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Small Blenders Review : The Best Personal Blenders of 2020

Which are the best small blenders today? See our small blenders reviews for a quick summary of top selling blenders on the market in 2020.

No kitchen is complete without a mini blender. While a food processor or hand blender is great for specific needs, there are some things that only a small blender can do well. A personal blender can outperform anything else in making a smoothie or blending veggies for stock.

This small blenders review looks at some of the top rated personal blenders. The goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make a correct decision.

First, let’s look at the best small blenders available today.

Best Small Blenders

Ninja 400 Watt Small blender

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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

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Magic Bullet Blender

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Sboly Smoothie Blender

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NutriBullet blender

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Oster BLSTPB blender

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So now, let’s take a more detailed look at each of these top small blender models with a set of small blender reviews…

Ninja Mini Personal Blender

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A Ninja mini blender is ideal for small families or personal use, making it quick and easy to whip up smoothies and shakes for single-serves. With a limited capacity of 16 ounces, it will not replace your regular countertop blender – but complement it nicely.

Whether you use it while travelling or at home, the Ninja small blender is fantastic to make perfectly blended drinks that are healthy and delicious.

It is simple to operate, without any complicated buttons or programs to adjust or select. Just press down on the top of the cup to start the motor and release it to stop.

The multi-function versatile device can blend, whip and chop effectively. You get two jars that are appropriately sized for making drinks or whipping eggs or chopping fruits and vegetables for salads. You can use this machine to crush ice cubes and blend smoothies – though you’ll have to tolerate a weird noise while the blades whizz through ice.

The convenient easy-flip spout lets you pour the contents into a container or pot without spilling or creating a mess. This means less time wasted on cleaning up after you blend. A unique anti-splash design also is helpful.

Many small blender reviews put this nifty little blending device right at the top of their list of recommendations for good reason – which is also why it tops this one, too. The Ninja mini blender‘s compact size, accessories like ‘on the go’ jars, attractive price, and easy-to-clean parts make this one of the best purchases in the personal blender space today.

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  • packs a lot of power in blending
  • inexpensively priced
  • attractive looks and design
  • no leaks or other trouble in operating


  • a little difficult to clean beneath the blades

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

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This lovely small blender from Hamilton Beach is an absolute delight for making smoothies and milkshakes. It is convenient enough to carry along when you travel, so that you’ll enjoy healthy and tasty drinks any time you like.

The Hamilton Beach small blender is easy to operate and even a beginner should have no trouble using it. You’ll be able to quickly whip up shakes, juices and smoothies with little effort.

Performance is great, to the point it is difficult to tell a difference in overall blending efficiency when compared to other, more expensive models.

One-touch blending is what most small blender reviews rate the most desirable factor of this appliance. The Hamilton Beach small blender runs on a 175 watts motor that generates enough power for all your personal blending needs. It works reasonably well at blending fruits, crushing ice cubes and pulverizing seeds.

The blender is compact and can be stored easily even inside smaller cupboards or under kitchen shelves. Washing and cleaning after use is fast and simple. It is dishwasher safe.

The Hamilton Beach small blender is an ideal choice for day to day personal blending needs, being a convenient and affordable option to whip up smoothies and healthy drinks for single-serve use.

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  • one touch blending makes it quick and easy to operate
  • convenient to carry along on travel
  • small to fit into even small kitchens
  • easy to clean


  • can make only small or single servings
  • cannot blend hot liquids

Magic Bullet Blender

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An all-time favorite and best seller is the Magic Bullet small blender that comes with a set of 13 pieces in all. Compact and convenient to carry along, this small blender boasts an amazingly ergonomic design and most small blender reviews rate this as the best mini blender of all.

The Magic Bullet small blender is capable of handling many blending functions and is very versatile. It can chop, grind, blend and whip with equal ease. The 250 watt motor is quite powerful in a personal blender and generates enough torque to handle tasks effectively.

You can use the Magic Bullet blender to make juices and milkshakes quickly and easily. The blade and body are constructed of high grade material which makes it durable and sturdy. There are two choices – a flat edge blade for hard foods, and a cross blade for softer ones.

Its ease of use is a feature highlighted in many small blender reviews. To turn the blender on, simply push and twist. However the blender may struggle to handle hard and tough produce, or to crush ice cubes.

Still the Magic Bullet small blender is a versatile device that performs multiple functions well. And it is priced attractively to make it a popular choice among people looking for a simple, effective small blender for the kitchen.

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  • easy to use
  • simple to clean after use
  • very effective to make smoothies and drinks


  • struggles to crush ice cubes and harder ingredients

Sboly Single Serve Small Blender

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The Sboly single-serve small blender is easy to run and quick to use for making up a smoothie when you’re in a hurry. Its simple one-touch operation means you can just toss in the ingredients and have a drink ready in barely 10 seconds.

It’s no wonder, then, that this neat little device has people raving in their small blender reviews. The appliance is small and easy to stow away or store even in tiny cupboards. Even if you plan to leave it on the kitchen counter, the shiny stainless steel finish lends a touch of class.

For a small blender, it can be a bit noisy while operating. But then, you won’t be running the machine for too long and it isn’t much of a bother. Cleaning up after use is simple. All parts are dishwasher safe. The components are BPA-free plastic with no additives, making the blender safe to mix baby food and nutritious drinks for kids.

The Sboly small blender is powered by a 300 watts motor which isn’t very powerful but adequate for the purpose it is meant for. You can use it to crush small ice cubes, but it cannot handle frozen fruit and hard produce. Also, take care not to run it for longer than a minute.

There are some nice add-ons when you buy a Sboly small blender, such as a silicon ice cube tray and a little container. Your purchase is backed by a 2 year warranty.

In summary, this is a nice little personal blender for an affordable price that can handle most of your single-serve needs.

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  • small and compact, easy to store
  • quiet while operating
  • easy to clean
  • add-on ice cube tray


  • not great for handling tough produce
  • cannot blend hot liquids

NutriBullet Small Blender

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Another favorite in small blender reviews is the NutriBullet personal blender. This metallic gray delight is fantastic at blending vegetables and fruits for soups, smoothies or sauces. A set of 13 pieces, this small blender is quick and efficient in its work, saving you both time and effort.

The incredibly powerful 900 watt motor and stainless steel blades in a patented design helps pulverize and shred produce you pop into it. The result is a smoothly and evenly blended sauce or smoothie.

This is one of the best small blenders to handle tough produce and turn them into creamy smooth shakes and juices. Even when you blend seeds and fibrous fruits and vegetables, you rarely have to pause and stir the contents.

Among the most useful accessories you get in the package are a tall cup, a couple of storage jars with to-go lids, and two blade attachments – one for emulsifying and the other a flat blade. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty against defects and damage, so you won’t have to worry about buying a dud.

If there’s a drawback, it’s that you cannot run the blender for more than a minute. The motor overheats and can get damaged. The manufacturer recommends that you give generous 5 minute intervals between each blending run.

Priced affordably, the NutriBullet small blender offers a combination of power, style and durability. Solid, high-quality and attractive in design, this machine can pulverize anything you toss at it. That’s why it is worth paying more for this small blender than others… because it packs plenty of power and delivers better blending results.

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  • high power motor of 900 watts
  • easy to clean after use
  • great for making smoothies
  • priced affordably


  • blending for too long can burn the motor

Oster BLSTPB Mini Blender

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This model from Oster is a hot seller among small blenders because it combines high quality with a very affordable price, making it great value for money. The attractive looking device comes in a light powder blue that looks elegant on your kitchen counter.

The Oster small blender really looks like a bottle to carry sports drinks to the gym! You can carry it along while travelling and whip up your drinks anywhere.

It is versatile and offers all the regular features of a mini blender that help you make smoothies and shakes easily. A powerful 250 watts motor ensures smooth blending results, even tackling small ice cubes and hard fruits effectively.

It’s remarkable how such a little machine packs such a powerful punch!

The components are made of strong BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe. With this Oster small blender, cleaning up after use is quick and simple, making the device essentially maintenance-free. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty against defects.

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight and portable personal blender that can make delicious smoothies and that looks attractive, then the Oster small blender is a great choice.

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  • lovely, attractive color
  • easy to operate
  • portable
  • excellent blending efficiency


  • rather noisy to operate

Essential Factors When Buying A Small Blender

How to pick a personal blender?

One way is to study small blender reviews and decide what sounds good. But to do this well, you should know which features matter and how to make your decision.

So let’s talk about the various factors to consider while you choose a small blender.

1. Power

It can be rather frustrating to have your blender choke up and struggle to blend your smoothie. And if you pick a model with too little power for your needs, you’ll suffer a chunky drink or incompletely blended food.

So carefully assess the power rating of your small blender. Look for a device with 300 to 900 watts power that can handle smoothies and sauces, crush ice and tough produce or seeds.

If you need to blend larger quantities of food or cook for bigger groups, you should probably get a more powerful countertop blender rather than expecting a personal blender to do the work.

2. Blades

Even a powerful blender will fail miserably at its task if the blades are of poor quality or structure. If you plan to use your small blender for diverse tasks, make sure that the model you select comes with a range of blades that are suitable for each of them.

To crush ice cubes effectively, you’ll need a blunt but sturdy blade. For shredding vegetables and pulping fruits, a sharp blade works best.

You will be using a personal blender almost daily, so make sure that the small blender comes with durable, high quality blades of stainless steel. Look carefully at the small blender reviews to make sure that users are not reporting problems with the blade and having to replace them frequently.

3. Blender Type

There are several kinds of personal blenders, and selecting the right type for your needs matters. If you’re making smoothies and energy drinks with your small blender, you will have slightly different requirements than another user who plans to whip up sauces and purees using their machine.

Some personal blenders are designed optimally for speed and ease of use. If you use them to mix together a healthy drink on the run, a certain type of small blender will work for you. But if you’re going to chop vegetables or grind spices for cooking, the same small blender may fail you miserably.

4. Budget

Not everyone has an unlimited budget, and yours may not stretch to buy your dream machine. Still, the good news is that you’ll find a small blender to fit your wallet – even if it means you’ll have to compromise on certain features.

The best small blenders that are loaded with features, have plenty of add-ons and accessories, and are powered by a more capable motor often are priced higher than more basic models. Make sure that you get the best blending power for your money.

5. Construction and Build

All small blenders are not made alike. Look for durable and safe materials that are sturdy and long lasting. Copolyester and polycarbonate shells are stronger. Plastic components should be BPA free and dishwasher friendly.

6. Durability

Get a small blender that will last you for a long time. If you try and save a little money now by getting a poor quality blender, you will pay more over time for repairs and replacement of damaged parts. It may actually work out cheaper to buy a more expensive machine once – and use it for several years.

7. Capacity

Depending upon your needs, look for a small blender with enough capacity to handle your demands. For single-serve personal use, most of our models in the small blender reviews above will be suitable. But for larger needs, you may want a more powerful machine or buy extra accessories like a larger jar.

Small Blender Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best small blender?

There are several brands and models of small blenders to meet the needs of diverse user groups. Some of them are better in performance and quality than the rest.

The best small blender models on the market today are:

Ninja 400 Watt Small blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

Sboly Smoothie Blender

NutriBullet blender

Oster BLSTPB blender

2. What is the best inexpensive small blender?

Most personal blenders are less expensive than countertop blenders with their higher power and capacity machines. However, within this range, some small blenders are more inexpensive – while delivering nearly as good value for money.

From our small blenders review, the best inexpensive small blender is the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.

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3. Which is the best personal blender for ice?

Crushing ice cubes and pulverizing them into a powdery snow for delicious cool drinks takes plenty of blending power. Many personal blenders are not very good at crushing ice.

From our small blender reviews, the best personal blender for crushing ice is the Ninja 400 Watt Small blender.

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A worthy contender for the top spot is the NutriBullet small blender.

4. What is the most powerful personal blender?

Some personal blenders are extremely powerful and rival even the far bigger and more expensive countertop devices. Among those models in our small blender reviews, the most powerful personal blender is the NutriBullet Small Blender.

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5. Do all small blenders come with a warranty?

Yes, almost all small blenders offer a manufacturer’s warranty against defects and certain kinds of damage. The typical duration is 1 year, with some models offering an extended 3 year limited warranty.

To qualify for the warranty, you must register your purchase on the brand’s website. Also, most makers require that you pay for shipping the defective machine to the warehouse or service center.

6. What should I look for in a small blender that crushes ice?

Most of the general factors to decide the best small blender are just as relevant to choosing the best small blender that crushes ice. Of particular importance is the quality of blades and construction.

Even a blender with a powerful motor may fail to pulverize ice effectively if the blades are poorly designed or made of bad quality metal. A combination of a high powered motor and sturdy, durable stainless steel blades is what determines the ability to crush ice.

7. How to wash a small blender that isn’t dishwasher safe?

You can soak the jar in soapy water before rinsing it under a stream from a tap for a quick and easy clean after use. If you don’t do this immediately, it may take more effort later on to remove dried up contents.

In Summary…

If you’ve been looking for small blender reviews to help you pick the right kitchen appliance to enjoy a refreshing, healthy cold drink after a workout or on the way to work, then this collection of reviews have given you some valuable information.

Once you pick the right model for your needs, you can buy it in a retail outlet in your area or order one right from this website and have it delivered to your home – without any hassle or extra expense.

Happy small blender shopping! If you have any questions or comments, please share them in a note below.

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