for ease of use
  • multiple adapters and several attachments


  • high noise level while operating

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Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Mega Kitchen

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When you’re searching for a blender cum food processor because you really don’t want the hassle of using two separate devices, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a good option.

For such a powerful and versatile machine, the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender is solidly built and sturdy as well as easy to operate. Cleaning up after use is a piece of cake. And there are enough accessories and pre-programmed functions to suit any need or taste.

Not only does this machine combine the tasks of a food processor and blender, it can even be used for professional tasks like mixing up cookie dough or making batter for cakes.

Like other best Ninja blenders, the blades are strong and sharp to deliver excellent slicing, blending, mixing and grinding action. You can blend sauces and smoothies, purees and pancake batter, soups and salsa dips with ease.

The appliance comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty for the motor and accessories. Maintaining the machine well and following the recommended usage guidelines will ensure that you get many years of effective blending value from your Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

One thing some users may not like about this model is its noisiness. While any high powered blender is sure to be noisy, it is of concern if you use the device early in the morning when others are asleep.

Another minor irritation for some users may be that there’s no easy way to add more produce while blending without removing the lid. It isn’t a deal-breaker, but for a high-end blender it would have been nice to have this feature in the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.


  • powerful motor ensures excellent performance
  • comes with a wide array of accessories
  • blades are strong and sharp for efficiency
  • retractable power cord makes storage simpler


  • loud while operating
  • no hole in lid to feed produce while blending

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Why Choose a Ninja Blender?

Do you really need a Ninja blender?

That’s a question every prospective buyer asks before looking at Ninja blender reviews. And it’s a fair one – because not every kitchen or household needs the power and capability of a Ninja blender.

Let’s take a quick look at all the benefits of a Ninja blender to help you decide.

It is Durable

One of the reasons why a Ninja blender is so widely popular is how sturdy and durable the construction is. Because these blenders last long, it makes the cost justified because you’ll spend less on repairs or replacement over the years to follow. Being almost maintenance-free, a Ninja blender will last you for a long time without any extra expense.

It is Easy to Use

Even though the best Ninja blenders are well known for the delicious smoothies you can whip up quickly, they are good for many more things around the kitchen. You can tackle various activities like blending, whisking, grinding and pulverizing ice using a Ninja blender. Since it is quick and easy to use, many owners are delighted with the versatility of functions they can handle with it.

It is Affordable

Unlike high-end blenders that are quite costly, a Ninja blender that’s of high quality in construction and very powerful in function is still priced very reasonably in comparison to other models and brands. This makes your investment into a Ninja blender a good one for the long run.

It is Healthy

Though it sounds cliched, a Ninja blender adds health to your diet and years to your life. What’s more, you get all this goodness without wasting endless hours on cleaning and maintenance tasks. You’ll find yourself whipping up healthier meals, trying out new smoothie ideas, and enjoying more delicious cooking.

Which is the Best Ninja Blender?

Any Ninja blender review should address the question on every buyer’s mind… What is the best Ninja blender model for my kitchen?

There are several models to choose from. And each has unique features and benefits. You must consider these factors before identifying the best Ninja blender for your needs and to fit your budget.

Motor Power: A Ninja blender is powerful and comes with a strong motor that drives blades through produce to deliver an excellent result. All models are capable of blending, grinding and chopping different kinds of food. Look for a motor with at least 1000 watts power.

Pitcher Capacity: Depending upon how many people you plan to cook for, the size of your Ninja blender’s jar will vary. For small families or single users, a tiny pitcher is enough. But if you’re cooking for more than 5 members, look for a Ninja blender with a larger jar.

Blender Blade: Like other high quality blenders, a Ninja blender has stainless steel blades that are strong and sharp enough to shred even tough produce and create smooth sauces and smoothies. Saving money when you buy a model with blades of inferior material can end up being a costly mistake!

Retail Price: There are Ninja blenders to fit various budgets. The higher priced models have many additional features and boast of better performance metrics.

Such multi-function blenders can blend, puree and grind even harder foodstuff easily. The cheaper ones may not be as powerful, but might be enough to handle the tasks you want done.

Ease of Cleaning: Any blender that takes a lot of time and effort to clean after use can be a problem. The best Ninja blender models are easy to clean. Check to make sure that the material is dishwasher safe.

In a Nutshell

If you’ve been looking for the best Ninja blender reviews, I hope you found these helpful. Ninja is a pioneer in the kitchen appliance arena and is deservedly reputed for manufacturing high quality, durable and affordable blenders.

Be it a personal blender, countertop blender or a blender for smoothies, Ninja blenders always offer top of the range performance at a reasonable price. No matter what your budget or requirements are, there’s sure to be a best Ninja blender to meet your needs.

If one of the models above fit the bill, you can order them right here online and enjoy the benefit of free home delivery without the worry of going to the store only to find the model you’ve set your heart on is out of stock.

Ninja Blender Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Ninja Blender good?

Clearly, as this collection of Ninja blender reviews has shown, this is a kitchen appliance capable of blending and grinding, pureeing and chopping.

With a 1000 watts motor to deliver enough power to the sharp and sturdy blades, the Ninja blender can shred and pulverizes even tough fruits and vegetables, ice and frozen foods, as well as making delicious smoothies, sauces and salsas.

Which Ninja blender is best?

Here’s a quick comparison of our favorite Ninja blender models:

Ninja BL480 Nutri Blender

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Ninja Professional Blender

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Ninja Nutri Pro

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Ninja Mega Kitchen

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Is the Ninja Blender dangerous?

While looking at Ninja blender reviews, you may have come across mention of Ninja blender recalls – and are worried about buying one.

Well, any blender can be dangerous because it has sharp, strong blades spinning at high speed powered by a strong motor. So when handled carelessly, there is always a small risk of injury.

However, a few Ninja blender models sold between 2012 and 2015 had something called Total Crushing Technology which involved a unique assembly of blades at different heights inside the pitcher.

Not surprisingly, a novel arrangement carries higher risk than usual. And following 53 reports of injuries to users, Ninja was forced to recall some models in response to a public outcry. But the manufacturer has clarified that you do not need to return the machine, as long as you get familiar with new safety instructions on using it.

Newer Ninja blender manuals include these instructions, so just be sure to read them before you use one of these high-risk models.

Which blender is better NutriBullet or Ninja blender?

Both NutriBullet blenders and a Ninja blender are compact devices that are easy to assemble and use. Both are great choices as blenders to make smoothies.

Most Ninja blender reviews suggest that the Nutri Ninja is better because it offers 900 watts of power and is better at processing frozen ingredients and ice.

The Ninja blender also has a more effective blade housing than the NutriBullet blender. This ensures that the device blends both to the top and to the bottom. So overall blending efficiency is higher with the Ninja blender.

How long should a Ninja Blender last?

Ideally you might expect a blender to last you for several years of regular use. However the Ninja blender comes with a warranty of one year, beyond which the device isn’t guaranteed to last.

A few consumers have complained that the Ninja blender failed within a few months of heavy use. However if you browse through multiple Ninja blender reviews, it will quickly become obvious that these are the exceptions and most buyers are delighted with their purchase.

As long as you take good care and follow instructions, you can expect the Ninja blender to last a few years.

Are Ninja blenders good for smoothies?

Almost all Ninja blender reviews will confirm that this is the best blender for smoothies in the market today. With 1000 watts powering the motor, there is enough power to blend and puree produce, and whip up delicious smoothies from a variety of ingredients within seconds.

This is why Ninja blenders are a popular choice for making smoothies. It is a market leader thanks to the high quality and top notch performance of the blender.